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How do you use washi tape in scrapbooking?

how do you use washi tape in scrapbooking
how do you use washi tape in scrapbooking
The next question of the weekend comes from a recent discussion on the Two Peas message board: what’s the use of washi tape?. Or indeed, any tape for that matter. Is it something you use in your papercrafting?

I definitely love it and I replied in the original question with these suggestions:
…a photo frame – both over and under the photo look cute! You can square it off to be neat and tidy or leave each piece a bit long and tear it for something more freestyle.
…add a strip along one edge of the page (or both the top and bottom or right and left edges)
…crinkle or ruffle it up and top with a brad or other embellishment.
…take your tapes and alternate strips down the middle of the page, then add photos and everything else on top
…tear a strip and add it to the top of the photo, like you’ve stuck it to the page with the tape.
…add a fold-out piece to your page (either on the layout or on the page protector) using washi tape as the hinge.
…hide your writing in an envelope and use washi to close it (you’ll be able to open and close it over and over again since it doesn’t stick in the same way as normal tape).
…make a noughts and crosses (tic-tac-toe) style grid from washi tape. In each gap, add a photo or embellishment.
…make me a card and seal the envelope then add a strip of washi and send it to me in the post. Okay. I’m kidding on that one but seriously, it does look cute stuck on pretty much anything.

Plus there are some great examples that have been posted on that thread too if you would like some visual suggestions!

Every time I talk about washi tape, I have the same general thought: it’s like a border sticker that never runs out! Admittedly, a roll of washi tape can be more expensive than a single sheet of border stickers, but it’s rarely more expensive than two sheets, and you get yards and yards of the stuff. Because there’s so much on one roll, I tend to choose designs I know I will use over and over again, even as the paper collections change. Before there was so much washi tape specifically, there were some decorative tapes more like a regular household tape but printed (washi is more like a patterned masking tape rather than clear), and my best choices from way back when are still going strong, like polka dots and grids. So I’ve tried to learn from that in choosing washi tapes I’ll be happy to use for plenty of pages to come!

Of course, there’s also another answer to a product that comes with so much packed into that little package: although it doesn’t really work with clear tapes, washi tapes are easy to share with friends, so you can each buy different tapes then get together for a tape swap (or trade by post). Just take a blank tag or another piece of cardstock and wrap the tape around, and it will stick and unstick just like it does on the roll. I’ve also used this technique to take a few tapes when cropping away from home without needing to take the entire bowl of tape! Perfect for travelling light… well, as light as one can travel for a crafting adventure!

So… how do you use tape? What do you choose in terms of designs? If it’s not something you’ve tried yet, what roll of prettiness might make you change your mind?

And… a little shopping fun if you’re tempted. A) You can find lots of washi tape options here. B)I have a very special coupon code to share with you tomorrow morning, so if you’ve been thinking about a little shopping trip, that might be useful for you!

Right: let’s hear your thoughts on tape!

13 April 2012

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87 Comments for How do you use washi tape in scrapbooking?

  1. Ellie A. Says:

    My name is Ellie & I am Washi tape addict. OH there I feel so much better now :)

  2. So.Ceative Says:

    First of all I LOVE washi tapes! Truly love them…
    I use them generally like borders under photos or borders of the page itself. I love putting a touch of washi in my minibook projects because it gives a really good style to it!
    A small piece or a full layer, it depends on where I’m gonna use it! I have several ones but I think that It ‘ll never be enough to me, I’m like a real addict to washi!

  3. Jeannie Says:

    I LOVE washi tapes… I choose them by colors, motifs, designs. I received my first one from one of the SC kits and my collection started thereafter.

  4. pam Says:

    I just ordered my first roll of washi tape and look forward to using it.

  5. Mindy Says:

    I love washi tapes and have used them several times, as borders or along the top of a picture, but Always feel like I could do more with them.

  6. Cheryl Says:

    I have developed quite the little washi tape collection and I need more ways to use it! I love it :)
    I use it to adhere things that I want to be able to open, like a photo with journaling on the back. I also use it for borders and pretty much all the things you said! Great ideas.

  7. tape Says:

    I use washi in small amounts to direct the eye around the layout.

  8. Violeta Says:

    I love the Whasi tape, use it in many of my works in scrap. I have really wanted to use it to decorate the walls of my room but I’m still thinking about the design.

    Me encanta la Whasi tape, la utilizo en muchos de mis trabajos de scrap. Tengo muchas ganas de utilizarla para decorar las paredes de mi habitación pero todavia estoy pensando en el diseño.

  9. Gerry Says:

    I love washi tape, but I often forget to include it on my layouts.

  10. Kelly Says:

    I love Washi tape. I only have five rolls, but the colors are basic enough that I’ve been using it a ton. Even a little strip adds that little extra bit of color that I need to draw attention to an area of the layout. It’s a super easy way to create a diagonal or visual triangle on my layouts.

  11. Megan Smith Says:

    I don’t have any Washi tape but plenty of other decorative tape. I am terrible about using it though other than as a border. Love your ideas though Shimelle! May need to borrow a few of them!

  12. Cynthia Says:

    I love washi tape too. Alas, no one in town carries much of it. (So sad.) I DID discover some in the Wal-Mart dollar bin this past week though! I might have squealed. Please do not check any security footage from that day!! ;-) I mostly hoard washi tape. But I do use it quite a bit in my faux Smash Book to tape things down.

  13. KimR Says:

    I LOVE washi tape!!! I like to use it to make chevron designs, bannerlike pieces, etc.

  14. Julie Says:

    Um…yeah…I don’t have any Washi Tape….however, now I know what I’m missing and I can check the dollar bins – thanks cynthia.

  15. Moira OReilly Says:

    I have never used washi tape, nor do I have any….yet! Lots of great ideas here to get me started. I popped over to the 2Peas store just to have a look and I think I would start with a scalloped tape (don’t really know why, it was just appealing). I also would go with some classic designs like polka dots.

  16. Cathie Says:

    I like to use washi tape to mat photos and add visual interest without bulk. I mix them together and often use as many as 4 or 5 on a page. I just placed my first Lawn Fawn order through my LSS – can hardly wait!

  17. Christina Collins Says:

    I was so tickled that you pointed out one of my two peas posts. :D Hehe! I’m so easily amused. It’s quite ridiculous!
    I obviously don’t have much of an answer beings I’m the one who asked the question, lol. BUT…I’ve been looking into everyone’s suggestions (including yours) and really can’t wait to get a chance to play around with my washi tape now! You ladies over at two peas have helped me in more ways then one! Thanks so much. :)

  18. TracyBzz Says:

    I finally ordered some washi tape and was so disappointed because it came with a paper backing. This sucks for 2 reasons: first because the roll comes unwound since it’s not sticking to itself and second because you have to pick, pick, pick to get the back off. No I’m worried what kind to order online since I can’t see if it is paper backed.

  19. Breeze Says:

    I am also a Washi tape addict and have found everything is prettier with Washi tape on it.

  20. Heidi Says:

    I’ve been trying it out in places where I might otherwise use ribbon. i tried a frame the other day, but ended up not happy with it. I definitely need to keep trying.

  21. marianne Says:

    I love washi tape. It adds that little something to a project.

  22. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    hmm…washi tape. I have only 2 tissue tapes from tim holtz and unfortunately they dont match too many color LO. i don’t always like how it looks on LOs, but…

  23. NancyLee Says:

    I’d love to try washi tapes and ribbons taped and rolled together to make flowers as embellishments on layouts or cards. I get them from diff’t etsy shops fr China and Japan and just can’t stop collecting them!

  24. Tracy B. Says:

    I love washi tape, I started buying it this year because of Glitter Girl videos showing it’s wonderfulness. I now have maybe 7 rolls. TracyBzz, I have never seen a washi roll with backing. I have 3 different brands from twopeas none of them are like that. I like to use the washi tape for little accents of color or as a piece to add to my embellishment area. Did I say I love Glitter Girl videos and Hitchhikers Guide to Scrapbooking? There is a whole lot of washi love and inspiration there!

  25. Allie.Duckienz Says:

    I purchased quite a few by the metre off Etsy. That way I could try them and see if I liked them. My mum then got me several rolls for my birthday. I love attaching them to insert pages in my project life album as a tab to help turn the page. I use them much like Shimelle said but i do actually use them a lot for sealing up letters too. I use them in place of paper strips on cards and where ever I would use ribbon too.

  26. Chipper Says:

    I have only collected a few so far and love them. I have scrunched them in to flowers, created pleated trims and just used them like I would small bits of paper for embellishments!

  27. Lynley Johnson Says:

    I love washi tape!!! One of my favorite ways to use it is to journal on top of it. It looks great handwritten or with a typewriter!

  28. Melissa Says:

    Honestly, I haven’t used a lot of tape. I have a few rolls of kraft travel themed tape that I used in a Photo Album Scrapbook & I received some lace tape for a Christmas gift (maybe it’s time to pull that out & use it!).

  29. Sara Grafton Says:

    I love these ideas!

  30. abbeyviolet Says:

    Aside from your suggestions, I sometimes cover cardstock and then punch shapes out of it to make embellishments. For non-crafty uses, I sometimes use the paper tape (like by 7gypsies that is more like masking tape) to put my kids names on cups and things for school. Amazingly it stays on and names stay clear even after the dishwasher.

  31. nirupama Says:

    Love your tips. I like making rainbows with washi tape and creating chevrons. Just sort of put it down at an angle and cut mitred corners. Does that make sense?

  32. Mary M. Says:

    I only have a couple of tapes…some Tim Holtz tissue tape and now a couple rolls I got from Studio Calico. The handfull of times I have used it I have loved it! My favorite use was the “border sticker” technique, where you use it in place of a sticker or ribbon to cover up edges between patterned papers. I love how easy it is to use, and how the effect can be much more subtle than a border sticker. I need to stay away from that shopping site….too many cute tapes!! =P

  33. Chriss Says:

    I don’t do a lot of layering, so washi tape plays a different role in my life. I use it in place of a patterned paper strip or ribbon on layouts. I also decorate office items with it, and recently used some in a mobile I’m making for my daughter’s room.

    The best use for me has been that I’ve used it on the foldback clips I bought to put on my scrapbook albums. I place the clip over the top of the album with a tag tied onto the clip with ribbon, and use a washi tape that coordinates with my AC modern albums to give it an accent. I love how this looks. Of course, it requires less than an inch per album, so I get it isn’t the most high-use idea. ;)

  34. Jennifer Grace Says:

    I’ve only just bought my first few washi tapes, and so far I’ve only used it like a border sticker or ribbon. I can definitely see me using it in various ways though, I’m sure I shall use it to make a hinge at some point, and I’ll use some instead of sellotape for special presents! x

  35. Kirsteen Says:

    I haven’t used washi tape yet but it’s on my to buy list x

  36. Lois Says:

    I love wash tape :) I have a few and I love that they just last forever :)

  37. Louise Says:

    Love washi tape.. I wish I had thought it up… I have used it on everything – layouts, cards, I have ruffled it, pleated it… Best of all my children love to have their friend presents taped with it, as they always get comments about how nice the tape is!

  38. jimjams Says:

    I don’t have any – but I’ve seen a tutorial or two on making your own and it’s on my to-do list :)
    Thanks for the ideas on how to use it!

  39. Sharons Says:

    Washi tape is great for something different on a layout, but I only have a couple. Now seeing Shimelle’s lovely bowl full, I need more!

  40. Maja Says:

    I love washitape, I use it a lot at projects!

  41. Pepper Says:

    Ok confession time
    How many washi tapes do you have? I have 110 rolls!!! Yes! >< It’s a little crazy i know, but just as stamp collector collects stamps, scrapbookers collect washi tapes :p

    Here are some my the pictures of my projects using washi tapes :)

    Thanks for sharing the verious ideas Shimelle!

  42. helen salthouse Says:

    I often use it as a strip right across the page, or as part of a border embellishment under flowers or whatever. A piece of tape looks good extending over a photo or used as a photo corner. I’ve also made flowers by pleating the tape round and round onto a cardstock circle – particularly useful where you want some dimension without too much bulk :)

  43. Mel Says:

    I use it to border pics and pages. I use it to decorate embellies – like hexagons that I cut with my slice. I have about ten rolls but I need more of it in my life…

  44. Angela W Says:

    I can’t wait to try washi tape,I have not found it in my local craft stores yet. It looks like fun. Thanks for sharing!

  45. Kathy Says:

    I have only recently discoverd Washi tape, I have been buying it but been a little scared to use it. I have used it in one layout so far and used it to cover a join between papers.

  46. Sherry C Says:

    I love it and hoard it, but I’m not using it to it’s fullest potential. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  47. Jersey Girl Anne Says:

    To be truthful…I am scared of washi tape! I need to buy some and just do it! But then I’m afraid I will become addicted and need every kind made!

  48. Scrapdolly Says:

    mmmm – ffod for thought here. I have never used tape on a page and have avoided the craze as I have so much stash but feel myself being drawn right in

  49. KateT Says:

    Love Washi tape and have been a convert to it ever since I won some lovely ones from PaperMash. I like polka dots and chevrons and recently picked up some with little hearts on from Paperchase.

    Mine are in a box and I’m thinking that I like your in a bowl on display idea!
    ** Kate **

  50. Dawn Says:

    I only recently (as in the paste 2 weeks ) purchased my first 2 rolls of Washi tape – I got the black and white polka dots and the blue phrases tape from Smash. So I have had not had a chance too use them yet. However about 4 or 5 years ago I bought a huge pack of Heidi Swapp Tape – It is more the thickness of sticker borders but I love this stuff! I have used it in many of the same ways that washi tapes are used. Borders, thin defining lines, I have used them as flags over twine, small accents under other elements to ground them, to “tape” things down. I recently went through and gave away the tapes from the mega pack that I was not using, but still have so many to play with. But the Grey Chevron tape from your link is calling to me and I may cave!

  51. jo Says:

    I LOVE washi tape – I think of it as the perfect piece of patterned paper with adhesive. I use it to stick things on the wall, i make whole card fronts with folded ruffles on front, i fold them in half and tied them into knots and cut the ends like bows, and i love the fact that there is tons of it! Like Shimelle, I never have to worry that I will run out.

  52. Sharon Says:

    I use it when I need a little bit of “shabby chic” and toss a strip on as I would an additional piece of paper. I also use it as a border, or once I made flowers from it – won’t do that again soon!

  53. Zahra Says:

    Another washi tape virgin here! Wish we had a Walmart as I think I’d probably be stalking their dollar bins, but instead will be restrained until I see some I love rather than some that I think ‘must have because it’s washi’!!!

  54. Shonie Says:

    I love washi tape and I use it on everything!!

  55. Tammy Says:

    I only have a few so far. I love using them as an accent at the top of a photo. I also LOVE the idea of using them to attach make-your-own-size page protector extensions. The washi tape can tape up the open side of the page protector and attach it to an existing page in an album. I want to try it to cheat some chevrons, that’s a fun idea!

  56. verabear Says:

    I have plain washi tapes only and I already love them. I use them to tack whatever on whatever, know what I mean? hehe.

  57. Daphne Says:

    Washi Tape? Well, I DO have a few rolls and I definitely use it too seldom… I think it’s hard with the colours. If they don’t fit perfectly I better leave it and don’t use it. But I will use some on my next cards I guess!

  58. Stephanie Christ Says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that doesn’t have even an inch of washi tape! lol Since browsing some of your layouts and watching some of your videos I am excited to pick some up and begin taping EVERYTHING…well not everything. I promise I’ll use it in moderation. lol

  59. Lynda Says:

    I’m behind-the-times. I never even heard of it until this winter! I now am the proud owner of a single roll of washi tape, but haven’t yet had time to make anything with it. Maybe I can use it for one of your challenges!?

  60. Sharis Says:

    I love washi tape! There are times I use it as the adhesive. For example in a mini albulm, I often stick things down with washi tape and that is all I use as “adhesive”.

  61. Amanda Says:

    I don’t have any washi tape yet – but I’ve ordered some and I’m eagerly awaiting its arrival. Hope it’s as good as the addicts claim.

  62. jen Says:

    I love Washi tape … love it in bits and pieces!

  63. KellyB Says:

    I am pretty new to Washi Tape.. but am loving them so far! I think that I have used some on every other layout lately!

  64. Debbie P Says:

    Washi tape has become one of my favorite scrapping supplies. I use it in bits & pieces as an embellishment to add a certain color to my layout, or as a border. I hadn’t discovered all the lovely tapes that have come into 2 Peas. Yeah!!!

  65. Jennie Says:

    I don’t have a lot of stickers, so usually washi tale is a nice addition when placing another embellishment. I like the fact that when you rip it you the make the edges sort of curl up a tiny bit and add some illusion of movement to you page. And it’s an instant styling, and makes everything look way more artistic than I feel ;)

    I really try to think about which tapes I buy though, so that I don’t buy the perfect one for just the one project, and then would find it hard to match with anything else. So, sometimes I’ve made my own little piece of faux-washi tape to match a project, just making a short strip of it so I don’t get a lot of excess. But I love the easy peasy, quick application of proper washi tape! Instantaneous, no-mess spot of colour and embellishment!

  66. Jacky S Says:

    I’m afraid I’ve yet to use any!!

  67. furrypig Says:

    I am really new to washi tape, I have a few rolls and so far have used it to create a pocket and as strips in a handmade embellishment cluster, I am sure I will be using it more tho!

  68. Sinead Says:

    I can’t believe I still haven’t got any washi tape! But all these fab ideas will definitely have me adding a roll (or a few rolls!) to my basket next time I buy supplies!

  69. Siobhan Fry Says:

    I love the look of washi tape, love it, but I only have a couple of rolls…I’m trying hard to resist a new addiction lol!

  70. Shelly Says:

    I don’t use Washi tape … yet! I’ve got some on the way though.

  71. sonia Says:

    I do, but it is always in a very subtle way. I ordered a whole bunch from an Etsy shop, so I have a huge lot but not too much of just one kind.

  72. TrayChic Says:

    I don’t have any washi tape (yet), but I have plenty of the Tim Holtz tissue tape. I have been using it in my home-made Smash Book to secure items.

  73. Briel Says:

    I’m a washi tape newbie, so right now I’m just TRYING to use it more! I think that I need to get some more so that I can have more options…right???

  74. cjb Says:

    I’m just getting into washi, so right now I’m just using it to tack stuff down or dress up a tag.

  75. Mel Says:

    I have just a few rolls of Washi-type tape, and I haven’t really put it to much use yet. I have used the Tim Holtz tape to create a die cut butterfly, but that hasn’t fluttered its way onto a project just yet.

  76. Crystal Says:

    I was a late comer to washi tape, I’ve only been using it a couple of months, but I love it!! I like to layer it over pattern paper and use it the same as I would border stickers. I’ve seen some other really cute uses of it, including a cute tiny banner I pinned on Pinterest today.

  77. Malin/malwa Says:

    I love washi tape! I mainly use it like I’d use a paper strip or a ribbon.

  78. Tammie Says:

    I hate to say it, but I don’t have any washi at the moment – but I have a few rolls of patterned cellophane that I love to use as borders as well as, like in real life, to “tack” pictures or embellishments to a page.

  79. DeAnna Yaritz Says:

    I love washi tape….I need to get me some more colors :) Mostly, I just use mine to decorate and color up the page. Usually as some sort of border.

  80. Karen G. Says:

    I find myself using Washi tape on everything. My favorite thing to do with tape is to layer it here and there. I will put down a piece of tape down and then put a smaller piece on top of it. Sometimes I will put a long strip of tape along the top or bottom of my page too.

  81. Jennifer Says:

    I’m new to washi tape but I really love that stuff! I mainly use it as borders or layer pieces behind something else with just a little bit showing. I love adding little touches of color or design that way.

  82. Rochelle O Says:

    I’m newer to the washi trend but I have been loving using washi in place of where I would normally put ribbon on pages.

  83. Miriam Prantner Says:

    I love it, although I don’t have that much of it. I kind of hoard it, so it’s got to be just perfect for me to use it on something, mostly as accents. I wish I felt a little more free to ‘play’ with it, but it’s one of my more ‘precious’ supplies.

  84. Deborah Mahnken Says:

    I’ve been collecting tape rolls for a while – washi tape, tissue tape, etc. In addition to what everyone else mentioned, I like to use it when I piece scraps together to make a background for a layout. I’ll run pieces on the backside of the layout to hold it together. And sometimes it turns out so well I make a layout on the backside!

  85. Jill Fenn Says:

    What to do with Washi Tape?
    Bin it! It just detracts from the main parts of the page. The adjective attached to Washi is frequently “Cute” In English that reads “Yuk”!

  86. techmadoo Says:

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