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Welcome to the online scrapbooking weekend!

online scrapbooking weekend
scrapbook page
Welcome, welcome! Throughout the next three days, you’ll find a whole slew of posts here, including challenges, tutorials, page ideas, photography thoughts, organisation concepts, a few special guests and plenty of prizes along the way. I’m even going to announce my new class before the weekend is out. All of the challenges (and all of the prizes with the exception of a quick draw giveaway or two) will remain open until the end of next weekend, so there is plenty of time to participate and you can pick and choose whatever challenges inspire you most!

But why don’t I stop blathering and just jump right in with the first challenge so you can get started?

scrapbook page by jaime warren ©

How about some scraplifting for our first challenge? Taking inspiration from another layout is a great way to warm up your creative process! So for challenge one, take a look at this beautiful page by Jaime Warren and take some inspiration. You can scraplift it as closely as you like or you can take away just one or two little ideas and run with them on your own, so there’s plenty of room for your interpretation.

See more of Jaime’s work on her blog or in her page gallery.

scrapbook page by shimelle laine
I took plenty of inspiration from Jaime in creating this title page for a new album currently in the works. I started with the colours, though I chose different papers, and followed that through with similar placement on the page and the use of one small photo – though mine is a 4×4 square rather than a small landscape image. I loved how Jaime scattered small, round embellishments around the page, and I tried that with buttons and pearls instead of flowers, then echoed the round shape by using the view-master reels from an Echo Park paper as embellishments at either side of the page.

Now it’s your turn! Take whatever inspiration you would like from Jaime’s page and create something new. Upload it to a page gallery (like Two Peas or UKScrappers) or your own blog and link to it here to enter to win this challenge. Entries should be new projects created in response to this specific challenge and entries close at the end of next weekend!

13 April 2012

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33 Comments for Welcome to the online scrapbooking weekend!

  1. So.Ceative Says:

    Hi Shimelle!! I love this first challenge, your both pages are too awesome! Can’t wait to make mine^^
    Thank you for this great week-end!

  2. dogmatix Says:

    Afternoon :) All set for the only day I can join in live! Looking forward to getting messy for the first time in days :s

  3. Sherry Eckblad Says:

    What a great layout and I can’t wait to play along.

  4. Zeffy Says:

    Love the colours and scattered pearls and flowers!!Nice..

  5. helen salthouse Says:

    Mmm, this is fab – can’t wait to get stuck in with some scraps I’ve got waiting :)

  6. Emma Clark Says:

    I’ve done mine :) really enjoyed it, thankyou x

  7. Inge Says:

    Mine is ready too!! Great challenge!

  8. Chipper Says:

    I am feeling a little blue right now so I think I will try to squeeze this one in before bed. Should cheer me up :-)
    Wish I was living in a time zone more suited to this but I guess when I wake up there will be lots to catch up on!

  9. Suki Says:

    Love these layouts. I ‘m super excited!!

  10. Melissa Says:

    What a great layout to start the weekend – heading to my craft table to get started now!

  11. Susan Says:

    Work, always getting in the way of my fun….lol. Can’t wait to get home so I can play along. Really looking forward to a weekend of crafting.

  12. Jennie Says:

    Gah, I’m at work, biting my nails here to get home and start on this challenge! This is going to be such a scrap frenzy weekend, hehe. I printed loads of photos on my lunch hours so for once I’m prepared! Hm… Maybe I should by myself a bottle of bubbly to celebrate!

  13. Heatheranne Farley Says:

    Just completed the first challenge! I’m pleased with it. Artistic son said ‘that’s nice!’
    Ready for the next one:-)

  14. Tina M Says:

    I’m at work right now and unfortunately that is at the complete opposite spectrum of scrapbooking. Accounting…blah, not what I want to do today. I can not wait to get home tonight and get started. Love this first challenge and will def participate…Have fun ladies!

  15. emma clark Says:

    loving everyones different layouts from it so far. all look so different x

  16. Nora Latip Says:

    I always follow your weekend online crops but never get to really participate! Hope I will this time – here’s hoping!

  17. marianne Says:

    Great starting challenge. Can’t wait to sit down and create!

  18. lou Says:

    Fun times! Possibly one of the quickest pages I have made that I really like. I actually managed to find paper from MME with the exact same pattern but in blue – lovely. :) Linked up and ready for the next challenge.

  19. jimjams Says:

    Lovely page to scraplift – thanks to you and Jaime for getting us started!

  20. Fay Says:

    Just what I needed, haven’t scrapped in 3-4 months, great challenge

  21. Mel Says:

    Perfectly coincided with the holidays! Thanks Shim!

  22. Lisa Zepponi Says:

    OH I love this LO! I love that background paper! I know what paper I am going to use for this challenge!

  23. Cynthia Larson Says:

    Ahh. I wont get home from work for 4 more hours. Cant wait to participate in the online crop this weekend. Yahoo!

  24. Lynsey Says:

    Thanks such wonderful inspiration!
    Lynsey x

  25. Madeleine Says:

    Thanks for all this fun!

  26. Christina Collins Says:

    This weekend is going to be a ton of fun! ;)
    I’ve finished my layout for this challenge. I just haven’t linked it yet (to dark to take a photo). I can’t wait to link it tomorrow! Thank you, Shimelle (and Jaime). You two have seemed to have gotten me out of my scrappbooking SLUMP!

  27. Chriss Says:

    Thanks for the inspiration, Shimelle. I’m so pleased how my layout turned out, and I don’t think I would have done it if it weren’t for this challenge.

  28. Gwyneth Says:

    Thanks Shimelle ( and Jaime) really enjoyed this challenge :)

  29. Jo Says:

    This really is such a beautiful layout to take inspiration from.

  30. So.Ceative Says:

    So happy I’ve linked my page today! Everyone did great job with this first challenge!

  31. Ali Says:

    Lovely challenge – such a gorgeous layout and definitely different to my usual style. Thanks for the inspiration. I’ve linked my effort.

  32. Tammie Says:

    I believe “Love Life” was my first all pink page, and I have loved me some pink in the past (and am still quite fond). I didn’t think I would like this Challenge when I first read it, but I really love my layout.

  33. Helen Overton Says:

    Well this was certainly a different sketch to normal, bit of a challenge which is good :)