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How do you store your Thickers and letter stickers?

how do you store your thickers and letter stickers
how do you store your thickers and letter stickers
In between our crafting challenges, I have a few questions for you. These are the sort of questions that come up in the comments here and elsewhere, and sometimes I’m quite hesitant to answer not because I don’t want to help – but because I really believe there is no single right way to do these things. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa… and in fact, I have tried my share of things along the way that work for others but have failed miserably in my world.

So I want to answer… but I hope you’ll chip in with your answers too.

First up: how do you store your Thickers and other letter stickers?

My answer: First I divide them into a few categories. Thickers, other letter stickers that come on 6×12 sheets, letter stickers that come on 12×12 sheets and mini alphabets that come on sheets smaller than 6×12.

Thickers are what I use most, and they live in the second drawer of my desk (top drawer has pens and adhesive), and they are arranged in colour order. Some stay in packages and some don’t. Mostly depending on how well they stick to the sheet, as I would happily get rid of the plastic straight away but some of them would fall to bits in my desk drawer if I did that!

At the back of that drawer you may be able to see other sheets – that is where all the small letter sheets live. That includes the small Sassafras letters and mini alphabets from both Cosmo Cricket and My Little Shoebox.

6×12 sticker sheets live in a cardboard magazine file on my shelf, with 12×12 next to them – just in an upright stack, not in a box.

And that’s that!

So… how do you store your Thickers or letter stickers? Share with us in the comments!

13 April 2012

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138 Comments for How do you store your Thickers and letter stickers?

  1. emma clark Says:

    my thickers are stored upright in a clear plastic box, so that I can easily flick through them to find what i need….altho I do wish i had as many as you do :)….my other alphabets are in a 12× 12 wallet type folder which has dividers in and these are subdivided so I can find what i need, such as glittery together, all basic grey 12×12 sheets separated into letter types, tiny types, foamy letters etc etc. will be interested to see how everyone else stores theirs xxxx

  2. KimR Says:

    Your Thickers look great in that drawer! (At first I thought it was an old suitcase and that the upper drawer was actually the top!LOL) I also store mine in color order. I have them in three containers—one a cd holder, and two other divided holders. For MLS, and OA 6×12 stickers, I have a small box that holds them right on my craft table.

  3. Gina Ames Says:

    I have a 36 inch Ribbon Holder with a Clip it Up bar along the bottom. I hang my thickers & some embellishments with those clips. It is mounted above my monitors. So as I sit at my desk I can see them & my computer.

  4. Karen P Says:

    My Thickers fill one drawer of a unit in our boxroom and the drawer comes out easily so I can easily take the whole drawer downstairs when crafting. My small sheets eg My Little Shoebox are all in a zipped wallet in my tote and all my Basic Grey 12×12 sheets plus other large sheets are in a 12×12 paper holder in my tote. That way I always have alphas when I am out of the house scrapbooking. When going to crops I usually add a few packs of thickers to my tote.

  5. Allie.Duckienz Says:

    I have three ways. First all chipboard alphas are in a clear box labeled ‘Chipboard Alpha’. All others are in another clear box labeled ‘Various Alpha’. However I keep all new exciting supplies in a tray next to my desk and I include alphas in there.

  6. Anne Essex Says:

    Wow! Is there a word for thicker envy :-D I’m just building up a collection of letter stickers and they are rapidly outgrowing any space I put them in. Ideally I would like to keep them all together. Looking forward to reading how everyone stores their stash.

  7. emma clark Says:

    loving your idea Gina of clipping them up!!!! sounds fab!!

  8. Susan Zennario Says:

    I store all of mine on a Clip It Up unit. However, the problem I am seeing now that I’ve been using this system for over a year, some of the letters are falling off the backing paper if they are not new in package. So I may have to rethink this process!

  9. Maxi Says:

    I don’t have Thickers (I’ve kind of been put off by the fact I’m hearing the glue goes after a while) but letter stickers in general sit in a letter rack type thing from Ikea and chunkier letters are in a drawer in a slim unit

  10. Cheryl Says:

    I keep my Thickers on binder rings, so I can see them on my open shelves and flip through to choose one. I store other alphas, stickers and chipboard that way too. Sheets that are 12×12 are in a magazine file in another shelf.

  11. Kittyscrapper Says:

    I have a really useful box that I keep all of my alaphabets in. I find that my Thickers are always falling off the sheet, so puts me off them a bit.

    I love the idea of these questions, great to share tips with everyone else.


  12. pepper Says:

    I happen to have photos of my thickers storage on my phone . Here is a shore blogpost on it .

    Thanks shimelle for sharing the way you store thickers. Looking forward to more fun in this scrapbook weekend :) it kind of relief my stress from all those studying I have to do ><

  13. lisa h Says:

    I used to store them in a PSB, but then I never went in and looked at them. I think they are still there. Now all are sticked in a sterilite tub, except for 12 × 12 sheets. Those are with my paper.

  14. Cyndee K Says:

    My Thickers are in metal mesh file holders. They’re in roygbiv order, and I can fit 2 ‘stacks’ side by side in the holders… My CC and MLS mini alphas are on jump rings… The rest of my alphas are by height of package (in a bin) and in desperate need of organization!

  15. Shonie Says:

    I’m nowhere near as organized as you are! I store them in a bag that only has letter stickers in it. I’m totally redoing my scrapping space and hope to be more organized in the near future!

  16. lou Says:

    Mine is pretty simple…I keep all my letters, thickers, oa et cin a shoebox on my scrapping table. I don’t really have any 12×12 sheets but the few I do have are in a pizza size box with my unused sheets of pp. :) Simples.

  17. LouiseI Says:

    I also store my Thickers in packets, upright in a plastic box so I can flick through them. They’re sorted by texture at present but I’m thinking colour might be a better idea. I keep small packets of mini-letter stickers in front and all other alphabets behind.

  18. KateT Says:

    Mine are in a RUB 12×12 hanging file box with one section dedicated to all things Alpha. Except it is so buried at the moment I can’t get to it and so I just have a few more recent ones out on the desk top like Thickers amd MLS which get used for everything right now!

    ** Kate **

  19. soapHOUSEmama Says:

    I have a little tote from 31Gifts that is about 6 inches wide. I don’t have a huge stash, so they all just get stacked upright in there. The 12×12 sheets get cut in half so they can go in there too.

  20. Nora Latip Says:

    I store my Thickers and other stickers on my Clip it up. I can see what I have that way and can choose easily before taking it off the clip.

  21. Cynthia Says:

    I have a huge wooden cubby-hole-shelf type thing that I stash my letters (and other stuff) in. They take up two shelves—one for little pages and the other for larger sheets of letters. They’re kind of arranged by font size and then how often I would use that font or color.

  22. dogmatix Says:

    I keep all my letter stickers, general stickers etc in an old Papermania 12×12 paper holder but am finding it quite frustrating as I can never find what I actually want (a problem I found today!) so will be changing this fairly shortly (mmmm possibly even today now i have just spotted an area i have just made empty!!!).
    Any chipboard letters I have stored alphabetically in 26 cups /jars on top of my drawers! yep, took ages to sort out but ultimately, this makes it easier to look for a specific letter lol

  23. Colleen Says:

    I have a storage thing with drawers of different sizes. Thickers in one, chipboard in another and sticker letttering in one more… Yes, I have a little thing about lettering and fonts! lol

  24. Marsha F Says:

    I store my letter stickers, arranged by color, standing in a box. I don’t have too many, so this works for me:)

  25. tape Says:

    I keep mine in the top drawer of my Ikea Alex unit. Thickers and other thick and large alphas on the left, and thinner letter stickers on the right. Journaling cards and the like in the middle.

  26. marianne Says:

    I store my Thickers in a plastic shoebox bin from Target. Unfortunately, I have outgrown my current organization and may have to upgrade or stop purchasing Thickers(the horror!). I store all other sticker sheets in an expandable paper holder, divided by color.

  27. Sarah Says:

    This has been something of a trial and error for me over the past couple of years. I went from a plastic pocket folder to expanding folders. My drawers are all the wrong size to flip through… At the moment I’ve found the most awesome cardboard box that fits them perfectly but I am not sure it has a very long life expectancy.
    If I can cut my 12×12 flat sheets to 12×6 I do and keep these all in a drawer along with smaller ones.
    It’s good to hear what everyone else does with their letter stickers.

  28. Tina M Says:

    My letter stickers are seperated by size and color. The Thickers, and 6×12 sticker sheets are put together by color in plastic bags and stored in a catalog box. 12×12 sheets are stored in paper folders and the smaller sheets are stored in an expandable file thing that’s a bit bigger than a coupon holder, by color. I tend to put most things in color groups…..

  29. Mary Buttons Says:

    Hi all my alphas are stored in 2 12×12 Really Useful Boxes with trays
    Black & white in one and colours in the other. The trays have my chipboard alphas in put roughly alphabetically.

  30. Chipper Says:

    I store mine along with 6×12 alphas in a double deep artbin with the center divide left in. That way they stand just like in your drawer in the picture and I can flick through them. But I don’t have anywhere near that many! But I do have lots of Basic Grey 12×12 alpha sheets that I store in a thin 12×12 plastic container that comes with me everywhere :-)
    A friend hangs them all from a clip it up and loves it but I like mine stored neater LOL

  31. Heatheranne Farley Says:

    May I confess that I don’t actually have any Thickers! I do have a few sheets of letter stickers that I tend to store with my current projects but mostly I cut out the letters I need using the alphabet dies that I have.

  32. Maja Says:

    I store them by color in a white basket from ikea! :)

  33. LisaE Says:

    I have an old Creative Memories vertical file folder with dividers. I sort them by color. It is getting very full and will probably need a new system soon – or have to stop buying Thickers. Obviously, a new system is needed :-)

  34. abbeyviolet Says:

    I have typically stored them by color in an accordian file. Lately though, they’ve been escaping quite a bit, particularly the mini markets that are stored together. Also very frustrated by the amount of thickers falling off everywhere.

  35. val Says:

    I also keep mine in drawers one for thickers and one for all other alphas.

  36. jimjams Says:

    Mine are in a plastic expanding file – it’s full which means I’m not allowed to buy more until there’s room!
    Tiny alphas are in one section, white alphas in another, black in a third and there are several sections for “coloureds” – thickers, rub-ons and stickers are all mixed in together.

  37. Melissa Says:

    I have all my thickers/letter stickers together in one upright bin (no lid), sorted by color. This makes it easy for me to flip through them to find what I want to use on any given layout.

  38. Debs Says:

    I had a ‘tidy up’ of things this week and ended up with quite a pile of letters and thickers that look really untidy and simply got put aside in a plastic 12×12 box so it’s interesting to get ideas on how I really ought to be storing them!

  39. Sharon Says:

    I store mine in two places – the larger letters and Thickers go in a drawer in my “Scrapbox” labeled letters. I also have drawers for embellishments and letters that are smaller, sorted by color. That it!

  40. Chriss Says:

    I don’t have that many letter stickers, but those I do have are divided up by colour and placed in an A4 display album (letter sized book with fixed page protectors). Each colour gets two pockets, one for letters, one for not letters. They live in the cube with my cardstock and patterned paper.

    My tiny text style stickers all go in one A4 page protector which is right next to my 8.5×11 white cardstock and manual die cutter (the reason I don’t have many stickers). I use the small type stickers all the time and like to have them easy to access and easy to put away.

  41. Natasha Says:

    I organize all of my alphas according to colour. I have a 12×12 bin for each colour! I obviously have WAYYYY too many alphas. I have in recent months been able to combine a few bins (Orange/Yellow), (Purple/Pink).

  42. Cheryl Says:

    I have a hanging file drawer that holds what few thickers and letter stickers I do have. I too, don’t care for the way that thickers tend to fall off unless you add some extra glue to them I have a Bigshot and about 4 different fonts that I cut and then run through my Xyron, this works so much better for me. I have to admit that I really like the tiny text stickers though and after seeing Shimelle’s Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy workshop and her 4×6 photo love, I have started doing more of my titles with them!

  43. Cheri Says:

    I hang my Thickers on the lower tier of my Clip it Up. All other alpha stickers are stored in 12×12 paper holders in 4 categories – script (all colors), black, bright colors, and pastels.

  44. jan Says:

    I guess having piles on the floor does not count as organized?

  45. Bunnyfreak Says:

    As a digi scrapper, who still makes paper and hybrid cards I don’t have alot of letter stickers. What I do have I store in a plastic drawer designed to fit 12×12 items. I don’t worry about sorting type or size as I just like to rummage through the drawer and throw them back when done.

  46. S Says:

    Mine are filed by color in an open bin, the same way I do my files of scraps of paper. Easy to flip through makes them easy access.

  47. Candace Says:

    Firstly I would like to say if I had as many thickers are you do I would have to sort them out and be a lot more organised!

    Thickers and smaller go in an ikea photo sided box with the lid removed. the larger ones go in a large ikea card box (ones that fit the expedit unit)

    They used to all go in the big box but I ended up taking every set out to find what I needed so I put the thickers and smaller ones in another box where I can easily flip through them.

  48. furrypig Says:

    I have a blue metal box out on the side with all my alphabets standing up in it (except 12×12’s but not got many of those!)not really organised!

  49. Siobhan Fry Says:

    I have all my Thickers in a basket on a shelf near my desk for easy access. Other letter stickers that I use less often are stored in an A4 binder on my computer desk, and 12 ×12 sheets of alphas are in a drawer next to my scrap desk. Oh, and very small alphas are in my Project Life sticker box because that’s mostly where I’m trying to use them up! I always seem to have tons of alphas, but never the right one lol!!

  50. helen salthouse Says:

    Well, the first bit of what you said, Shimelle, is almost exactly what I do – except it’s the bottom desk drawer! And it irritates me having to keep sliding the Thickers back into their sleeves! I keep all other alphas in a couple of drawers in my paper cart thingy, with the small ones on the top. Theoretically…:)

  51. Helen Overton Says:

    I store mine in a basket on my desk and they are sorted by how many vowels they have left.

    Eg If they are an untouched set they go on the right, then from right to left I keep sets that have a few E’s still left (as they always seem to be what I’m looking for). Next to those are one’s with no E’s but still A’s left. Then no E’s or A’s, but still I’s, O’s and U’s. Lastly ones with no vowels at all. Yes I’m a hoarder, I just can’t bear to part with them!

  52. Sharis Says:

    Yea, Jan! Mine are the floor, too.

  53. Linda Anthony Says:

    I store my Thickers on my Clip-it-Up that is right behind me and accessible at all times.

  54. Barbara Says:

    God, you’re all so tidy… I feel like a slob just now lol. I just throw them in a heap in an old plastic box which lost its lid ages ago. Or in a heap on the the table, where I normally scrap. But then, I’m not a very tidy person, as a rule lol.

  55. Tammie Says:

    I organize my thickers (and I too have serious thicker envy at this point) with my other letter stickers by color in Binders… They started in sticker binders but I have since run out so now use an extra large regular binder with page protectors sewn down the middle. In this way, I can pick out whatever letters (thicker or not) by the color scheme I want to use on my layout. And it’s really easy for me just to flip through them to find what I want… I have even on occassion changed my mind once I’ve started flipping and saw something that I hadn’t originally thought of.

  56. Tammie Says:

    Oops… P.S. also, use regular page protectors as well as sticker sleeves and this also reduces lost letters as they just fall off into the sleeves if they come loose.

  57. Mari Says:

    Oh my what a collection!!! I store my thickers on my “version” of the clip it up. I don’t have too many so it works for me. I have more smaller sheets and store right on my desk. I use them a lot!! All my 12×12 I store on a pile on my extra table heehee.

  58. Lisa Zepponi Says:

    I really like your drawer aspect. I purchased several of those 3 ring plastic organizer sheets, some are 12×12, 6×12 and even some with four pockets. The sheets are supposed to fit in “the scrap organizer”, but I outgrew that YEARS ago. now all the sheets are on 3 jump rings, sorted by color (regardless of type) and sit on the corner of my table. I am looking at buying some more hanging file folders and putting the letters in each file by color.

  59. Louise Says:

    Thank goodness I’m not the only one who doesn’t own any thickers! I have a lot of chipboard and sticker letters from a QVC kit (only really useful bit of it as it turned out!) and die cut anything else I need.
    PS chipboard and stickers are all stacked in one large zip it bag stuck in the drawer with the alphabet dies – I don’t do organised at all.

  60. Michelle Liimatainen Says:

    I have 2 ways. One is I punch a hole in the corner or each and then I use an O-ring to bind them all together. Then I stick them in 12×12 plastic containers. I get to piles on each side of it. That way I can pull a color out and flip through them with out making a huge mess. Works great. I do all my letter stickers this way! :) plus any little pieces just stay in the box so I don’t have to worry about the plastic staying on them

  61. Tami Says:

    I keep mine sorted by color in a cart like this:

  62. Jane Says:

    I am just starting to expand on my Thickers supply, I have all kinds of stickers collected over the years. I used to keep my letter stickers in a binder, but had problems with the different sizes of sheets. I finally invested in the Scraprack. I didn’t like sorting by size and then color, I tend to think color first. I use smaller page protectors for the smaller sticker sheets and the full size 12×12 pockets for the larger sheets. I even use divided page protectors (think baseball cards) for the smallest sheets. So, now my letter stickers are arranged by color and I can easily flip through and find what I need.

  63. So.Ceative Says:

    I don’t have so much alpha stickers so they go perfectly in a special drawer! Very easy to find them! I wish I could have more unities so that I can organize them by colors and size but what I own actually suits me very well!

  64. ScrapperCandy Says:

    Since I have such a small space to use (only big enough for a table) I hang most of my embellishments on the pegboard above my table. I have a 7” long peg that holds my thickers/6×12” letter stickers. And another 7” or so peg for my 12×12 letter sticker sheets. Everything is up there all willy nilly though, no separation of colors or anything. Whatever is in front is whatever I used or bought last.

  65. Angie Says:

    I have a large ziploc bag where I store all my letter stickers. Well, the ones that fit in there anyway :)

  66. Georgia Says:

    Mine are stored in sheet protectors in a binders by color. My small ones are in little plastic envelopes by color and then in a drawer at my scrap desk. Both of these seem to work great for me. As much as I use them, my collection seems to be growing!

  67. Christa Allgood Says:

    I use a version of Stacy Julian’s method. I have a cropper hopper (I guess that’s what it’s called) with a drawer dedicated to each color group. I put my letter stickers etc in the drawer that most closely matches the color of the letters!

  68. Tammy Ozuna Says:

    I don’t have many letter stickers, so they are easy to store. I have basket that is bigger than 12×12, I put the letter stickers in a big plastic envelope and keep them in the basket. If stickers & letters come with a collection, I keep them with the collection. That’s how i do it!

  69. Scrapdolly Says:

    My thickers all live together on a shelf arranged, standing up, in colour order. The same shelf then houses other chipboard letters. I have a box where my tiny letter stickers live as these tend to be used most these days

  70. Natalie Says:

    My Thickers are stored in an LK Bennett shoebox! Once it’s full, I don’t buy any more until there is room inside. There is no rhyme or reason to them as I don’t have that many!

    My other letter stickers are sorted into rough size – tiny, normal and big! They are stored in a 12×12 accordion file along with speciality papers and anything else I can’t find a true home for!

  71. Sandra Blickett Says:

    My alphas are all in an open box that fits in an Expedit cube roughly in size and colour order although I do have to sort them back into order frequently!

  72. Natalie Says:

    I never thought I’d have so many alpha stickers! I still don’t have a lot compared to some, but since they are all different sizes, I store them in a 12×12 clear plastic case (Iris brand) that fits in a drawer of the dresser I am currently using to house my scrapbook supplies.

  73. Megan Smith Says:

    Most of my alphas are in one of three places. I have several white craft storage cubes in my space, including one that is divided into 4 long rectangle drawers. Each drawer is the exact length and width of a Thicker sheet. So two of these drawers hold my Thickers in ROYGBIV order. The other two drawers hold other bulky (non-Thicker, non-chipboard) alphas. All my chipboard alphas are in a wicker basket on my shelf. Then, all my alpha sticker sheets are in four Crop Hopper 12×12 storage pockets that sit in a large basket on the floor. There are close to 20 of these Crop Hopper pockets in the basket, but the first four are exclusively for alphas.

  74. Hodo Says:

    In a jute bag I got from my local library:) It carries around 48-50 thickers and 20+ 6×12 chipboard and other stickers, as well as flatter and smaller ones (e.g. OA, Sassafras, Cosmo Cricket).
    As for the Thickers losing their adhesive, I’ve had that a couple of times on older layouts, but a glue sticks solving that problem for now:D A little on the back and they’re stuck firm!

  75. Michelle Says:

    My letters are grouped together by mfr. My thickers are together by color and in a plastic bin. My other mini alphas and 6×12 sheets are in a basket in my Expedit. 12×12 are in a cropper hopper with the other stuff from that mfr.

  76. Madeline Says:

    All my stickers and thickers are in a basket, no system at all

  77. Kathy Says:

    I have a whole different range of alphabets so all of them are in a 12 × 12 box that fits into one of the spaces in my Expedit. With the best will in the world I cannot organise them in any way, the fact that they are all in one box passes for organisation in my world.

  78. benessi Says:

    in a wicker basket by color, thickers are sideways (so they fit on the shelf). i also include other types of alpha, i cut the sheets so they’ll fit). the box is quite full at the moment so i’ll have to use more! i’ve tried other ways but this seems to work the best, they are accessible and all in the same place which is essential for me!

  79. Diane Says:

    My Thickers, Basic Grey chipboard alphas and other bulky alphabets are stored in a basket on top of one of my shelves/bookcases. As soon as that basket cannot take any more alphas, it’s time to purge.
    All my Sassafras alphas (the small-ish ones) are held together by a large book ring that dangles from a hook on the bookcase.
    My tiny and other small alphas (Making Memories, Jenni Bowlin, My Little Shoebox, Kaisercraft, Cosmo Cricket, October Afternoon), as well as the non-dimensional (or thin) larger alphas (October Afternoon 12×12, Basic Grey 12×12, Studio Calico 6×12 and 12×12) are stored in an IKEA desk organiser that has three compartments (the 12×12 ones are cut in half). This rests on one of the shelves in the bookcase.
    All very accessible and works for me as I will usually think “I want something dimensional for this space” or “Let’s have a look through the tiny alphas for this” and then just flick through what I have.

  80. heather Says:

    Most of my letter stickers are in a 11l RUB box along with majority of my stickers & all my rubons. 12×12 sheets such as Echo Park are in a bigger 7l RUB along with my full papers. No system beyond that, they just get shoved in. Really badly need to clear some out because I probably can’t spell anything with them

  81. Kirsteen Says:

    I store my Thickers and other 12×6 alphas in magazine files in order of colour. I keep all other alphas together in another magazine file. Any 12×12 alphas that come with a paper collection are kept with that paper collection in 12×12 bags x

  82. Kelly Boettcher Says:

    I store all of my embellishments in containers by color.. a la Stacy Julian, and my letter stickers go in the bins according to their color!

  83. Dawn Says:

    I have plastic paper keeper that have dividers in them. They are about 1/2 inch thick. I have my letter stickers separated by type in those. My thickers or other dimensional letter stickers have there own folder/holder. Chipboard and acrylic letters are in a drawer in my scrapdesk.

  84. DeAnna Yaritz Says:

    I am really starting to gather more and more letter stickers. I just love them…it’s funny because I heard about a year ago during a making memories crop that letter stickers were going away because everyone has die cut machines. That would be a sad day as I just love the look of all the different letter stickers. My thickers are stored in one of those sticker stadium storage containers. I love this, but was disappointed to find out that they don’t fit inside the expedite shelves. I still use it though, but just put them on the table behind me. My really small sheets of stickers are on the clip it up behind me and the rest of my letter stickers are just to the left of my crafty space in a cropper hopper file thingy. I like my storage, but it needs some organization…like I really shouldn’t have to dig through my Christmas stickers to find stickers for everyday etc. I just need to sort them somehow.

  85. glee Says:

    I store mine the same way you do but in a basket, not a file drawer.

  86. Kelly O Says:

    My Thickers and any chipboard or other 6 × 12 sheets of letters are stored by color in separtate sleeves in 8.5 × 11 binders. My OA mini market, Sassafras, MLS and other small letter stickers are stored upright in a basket on my desk. I use those on most layouts, so I need them handy. My 12 × 12 sheets are just stored in the top bin or my 12 × 12 paper holder. I have so few of those that they’re easy to find.

  87. Jennifer Grace Says:

    Mine are all stored together, flat, in a 12×12 storage box in my cupboard. I don’t have that many so it works for me!

  88. Sue P Says:

    My alphabets are stored in two drawers of a 3-drawer sterlite cube. No organization by color – I just peruse through them and select what strikes my fancy.

  89. Violeta Says:

    I keep in my Thickers Ikea boxes. In addition, ordered by material type, then by size and color last.
    The other scripts I keep in a folder, placing also by size and color.
    The truth is I am very happy with the method I follow.

    A greeting.

    Mis Thickers los guardo en cajas de Ikea. Además los ordeno por tipo de material, despues por tamaño y por ultimo por color.
    El resto de alfabetos los guardo en una carpeta, colocandolos tambien por tamaño y color.
    La verdad es que estoy muy contenta con el metodo que sigo.

    Un saludo.

  90. Ruth Says:

    I have a big tub-like drawer that holds all my alphabets. mostly it is all just mixed together for digging through, but i have put all black in a big ziploc and all the white also. 12×12 sheets get cut in half so that the stacks of sheets are all 6×12 or less. I stack them flat rather than on their sides to try to avoid them falling off, since that does happen sometimes. it is sometimes hard to find something specific but since i usually want something fairly new, which is on the top, it is working ok for me. every now and then I pull them out on my desk, purge a bunch and just have a little look and remember what is there.

  91. Jenny B Says:

    errmm… I’m no where near that organised! They’re all stacked in a 13“x13” cracker box, flat and rather overflowing!

  92. Ezlie Says:

    wow, great ideas.
    I just keep mine in a magazine holder. I cut down my 12×12 sheets so they fit. I love seeing such an organized stash! Too bad mine is not one of them… =)

  93. Mary M. Says:

    I just have a plastic storage drawer for all my alphas, although 12×12s won’t fit in there so those are in my paper holders. I’ve completely outgrown the drawer though and need some new ideas so this post is well-timed! =)

  94. Terri Torrez Says:

    I have clear plastic shoe drawers from the Container Store for all my stickers and embellishments, stored by color.

  95. Christina Collins Says:

    I don’t have a huge amount of Thickers/Alpha Stickers. As of right now my Thickers are hanging up on my embellishment rack (a curtain rod with clips) and my other alpha stickers are in the “stickers” section of my paper divider. I like having my Thickers hang up though. I’m very much an “out of sight, out of mind” type of scrapbooker so it’s best if I can see everything I have.

  96. Michelle L Says:

    I cut up all of the sheets of my alphabet stickers to about 6 × 4 inches. I then ‘file’ them vertically in a shoebox. I organise them by size and colour with litle dividers between them. I use alpha stickers on every layout, so I need them portable, contained, and easy to sort through.

  97. Sherry C Says:

    I have 3 7×14 bins from Target, sorted by color (of course!) I have them within arms reach where I scrap, so I can just grab what I need when inspiration strikes!

  98. Alyssa Says:

    I have made my Thickers storage part of my scraproom decor. I blog about it here:

  99. Amanda Says:

    I have a basket next to my craft table with most of my alphas standing up. They are sorted by size, tiny alphas at the front through to Thickers at the back. The exception is letters on 12×12 sheets. These are in a separate box which sadly means I forget that I have them.

  100. Tammy Says:

    I have wire shelves in my craft room and I just stack the thickers up, flat, on the shelves. I keep the white/black/silver/grey in one stack, blues/greens/yellow in another and all other colors in a third stack. They are right there, easily accessible and it’s easy to flip through to find the ones that will work. Other misc sheets of letter stickers go in a basket and I keep that on the wire shelves too.

  101. Jean Marmo Says:

    Pretty much standing up in a file. They really should be better organized.

  102. Daphne Says:

    I as well do sort them by size first and then by manufacturer. The tiny sheets (my little shoebox, CC, pebbles, AC) are on my desk, the rest is right next to my desk in clear boxes. Thickers in on box on its own (really crammed!) and the others are in a second box with cardbord tags to separate it. The 12×12 sheets are in another box and I ALWAYS forget about them – silly, I know!

  103. Stephanie Christ Says:

    Mine are all kept in one 12×12 plastic layout organizer. It has different sized pockets to accommodate the different size sheets. It’s probably not the best system as it’s difficult to see exactly what I have but it works without taking up a ton of space.

  104. Linda's Paperie Says:

    I store my letter sticker in 2 different 12 × 12 drawers. I may need to expand to the 3rd drawer in the unit. :)

  105. rach Says:

    I store them in a craft tote style bag but after reading all the great responses I’m thinking to change to a basket.

  106. Tanya Says:

    I have some door hangers (they hang over the cupboard doors and have 4 ‘hooks’ on each door hanger) and hang lettering, sorted by colour. For those that aren’t in packaging that allow hanging I store in a weaved basket. Not really sure I explained that well :/

  107. debbie clark Says:

    I store mine in a rolling cart in two large drawers. My blacks in one,colors in the other. The cart is rolled to the side of my desk and is always handy.

  108. Debbie P Says:

    I sort the majority of my letter stickers by color. If they are multi-color, I have a folder for that too. (I have hanging file folders that I store them in). If they are too big or bulky, I have a misc. letter drawer that I have those items in. For the most part this is working for me.

  109. alison c Says:

    I dont have a lot of Thickers as I tend to use my electronic cutter for titles! I do have a fair few letter stickers from before I got my cutter and I do use chipboard ones from time to time too! I wouldnt say they are organised, but they are all in the same place and some are in an accordian type file!

  110. jen Says:

    I used to put my Thickers on a Clip it Up, but recently switched to a bin. They’re stored by color. My other alphas are stored by size, by color.

  111. De Says:

    Along with everyone else I am having massive Thickers envy looking at your stash Shimelle! I store mine in an Ikea storage box in color order.

  112. Leslie Williams Says:

    Well, I just toss them all in a drawer in a sterlite container. I don’t stress too much about organization. I often think organizing prevents those awesome serendipitous supply moments!

  113. Jacky S Says:

    Mine are all stored in a 12 × 12 artbin box.

  114. Sinead Says:

    My letter stickers (mostly Thickers) are stored in two little drawers on a small desk organsier. But they are so cramped in and it’s impossible to find anything so I think it may be time for a new system! :) x

  115. lorna Says:

    I have too many thickers – can there be too many. But i love them and they keep bringing out new ones. I store them ina Really useful box and my other alphabets in a studio calico crop bag. I have a little tin for my mini alphas.

  116. Claire t Says:

    I get a lot of my Thickers through my kit club. While the kit remains intact the letters stay with the kit in a crop bag. Once the kit is dealt to I used to store all my letters in a large box. In recent times I have added any letters I buy elsewhere or ones from finished kits to my Project Life box which is a very large cardboard box filled with leftovers of all sorts that are finding new life in my PL album.

  117. Lorraine Says:

    My thickers are stored by color – standing upright in a Longaberger basket

  118. margie visnick Says:

    I store my Thickers and letter stickers in clear plastic boxes I got at Big Lots

  119. Shelly Says:

    I have them in file folders in my color bins.

  120. TrayChic Says:

    I organize all of mine by color on my Clip-it-Up, that way when I think, “Hmm, I need something brown,” I can see all of my options at a quick glance.

  121. Sonia Says:

    I have my Thickers on a ring, then they are hanging on a hook. It works well for me and my space.
    Love those Thickers!!!

  122. Linsey Says:

    Oy! This is a terrible answer, but the truth is – all over the place. My newest letters are hanging on a hook so they are out in the open and I remember I bought them. The rest…well, some are on the top shelf in the closet, some are still in my sticker binder that is tucked away in the rolling tote that I don’t use now that I have a scrap room, some are in a drawer, and some (if they are chipboard letters already punched out of the sheet) are in jars on my shelves… Yep, all over the place. I really should do something about that.

  123. Briel Says:

    I store my Thickers by color in file folders. It’s okay, but not ideal. I’m reading all of the comments to see if I like something better!

  124. cjb Says:

    I store my Thickers & letter stickers in a plastic tote I found in the kids craft section of Michaels. I works for me because I can flip thru the packs easily & it’s portable.

  125. Mel Says:

    I don’t have a great way to store Thickers. I keep them in plastic zipper lock bags, and I really need to cull them out or find some way to get them used up. The other letter stickers go into a plastic pouch. I know. SO high tech and innovative…

  126. Crystal Says:

    Love all these great ideas! I think I would like to have mine in a drawer, I may have to look into that. For now, I have a box from the dollar tree, that I store all my smaller alpha stickers and thickers in. I sorted them by size and then color, when first put them into the box, but now they are a hodge podge. Larger sheets are hung on my pegboard.

  127. Malin/malwa Says:

    I have them piled in my book shelf, in a plastic bag. Not very neat and not very “good”, but I haven’t found any better way. Yet… :)

  128. Karen G. Says:

    I have a big drawer with all of my embellishments thrown in it, including Thickers and letter stickers. I don’t bother to organize it because I know it will be a mess after I do.

  129. Dawn Cheshire Says:

    At the moment I store them in magazine files, but I’m thinking of storing them in baskets as they don’t all fit neatly in the magazine files!

  130. Jennifer Says:

    I keep my thickers and most used letter stickers together in a basket on my desk. Larger 12×12 size letter sticker pages are stored in a magazine holder and smaller, less used letter stickers are stored in drawers. I use my thickers most of the time so I like to keep them right by my work space.

  131. Rochelle O Says:

    In an ikea storage box that I keep in my scrapping armoire. And, may I just say, I’m super jealous of Shimelle’s thickers stash!

  132. Dalreen D. Says:

    I went through different options for storing my thickers and letter stickers, but my current system is my absolute favourite. I used to store them all in a drawer, but that didn’t work for me because I tended to just use whatever was on top in stead of searching for what I really wanted. Then I moved onto a homemade clip-it-up which I actually really liked, but when the fiance and I moved to a different apartment, I never set it up because I couldn’t find the right spot. And then one day I was strolling around Ikea and I found some white kitchen storage bins about 7×10, just the perfect size for thickers and 6×6 or 6×12 letter sticker sheets. So now it sits on my desk and I can just slip to whatever I want – WAY easier and a lot more appealing to my eye. The 12×12 sheets sit in a drawer with my element sticker sheets or diecut sheets.

  133. Miriam Prantner Says:

    I just got a clip it up, so I’ve got all my letter stickers on there now. Love that I can spin it and see them all!

  134. Stephanie B Says:

    I just recently sorted my Thickers and other letter stickers into my colour bins. I used to store them in a box I got from Creative Memories, but I recently decided to change it up. So if I want a title in brown – I know to look in the brown box. It’s working for me so far.

  135. Lauri Says:

    I have a modest collection of letter stickers and as such they are just stacked up on a easy to access shelf. only about 8 inches high. I don’t really need an organization system for them (yet!).

  136. jan Says:

    I have a box that holds them!

  137. Deborah Mahnken Says:

    I keep my thickers in a large bottom drawer of my Alex Ikea cabinet. I found that keeping the sheets lying flat helps keep the letters from falling off the sheets. The drawer is really full now, so I’m going to need to expand it into another space :) For other stickers & unopened Thickers I have a metal bin that’s easy to flip through. It used to be on my desk, but it’s been shuffled around a bit and now it’s on the floor under the desk.

  138. Melissa Says:

    Right now I store mine on my jumbo Clip it Up! I’m running out of room though.. :)

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