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How do you create a scrapbook page from start to finish?

how do you create a scrapbook page from start to finish
creating a scrapbook page from start to finish
These days I film about one in every five layouts I create, so in theory I share so very much in terms of how I create a scrapbook page from start to finish. But of course, editing is also part of that process and I guarantee the vast majority of my pages do not go from that very first spark of an idea to completed page in under twenty minutes. With each video I edit, I have to choose which things are worth including and which steps I should just gloss over. It’s a funny little game, because with each video there is someone out there who is brand new to my work and could benefit from something I have explained before – like why I ink edges or what little gizmo I use for doing so. But then again some of you have already seen every video I’ve made and I don’t want to bore you with the same information time and time again. Who knew it turning on the camera would make me think so hard?

So this week I was intrigued as to how changing the medium would change the explanation of how I create a scrapbook page from start to finish. Instead of showing that process via a step-by-step video, I joined three other scrappers (and one producer) to discuss how a specific page came to fruition. No visuals other than the four layouts themselves: just a conversation. On this episode of the Paperclipping Roundtable…

(Dina Wakley and I were the guests and hosts Noell Hyman and Nancy Nally also joined in to share their scrapbooking process. You can see the specific discussion of this particular episode here.)

So now I turn that same question over to you: how do you make a scrapbook page from start to finish? If your process is simple enough that you want to explain it in a comment, fabulous! If it’s something you want to think more about and illustrate with an image or two, you might want to blog it and leave a link. Either is fine. You could even put together your own video or podcast to show us or tell us about how you make a page! But I would love to hear how a page comes together for you… feel free to talk generally or pick a specific layout like we did for our discussion. (Bonus points if your process includes supplies speaking to you!)

15 April 2012

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60 Comments for How do you create a scrapbook page from start to finish?

  1. Jean Marmo Says:

    I am the slowest scrapper! A page from start to finish could take me several days! A sketch does help speed the process though. Generally I start with photos.

  2. Moira OReilly Says:

    Ok, well first, I really need to get a blog! Anyway, I will start this answer with the process I am using for today’s first layout. I was only able to check in yesterday because I had a big party last night. So during the day yesterday, I already decided that the first challenge I would do today is the colour one. I loved the idea of grey to start…. because I am sort of grey (no, no, not drab… at least I hope not… but grey in the sense that not much in my life is black and white LOL). I go with the flow generally, sway here and there. My l’il sister is very black and white so she likes THIS, whereas I like this, but could love that and find merit in the other thing. I don’t like this, but then again maybe that part …. anyway you get the picture !!! (I am libra BTW lol). OK so on the the process. I decided I wanted to use the grey and yellow. I have a lovely and lovable charcoal coloured cat, who loves to help me scrap (!!) so as I woke up this morning, I knew exactly which picture to use. Printed it, then chose the 12X12 background paper, forced myself to go to the scrap basket to find the yellow. Found a fun one with a little green and peachy orange. So then on to the third colour… well tried this and that, then that again and lo and behold, it turns out to be the orange (I know, I am almost as surprised as you but there you have, it just imposed itself). So now I have the photo, the paper and the title. That’s where I am at in the process right now. I often have to take a break at this point to let the rest surface. Therefore, this maybe a multi-post answer, hopefully culminating in a layout later today.

  3. Anne Says:

    To be really, really honest… I haven’t created a single LO yet. I know, shocking. I come from the stamper/card maker camp and discovered scrapbooking only 3 month ago. Yes, plenty of time to get started one might think… :-) The day will come and this wonderful event here helps a lot. And to finally give an answer… I think for the first pages I will stick to some of the wonderful LO’s I have seen here on the blog, so somebody else has done all the thinking already. :)

  4. Little Nat Says:

    For me it starts with a memory or story I want to tell. I usually plan my journalling first so that I know how much room I will need. From there I choose the photos that will go best. I will usually choose 1-3 photos or go completely mad and choose 8 or more for a 2 page LO! They are not always 4×6, sometimes a mix of sizes and sometimes I will use a photo template from Kerri Bradford with lots of smaller shots.

    With photos and journalling ready, I tend to look for a sketch that will work. Next is a colour scheme – for this I will use a design seeds palette or make my own from the colour wheel. Colour will come from the photos or the mood, whichever is more appropriate.

    Once I have colours chosen, I select some CS and PP that will work. I also look at my scraps to see if there is anything I can use. Next I choose letter stickers – usually only one set but lately I have been trying to use two as I like that look.

    I always pick out some label stickers and die cuts that might work, together with a border punch and perhaps a few brads. Current staple product is washi tape which I use on lots of projects now.

    I’m trying to use more paint and mists so I will choose something there as well. I tend to ink pages so my brown ink is in my everyday products.

    Then I sit and stare at it all for a bit before getting stuck in. Once I’ve made the first cut, I’m okay but sometimes it can take a while!

    I usually follow the sketch pretty closely but I have been known to stray away on occasion!

    A LO can take anything from a couple of hours to a few days depending on how much I am interrupted!

  5. helen salthouse Says:

    Photo. Rummage through paper drawer, find half a dozen sheets of paper that I want to use (this is important!) and that match. Vaguely. Narrow it down to three. Choose background sheet (might be plain cardstock but unlikely). Identify possible uses of pp – eg, cutting it apart, using elements, making border strips, mats, blah blah. Muck about with bits of paper, cut them up. Consider using paint, or something. Stick bits of paper and photo onto page. Squint at it from various angles, proceed to add whatever bits and pieces fit/are lying around on desk. Maybe stitch a bit. Suddenly remember importance of title and/or journaling. Shoehorn it in somewhere. Et Voila. :)

  6. Chriss Says:

    I start with a either a photo or story. If I’m starting with a photo then I look at what kind of story it wants to tell me. If I start with a story then I look for a photo that will support the story by event, person or theme.

    I then pull out a piece (or two) of 8.5×11 inch white cardstock and place my photo(s) on the page, and see where they want to be. They’ll tell me if I should be using a cardstock or patterned paper background and how much white space is needed (better photo usually are more demanding about white space), leaving enough room for whatever kind of story I want to tell.

    I then pull out whatever pattern papers will work with the photos. I cut. I adhere. I might even add some embellishment. I journalling in my own handwriting, and I’ll almost always add a date (even just a year) unless the story is over a period of years.

    That is pretty much my process in a nutshell.

  7. Sharon Says:

    I pretty much use my photos and stories that I want remembered as my start, too. I have a little “project” from Donna Downey from years ago – when she had us make a notebook to stash everything in. She suggested just chipboard with rings, so we could add to it. I’ve not only added to it -but it’s become my mainstain for starting layouts if I don’t have something in mine.
    When I do sway from that little cheat notebook (Which, by the way I think was so very clever of me (ha ha!!) to use Dr. Seuss paper (that’s how old it is!!) with the grinch in a metal frame on the front that says “and he thought and he thought til his puzzler was sore, and then he thought of something he hadn’t before”) – it’s when I see a something new technique or product wise. Then I just wing it and put on what makes me happy.

    What really is the hardest for me is to edit my page. I have this wonderful pile of do dads that will work great on the page so I get it in my head to want to put them all on, which is just plain silly. So I have been cautioning myself, telling myself layout after layout that another one will come along and I’ll be glad I saved the little things for that layout (and I’ll still have some leftover).

  8. Mel Says:

    I often find it hard to get a layout done. I have scraplifted for ever! And stare at the photos for ages sometimes.

    So I started doing a layout a week and blogging about the process I used to get it done. Whether it’s the story or the photos that inspire I have found that because I’m photographing the layout as I go as I look at the picutres I might alter where I put items becasue I’ve seen how they look before sticking them down. If that makes any sense!

    And I know I’m at least doing a layout a week! Most of this years layouts are here – if anyone cares to see them. : )

  9. Mary M. Says:

    Usually the inspiration to scrap comes from another layout or a sketch, because I have to have a design I like in mind or the whole process will be futile. I’ll just sit there with photos and pretty things and not know what to do with them. So once I have the design I find a photo I want to use and then just start playing with my supplies. Most of the time I use plain cardstock as a background (white or kraft) and just stick things to it, sticking mostly with my original design plan, until I’m happy. Since following your blog I’ve been inspired to use paint and mists a lot more so there’s usually a point in time where I’m happily getting messy. And I’m happy to say I’ve gotten my scrapping time down from several days to a few hours per page! =)

  10. Sue P Says:

    I usually start with the photos. I then pick out the background paper- usually cardstock. From there, I look at my patterned paper and embellishments. I usually move things around and around before I settle on the right mix. Journaling is always the last thing I do, because it is the hardest thing for me. Sometimes I’ll set the page aside for months before I finish the journaling. I so need to change that!

  11. adele weiss Says:

    It often depends on the album I am working on. For example, if the album is inspired by events or travel photos I begin with the photos, choose paper, usually patterned, in multiple prints and get to work. Embellishments come after the page is laid out. If, on the other hand, the album is inspired by themed pages or thoughts, I begin with those and decide what the overall feel of the page will be…whimsical, romantic, shabby, contemporary, etc. I pick the paper and then search for (or take) the photo. I love the paper choosing process but struggle with embellishments. I do a lot of painting, misting and stitching on my pages.

  12. Heatheranne Farley Says:

    I start with the photos and then the papers and finally the embellishments and journalling with a title thrown in somewhere. I can do a LO in 30 minutes on the days when everything comes together or a single page can take days. No rhyme or reason to length of time!

  13. Tammie Says:

    It varies. Most times I start with a photo – usually recent event. But then sometimes, paper talks to me and that’s actually how I decide what to buy. Like I was in the store one day and saw some Sassafras and thought “Gosh, that would be great to scrap the kids at the fair”. Or the MME Lost&Found said “Use me to scrap your grandmother”. I’ve always had this problem and still have stacks of Daisy Ds that are to scrap various stories of my bro & me when small (it goes w/our age). And sometimes I reuse pix because they just happen to be the perfect pic for several stories I want to tell.
    But then, once I get started I often need help. I may visualize something in my head when I start & then totally lose it entirely (I have MS). So I look for help (you have been a saviour).
    Then there are some things that end up on every page – butterflies or birds; hearts, flowers or pinwheels; etc. and almost always a little bling. I used to scrap more streamlined but I have found my creativity by following your process of layering – it has made me very happy.

  14. Nora Says:

    My process is a bit different from time to time.. hm, I have to think about that and maybe make a blog post:)

    I do have a question for you though: Do you scrapbook upside down when you film? How does that work…? Do you do it when you don’t film as well?

  15. Melissa Says:

    Oh my goodness, are there times when supplies don’t speak to us? LOL

    I pull my photos, choose a background paper & other coordinating papers, choose a design (sketch, scraplift, or my own thing), create journaling on a separate piece or decide to write right on the layout, then I arrange all these elements & begin pulling and adding embellishments.

  16. Tammy Says:

    My typical process is to start with the photos, select products, and then look for a design that will work depending on how long my story is. Once I have all the pieces figured out, I start to create.

    But I do like to challenge myself from time to time. On my blog, I talk about process a lot, how I change things up and work through layouts and work through the challenges presented by changing it up. Here’s my most recent post discussing starting with a color palette and how I went from there:

    I’m really loving the challenges this weekend though, because I always find myself creating pages I never would have created. Thinking about design first and then going to search for photos that will work. The more I work on challenges, the easier it is for me to start anywhere in the process.

  17. Melanie Says:

    Most of the time I start with the photos I want to scrap. Then I pull out papers that either go with the colors I see in the photos or the theme of the photos. I choose my background paper and then start moving the photos around on the background paper. When I have my photo arrangement chosen I take the other papers and see how I want to place them either matting the photos or layered behind the photos. When this is done I stick all that down and then decided what extras I want to add to my page and place the title and journaling if any. I have tried to break from this routine but very rarely do I.

  18. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    From start to finish: I follow a a sketch, challenge, new technique or scrap lift. I always try to use my new papers, tools into my LOs. Sorry I am boring.

  19. Anat Says:

    I create a page really fast, usually under an hour. I usually start with either photos (that I already printed 4X6) or with a sketch I love (in this case I select the event and print the photos in the size to fit). Then I look for inspiration: it can be a paper I want to use, a colour combination I saw on another page or a technique I want to try. From there everything flows until it is time to embellishing. This is the hardest for me, because I try to keep only a small number of embellishments and it is usually challenging to find something that fit.

  20. Moira OReilly Says:

    My second post for this discussion… I just posted my first layout over at the Challenge No. 4, colour adventure thread. I am so excited. It is my first for the weekend. The photo is not great as the lighting today is sort of grey … I guess to go with the challenge LOL. So back to the process question. I left you having chosen the photo, paper, title and third colour. Then I thought about it a bit, decided on the type of layout I wanted. Throughout Shimelle’s hitchhiking class over at two peas, I have become more conscious of my own style so to test it out, I scraplifted myself for this challenge… love it!. After that, the embellis – I am partial to flowers and butterflies. In this case, my cat was the subject of the photo and he was sleeping so butterflies were out (he would be wide awake, chasing them …), so I went with flowers. Then I just started gluing the paper and photos and finally on to the embellis and journaling. I think this is pretty much the process I usually adopt : Photos, paper, general layout, title (or sometimes that is much later), embellis (then I change my mind), journaling and doing LOL

  21. Cynthia Says:

    Oh dang, Helen Salthouse stole my scrapbooking method! LOL! That is totally what I do! I find a photo, look around for paper that kinda matches the colors in the photo. Then get mad when I have NO embellishments that match. Then get madder because I have NO letter stickers that match. Give up. Find other colored paper. Try again. Fail. Try the third time. Get frustrated. Just GO WITH IT ALREADY. And in the end I’m usually happy. If not, too bad. That glue gun stuff is like Godzilla strong. Ain’t NOTHIN coming off that page!

  22. Kathy R Says:

    I start with the photos. Then I choose papers and embellishments that help tell the story of those photos. Occasionally I’ve started with the story and then looked for photos but the papers and embellishments are always chosen last.

  23. MaryAnn N. Says:

    Just wanted to say Shimelle that I LOVE your Set to music page of your wedding. Beautiful!

  24. Megan Smith Says:

    My process now almost always begins with supplies! I have so many supplies, and kits, and papers, and scraps, etc. that need to be used. So I now start with a particular supply I want to use. Then I find the photos to go with it. Next I come up with a basic design for my layout. Then it’s title development. Next, I write down the journaling on scrap paper and set it aside. I put together the basic layout (cardstock, papers, photos). Then I add all the embellishing, title and journaling. That’s my process!

  25. KateT Says:

    I’ve blogged a little about my process here including a wonky slide show that won’t show the pictures in the correct order no matter what I try!!

    ** Kate **

  26. Jane Says:

    Have noticed that this is the method l generally follow – start with the photos, then choose papers with colours that match or co-ordinate. Arrange & stick down the papers & photos. Next the title or embellishments, usually arrange them before sticking. Finally I leave the page on my desk & review it later, sometimes adding more before putting into my albums.

  27. Sharis Says:

    For me it starts with a photo or single page of paper. Sometimes an idead will just opointo my head, but often after I sit down it looks completely different. If I am in a rut, I like to scraplift or do challenges. This brings my creative mojo back. After getting the base paper and photos I then look at smaller paper and embellishments to add. If might end with a mist. That is really my process it can take a long time or a short time. i generally like scrapping from home so I can be surrounded by my supplies. I kind of just start rumaging through things until I see things that might go with my base paper and photos. I have the most trouble with the journaling. It seemes to come a long time after a page is done.

  28. Debbie Piercey Says:

    I most always start with the photos. Next I either use a sketch or figure out my photo placement (design). Next comes patterned papers. I do my journaling and lastly add my embellishments. I usually don’t pull any embellishments out ahead of time unless I have something in mind beforehand. Embellishing is not my strong point.

  29. jen Says:

    I normally start with the main paper I want to use … first comes finding a picture! Then I’ll decide if I want to use cardstock as the base (I normally do!) and find some accent papers. I’ll move the bits around until I’m satisfied. Next are the embellishments: the ink, the washi tape, the bits & pieces. Finally comes the title, and journaling! I wish it always happened that way, that fast … but that’s normally my way.

  30. Ali Says:

    No one way I’m afraid. Sometimes I start with the photos and sort through my supplies until something takes my fancy, then I build up a little kit before I start. Sometimes I just pick papers and start, then embellish on the hoof, sometimes I make a background first and then add photos – not really a system!

  31. abbeyviolet Says:

    Historically, I’ve started with the picture. Of late though I’ve been pulling pictures that coordinate with the colors of a given month’s SC kit and then doing ones that call to me or respond maybe to a challenge like yours.

  32. Amanda Says:

    Generally I start from the photos, then a rough plan for the page. I choose my main paper, then the complementary papers and lettering.

    If I’m doing a challenge then it might vary, but usually I still start from the photos. I just choose the photos to suit the colours or sketch or whatever I’ve been given.

    Sometimes I start from the main paper (e.g. Shimelle’s ‘Use a Bold Background Paper’ challenge) but I still choose photos before the complementary papers and lettering.

    The idea of making a page before I know what photos I am using frankly scares me.

  33. furrypig Says:

    I think I am usually driven by the photo though I have to say I am really grateful for challenges and sketches that make me think ‘how can I use that with the photos I have?’ Not sure if I could make a page then try and find a photo to go with it! Now that would be a challenge!

  34. Pepper Says:

    My process is rather simple, I usually choose a sketch (or shimelle’s starting point) and a colour combination in some colour challenge website and start :) I usually choose my supplies first then see what photos fits in. I have taken shimelle’s advice to print the lot of photos, so i have about 500+ hardcopies for me to choose from :p I usually see the colour combination in the photo that matches my colour combination of the page. Sometimes i do the entire way around, if i have a photo that i really wanna scrap now, i will do it the entire opposite way :)

  35. Sinead Says:

    It usually starts with a photo (or a few photos) and often, an idea for a story to go with it. I almost always start by finding the patterned papers and background (either kraft or pp, rarely solid cardstock) I’m going to use, then start cutting and moving things about and layering up little bits of paper. Then I usually source out the embellishments and letters I’m going to use. Some paint spattering often gets in there too. Now and then, I use a sketch or a challenge to get me started, or get a point of inspiration from a blog or layout in a gallery:) x

  36. Lorraine Says:

    It always starts with a story first…then the photo, then usually a sketch, papers and then embellishments.

  37. Daphne Says:

    Normally I start with the photos. Then PP, CS; after this I start with cutting the papers and assamble it together but don’t glue it down yet. Next is the title. When having this I start glueing everything down, add the title. Then embellishments. The very last is mostly the journaling!

  38. tilla Says:

    Since I started scrapbooking, the process has changed considerably ! I keep a notebook on my desk that I plan pages in or write down events as they happen, so I remember to scrap them – then when I feel like doing something, I refer to my notes and pick out a project that feel right for that day. I have also started using my phone to journal on, especially while we are away on holiday, so I have loads of notes to refer to when I eventually get to those photos. I always start with the photos, choose papers accordingly – title and journaling goes on last, unless I print the journaling with my photos. I have also learnt not to put a page way until its complete, otherwise you end up with stacks of unfinished pages !

  39. Shelly Says:

    Sketch/inspiration, photos, journaling, paper, embellishments – sounds quick, sometimes takes days. :D

  40. margie visnick Says:

    I start with a sketch, find photos to fit, pull out my kit for the month, and arrange everything till I am satisfied, adhere, embellish.

  41. Scrapdolly Says:

    This depends on my reason for scrapping. If it is just a random page then the photo is always the start and I then build the papers to use and then just go witht he flow. I never plan my pages unless it is afor a challenge – they just sort of evolve. Embellishments are always last and I often have to have a title before I can do anything.
    If it is for a CT then I start with the collection and find a photo that works with it, but i still don’t plan, it still sort of evolves.

  42. Linsey Says:

    I always start with photos. Always. Next, I grab background paper (which is cardstock 90% of the time), then one or two accenting sheets of cardstock. Then on to a sheet or two of patterned paper. Once the paper is picked out, I wander around my scraproom looking for the rest of my stuff – letters, embellishments, ribbon, etc. – that matches the colors or theme that I am working with. I lay out my photos on the page and work in my papers as I go (some paper that I pull out never gets used). Once the big stuff is picked out, the smaller stuff like letters and embellishements go on. And lastly, the journaling (which is really a terrible time for me to do this, because I ALWAYS journal, and it is typically a substantial amount of writing, which means I usually have to move stuff around to get a spot large enough for all I want to say.)

  43. sonia Says:

    it all depends, it all starts with the photo i have and then I search for a sketch then paper then embellishments, or I have a paper I want to use and go searching for pictures to fit that paper.

  44. Mel Says:

    I’ve been meaning to do a blog post on my process for awhile, but it’s been a real challenge to narrow it down to just one string of things I do in order every time. My process is fluid. Sometimes, it starts one way, sometimes a different way. Usually, it starts with photos or with a product that inspires me. Often, it starts with a sketch or layout someone else did that inspires me. Sometimes, the start of a layout is a story, and I want those instances to increase.

  45. TrayChic Says:

    I am usually inspired by a piece of paper or collection I’m excited to use. Then I find photos and the story that will go along with it. I think of a design concept from Noell at Paperclipping that I can use. If I’m having a hard time coming up with one on my own, I look to scraplift something from a magazine. Once I decide on a design, I embellish, then journal.

  46. TiaraHelen Says:

    A bit late to this party, but I am like tilla. I usually start with something I want to remember. Then I see what I have already to include. Sometimes I have a design principle, a sketch or a paper that I have been waiting to use and they happen to suit the project. I have a few 12×12 page protectors with little collections of ideas or materials for a project for when I am ready. But I don’t do MASSES of pure scrapbooking, maybe only 15 pages since this time last year, but do quite a lot of scrapbook style journals (three this year), which are usually driven by the date.

  47. Kim Brown Says:

    I am a total scraplifter. I find layouts that I love, print them out and make them almost exactly the same…down to the color. I don’t usually have the same paper, but where I place the paper, to the size of the paper, to the layout of the pictures are usually the same.
    I have a certain style, people that I love their work, so I use their stuff. It takes all of the guess work out for me and I love my final layouts. That is what is important, right…that you love your layouts?
    No one will ever know (in my life) that I scraplifted and they we not my idea unless I tell them. As long as I’m not passing them off for publication and keep them for myself, I don’t think it is a big deal.

  48. Briel Says:

    I usually start with photos, but sometimes I start with a sketch or starting point and then find the photos. I have a stack of photos sorted into different page groups that I want to use. I tend to scraplift most everything, but I’m trying to come up with some ideas on my own. Really, I just love playing with pretty paper and pretty things!

    I use a kit club (Apron Strings Designs) and I like that it challenges me to use different papers and embellishments then I would choose myself. I would be using the same stuff from four years ago if it weren’t for them!

    So, I choose photos and a sketch/starting point (in either order), then a kit, and then I create. I try to use up everything in the kit, but usually it’s only 80%…then I stash the rest by color.

    Great question and discussion.

  49. Dawn Cheshire Says:

    I usually pick the photo first and then decide from there which papers to use and then pull some coordinating embellishments and alphas!

  50. Karen G. Says:

    I go through my bookmarks or the gallery at Two Peas to find a page I like and that matches how many photos I have. Then I try to create a sketch of the page (that rarely happens), or just wing it and try to copy it. Then I pick my patterns and embellishments and stick it all down.

  51. marianne Says:

    I might start with paper that I am longing to create with..and find pictures to go with it. Other times, I start with pics and find some paper. If I start with a memory, I try to find a picture to match it or print something off the computer, then matching paper. Embellishments and title and journaling all come after.

  52. Jennifer Says:

    I almost always start with my photos. Then I decide how I want the page to go. ONce I have a basic idea I begin looking for papers, then embellishments and then lastly something for my title. Once I have everything together I put the page together. AFter my papers and photos are down I usually go ahead and do my title and then journaling. Embellisments are last.

  53. Rochelle O Says:

    I always start with the pictures I want to scrap first and then pick out papers that coordinate with the pictures. (yes, I’m one of THOSE scrappers!). Then determine the layout by arranging, rearranging (ie- trial and error) until I like it. Then embellish, my favorite! Sadly, I’m terrible about journaling and adding titles so I usually end up having to go back and at least add a title long after I’ve finished it. Journaling I usually skip altogether even though I shouldn’t!

  54. Terri Torrez Says:

    Lately I’ve been playing around with techniques in May’s Field Guide class. But usually I am a story first scrapper. Sometimes those stories are inspired by a photo but there is always a story I want to tell. Once I identify the story, I select the photos. The next step is usually to select a sketch that will work with the photos and journaling I’m planning. I print at home, so I can print to exactly the size photos I need. Then I put it all together. I’m a clean and simple scrapper so I don’t do many layers or embellishing. If I do add those things, the planning stage takes a lot longer. Though it gets easier the more I practice.

  55. Siobhan Fry Says:

    I use any and all methods to get started on a layout. Sometimes it’s the photos, sometimes it’s a story, rarely it’s scrapbook supplies, although they can dictate the overall style of the layout. I often use journalling or sketch challenges as a starting point too.

  56. So.Ceative Says:

    I never create a page: it’s the page that creates my imagination! It means I can start with a photo or an embellishment or a paper and here we go! My inspiration is a complete freestyle and I love the way it makes me create!

  57. Miriam Prantner Says:

    I start with the photos. I figure out which ones I want to incorporate and then lay them out on the page until I am happy with the layout. Then I pick papers/embellishments to match and play with those until I’m happy with the whole thing. Journaling always comes last for me.

  58. Lauri Says:

    the picture(s) and papers are my starting points

  59. Janice Says:

    I usually start the idea for a page based on either a sketch or a challenge that inspires me. Then I find a photo or photos that will work with the sketch/challenge and start rifling through my patterned papers until I find that one piece of paper that “speaks to me” as the anchor pattern. I pull together a few other patterns to support the main one, and then I get to work. It’s only later that I usually start pulling out my embellishments, etc. This method has evolved over the past few years, and it really seems to work for me!

  60. Jennifer Says:

    I start with the photos, then select the papers and possible embellishments pretty much 99% of the time.

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