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Scrapbooking challenge :: One Photo Twice

scrapbooking challenge :: one photo twice with amy heller
scrapbook page by amy heller
Sometimes we end up with a photo that we feel deserves special treatment on a scrapbook page. It might be a beautiful, well-staged portrait or it might be a simple snapshot that just makes us smile. We can fancy it up by printing it larger or scrapping it on its own or dressing it up with plenty of embellishments. But for this challenge, we have another idea for you.

scrapbook challenge inspired by amy heller Layout ┬ę

Taking inspiration from Amy Heller’s scrapbook page, For Like Ever, take one photo you love and print it twice for the same page. You can try her treatment of one full colour and one faded image, or you can try something else that comes to your mind. Try colour and black and white or plain and covered with vellum or one big and one small… whatever you fancy as long as one photo is printed twice for the page!

See more of Amy’s work on her blog or in her page gallery.

To enter this challenge, create a new page with one photograph included twice, then upload your results to your blog or page gallery. Leave a link here, and entries close at the end of next weekend.

15 April 2012

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10 Comments for Scrapbooking challenge :: One Photo Twice

  1. Nora Says:

    Oh I just printet out a photo I want to scrap x 3.. would it be ok to use 3 of the same photo instead of 2..? Perfectly fine if not I’ll scrap them anyway but just wondering!:D

  2. Deborah Clark Says:

    What a great idea. I have seen this a few times…but never tried it. This week I shall come out of my box a do it!

  3. Melissa Says:

    This will definitely be a first for me as I’ve never used the exact same photo on a page.

  4. Scrapdolly Says:

    I have no idea why but I found this really hard to get started. However, it sort of came together in the end.
    It’s an iea I will use again

  5. MaryAnn N. Says:

    Nora…I used 3 photos on my page. Two are the exact same and one a close up. Glad you asked I just went ahead and did it. Number 2 above.MaryAnn

  6. Tammie Says:

    I’ve never been a fan of layouts featuring the same photo twice, but if there was ever a photo that I couldn’t get enough of, it’s the photo I used in “My Girl”. By changing the color-tone and the cropping, I felt it lent itself to this Challenge.

  7. Helen Overton Says:

    You must have read my mind Shimelle!

  8. So.Ceative Says:

    Great challenge Shimelle, I’m borderline but here is my layout made tonight! I loved it a looot! Thanx^^

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