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A new adventure

a picture from my last week of school scrapbook

Today was a day with a little something old, a little something new. Back to a traditional classroom, just for a while.

Without a doubt, the most difficult thing about leaving full-time teaching was the terrible feeling that I would be abandoning my students. I had two classes that I had taught for several years, so of course I was a little attached to them. I lost a great deal of sleep over those two classes, but by the time my last day arrived it looked like they were all set and things were in place and everything would be fine.

Long story short: everything didn’t go quite so well as I had hoped.

Not long ago I got a call with the conundrum that my class was short a teacher for the few weeks before their national exams. So today I went back and returned to whiteboards and exercise books and a group of students who I swear are much taller than I remember.

When I was teaching, I could never sleep the night before a new term. Even if we only had a week off, I would be convinced that I would go back on Monday morning and not remember how to teach a lesson. If I had that fear then, you can only imagine what I felt like this morning. But sure enough, class started, they picked up their pens and we actually accomplished what I had planned.

Thirteen lessons to go until their big exam. Still hoping I can remember how to do this.


20 April 2009

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10 Comments for A new adventure

  1. Madeiline St Onge Says:

    Shimelle isn’t teaching like riding a bike, you never forget how to do it? I am sure you will do great, I am in your corner pulling for you

  2. Annette Navarro Says:

    I’m very happy for you Shimelle. How wonderful that you get to help out and your students are VERY LUCKY to have you. It’s just temporary. It’s like having the best of both worlds. Teaching is part of your passion. At least that’s what it seems to me, having taken many of your classes – YOU ROCK.

  3. kirsty.a Says:

    I know that First-Day-Of-Term feeling. I teach adults not children but it’s the same thing. Good luck – just keep your eyes on the goal and remember it’s the students who will dictate how you get there – you are just the facilitator. That’s exactly the apprach your took with JYC and HTE, so I’m sure you’l be great.

  4. Sarah Says:

    Well done you. Teenagers scare the **** out of me… as I do believe someone has said once or twice before :) I’d teach little ‘uns (as my man does) but the biggies? shivers

  5. SarahLP Says:

    Oooooh, scary.. but exciting too! And you’ve got over the first day. Now to get through the first week and you’ll be fully back in your stride. I used to teach secondary science before having my two boys, I know that start-of-term feeling! Best of luck, I’m sure it’ll be a positive, enriching experience for both you and your students!

  6. Marianne :) Says:

    You’ll be fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine :).
    Though, clearly, you didn’t do a fantastic job of ‘abandoning’ some students…..

    (& – are you teaching Lisa’s class? )


  7. Margaret Anne Clark Says:

    Are you channelling me or am I channelling you ?? EXACTLY the same feeling on Sunday night! I believe you can either teach – or you can’t, and those who are so vocal in opposition to teachers getting any support/money/time to breathe are generally the ones who wouldn’t last a day. You go girl (bet you get first day high… oh, and the second day knackered feeling ! )

  8. k8 Says:

    Please -it’s like riding a horse….you’ll be fab!


  9. Kay Says:

    Hi Shimelle, I feel exactly the smae every term, and I’m only an HLTA. I’m sure you’ll be absolutely fab and enjoy the chance to see them through this important time.

  10. Jeffery Says:

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