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Crafty Halloween Projects from the archives

crafty halloween makes
halloween craft project
As it’s almost Halloween, I just wanted to post a quick round-up of Halloween projects from the archives! This shadow box is something that could be made for Halloween or the idea could be reworked for any other theme of decoration you might need in your hallway. Clearly every hallway needs a handcrafted, themed decoration. These are the laws of the land.

I’ll warn you – this is pretty much the first scrapbooking/papercrafting video I ever filmed, and that is pretty obvious. There’s a section where the focus is completely off. But it does come back into focus and you should be able to get the general idea. (At least it shows I have learned a bit in the last year!)

For supplies and a printable PDF with the instructions, click here. That shadowbox is still available and is now on sale, by the way.

halloween cupcakes
If you need to throw a party, this printable kit is perfect for making everything match in a jiffy. It includes cupcake flags, posters and cards – perfect for a class party but useful for something at home or on Halloween night too.

pumpkin cupcakes
And I’m working on an entirely pumpkin-themed post, but in the mean time you can find my favourite pumpkin cupcake recipe should you wish to bake up a bit of autumn in single serving size.

What are you doing for Halloween?


26 October 2011

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11 Comments for Crafty Halloween Projects from the archives

  1. Sarahp Says:

    Shimelle thats brilliant love the Halloween Shadow box, Halloween is my favourite festival;; I had planned to make cupcakes so this is right up my street ..Cheers

  2. AllisonLP Says:

    My kids are going to be Batman Dark Knight, and Black Beard the pirate. They have a parade at school. I’ll be at work :(

  3. Sarahp Says:

    Hiya have rushed out and got the digi kit and a May road trinket shadow box , cute party with the kids all dressed up on sunday in Halloween dress what can go wrong? Wish me luck. Loved the tutorial. Thank Shimelle x

  4. Annie D Says:

    We always have a big family party in Oxford, dress-up, firepit, pie & peas, fireworks, first mulled wine of the year and sparklers. Loads of fun! This time I am going to make the pumpkin cupcakes too, thx for that.

  5. Mel Says:

    We don’t really ‘do’ Halloween – I feel like a wet blanket every time I say that but the reasons are too complicated to explain in a comment!

    I made your pumpkin cupcakes last autumn and they were a big hit both at home and at the Scouts cake sale :)

  6. Dawn Says:

    We’ve got a kids party to take our 2 young boys to on Sunday followed by Trick or Treating on Monday. Going to try making the cupcakes later!

  7. Christine H Says:

    My son’s 4th annual Halloween party is this Saturday. I will be spending the evening with 25 highschoolers in my very tiny house. It should be interesting!

  8. Kirsten J Says:

    Thanks so much Shimelle! I missed this 1st time around and love your videos – makes me miss taking classes from you in person, but this is the next best thing.

  9. TiaraHelen Says:

    Hi shimelle, I’ve just made a little shadow box of my own using stampin’up’s hallowe’en papers and a teeny box that held a set of chipboards. I’m really pleased with it, thanks for the inspiration. helen x

  10. Krulik Says:

    Hi, thanks for inspiration! I’ve made something like this:

  11. bored at school happy wheels Says:

    How to play online

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