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Scrapbooking Giveaway Day

scrapbooking giveaway day
Prints from Peanutoak
This weekend, one commenter will win a pair of kitchen prints from Peanutoak.

You may have noticed that July has been a month of beautiful artwork giveaways, and this week is no different – if you have fallen in love with our previous sponsors work then you are bound to adore the quirky and fun style of Peanutoak.

Patricia from Peanutoak creates beautiful bold images which feature an eclectic mix of subjects and some kooky phrases sure to have you smiling. I love finding out what inspires artists to create their work, and Patricia’s daily routine sounds beautifully inspiring:

_My name is Patricia and I’m a graphic designer. I usually work at home, dividing my day time between graphic design, arts and crafts and taking a few walks with my eighteen year old dog ‘Queenie’, who keeps me company during the day while I work. I live in Lisbon and it’s in this beautiful city that I also work. It’s a lovely, sunny and bright place to live and it’s easy to be inspired by it.
My brand is my signature as a person and it mirrors the story of my life, representing who I am as an artist. It often translates my tastes in several areas, such as movies, music, life and even nature and this is something of which I am very proud._

You can read more about Peanutoak prints via their Twitter or join the Facebook fan page.

To enter, just leave a comment on this post telling us if you are a kitchen goddess or kitchen catastrophe!

Entries close at midnight Thursday UK time and the winner will be posted Friday evening, so be sure to check back to see if it’s your lucky day!

Good luck!

scrapbooking giveaway winner
winners comment photo

Congratulations to Kristen, who wins a place on the Scrapbooking Family Vacations Workshop with Nancy Damiano.

Kristen, We will be in contact with your prize details soon!

There’s a new giveaway every Friday night, so check back next week for another chance to win just by leaving a comment.

20 July 2012

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45 Comments for Scrapbooking Giveaway Day

  1. Amy Myers Says:

    I’m more on the catastrophe side of things. I made a huge mess and had to change today after making instant pudding. And of course, it was chocolate. Sigh. I’m loving all the artwork though. Etsy has been getting sales bc of you! :)

  2. Sonja Says:

    I’m sitting on the fence. Most of the time I’m fine but every so often it’s a disaster of an epic proportion. Thanks for a chance to win.

  3. Amy Says:

    I am mostly good at opening boxes and heating things. No real disasters, but I don’t push myself much. I can bake!

  4. Michelle L Says:

    I am one extreme or the other! I either make something that everynone loves or I get this crazy look that says, “Is this food? Am I REALLY supposed to eat this?”

  5. Sorken Says:

    I asked my kitchen if I’m a godess or disaster but my kitchen didn’t recognise me…

  6. Melissa Says:

    I like to think I’m kind of a kitchen goddess! :)

  7. Louise Says:

    wow amazing prints. I’ve just spent ages looking through her shop.

    I do try to be a kitchen goddess but more often than not i turn into a kitchen catastrophe!!

  8. tape Says:

    Definitely kitchen catastrophe. We mostly eat out.

  9. Natalie Leigh Says:

    I’d have to say I’m not much of a catastrophe in the kitchen only because I don’t cook anything too in depth. I try to stick to the simple yummies, anything that requires “speacial” kitchen equipment I leave to the professional chefs. I’m glad to pay for decadence if it means I don’t have a huge mess to clean up afterwards!

  10. Natalie Says:

    My cousin would love these, I think!

    I like to think of myself as a kitchen goddess… I don’t think I do too badly… :)

  11. Isabelle Says:

    I have become a kitchen goddess but wasn’t born this way. My parents were great cooks so when I moved away from home and wanted to eat as if I was still there, I had no choice but to learn. I now enjoy it a great deal!

  12. Emma Says:

    most definitely a kitchen goddess!! waiting for a new kitchen to be installed and can soooo see these prints gracing the walls!! xx

  13. Gina Says:

    What cute prints!! I guess a kitchen goddess…I should be for the amount of time I spend in there!

  14. Debbie Wilby Says:

    Well I like to think I’m a kitchen goddess, but I think that’s more in my head than in practice! Ha ha!

    Beautiful designs and I can imagine that Lisbon would definitely be an inspirational place!

  15. Carrie K Says:

    Im a catasrophe learning to be a goddess :) i love cooking and love cute art prints even MORE!

  16. Jani Says:

    I’m between the two. Receipes that I know I make extremely well. Those that are new—well, let’s just say they’ll stay in the cookbook!

  17. Jenny Gilbert Says:

    My husband would say that I’m a catastrophe. Somehow I always manage to mess things up when he’s watching. Cute prints, thank for the chance!

  18. Samantha Says:

    I am a kitchen goddess, although I’m about to move to a house with a much smaller one…:( I need these cheerful prints to distract me from my loss!

  19. Nathalie Says:

    I am not good but not terrible in the kitchen… as long as I have a recipe to follow! Thanks for the chance to win one of these beautiful prints!

  20. melanie marshall Says:

    Definitely catastrophe! I try so hard to be a goddess but in the end, my husband is the baker (and i’m alright with that!).

  21. Claire T Says:

    I used to be a kitchen goddess until we moved overseas. Our apartment only has a convection microwave which has resulted in many a disaster.

  22. Julia M. Says:

    I know my way around the kitchen pretty well. My family enjoys my cooking and I have been asked for recipes, but I do not make up my own. Thanks for the chance to win some great art!

  23. Donna H. Says:

    I cook a lot and I’m pretty good at it. My husband loves to eat. I recently renovated my kitchen and need new art to show it off. Thanks for the chance to win.

  24. Sabrina Aziz-Bahaman Says:

    Um, I’m not sure if kitchen godesses are allowed to admit that they are? Well perhaps I am just the kitchen goddess with minimal modesty to admit so, LOL. The true kitchen goddess is of course my mom, and I learned all I knew from her!

  25. Dawn Cheshire Says:

    I love cooking, don’t always get much chance to experiment these days though!

  26. Cindy Says:

    I can bake cupcakes, make a lush cheesecake and cook a scrummy roast but that is as far as my expertise in the kitchen goes…Hubby doesn’t seem to complain though so all good! :) I have the perfect empty space on my wall for one of these lovelies! ;)

  27. Mel Says:

    Wow, how gorgeous and beautiful are these? Thanks for the chance to win!

    Me, I love to cook (especially baking) and I like experimenting a bit – which has led to the occasional catastrophe….!

  28. Sabrina Says:

    Well I like to think I’m a kitchen goddess, but I think that’s more in my head than in practice! Hihi!

  29. Lynda Says:

    I think of myself as a goddess-in-training ;)

  30. Alinor Says:

    loving these month giveaways, and this one is no exception!
    regarding kitchen powers, i have none, but still practicing!

  31. Crystal Says:

    Congrats Kristen!
    I can get around the kitchen okay, but I’m blessed to have a husband who loves to cook and bake and is really good at it.

  32. Jennifer Says:

    I would probably not use the word goddess…but I do all the cooking for my family and have definitely improved a lot since getting married 10 years ago!

  33. stacy allen Says:

    i am somewhere in between…i have moments of greatness, but usually i fall with a great big thud!

  34. Lorna Ellis Says:

    Is it ok to be a little bit of both. Im not a natural goddess and there have been disasters but having a little boy two years ago has made me want to do more home cooking and Ive also experimented with some baking and now have had a few successes – my cheese scones, blueberries muffins and BBQ chicken are much loved

  35. Lianne Dawson Says:

    Definately kitchen goddess, I have traded up from catastrophe

  36. Lynda Says:

    Another great artist it looks like!

  37. Sabrina Hoglen Says:

    Oh my I am a kitchen catastrophe! I cannot cook anything without completely making a mess! I come out wearing more food than what gets placed on the table, lol! If you need a true example take into account that I once decided to marinate steaks in soy sauce ROFL!

  38. Ami Diekemper Says:

    I am a goddess in a catastrophe of a kitchen…ugh.

  39. julie e Says:

    I loveto bake and to try new recipes – sometimes I’m a goddess, sometimes I’m a catastrophe – but I always seem to make a big mess.

  40. Heather Lusk Says:

    I would say I am in between a goddess and catastrophe. I have a few good recipes that are really good but other than that I’m pretty much a catastrophe.

  41. Karen Scammell Says:

    I love cooking and I do get complimented but the kitchen sometimes ends up looking like a bomb site!

  42. Maxi Says:

    Most of the time things turn out ok, but there is the occasional disaster! My cooking style is rather like the Swedish Chef off the muppets, so even if the result isn’t a disaster, the surroundings tends to look like one whilst I’m ‘in progress’! :) Love the prints!

  43. Itzel Says:

    I’m a complete catastrophe :S one time I manage to made a pot explode and had to clean food from the ceiling and repaint it, I wish I had pics of that day, today is a fun memory!

  44. Carolin Schlau Says:

    I love to cook, but our kitchen is very very small, so that there it is easy to leave a chaos. But mostly I’m trying to keep it clean, it’s hard!

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