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Scrapbooking Colour Challenge :: Yellow, Grey & one other colour

scrapbooking colour challenge
scrapbook page
How about a colourful challenge this morning? But instead of giving you a set combination to follow, it’s a bit like a choose-your-own-colour-adventure. So don’t be scared from this little preview: I promise you don’t have to work with purple unless you choose to do so!

scrapbooking challenge
Instead, your challenge is to scrapbook with yellow, grey and one other colour of your choice. Yellow and grey has been a fashionable combination for a couple years, and this year I’m loving how designers have started to inject other colours with this combination to keep it fresh and new. Yellow and grey look great with turquoise, pink, red, navy… so many different looks. For this older Easter photo, I went with purple (you can see the supplies here, at the bottom of the page). As I obviously don’t have a clear memory of the moment captured in the picture – and I also don’t have lots of photos from Easters growing up – I used this page to record a variety of jumbled Easter memories from childhood, even if they didn’t come from this particular year.

For this challenge, you have two chances to win from just one layout! Two Peas are also making this their challenge of the week, so if you upload your page to the gallery there and tick the box for that challenge, you can also be entered to win a gift certificate there.

Speaking of which, how about a special discount for shopping at Two Peas? Throughout the crop, you can fill up your bucket, then when you check out, enter code SHMRCKS to receive a special bonus: you’ll get free domestic shipping off an order of $50, but even more exciting, you’ll get an extra discount for your next offer – $5 of a $50 order or $10 off an order of $100. Perfect to order something now then look forward to more new things later, knowing you can take that discount off the top! (Thank you so much for shopping at Two Peas through my links: it is what makes it possible to hold events like this. I earn a small percentage of the orders placed through my links, and that’s what pays for the hosting costs of the website and for all the prizes and special guests that come as part of the weekend! I love that I can share it back out with all of you who come to read my little corner of the web.)

To enter for a chance to win here, create a new project in yellow, grey and one other colour of your choice, then upload it to a page gallery or your blog and leave a link below. Entries close at the end of next weekend.

14 April 2012

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15 Comments for Scrapbooking Colour Challenge :: Yellow, Grey & one other colour

  1. helen salthouse Says:

    Ooh. This is going to require a little more thought! Glad you said that about the purple, though – I’m gradually giving away my purple because it doesn’t really float my boat…:)

  2. Bec Says:

    Yellow… hmmm I never really use yellow. Off to see if I actually possess some paper or if I have to think outside the square and dig out my watercolour crayons. Thanks for the challenge, I need to venture out of the comfort zone.

  3. Chriss Says:

    This will require a lot of digging. Do I even have grey? Might have to get creative…

  4. Melissa Says:

    Since yellow is my all-time favorite color, this will be a fun challenge!

  5. KimR Says:

    Another beautiful LO! I think Easter LOs are about the only time I use purple! OH, and when I do LOs with my front door in them—since I decided to paint it Plum!

  6. Cheryl Says:

    I have been wanting to work on a grey, yellow and white layout for ages! I am not really sure what’s been holding me back …

  7. Scrapdolly Says:

    Loved the idea and I added purple too – but actually didn’t need to. Long story. Pictures that were destined for the page and determined the colours didn’t make it. Ah well!

  8. Cal Says:

    Just wanted to say that I am LOVING this crop :0) I’ve joined in with past online crops but have never kept up and done pages at the same time as other scrappers out there! Beautiful pages ladies!!! :0)

  9. Cathy Says:

    I happen to love purple, your lo is very pretty!

  10. Deborah Clark Says:

    wow! what great layouts! 2 colors plus one. I am not able to scrap this weekend, but am loving all the inspiration and ideas.

  11. Sherry C Says:

    I love color challenges, Shimelle. I can’t believe what you can do with purple – love it! Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Tammy Says:

    Oh man, I just placed an order at Twopeas the other day! Wish I had procrastinated a few more days. I will give this challenge a try tomorrow. I LOVE yellow + grey. Thinking about what color to add……

  13. Jo Says:

    Another great challenge with a lovely colour combo to start with.

  14. So.Ceative Says:

    LOVE this combo yellow&grey! I’ve added a bit of Kraft and blue, the perfect colors for my sweet baby boy^^
    Just linked mine, thanx a lot for this great challenge Shimelle!

  15. Helen Overton Says:

    Yellow and grey is one of my favourite colour combinations ever!

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