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Hi there

Thanks so much for joining us at True Scrap 3! I hope The Perfect Collection helps you get more from your collection packs and your paper collection in general.


Cutting suggestions
There are plenty of ways to cut your paper of course, but I find these sorts of dimensions help me get the most of my collection pack.

All dimensions are in INCHES.

11.5×11.5 (gives you two spare strips)
10×10 + 12×2 + 10×2
6×12 + 6×6 + 6×6
6×6 + 6×6 + 3×12 + 3×12
9×12 + 3×12
4×4 + 4×8 + 8×9 + 8×3
5×12 + 5×7 + 7×7
4×6 + 8×6 + six 1×12 strips
6×12 + 6×12
two 4×6 + two 4×12
8.5×12 + 3.5×12 (gives you a big piece to go through an electronic die-cutter, etc)
10×10 + 4 extra strips (if a pattern has a frame around the edge, cut the 10×10 from the middle to remove the frame. those pieces can be used as border accents.)
4×12 + 8×12

If you are familiar with my work, you may know my philosophy is that I only teach and share with real examples from my work, so this is a real album I am currently working on. (Thank you for letting me share that!)

If you bookmark this page, you can come back to it and see each layout as I complete it! I’ll be scrapping throughout True Scrap 3 and posting the pages here, so you can see them get added to this post as I go!

But you’ll need to bookmark the page as this is not visible on my regular blog – this post is just for you.

So these are the finished pages you saw in the video.


20 April 2009

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35 Comments for Hi there

  1. Bunnyfreak Says:

    Definately going to have to watch this again.

  2. Ruth Says:

    i completely love this class, thank you shimelle!!

  3. Ruby Says:

    Awesome class, Shimelle. I am so
    glad I signed up. I have been doing digital scrapbooking, but now I want to play with paper!!!

  4. Sandy L Says:

    Thank you!

  5. Tambur Says:

    A fabulous class. Thank you so much for being a part of True Scrap. You videos are always a pleasure to watch…

  6. Lorraine Says:

    Hi Shimelle,

    As usual, this was an awesome class! I cannot find the PDF that you kept referring to in the video. Can you help?

  7. Heather Te Amo Says:

    I can’t find the pdf either. Love the video though. I am interested when you add your photos do you pick the colours to add to your pages already set up? Do you worry about the colour of the shirt to match the colour of the paper?

  8. Briel Says:

    LOVED. This was almost worth the cost of TS3 on its own. I loved this idea for going to a crop too. I look forward to seeing the finished album. Thank you!!!

  9. Cheri Says:

    Just watched your video since I had an appt. Love your simple uncluttered style and your lovely voice. My 1st TruScrap was wonderful and your video is one of my favs.

  10. Elin Says:

    Thank you for a great class. I can’t wait to get scrapping, but I can’t find the PDF either.

  11. Kelly Toth Says:

    I don’t see the PDF either.

  12. Ellen Says:

    Did anyone find the pdf yet? I want to try this but I don’t want to start without it.

  13. Lorraine Says:

    I still haven’t found it. I emailed Lain about it and her assistant Kelli was going to try to get in touch with Shimelle to find it.

  14. Michele Says:

    Just catching up with my TS3 videos and was wondering if I missed the PDF.

  15. Janet Says:

    Still waiting for the PDF…have the papers ready to go. Kelli said she was looking imnto it.

  16. Leigh-Ann Says:

    Is the PDF going to be posted soon? I have my paper and am ready to go.

  17. Janet Says:

    I also have my papers and am ready to go.

  18. Jessica Says:

    Thank you so much for a great class! I love this idea because I am always buying the paper packs, and now I know how I can get the most bang for my buck. Are we still waiting on the PDF?


  19. Angela Says:

    Thanks so much for the PDF! Can’t wait to start. This was one of the best classes from True scrap!

  20. Jessica Says:

    Thank you for the PDF. I have it printed off now and I am ready to cut away!

  21. Kelly Toth Says:

    Thank you so MUCH!!!

  22. Alison Day Says:

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  23. SusanB Says:

    LOVE this and your video!!

  24. BJ Says:

    Great Video…Great PDF…Great Ideas! Thanks so much! Now off to play with my paper collection packs…

  25. Anne F Says:

    This is so amazing. I just love watching and rewatching your video. I’m excited to play – hoping this will help make a ding in my stash of paper collections. Thanks so much! Love love love this class!!

  26. Julieann Says:

    WOW. Will definately be watching that again and again. The question is to buy a new paper pack or use the ones i already have Lol

  27. Marygail Says:

    Awesome – thanks for such an awesome class!

  28. Maureen Says:

    I was hesitant to buy an online class, but your weekly classes on 2 peas have changed my mind. Thank you!! Now… which class to take next…. haha!

  29. Elizabeth Says:

    Just ordered the class and watched the video to see what it was like. love and will be watching after kiddos go to bed for more of the details I missed. After all the great reviews and chatter I am glad I ordered and hope it helps me use up my stash and create beautiful pages. Off to cut up some beautiful paper from a collection I used only one sheet from. Thanks Shimelle and those 2peas that are constantly talking about this class.

  30. Valerie Cousins Says:

    I bought the class a few days ago through your site and I can’t see the video. How do I access it?

  31. Jaamses Says:

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  32. Ruby Royce Says:

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  33. Ruby Royce Says:

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  34. ward rose Says:

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  35. snake io Says:

    Your posts really stick out to me; the content is interesting and simple to understand. Despite reading a lot of other websites, I still like yours.

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