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January 2014 :: A Month of Winter Warmth and Scrapbooking Ideas

scrapbook supply mood board @
Though I’m sure New Year was only three days ago, it appears to be February, and that means we’ve just finished our first full month of the 2014 inspiration and education programme at Two Peas. I love working with the Garden Girl team and this year’s programme has been so inspiring for me to create new content. But it is different to what we were doing in 2013, and we know change is difficult, even with the random little things in life, so I wanted to bring everything the team has done this month together in one review post. Fair warning: it turns out that a full month of content makes for one epically long post. But this includes all of Glitter Girl’s videos and layouts this month, plus a look at all the team projects and links to each of those to see more. I hope you find it useful!

January 2014 Two Peas Mood Board @
Image sources, clockwise from top left: 101 woonideen, Studio 404 (includes links to different lettering artists), Melanie DeFazio, House and Hold, Avotakka, Sparrow & Co via DesignSponge, Rosellen Ralmond, GaliaAlena.

One new thing for the team this year is a monthly mood board chosen by our fearless leader, Kristina. The January mood board was certainly wintry, and that might have something to do with the exceptionally snowy winter hitting Two Peas HQ while there has been just gallons of rain here in London. (To be fair, London can’t cope with a couple inches of snow once a year, so who knows what would happen in a true snowmageddon reality. The capital might just crumble while Scotland laughs at our southern failings.)

January 2014 Two Peas Mood Board @
Image sources, clockwise from top left: Sandra Kleist, Michael Alberstat for House and Home, Antique and Vintage Woods, Oksana Nazarchuk, Noel Shiveley, Saartje Knits, Sasha Hollaway.

We’ve had monthly topics to guide our page topics for the five or so years I’ve been a Garden Girl (this month’s theme was family) but the mood board is a new concept for the full team. Last year, four Garden Girls worked with a mood board they created each week for the In the Mood to Scrap video series, but this time there is one board for all of us to work with for the full month. I looked at the mood board in two parts: first gathering textures from the photos, like natural woodgrains and knitted patterns.

January 2014 Two Peas Colour Scheme @
The second part was the colour scheme. For most of my pages this month, I worked with aqua and brown, accenting with other colours from the board, but once I even switched it up for aqua and pink. I’m pretty sure it’s not really possible for me to make it through an entire month without some aqua and pink together!

With this mood board in mind, we then have four weekly themes that structure the month, with videos every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Glitter Girl is still on Wednesdays and there’s a new series from Jen Gallacher on Fridays called Make it Meaningful. Glitter Girl’s format has changed just a little this year: after two full years of taking her weekly topics from the message boards, the topics were getting a bit thin on the ground and there were some more detailed scrapbooking dilemmas she felt the need to solve. But not to panic: the overall premise of saving the world one crafty dilemma at a time still stands, and she still has the Adhesive Avenger on hand to help too. He’s useful like that. Glitter Girl still reads the message boards and the comments in the gallery and on YouTube, and she still keeps an eye on the problems posted, but the new format is just enough of a change to keep things exciting behind the camera, and I hope you enjoy her adventures throughout 2014.

How do these four weekly themes work then?

inspired scrapbooking ideas @
Throughout the first theme of the month, we embraced the ‘inspired’ concept: telling our stories through art and design. This is the week that saw the most literal translations from the mood board, although we took inspiration from that throughout the whole month. Each of us working on a project for this first week picked up on a different artistic element we could share, so Inspired week is great for giving yourself a creative kick, and might be your favourite week on the schedule if you prefer the artsier side to scrapbooking.

inspired scrapbooking ideas @
Wilna Furstenberg kicked off our programme for the year with two videos: one on how to make the cover for this beautiful minibook in textured winter whites, and one for the interior pages with large black and white photos and beautifully layered embellishments. (Find both videos by scrolling down the page here.) Celine Navarro selected woodgrains and navy blues for this page on her love of winter days. Jen Kinkade dressed up basic tags with watercolours and turned her hand to script writing with this project. Paige Evans took inspiration from homespun quilts and shared her paper quilting techniques with a tutorial video. And Jen Gallacher started her brand new weekly video series, Make it Meaningful, with the challenge to create your own family crest to display on a scrapbook page or frame in your home.

Glitter Girl’s contribution to this Inspired week came in two parts: first, a look at how I translate a digital mood board to a selection of physical scrapbook supplies I can put to use on several pages. The supplies you see selected at the beginning of this video appear throughout my projects in January, and now I just have a few items left on my tray, so it was a pretty good approximation of what I would need for a month of Glitter Girl projects. The camera angle is different for this part of the video because I really wanted to show you this process in as close to my own viewpoint as possible. I don’t look at all my supplies from overhead all the time. When I’m pulling together inspiration, I constantly walk around my desk and look at things from a literal different angle to see what catches my eye. It’s one of the most invigorating parts of the creative process for me, and I hope sharing that look at how it works for me might be helpful. (I say ‘invigorating’ and yet the narration really emphasises out easily I get out of breath right now. Please forgive me – I’m having a terrible time taking care of my voice this winter, so all of my January videos seem to bounce between being out of breath and being completely hoarse. Thank goodness I don’t make a living as an opera singer!) My biggest inspiration when putting together this physical mood board was to mix two colour families: the warm, dark neutrals of the woodgrains and the icy, cool tones of the aqua shades.

I think in future months I might film this same process and just share it here on the blog and my own YouTube channel, as it wouldn’t necessarily add value to Glitter Girl’s lessons to repeat the same process every month, but some of you might be interested in seeing how each month’s mood board works for me. Thoughts? Let me know if that is something you would care to see on screen each month or if once was enough for it to all make sense.

scrapbook page by shimelle laine @
The second part of the video is the creation of this Christmassy scrapbook page from start to finish. Interestingly, Celine and I chose a few things in common – even the picture of putting our feet up on a cold day! And yet there is quite a bit of difference between the two layouts. I find that sort of thing really interesting – what happens when multiple people start from the same inspiration piece. That big bokeh photo of the Christmas tree really makes me happy when I see this page. I need to remember to do that more often!

So all of that made up Glitter Girl Adventure 102: Inspired Colour Curation.

storytellers scrapbooking ideas @
During the second week of the month, we take on the Storytellers challenge: using tools to tell our story. That doesn’t necessarily mean tools like punches and die-cutters. It refers to anything that is a building block as we make our pages. That makes a little more sense with a week of examples.

storytellers scrapbooking ideas @
Lisa Dickinson started the week with a video on mixing words and graphics to create an ‘In Review’ page to tell the story of the year just finished. Nancy Damiano and Stephanie Bryan both created layouts in their own style inspired by the look of infographics: Nancy mixing journaling cards and textures and Stephanie working in layers of hexagons. Jill Sprott shared a video on using timelines for your journaling, and Jen’s next episode of Make it Meaningful focused on page ideas for offering advice to a loved one. Lots of tools and not one of them a punch of a die-cutter! Although those kind of tools make come up from time to time as well, what we really aim for with Storytellers week is a way to help you realise all the tricks in your arsenal, so you can continue to be creative with the way you tell your stories on paper, be it through the design, the journaling, or the photography.

Glitter Girl focused on group photos this week, like that annual challenge of getting a picture of the entire extended family in front of the Christmas tree using the self-timer. It always includes plenty of outtakes in my world, and sometimes those outtakes have some of my favourite moments and the truest facial expressions, so they can be just as scrapworthy as the final winning shot. The first part of this episode shares a few pages that feature self-timer photos over the years and some thoughts on this subject.

scrapbook page by shimelle laine @
The second part of this episode shares this page from start to finish, putting some definite reality into my Christmas pages to tell the whole story for years to come. (Place your bets now on how many years until my nephew gets really cross with me for keeping that top photo. But I think he’s adorable there, of course!)

That Storytellers focus makes up Glitter Girl Adventure 103: Family Photo Faux Pas.

moments scrapbooking ideas @
Our third week is dedicated to Moments: the stories we just have to scrapbook. I love this sort of topic – those times when you are thinking through the journaling or the page design as soon as you take the photo because the moment is so fabulous, you never want to forget a single detail. This is the electricity of scrapbooking to me. It literally makes the muscles in my upper arms tense up and my hands go into some sort of post-cheerleader spirit fingers mode, just itching to print that picture and get cutting, pasting, and writing.

moments scrapbooking ideas @
We started the week with a video from Nancy Damiano, which at first glance is about a trip to a tree farm, but when reading Nancy’s words on the page, it is very much more. Beautiful pages from Lisa Dickinson and Jen Kinkade showcase two very different styles of capturing winter moments on a scrapbook page. Laura Craigie contributed the next video, with ideas for turning a standard school portrait into a real time capsule of a child. Jen’s Make it Meaningful episode took its inspiration from the moments you capture relationships on camera. Celine Navarro rolled the clock back with an older moment, scrapbooking a childhood memory.

moments scrapbooking ideas @
Paige Evans shared how she balances the typical moments in her family adventures with her detailed scrapbooking style, and Stephanie Bryan shared our first Project Life spread of the year, capturing a few weeks of moments in her life.

Glitter Girl took on a pretty big moment for this week’s layout. I braved scrapbooking the day I found out I was pregnant. I have to say this was one of the more intimidating episodes to upload! But it one of the most gratifying pages I’ve ever made, and I’m really happy I took the time to tell this story of a day turned from so very bad to so very good. If this episode helps even just one person out there feel a little like that, then it’s worth the trepidation of sharing quite so much!

scrapbook pages by shimelle laine @

scrapbook page by shimelle laine @

scrapbook page by shimelle laine @
This layout tells the story of one day across two pages, with one full 12×12 page and one pocket page. The pocket page conceals even more journaling, with one part of the story I didn’t want to be obvious to everyone who looks at the page. It’s hidden simply with two journaling cards and bit of hidden washi tape. The use of several journaling cards really helped me tell this story, because I would naturally feel compelled to change the topic when moving to the new card, rather than going on a bit too long on the negatives before I turned a corner to get to the happier part of the day.

All that makes up Glitter Girl Adventure 104: Tear-Free Tell All.

capture scrapbooking ideas @
Our fourth week of the month is called Capture. In this week, we focus on everyday stories, like scrapbooking chronologically and approaches like Project Life. If you’re doing an everyday documentation project like Project Life or something similar in 2014, this last week of the month is there to boost your productivity and help you end the month with at least some of your stories in the album!

capture scrapbooking ideas @
Celine started the week with a fab video sharing how she catches up on a week of Project Life in under thirty minutes. Mel Blackburn and Laura Craigie both shared traditional pages capturing everyday moments with their family. Stephanie Bryan’s first Garden Girl video shows how she creates interactive scrapbook pages. Jen’s Make it Meaningful episode shares a minibook to make for a loved one. Laura also shared a second page documenting some more serious thoughts as she aims to catch the smallest details of her son’s first year.

capture scrapbooking ideas @
Two more Project Life pages round off the Capture week: Stephanie shares how she works with a page and a half when that’s the best match for her photos, and Mel Blackburn shares a double page from a week of travel without relying on travel-themed products to complete the look, opting to get more from her favourite supplies.

Glitter Girl’s latest adventure is another with one standard 12×12 and one pocketed page, this time with 3×3 square pockets. This whole idea of being ‘caught up’ isn’t really something that has kicked in for me in the years I’ve been scrapping. Sometimes I want to scrapbook something straight away, and other times I like to go back and tell a story from the past with some distance, which I find adds to how I tell the story. I’m glad there are no scrapbook police to show up on my doorstep and arrest me for not worrying about or ever wanting to be caught up with my scrapping. Nothing would frighten me more than being out of stories to tell!

scrapbook pages by shimelle laine @

scrapbook page by shimelle laine @

scrapbook page by shimelle laine @
While many scrappers use divided page protectors to scrapbook by the week or month, there is certainly no reason to be limited to that. In this case, the pockets showcase a full year of memories, divided so each row is one season. These are all photos that I wanted to include in my album for 2013, but were really quite minor and didn’t warrant a full page on their own. But together, they tell the story of all those simple things I am happy to have back in our little world since we moved back to the place that feels like home.

That’s Glitter Girl Adventure 105: Seasons and Schedules.

That brought our January to a close and we’ll start with a new mood board for February tomorrow, heading back to that inspired topic for the first week and so on. January included seventeen videos and a total of thirty projects, so that might explain why it took a bit longer than the average blog post to wrap it all up here. I hope something here catches your eye and wish you a very creative February!

The Garden Girls are the design team at Two Peas in a Bucket. You can always find our latest projects in the designer garden, including both layouts and videos. Any time you purchase a product by adding it to your bucket directly from the shopping list below a project, you support that designer’s work, and we thank you for that! We know that it’s not always possible to support your favourite designers with purchases, and we also appreciate when you take the time to leave a comment, like, or thumbs up a project or video. The 2014 Garden Girls are Amy Tan, Celine Navarro, Jennifer Gallacher, Jennifer Kinkade, Jill Sprott, Kristina Nicolai-White, Laura Craigie, Lisa Dickinson, Melanie Blackburn, Nancy Damiano, Paige Evans, Shimelle Laine, Stephanie Bryan, and Wilna Furstenberg. Two Peas also has its own blog and YouTube channel where you can subscribe for regular updates in this year’s inspiration and education programme.

02 February 2014

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40 Comments for January 2014 :: A Month of Winter Warmth and Scrapbooking Ideas

  1. Kim Thomas Says:

    Thank you for all of the inspiration with this new program. It is different, but it is making us dig a little deeper to tell our stories. Thank you, Shimelle.

  2. jane Says:

    Thank you Shimelle. When you radically change a long standing format you have to fully explain what you are doing and I’ll be honest and say I didn’t think 2peas did a particularly good job of that. This post makes it much cleaner to me and I’m grateful for the clarification.

  3. Natalie (QSOgirl) Says:

    I just wanted to leave you a note and let you know that I found Glitter Girl’s Adventure #104 to be very moving and inspiring. I’m not very good at getting deep journaling on my pages— even about the happiest of things (for that matter, I’m not very good at journaling at all, even in a private notebook!). But this video, along with many others of yours (and Glitter Girl’s), has helped me to be a bit braver and work a bit harder to get the words out. So thank you. I’m working on it! :)

    I also wanted to say that I thought your advice to “compartmentalize” onto separate journaling cards was brilliant. To not dwell on the hardest parts, but to have a place for them— a contained place— and then to move on and look for the hopefulness of what comes next or the future……It is beautiful. I am so happy for you that the particular day you scrapbooked turned around to become a lovely one for you to preserve in your memory, and your scrapbook.

  4. Inga Says:

    Thanks for this great long post, Shimelle :)
    And yes, I would like to see a video of your physical moodboard every month :)

  5. Kirsten Says:

    Thanks for the wrap up Shimelle. Your post made the weeks at 2 Peas make more sense! With regards to the mood board and your selection of products: I always appreciate seeing your thought progress in action, and would love to see a video of your choices for the month. If you have time to indulge us, please continue!!!

  6. margot Says:

    Just a note to second the thumbs up from Kirsten & Inga to see your mood board/product selection process. I learn so much from you, I’m keen for every opportunity!

  7. senoritascrapper Says:

    You are an AMAZING teacher! Thank you for explaining each topic. It was so helpful and i really appreciate it. If you do have the time, i would love to hear and/or see more of your work with the moodboard.

  8. Marie Says:

    Thanks for the review post! It helped clarify the new format at 2Peas. I really liked seeing your process of going from mood board to physical product and would certainly enjoy seeing a monthly post. Thanks for all your hard work!

  9. Melissa Vining Says:

    Thanks Shimelle! I loved this review post. I would also love to see your product selection process as I learn so much from you :)

  10. Elizabeth Says:

    Thanks for so clearly summing up the new format at 2Peas, Shimelle. A monthly post about your process would be great. I do so much agree with you about the whole “being caught up” idea. What would I do if I had no photos to play with!

  11. Mia Says:

    So much to read and watch! In answer to your first question…..yes…I do like to see how you collected your things from the mood board. I did find that very helpful. I have watched most of the other videos and am delighted and inspired by everything! Thank you and all the Garden Girls for so much happiness throughout the month!

  12. Glenda Says:

    Thanks Shimelle. Love your (and Glitter Girl) videos. Yes please to seeing how you collected your supplies based on the mood board.

  13. Dawn F. Says:

    Great summary of the month! Yes-I also would be interested in your thought process for the mood board. It’s been a challenging concept for me but one I’d like to try for 2014.

  14. Janette Says:

    Thank you so much Shimelle for taking the time to put this lengthy and very informative blog post together.

    I echo what some other posters have said in that I was having a bit of a hard time figuring out the new Two Peas format. That said – I totally appreciate all the garden girls and everything they do for this amazing hobby of ours.

    I absolutely would love it if you could/would continue with letting us in on how you get inspiration from a mood board and how that translates into your selection of products.

  15. Karola Says:

    Thank you so much for this great summary. And I would love to see your picks for the moodboard. It really helped me to do the same with my supplies although I’m much more limited.With this I created a layout with our family motto this year. It now hangs on the wall and I’m really proud of it.

  16. Robin W. Says:

    Thank you for taking the time to sum up all of the January inspiration created by the Garden Girls for us—such a great variety of layouts and topics!

    I enjoyed watching you choose items from your supplies to fit the mood board. I would like to see that each month if you have the time. I hope to get brave enough to do the same thing with my own supplies too.
  17. Alex/PsychoMamaT Says:

    Wonderful post! I would also enjoy seeing your selection process each month. I love seeing how different people interpret the same mood board.

  18. Pam Says:

    I appreciated your tutorial on choosing products based on the mood board. I’ve never seen anyone do this before and would love to see it again. I’ve learned so much from you! Thanks!

  19. Shannon N. Says:

    Great recap post, and PLEASE do monthly videos on pulling together your physical mood board. I found that really helpful. Between that and your Best of Both Worlds lists I’m learning to incorporate some new materials I shied away from (chipboard, stickers, rubons, alphas) without going overboard and overspending. I also really liked seeing the hybrid 2 pg spreads with a 12×12 next to a pocket page. Talk about the best of both worlds. :)

  20. Cynthia Larson Says:

    great explanation on how the new systems works at 2peas. And I would love to see how you pull together a kit based on the digital mood board every month. I think your monthly overview will also show everyone just how many videos and projects are shared every week. I think there is just as much inspiration as in 2013. I think the new format just puts on new spin on it that is fun and fresh.

  21. Misty Murphy Says:

    I love the month wrap up post. I’m one of the ones feeling a bit confused by this years format change, but this summary made it so clear that I wonder why I was confused in the first place! And I would like to keep seeing you turn the mood boards into kit supplies. I enjoy your videos for your thought process and seeing more of that is a good thing for me.

  22. Jeannine H Says:

    Thanks for all you do. I LOVED your take of a physical mood board for the month and if you are willing to repeat it, I am very EAGER to watch it! Love the 2 Peas approach for 2014. It really makes me dig deeper to make my scrapbooks even more meaningful. As an aside, I am making my way through your new class on using a collection. Really good!

  23. Bea Says:

    Thaks for this excellent post. You are so good at explaining and clarifying things. I really enjoyed your product selection to match a mood board video. If you have time I would love to see more.

  24. Rachel Says:

    So many inspiring ideas! I am loving the mood board. I am excited for the warm weather but I will miss the serene winter color schemes. Aqua/teal is my favorite color.

  25. Gab Says:

    Wow, what a great post! Thanks for taking the time to do this. I love the first video how Glitter Girl walked us through her process of creating a mood board with products. Had to laugh at the mist being splashed on when the fabric was right on top of the big pile of goodies! And I would love to see you go through this process every month

  26. Sharon's Says:

    Wow, so much inspiration at 2peas, thank you for a great post bringing it all together!!!

  27. Pam Says:

    I’m new to Two Peas – where do we find the mood board? Is it posted monthly?

  28. June2015 Says:

    Yes. Absolutely. We all learn something new every time you take the time to go through your process. Your process for telling the hard story was helpful on a whole other level – designing the page was one thing, but the way you set yourself up to define each section of the ‘story’ was REALLY useful to us ‘wordy’ types. There ARE personal stories to share, but a scrapbook that others ‘browse’ through is surely not the place for those introspective journeys – except as you’ve done it here. You help us make those distinctions between our personal journals and our public or even family scrapbooks. I do BOTH better because of your instruction. Thanks for your thoughtful instruction.

  29. youngmi Says:

    thank you for the giant inspiration round up! love the garden girls. they make me want to scrap all day long! and please do share your mood board process. i’m really terrible and pulling together different supplies but i am trying to learn and your videos are immensely helpful and inspiring!

  30. CarolynE Says:

    Thanks so much for taking the time to post this, Shimelle! I’m new to the whole mood board concept, so it was great to see your process. :)
    Thank you for all you do!

  31. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    THanks for explaining the two peas monthly set up! I appreciate the long post. Now I think I understand what the year long game plan is.

  32. Gab Says:

    OK, back to comment after watching more videos! I really enjoyed seeing your outtake photo LO – I have 6 nieces and nephews, so with my own son, it makes for some “interesting” times getting a photo with everyone just looking in the same direction!

    I really love video 3 … and the idea of using a regular 12×12 page along side a divided page.

    And your yearly summary is so cool. I love that divided page protectors with all the squares.

    And I really like how you use mist – just with little droplets

    I really appreciate all the time you took to collate this post

  33. Julie Kinnear Says:

    Whoah, that was a nutritious one. Thank you very much for the bunch of inspiration, I am going to go through the post again probably taking some notes or something :). The mood board idea is great in my opinion and I would like to give it some research. The effort you put in it is highly appreciated!

  34. CoCo Says:

    Thanks for the great roundup Shimelle. I only dip in and out of two peas, but this has enticed me to look further! Great job :)

  35. Jennifer Says:

    oh my goodness, what a wonderfully detailed blog post! thank you for taking the (considerable, I’m sure) time to write it! I will have to check out each of the links for video and detailed inspiration, but this is a great overview of how 2Peas changed the format for the topics this year. Thanks again!!

  36. Nicole (Bellenza Party Suite) Says:

    Wow! This is a beautiful post! Love all the details, and I am truly a fan of your work!

  37. Lisa-Jane Says:

    This is a great explanation – thank you! I did wonder if the good news you got was something to do with the baby and also wondered if the bad news was too so I hope it all turned out okay – its such a roller coaster time huh?! I’m another one who likes to see your full process if you have time to share. xx

  38. Andrea Says:

    loved it!

  39. Rachel Says:

    Where are you Shimelle.
    Hope you are well and your precious bump.

  40. Online Casino Guide Says:

    Your place is valueble for me. Thanks!…

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