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Simple Sunburst:: A Scrapbook Tutorial by Michelle Deleon

Simple Sunburst: A scrapbook tutorial by Michelle Deleon @
A technique that reminds of of spring and summer is the sunburst. Most of the time, I enjoy layering on my layouts, so using a large sunburst as the main element is a fun way to change things up. This tutorial will show you an easy way to incorporate the sunburst into your layouts.

Simple Sunburst: A scrapbook tutorial by Michelle Deleon @
The first step is deciding what size to make the sunburst. Since I wanted to use a 6×6 pad for my patterned paper, any size 6×6 or smaller would work. I knew that I wanted the sunburst to be the main design element on the page, so I went with a 6×6 size. You can use any scrap piece of paper or cardstock for this step as it will only serve as the template.

Simple Sunburst:A scrapbook tutorial by Michelle Deleon @
To create the rays, use a ruler and a pencil to draw straight lines starting from the same point. For ease, I like to have this starting point be a corner of the page. I am not very concerned about having exactly the same angle for each ray, so I just eyeball how large I want each section to be. I wanted the base of the sunburst to meet at the bottom left corner, so that is the point where I drew each line from (please excuse the sad state of my ruler in the photo!).

Simple Sunburst: A scrapbook tutorial by Michelle Deleon @
Next, use a ruler and a craft knife (or your desired cutting tool) to cut out each ray. Before starting to cut the rays out, I would recommend numbering them so that it’s easier to piece everything back together afterwards.

Simple Sunburst: A scrapbook tutorial by Michelle Deleon @
Now it’s time to select your patterned paper. This step takes me the longest because I like to shuffle the sheets around to see which patterns and colors look best next to each other. For this page, I decided that I wanted the sunburst to be subdued and muted. I chose papers from Crate Paper DIY since the collection has a lot of neutrals with distressed details. If you want your sunburst to stand out more, you can select brighter, bolder colors and patterns. I would recommend mixing up the patterns with some less busy prints so that the papers do not compete with each other.

Simple Sunburst: A scrapbook tutorial by Michelle Deleon @
After you selected your papers, you simply match each template ray to the patterned papers. Again, I would recommend numbering the rays. I usually use pencil so I that can easily erase any unwanted markings.

Simple Sunburst: A scrapbook tutorial by Michelle Deleon @
Cut each patterned paper out using the template rays.

Simple Sunburst: A scrapbook tutorial by Michelle Deleon @
Piece together your completed sunburst. If you are not certain where you want to place your sunburst, it’s a good idea to glue the sunburst down on a scrap piece of paper and cut away the edges. This way, you do not have to move each individual ray every time you shift it around your page.

Simple Sunburst: A scrapbook tutorial by Michelle Deleon @
Finish off your layout with your desired embellishments. For this page, I didn’t want to add too many layers to cover the sunburst, so I used a small vellum envelope and a bright coral frame. I wanted to emphasize the round rain drops, so I added gold sequins falling out of the top of the envelope. To balance the bright pop of coral from the frame, I used bright pink/coral thickers on the opposite side for my title. I also added some splashes of mist and backed the cardstock on a pink patterned paper.

Simple Sunburst: A scrapbook tutorial by Michelle Deleon @
If you do not want the sunburst to be the main focus, you can always make it smaller to be more of an accent on your page . Another way to tone down the sunburst is to use the template rays to cut out vellum to overlay the patterned paper. Large or small, I hope this tutorial inspires you to give the sunburst a try!

Michelle De Leon is a university student from Alberta, Canada. When she is not busy with school or work, she can be found volunteering, catching up on movies, and enjoying quality time with friends and family. Having discovered the scrapbooking world last May, Michelle is happy to have found a hobby that acts as a creative outlet while documenting everyday moments. She shares her scrapbooking creations on her blog at The Scrapbooking Chronicles of Portable Michelle

30 April 2013

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8 Comments for Simple Sunburst:: A Scrapbook Tutorial by Michelle Deleon

  1. Alinor Says:

    gorgeous layout <3 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dj Horst Says:

    I love sun ray pages…I have done several of them in the past but none lately…thanks for the inspiration to give it another go!!

  3. Valerie.H Says:

    Love love sunburst and love love Michelle’s work. Thanks for sharing. This great tutorial.

  4. Louise Murr Says:

    Well you made that look easy…Thank you for sharing how to do this. I love that page…it is so inspiring for some great summer/spring pages…

  5. Sandra Says:

    Love Michelle’s work. Thanks for this wonderful post.

  6. Linda in Aus Says:

    Michelle your LO is stunning, thanks for the tutorial, i will be giving it a try.

  7. Antoinette Says:

    What a beautiful layout and great tutorial, thank you! Pinned :D

  8. PrinzessinN Says:

    Thank you for this great tutorial. You can find my layout here:

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