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Where do you scrapbook?

where do you scrapbook
suitcase packed to scrapbook at a friend's house
The last of the question and answer posts for this weekend (though there are still four challenges and the class announcement left to go live before the clock ticks over to tomorrow in my time zone) brings me to this…

Where do you scrapbook?

At home? At a friend’s house? At a craft store?
At the dining table? Your desk? On the sofa, the bed or the floor?

When I first start scrapbooking, I sat cross-legged on my studenty futon and all of my supplies fit in a file box I had emptied when I finally finished accounting class. (It was required. The teacher was awful. The textbook came in three weeks before the end of term and was the most expensive book I ever had to buy and then the bookstore wouldn’t buy it back. Accounting class had the most loose paper of any class I ever took, which is saying a lot to someone who wrote a dissertation on literature.)

I now scrapbook at my standing worktable in the middle of our living room.

Between the two I’ve scrapped at dining tables and on hotel nightstands and once on a train with a friend.

By and large if I go elsewhere to scrapbook, it’s either at a friend’s house or at a weekend we’ve arranged at some place where we can all stay and not have to worry about kicking anyone’s family or partner out of the house! That picture of the pink suitcase is me ready to go to such a day – packed with an album of page kits, my tool bag and then a few extra bags of paper and embellishments thrown on top just in case. And the last minute realisation that I hadn’t packed any pop dots, so there’s a sheet of those thrown on top. That’s everything I take and I still only end up using about two percent of it. So then once I come home I’ll continue to scrap from what I packed until I’ve gone through all those page kits, for the most part!

So… where do you scrapbook?

15 April 2012

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84 Comments for Where do you scrapbook?

  1. rhh/Randi Says:

    I normally scrap at our dining table, we do have a spare room but we(I) preferede using this for storage for “office-things” my husbands trains (Märklin) all my scrap supplies and what else don’t belong othere places in our home. I do have a small place in ther where I can fix a card m.m
    We could have a table for me in there, but I don’t like the idea of me sitting in one end of the flat, and my husbond in another :o)
    Maybe if we are gone for a long weekend I will pack som scrapsupply (mostly for cards) and bring when we are in our caravan.

  2. LisaE Says:

    I have a work table in my guest bedroom and most of my supplies are in the closets, dresser and chest of drawers of that room.

  3. Sharon S Says:

    I normally scrap at the dining room table which is close to my dresser full of stash! I sometimes take what I need into the front room to watch TV. Myself and 2 scrappy friends try to meet every other week to scrap – we usually end up doing more chatting than scrapping, but we do try!

  4. Tammie Says:

    Hmmm…. You’d have to understand where I live to really get the big picture. But the basics are that this week I scrap at my ‘table’ as I set it up as my scrapdesk used to look. Sometimes I scrap on my sofa because I can’t sit on the table-bench. Sometimes I sit on the floor. And when I do move, I usually move most of the things on my table/desk with me as I can’t keep getting up – and that’s no small move for me. Also, after having a scraproom for over 7 years, my supplies (along with my office supplies/equip & grandchildrens school supplies) are regulated to a portion of my walkin closet. And the table/desk. And the floor. And every viable surface in my living area (replacing the decorative items). And one of the table benches. And a homemade cart sitting in the middle of my living space. This subject was actually one of my blog post because it’s just hilarious.

  5. Moira OReilly Says:

    I scrap in my dining room … well I actually prefer to think of it as my scrap room that occasionally has to be cleared to be used as a dining room LOL. Once a month, I get together with my scrappy friends for a Friday night crop. We always go to the same friend’s house. She has convereted her basement into a scraproom (wow … first that she has a basement (I live in a 4th floor flat, so no one is willing to come to a crop at my place, I have no lift :)) and then that it is all arranged as a scrap room. Amazing. I bring way too much stuff, then moan when I have to carry it back upstairs at the end of the evening. I don’t use a quarter of what I bring but I wouldn’t have it any other way

  6. Jodi Says:

    I’m a sitter unfortunately. i’d love to be a standing scrapper but my back won’t let me. I have my own space under our high set house which is referred to as the dungeon because of it’s small high windows that don’t do anything for natural light. I used to be a living room floor scrapper with one 50 litre storage box for supplies. seems like forever ago!

  7. Jacky S Says:

    Like Moira I scrap in the ‘craft room’ that occasionally becomes a dining room!!!! When I scrap at friends’ houses…it’s usually at the dining room table as well!

  8. Candy Says:

    Everywhere! Haha. I mostly scrap at home on my father in law’s (and husband’s) boyhood kitchen table which is upstairs in the master bedroom. Or when my friends come over, we scrap at my actual kitchen table. Or I go away for the weekend with my scrappy friends.

  9. Little Nat Says:

    I have a desk set up in our box room which houses all my supplies and the computer as well, but I get lonely in the evenings so I do tend to bring stuff downstairs and scrap at the kitchen table or on the sofa so I can chat to my husband at the same time!

  10. Nikki Says:

    My wonderful hubby built me my dream scrapbook studio…everything is my height so that I can sit or stand comfortably. For Christmas, he and my son built me a custom scrapbook island with plenty of built in space. The room is colored in bright lemonade, lime, and a sweet cherry color for accent…even the ceiling is lime colored…plus, two walls are covered in chalkboard so that I can post and sketch…how perfect is that?

  11. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    i used to scrap at our dining room table and everything was stored a making memories rolling case. We moved into our current home about 5 years ago and there is a small “sunken” office/library of sorts off the living room. It is now my scrap room. In the middle is the same dining room table, covered with a seasonal tablecloth (Easter bunnies now), where I sit and scrap. I have a window looking out into the front yard. I have not been to crop in over a year. I prefer scrapping at home with access to everything I need.

  12. Kathy Says:

    About three years about I had a burst radiator in one of my spare bedrooms. After the insurance assesor had been I decided I really need a studio more than a second spare bedroom. It was the best move I ever made as it is the most used room in my house.

  13. gina ponce Says:

    I usually scrap at crops with my scrapbook buddies….. or … at home in my craft room. I am lucky to have a room where I can dive in anytime i want. I put in my favorite movie and scrapbook my little heart away….

    when I first started I used to scrapbook in my bedroom on one of them TV trays that stands up. I lived with roomates at the time and they thought i was crazy…

  14. Jane Says:

    I scrap sitting down at a desk in the smallest bedroom. It was a dumping ground for everything, old furniture included, but one more child moved out giving another room to dump things into, so my craft room has evolved into a peaceful haven with a wall of shelves and I love it!

  15. Gerry Glowacki Says:

    Until I started following your blog, Shimelle, I almost never scrapbooked at home. Lately that has changed. I have probably half a room dedicated to scrapbooking with a seated and a stand up station. Twice a year my daughter, niece and I attend a 3 day getaway and get tons done. In between we meet at our local Archivers about 5 times a year.

  16. Kathy R Says:

    I can not believe that little pink suitcase is all you take when you go out to scrap. I take 3 rolling bags! Granted, like you, I don’t use it all, but I take what I think I might need. I scrap at home in my dining room/office and at weekend crops with friends.

  17. Dalreen D. Says:

    It’s funny when I think about it but this is the first craft where I only ever do it at home. Though I’ve always wanted to go to a crop day/night away, I never mustered enough courage to try it, and always thought I’d be an odd one out since I’m not really sure if there’s cropping etiquette.

    So for the time being, I scrap on a small desk (with an added shoe rack for extra storage which the fiance got me for my birthday one year) in my little zone which is part of the living room, so that the fiance can watch tv, read a book or do some work (and how could I forget play some videogames) on the couch while I happily paste paper to paper with our cats dozing at my feet. It gives us a chance to still be together doing things, even if they’re different which is something I LOVE since I only get him for a week at a time.

    But our plan for the near future is to get the spare bedroom turned into an office type crafty space so I can scrap there if and when I want. Plus it’ll have way more space for me to organize! =]

  18. Deborah Clark Says:

    I usually scrap in my scrap room. When I go to crops, I also bring a suitcase full and use only 10 percent of what I bring. I still love the packing as it makes everything new again as I rediscover what I have!

  19. Sharon Says:

    So. . . .I buy this brand spanking new Scrapbox armoir with a table that pops out of it, and a nice soft leather chair from a fine furniture factory. And I put a sofa table behind my sofa JUST to put albums under, right? Well I load all my scrap stuff all over both tables and am flipping between the two, but since the sofa table is in view of the TV, I usually am scrapbooking there. Oh well. I still love the storage and “a place for everything, and everything in it’s place” Scrapbox.

  20. shannon Says:

    I would love a dedicated work space! For now I “roam the house” sometimes at the kitchen table, more times than not. I have scrapped in the living room on our ottoman, I’ve gotten out my long fold out table and scrapped in the living room. I’ve also scrapped in the living room floor and in our bedroom on the bed…..:)

  21. Heatheranne Farley Says:

    I scrap in the conservatory which is brilliant for lighting but until recently meant that I could only scrap in daylight. A couple of months ago we had a daylight florescent tube put in so now I can scrap day and night!!

    In practice I tend to scrap on and off for a few days and then put everything away as we also use the space as our dining room. This weekend has been brilliant and I hope to complete (and upload) all the challenges before the week is out. Thanks Shimelle for making it happen.

  22. DeAnna Yaritz Says:

    There is a small bedroom in my house that we turned into a scraproom for me. My honey has a small corner of the room for his chair and laptop. Mostly the room is ok, but I am trying to get used to the smaller table space. I used to have a 6 foot table and now it’s only about 5 feet. Otherwise, I love that all of my scrap stuff is right at my finger tips. I pretty much spend all of my time here unless I am sleeping or at work. :)

  23. helen salthouse Says:

    At my little desk in the corner of the living room. I’m spreading out of the corner, as you can imagine, and a bigger desk would be nice but I’d still only have six square inches to work in! Standing sounds good; I scoot around on my computer chair, specially bought for the purpose.

  24. Jean Marmo Says:

    I use the small desk in my daughter’s room. She is away at grad school and doesn’t really need a room anymore but I am hesitant to move her things out. Maybe sometime in the coming year.

  25. Cindy Says:

    I have 2 8’tables in my unfinished basement. I usually have to swipe them clean of supplies before I start. Everything is scattered so I end up standing so I can easily get to everything.

    There is no natural light and can be cold plus far away from the family. Wish I could force myself to go there more often. I’d like to do it in my dining room but hate to clean up.

    When I am at a crop I sit and stand. I also bring way to much! Sometimes I come home and finish but most times the almost done layouts just sit forever.

  26. Melissa Says:

    I scrap most of the time in my office/craft room, sitting at my craft table. When I have friends over to crop, we scrap on the dining room table (with all the added leaves in it!).

  27. Emma Says:

    On the living room floor in front of the tv!

  28. Linsey Says:

    Most of the time, I scrap in my office/craft room. But sometimes I scrap in my dining room, at friend’s houses, or at my LSS with some of the ladies from work.

  29. Cynthia Says:

    I scrap in the craft room at my house. It’s very sunny and has lots of storage spaces and room to work.

  30. Madeleine Says:

    I love that pick suitcase! So cute!!! I scrapbook either at the kitchen or dining room table. If I ever go to a crop or find a scrapbooking buddy—I am definitely buying a pink suitcase!

  31. Claire t Says:

    On the sofa while my daughter naps or after she has gone to bed of an evening. I do have a desk but I have got a lot behind with my kit club and the desk s overwhelmed with boxes.

  32. Julie Says:

    I only scrap in my room with me, the window open and the paperclipping round table or thedigishow to talk too.

  33. Kelly B Says:

    When I first started scrapbooking I usually scrapped with friends or at crops. As my supplies started to increase I turned an unused room in our house to a craft room. When we moved to a larger house I claimed the 4th bedroom as my craft room and now I exclusively scrap at home. I have way too many supplies to scrap anywhere else!

  34. Shonie Says:

    I am blessed to have a full size bar in my living room so I have taken it over! IT’s great because I can still see all that’s going on but I lots of room to spread out and scrap. The only downside is that I have to keep it clean.

  35. Loni Says:

    I scrap at home most of the time. I scrap in a little nook in my laundry room designed for a folding clothes table/station. It’s a standing up situation, so if I get tired I’ll take things in to the kitchen counter or table where I can sit!

  36. Debs Says:

    Pull back the curtains and throw up the sash…I scrap in a small alcove with a window overlooking my backyard and the valley.

  37. Megan Smith Says:

    I am lucky enough to have my own scraproom (which does also house a futon so it doubles as a guest room every now and then). I purchased a 6 foot long Ikea dining room table to use as my desk. This is where I scrap 99% of the time.

  38. brittany Says:

    I always scrapbook on the floor.

  39. Chriss Says:

    I scrap at home. I have a desk that attaches to the expedit in our lounge. It is between the sitting area and the kids’ play area. Half of that 5×5 expedit is dedicated to scrapbook stuff. I also work, paint, and sew at this table.

    Although I don’t have a dedicated space (which means I’m often cleaning my desk up since it is in the middle of the main room), I really like that I can play and be with my family.

  40. Mary M. Says:

    I am lucky enough to have my very own craft room, which is where I do all my scrapping. I got a huge desk at Ikea, and a nice comfy chair. I stand for 8 hours every day at my job, there is NO WAY I am standing while I craft! =P I love my craft room, even though it’s barely organized. The only thing I would add (if it were bigger) is a cozy corner with a nice chair for reading or knitting (or napping). =)

  41. Jennie Says:

    I used to scrap at my living room table in my old flat. I had everything pack in a variety of different storage bags and stuffed in my wardrobe. It was great because I could always grab my bags and (with some effort, I admit) bring them with me to a friend or a crop. The hassle was that every time I wanted to make anything I had to take all the bags out of the wardrobe and half unpack them. And then pack them and clean everything away straight after, if I wanted any sort of lebensraum or, you know, not have my cat eat all the glitter.

    I now live with my boo in a bigger apartment and am lucky enough to have a small nook, that just about fits a table and some shelves. And it has a door! So I can just go nuts and then leave things as is for a while if I’m not completely done. Having a specific space for my crafting have really had an impact on my creativity in a very positive way. I love it!

  42. KateT Says:

    On the bed! But wishing I was standing at the changing table I converted for crafting but It’s so piled with stuff I can’t reach it :(

    ** Kate **

  43. Allie.Duckienz Says:

    I used to have a studio but when my fiancee and I broke up I move my stuff into my bedroom and it is great. I love waking up to see all my colourful supplies and as I have a ensuite toilet, I don’t have far to go if I want to scrap non-stop like I have this weekend! (I even moved the jug in here to make hot drinks and not have to leave lol)

  44. Helen Overton Says:

    My husband and I are currently living with his mum, so ALL of our stuff is in our bedroom. We have a huge desk which I’ve taken over completely and that’s where I scrapbook.

  45. Sigrun Campbell Says:

    I transformed our dining room into a scrap room – sounds like what many have done here. Then I have some basics set up in the living room so in the evenings I can scrap and chat to my hubbie at the same time. I used to be a sit down scrapper but then got preggers and couldn’t do it anymore so I stumbled upon standing up scrapping by mistake! I used to get so lazy when I sat down to go and get what I needed so in the end it did not get used. Now that I stand I use a lot more of my supplies

  46. Sharis Says:

    I use to scrap with friends once a month or whenever the moments struck. We would each bring something for lunch, have our meal and then scrap! We usally scrapped at the kitchen table of whomevers house. Unfortantely, my scrappy/crafty friends have all moved, so now I scrap alone. I either scrap at my table or at a TV tray and spread stuff out on the floor and couch. I thought about moving to the garage but air conditioning would need to be installed, since summer here is 105F. Right now I am happy where I am.

  47. Angie Says:

    I scrap at the dining room table, its kind of a pain to move everything, but once I get my scrap storage space more organized, it will be quicker for me to get started intstead of hunting down what I want for each page :)

  48. Debbie Piercey Says:

    I am very blessed to have my own craft/computer room. My husband made me a table out of a door and scrap wood. It’s standing height. I remember when I had a cardboard box filled with supplies that I would haul to the kitchen table. Now I would need a U-Haul!

  49. jen Says:

    I mostly scrap at crops and retreats these days! I moved last year and don’t have a spot to scrap other than the couch. That’s hard to do (trust me!) so I’ve been signing up for more crops where I can get more done. Can’t wait to have my scrap space back later this year!

  50. Zahra Says:

    Anywhere! I love to scrap at crops or on my dining room table. Life getting in the way sometimes means that I scrap in the living room on a teeny table/my lap/the floor/the sofa and sometimes I make the most of life getting in the way and make myself a little kit, pack a few essentials and scrap in hotels when I’m away on business trips!!

  51. Tammy Says:

    I scrapbook at home for the most part. I had a scrapbook room in my house, but I’ve just moved and I’m currently staying with family until my new townhouse is ready. Right now I’m scrapbooking on a dresser and I cannot wait until I have my room back! Once upon a time I scrapbooked at crops and while I love the idea and the social interaction with other scrapbookers, I find it distracting and hard to really work. I don’t go to them that often anymore. It’s easier to work in my space with everything I need close at hand.

  52. Ali Says:

    Mostly on my craft table in my bedroom – it has a great view of the sky. Sometimes on the floor, or the dining room table. At a crop, or with friends at someone’s house. It’s not important, I just love to do it.

  53. Ginny Says:

    I scrap at crops or at the desk in our spare bedroom. I prefer to scrap standing up, and I would like to get a taller desk that is better for standing to work.

  54. Scrapdolly Says:

    I scrap at my desk in a dedicated scrap room at home – I am very lucky, but I also scrap on my knee in the lounge in front of the TV if I am digi scrapping.
    I love the mix of the two.
    I am absolute rubbish at scrapping anywhere else. I am useless at crops as I never seem to have what I want or need. I am, after all, a Cancerian. I need everything I own with me at all times to feel secure!!!!

  55. Amanda Says:

    I’ve had a study since we moved house 6 years ago. Last spring I rearranged things to add a second desk – I have one for the computer and household paperwork and one for scrapping. The scrapping desk is in a bay window so I have natural light.

    When I have friends over we scrap on the dining table and when I go to theirs it’s their dining tables too.

  56. Alison Says:

    We have a sunroom-type room at the front of our house which is where our dining table is…though, as that’s my scrap table,mostly you wouldn’t realise you could eat a meal at it!!:)
    Alison xx

  57. Pepper Says:

    I scrapbook on my study desk! That being said, I cant leave things unfinished on my desk. It’s quite troublesome sometimes because I have to clean up everytime after i do my crafting to make sure i have place to study. :p I look forward to have an island table like shimelle and many other crafters!

  58. furrypig Says:

    I think I could scrapbook anywhere if I had the opportunity lol! In real life I probably scrap most in the lounge either on the sofa or sitting at what should be the dining table!

  59. Sinead Says:

    I usually scrap on the kitchen table (taking up tons of space and annoying everyone!) or on the sofa with a kind of tray on my lap while watching mindless tv! I am so envious of lucky girls who have a scraproom:) x

  60. heather Says:

    I go to a weekly crop on a thursday evening & that is where I do most of my scapping. In between times though I use my spare bedroom as a scrap room. my desk looks out over the garden & view so its the nicest spot in my flat :)

  61. Lorraine Says:

    When my boys grew out of needing their playroom, I was able to start using it as a craft room. I have a table in the center of the room that I stand at and scrap.

  62. Daphne Says:

    Luckily I do have a room in our house just for me, just for my hobby! And it is full (unfortunately) but I love it! It is even bigger than our bedroom! I like to scrapbook at my desk, sitting or standing (you get a better overview while standing) and with lots of light. And always having the computer running on my left side (which I shouldnt sometimes); I do scrap at crops but it’s not this efficient than in my scrap-home!

  63. tilla Says:

    I scrap at my desk in the study, which is the room I share with my hubby – at least he has his own desk ! Mostly while watching some scrapbooking video from Shimelle or 2Peas, since I discovered them !

  64. Shelly Says:

    I have a craft room that contains everything I do from sewing to hand stitching to paper crafts. I do my scrapbooking there, everything within easy reach.

  65. Christina Collins Says:

    I have a teeny tiny corner in our bedroom. As of right now – it’s quite practical. I have a few closet maid cubes to hold a few of my supplies, a curtain rod that holds up my embellishments that need to be seen, and the rest is on my desk which is large enough to hold my tool caddy, my paper holder, and allow me to scrap. I love my little space! It may not be much but it is my little area of peace.

  66. margie visnick Says:

    I usually scrap in my lap sitting on the couch-surrounded by piles of stuff-sounds kind of strange, but it works for me.

  67. Siobhan Fry Says:

    I consider myslef extemely lucky to have our converted garage as my scrap room, although I do have to share it with my two little boys and their creations :) I find it difficult to scrap away from home as I always want to use something I haven’t taken with me, which I find utterly paralyses my mojo

  68. sonia Says:

    I am so lucky to have a spot in the basement it is my corner no boys allowed, we are in the process of buying a new home and an item on my list of things that the new home needs is a ROOM just for my crafts.

  69. Briel Says:

    I have a desk in our guest room, and I scrap there most of the time. It’s quiet and comfortable and everything is right there. But, when I get lonely I scrap at the kitchen table!

  70. Mel Says:

    My paper-crafting space used to be in the guest room. I worked at an antique library table right in front of a window. A bit over a year ago, my mother came to live with me, and the guest room became her bedroom, so my scrapping stuff moved to the sunroom, which is also our “library” and sometimes our dining room. So, I scrap at the dining table.

  71. TrayChic Says:

    I used to have a scrapbooking table in our guestroom closet (of course, nothing was ever contained to JUST the closet…I like to spread out…) I just moved into a new apartment, and instead of using the dining room to eat, I put my scrap desk and a sewing table in there and use that as my new space. I also enjoy going to weekend crops. There is much less temptation to do other non-scrappy things when I’m away from home.

  72. Malin/malwa Says:

    I sit at our kitchen table… With all my supplies in heaps and boxes in the bookshelf… :/ It goes, but I long for the extra room we’ll build. Some day… :)

  73. Karen G Says:

    I have a desk in the corner of my bedroom with all of my supplies.

  74. marianne Says:

    I have taken over a corner of my living room. I have a desk and a chair and some storage underneath my work table. I love the way the sun streams in my windows while I work. It’s my happy, although messy, space!

  75. Rochelle O Says:

    In my top floor game loft that I use as my crafting studio. My dad kindly built me two big counter height craft tables and I have a large storage armoire I got off of Craig’s list. The best part is I can be in the middle of a project and don’t have to pick it up. I can just leave it as is until I have time to finish. Love it!

  76. Jennifer Says:

    DH and I share what is really the formal living room of our home. I have about half the space for a home office and scrapbooking and he has the other half for him computers and hobbies. I crop at home and usually when the kids are in bed or taking a nap. Sometimes I’ll sneak in there when they’re watching a movie that I know will hold them for a while. :)

  77. Terri Torrez Says:

    At home in my scraproom, which is integrated as part of the family room. I have a custom standing counter that I love.

  78. Crystal Says:

    I mostly scrapbook at home, I have a small room dedicated to my crafts and laundry. Sometimes I get brave and pack up to go to a crop. Its always so much fun.

  79. So.Ceative Says:

    I scrap in my bedroom, my DH made a real atelier in the wall-cupboard: so I have a real desk, like a big table, and lots of shelves to organize my stash^^

  80. Miriam Prantner Says:

    My dining room is my official scrap space, but I store supplies in the sunroom and often take stuff downstairs to the TV room to scrap and watch at the same time.

  81. Lauri Says:

    Lucky me I have a room for scrapbooking but it has quickly become overrun with all the lovely supplies I need!! lol. I stand up at a tall desk/table I rescued from a rummage sale at work and love it!

  82. Janice Says:

    I am very fortunate that I have a guest bedroom set up as my scrap room. I can close the door and craft to my heart’s content. And it’s so great to be able to leave out half-finished projects until I can get back to them. When I first started stamping and scrapping (and still had very few supplies), I stored everything and scrapped in a tiny closet! That’s so hard to imagine now. :-)

  83. Jamie Hensley Says:

    I usually scrap at home in my scrap room, and I like to stand up at my trestle table. However, my scrap room is a little too far away from the action, so I sometimes stand and scrap on the dining table. However, I can scrap just about anywhere—car, plane, lawn chair in the yard, on the floor, etc. It is all good!


  84. S Says:

    I’m lucky enough to have a little studio tucked away up over the garage. It keeps filling up with stash faster than I can scrap it, otherwise it’s perfect.

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