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True Scrap 3 :: Now available as individual classes

true scrap 3 online scrapbooking classes
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Last spring I shared my workshop for getting the most out of a collection pack with the crowd at True Scrap 3 – which is always great fun and a sort of online scrapbooking convention with so many different classes and ideas to take in. I know the whole shebang is a rather big purchase and not everyone’s style, so if you really fancied just a few classes, then now is the time for you! All the True Scrap 3 classes are now available individually.

My workshop, The Perfect Collection, is all about taking one collection pack and using it until it’s all gone – and I walk you through my process for making a full album from a collection pack. The video is just shy of forty minutes, plus there is a PDF with cutting guide diagrams and pictures of how those pieces of paper became the finished scrapbook pages. Other workshops available cover all sorts of topics, from embellishment and page design to writing, photography, creativity, stamping, symbolism, Project Life, digital and hybrid crafting and mixed media art techniques. You can sign up for any number of classes you like.

There are two ways to sign up for my True Scrap 3 class, The Perfect Collection. You can purchase it here at the True Scrap site. This includes quick access to the class and allows you to pick out additional classes from other teachers at the event. Or you can purchase it directly from me using the button below. This method only works for my class, gives you access within twenty-four hours from purchase and is handy if you want to add this class to your account at with other classes you have taken here. The price is the same at both sites, so you can simply pick the option that is best for you. From now until the 7th of July, individual classes from True Scrap 3 are $9.99. After that they will remain available, but the price will go up to $12.95. (That’s in US dollars. To give you an estimate in British pounds, that’s £6.40 today, increasing to £8.30 on the 8th of July. The payment will automatically exchange the currency for you at the rate of exchange for the time of your purchase, so it may change slightly of course.)

(Clicking this button will only let you purchase this class and it will be added to your account within twenty-four hours. If you would like quicker access or to shop for multiple classes, please use this link to shop at True Scrap.)

scrapbook page
In other news, American Crafts just published a tutorial of my minibook using 4×6 photos and the new Shoreline collection. Find it here.


27 June 2012

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26 Comments for True Scrap 3 :: Now available as individual classes

  1. Anne E Says:

    Thanks for another great class from true scrap. Mini book is great too. Is ‘together’ made with a font or bought as a word on your silhouette?

  2. Mandy McK Says:

    Yay! This class looks really exciting and I have signed up via the shimelledotcom button. Bring it on baby! Hope to see you in the forum!
    Mandy McK

  3. Jennifer Smith Says:

    I just bought this class last night through Lain’s email and stayed up late watching the video and was so inspired! I purchased a new collection pack today to go with the inspiration and have fun creating!

    Will I get the forum access as well?

  4. tape Says:

    Just purchased directly from you… forgot to mention that my username on your site is tanja :)

  5. Kimberlee Says:

    Congrats on the American Crafts tutorial. :)

  6. Lisa H Says:

    I bought this class too directly from Shimelle. I can’t wait to be able to learn more from Shimelle. She is great! I’ve got a couple of collection packs just sitting around. Of course, I may get so inspired that I just have to go get a new one to play with.

  7. Amy Tan Says:

    looks like an awesome class!

  8. CoCo Says:

    i just realised that I bought (or rather, my DH ‘bought’ me for christmas) a BG collection pack with a view to making a honeymoon album. Honeymoon was 7 years ago, Christmas present was received 2 years ago. Photos are printed. Accessories compiled. Pack is still intact. I think this class has my name on it!!! Thanks Shimelle!

  9. Gia Thompson Says:

    I loved it, super easy and fast. Plus the outcome is adorable! Another great idea by shimelle, hugs…you rock!

  10. Kristy, Life-n-Reflection Says:

    love your summer mini book!

  11. stinker Says:

    i finished this class last night and have spent a good portion of today making pages, wahoo! love love this class and even though i scrap 8.5×11 exclusively, i cut the paper according to the diagram and have just been adjusting when i need to. thanks SO much for such an awesome class!

  12. ruth Says:

    Hi Shimelle, love the AC tutorial, I am planning to use it for the Amy Tan 6×6 paper pad I have since I have lots of extra embellishmentsto spare. Could I ask if there is any way to get access to the new forum if I bought the whole of True Scrap originally? For a small admin fee or something, could I be able to join the fun chat there about your class?

  13. Pam Landolt Says:

    I’m looking forward to another of your amazing classes. Just what I need to stay in out of this heat! Thanks, Shimelle.**

  14. Julieann Says:

    Have signed up too, really looking forward to joining in. Thank you X

  15. hisglorygirl Says:

    Hey, Shimelle! I looooved this workshop! Thank you so much for the fabulous inspiration! I completed twelve pages with the workshop and blogged about them (and your great class!) here : I have lots of plans to use this workshop again in the very near future. Thanks so much!

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  23. Tina Campbell Says:

    Hello :) I ordered this class a few days ago and haven’t heard anything from your end yet about it and wanted to check in to make sure there wasn’t a problem.

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