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A Pocket Page to Coordinate

scrapbook page by shimelle laine @
For as much as love single pages with single photos and more room to write, more room for pattern, more room to embellish without it feeling too crowded, I also have a big stack of photos I want to scrapbook. In fact, ‘big stack’ is laughable, because there is no way anyone could just put my 4×6 photos in one big stack. I keep them across four drawers and tend to deal with a little bit of overspill all the time. (Right now it’s those wedding photos from last May that have a special box all their own rather than fit into the drawer just yet.) Suffice to say, when I hear ‘but I have too many photos to just put one on a page’, I hear you.

I think the difference is just that one photo on a page doesn’t bother me, and then I include other pages that make up for it with plenty of photos. To go opposite that last page I shared, I made a pocket page with four 4×6 photos, while still having room for a 4×6 title card, a 3×4 journaling card, and a 3×4 wood veneer card just for fun. I also challenged myself to just turn on the camera and film while I scrapped rather than my normal process of scrapping upside down and explaining as I go, so today I have a short video to share with you to show how this pocket page came together.

This page uses supplies remaining in my August Best of Both Worlds kit, plus a divided page protector. (For those keeping tabs, I have one more 12×12 page from that kit to share with you, then I’m moving on to the next set of supplies.)

scrapbook page by shimelle laine @
This finished page sits to the left in my album where the ‘midday milkshakes’ layout sits on the right. All the photos here are taken from where I would sit there on our little middle of the day break, with a view of the river, the menu, and the street. Since the story of all this is explained on the facing page, the pocketed page protector is there just as a very easy way to include more photographs that bring back the memory of this place, but it’s the one I put on its own that brought the story to mind, so I singled that one out and grouped all the rest here.

For now, the back of that page protector won’t have anything showing. As I work on photos in that section of the album (my albums go in chronological order, even within a special event album like this) I will decide to either fill the reverse with photos and journaling cards as well, or to cut a 12×12 patterned paper to the right sized boxes to fill the spaces. Because the wood veneer card looks best without anything behind it, I think I will opt for the first option, and I’ll figure out at some point what photos are best there. But it doesn’t bother me at all to see the backs of the photos and the papers right now when I flip through the album – won’t be the first or last time that happens, so I just embrace it.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. For those who haven’t seen it yet, Two Peas announced their education and inspiration programme for 2014 earlier this week. Glitter Girl videos are still on Wednesday. They are changing just a little bit and I’ll share more about that once this week’s is live. You can see the whole schedule here, and it’s a schedule I’m very excited to have in front of me. We’ve been working on a lot of projects behind the scenes for Two Peas’ fifteenth year, and there is much inspiration coming your way. I hope you enjoy!

07 January 2014

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22 Comments for A Pocket Page to Coordinate

  1. Maureen Says:

    I love this, Shimelle. Such great tips for those extra pictures I want in my album.

  2. Sharon Says:

    I love using pocketed pages to include extra photos in albums. Like you said, that way I have no problems having fun creating 1-2 photo layouts. Just my 2 cents, I don’t mind voice overs at all! If they’re easier fir you, by all means do more of them! I’m just so appreciative for all you do on this blog and Two Peas. Sharon

  3. Lynn McG.-E. Says:

    A beautiful layout. The aquas and naturals of the wood veneer are lovely. Thank you for sharing your work here and at Two Peas, you are always so inspiring.

  4. Onepinkdaisy Says:

    Shimelle, I love how you are using 12×12 with the pocket pages in your album. I have an album I have resolved to do this year using mostly pocket pages with a few traditional layouts thrown in. You have inspired me to go on a spending freeze, use supplies from my huge stash and to save for a trip to meet my girlfriends for a week in London later this year. I really enjoy your videos and blog and look forward to seeing what you have in store for 2014, especially with the new addition!

  5. Helen Says:

    Thank you so much for showing your companion page to the 12×12 LO. I am making an album for our trip to Yellowstone and other places “out west” and I have tried to incorporate pocket pages with the regular LOs to help tell the story more fully and to speed along the process. I love seeing your ideas. Thank you for all that you do on your blog and for 2peas. And congratulations to you and the Boy on the baby boy!

  6. jasmine Says:

    This gives me so many ideas. Thank you! I have a couple novice questions for you:
    1. When you stamp your photos, do you use a certain kind of ink to keep it from smearing?
    3. What did you adhere the bakers twine in the bottom corner with? It looked like you were using something other than your tiny attacher on that one.

  7. Lori Says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am so happy to find a PL video from you. :-) There is a real void in the “pocket page” type of videos now. I really hope you continue sharing your process on pocket pages like this.

  8. Jane Says:

    Thank you for this video. I regularly use pocket pages of various types to get more photos into my albums but I have trouble embellishing them. I love what you’ve done here – I can go back to some of my plain pages now with some ideas for how to spice them up a bit . Thank you so much.

  9. Judy Says:

    Thanks for helping the people with so many photos to scrap of just one story – now I feel I can scrap pages with only 1 or 2 photos if I use the pocket page opposite. But how do you make the back of the pocket page fit in with the rest of your album?

  10. shimelle Says:

    If you have a lot of trouble with ink smearing, use Staz-On. I find that I can use dye inks (I tend to use either Memento, which is still available, or the Jenni Bowlin inks, which were sadly discontinued) and just make sure I don’t move the stamp while I’m stamping. Dye inks dry pretty quickly on most surfaces, and you can test on a scrap bit of whatever type of paper you’re going to stamp on, like the excess around the edges on a sheet of stickers or on a photo print you don’t love, etc.
    I adhere baker’s twine with either the tiny attacher, stitches, or my regular dot adhesive (I use American Crafts This to That dot adhesive rollers). Spray adhesive is also great with twine, but you need good ventilation to your workspace to use it, and that I do not have. :)
    Hope that helps!

  11. shimelle Says:

    Near the end of the blog post, I wrote about what I do with the back! :) Hope that helps.

  12. jasmine Says:

    That helps a lot. Thank you! :)

  13. Jeannine H Says:

    This post is very timely as I want to scrapbook my daughter’s trip to Europe using a combination of 12 × 12 layouts and pocket pages. It took me 2 years to scrapbook another trip using the traditional 12 × 12 layouts, although I did a made a lot of other layouts in those 2 years too. I’d like to be able to be a little quicker with an album this time! I am very excited by the 2 peas concept for 2014 and so glad that GG will be back (at least for part of the year). Also, looking forward to your new class.

  14. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    I don’t do Project Life but I love using divided pockets – it makes for such speedy scrapping when you struggle to discard pictures. Can I ask what sort of camera you use for your videos? I’m guessing on a tripod but what sort of camcorder affair do you use?

  15. shimelle Says:

    Yes, on a tripod. I shoot on a Canon 5D Mark 2, so a DSLR that includes video rather than a separate video camera, using a 17-40mm lens, and I’ve recently swapped tungsten lights for LCD, as I have good daylight in my studio but it is so limited during the winter that I need supplemental light. Tungsten doesn’t mix with daylight; LCD does, so now I don’t have the limit of filming in either perfect daylight or complete darkness.

    Does that help?

  16. Brittany Kielar Says:

    Love your stuff. I’m just checking that your shimelle @ gmail . com email is the one to contact you at in regards to purchased classes through PayPal. I’ve emailed several times regarding assessing my class. I’m dying to start. Please let me know. Keep up the AMAZING work. The inspiration you give to others is astounding!!!

    Thank you

  17. glee Says:

    aloha dear Shimelle. Finally catching up w/your blog and your BIG NEWS!! And I hate to tell you, but you will become a parent blogger, because parenting will become the most important job you have ever had. It just is. So don’t try to deny it; just roll w/it. You will still be you. In fact, being a parent brings out the best in you. really.

  18. Sinead Says:

    I love this Shimelle! Pocket pages are just so good for including all those extra photos and stories :) Also, massive congrats on your very happy and lovely baby news – so thrilled for you. Lots of love xxx

  19. Gab Says:

    Great page. I really like how you used the bakers twine

  20. L McCarty Says:

    I’ve been using this approach for about 2 years now and SO love it. It totally frees me up to concentrate on layouts for things that feel more “special” to me – but I still get to incorporate single photos that don’t warrant a whole page – saves space and still gives me time/place to jot down my memories in the pocket pages. I LOVE IT! Thanks for showing it to others.


    Love this – it is so cute.

  22. Angela Batdorf Says:

    Hi Shimelle. This is my first comment ever. Love your style in every way. I’ve been scrapping since 1993 and just one year ago this month found out about all the great online help. Thank you for all you do for us.

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