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Scrapbooking giveaway day

scrapbooking giveaway day
Chic Tags
This weekend, one commenter will win a $25 gift certificate from Chic Tags

Veronica is excited to introduce to you her new shop Chic Tags, (formerly known as Shabby Chic Crafts.) They design delightful vintage inspired paper tags for all your crafty needs. They have a large selection to choose from, all different shapes, sizes and styles! If you’re starting early on your Christmas projects, you must check out their site. They have new holiday journaling tags, and embellishment perfect for all your holiday crafts! Please don’t forget to check out the CT blog Veronica will be working on her third annual holiday workshop next month. There will be many handmade gift ideas and crafts to be seen and admired

To enter, just leave a comment letting us into a secret, ‘if you could only be one, would you be shabby or chic?’ – for me, I’d want to be chic, but I’m actually pretty shabby, if I tell the truth! And if there is any doubt, I would show you my hair which currently is freshly coloured, but tied in the biggest knot of all time. Win some, lose some.

Entries close at midnight Sunday UK time and the winner will be posted Monday evening, so be sure to check back to see if it’s your lucky day!

Good luck!


14 October 2011

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194 Comments for Scrapbooking giveaway day

  1. ladykatkin Says:

    I’m shabby because I’m pretty much invisible. I think I would rather be chic and then maybe people would see me.

  2. Natalie Says:

    I’d choose chic… Most of the time, I feel like I’m pretty shabby, though I try to look nice as much as possible! :)

  3. jacki l Says:

    i’d have to choose shabby as i’m a gardener so i always look shabby

  4. Louise Says:

    Definitely Chic, i can be shabby anytime…its so much easier!

  5. Jennie Says:

    I’m shabby and so I have something to aspire to!

    Beautiful tags.

  6. Onita Says:

    chic for sure! as a stay at home mom i’m afraid i fall in the other category way too much though! ;)

  7. els Says:

    I would like to be chic, but i’m shabby for sure :)
    Love these tags!! Thanks for this opportunity to win!

  8. jane Says:

    shabby all the way I’m afraid

  9. myri Says:

    i would choose chic. i always wanted to be chic, but i’m shabby :) i think you always want to be the opposite :) thanks for the opportunity to win :) (ohhhh my first english post, hope it wasn’t too bad)

  10. Andie Says:

    At home I’m shabby, at work I’m chic – just the way I like it.

  11. Mel Says:

    Sadly I’m naturally shabby – I’d love to be chic but it just doesn’t happen for me!! Lovely giveaway, thanks for the chance to win :)

  12. Carol Argyle Says:

    I aspire to be chic but shabby always seems to win :-)

  13. Natalie G Says:

    I’m a chic girl although right now I feel pretty shabby having a good old friday night in my pjs!

  14. Jacky S Says:

    Just like Mel I’m afraid….naturally shabby…but would love to be chic!!

  15. Karen Williams Says:

    I’d love to be chic- but most of the time I’m shabby-

  16. Therese A Says:

    I am absolutely shabby! Love all things vintage -the grubbier, the better.

  17. linda Says:

    definitely chic!

  18. kate Says:

    i wish i could look naturally chic but shabby is where its a here!!

  19. Wrightboysmum Says:

    Shabby for me please. Love the giveaway.

  20. naomi Says:

    I’d love to say I’m chic but I’m more of a shabby!

  21. Fay Says:

    Definitely chic for me!

  22. Cindy Carlson Says:

    Chick, for sure. =]

  23. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    These tags are gorgeous! So perfect for layouts. Like many previous posters, I would absolutely love to be chic, to be sophisticated and smart and well presented. But hey, if shabby means well loved and comfortable then that’s definitely me.

  24. Miriam Prantner Says:

    Beautiful tags, and the perfect time of year to be getting some with all the holidays/parties coming up.

  25. Kim Brown Says:

    I would rather be chic also I’m rather shabby. Hey, the questions was, “who would you rather be?” lol

  26. Linda Trace Says:

    I’d like to be chic (and have the time to be chic!) instead of mummy-shabby!

    oh, and @ladykatkin—you’re not invisible!! We see you!!!

    @shimelle—we want a pic of your newly coloured hair :)please

  27. April W Says:

    How fun! I’d want to be shabby, but in a very organized way…wait, that’s what I am pretty much already, lol!! ;) It’s too much work (and takes too long) to be chic all the time! – April W

  28. Gayle Says:

    Can’t I be both?? No? Ok, well if I’m honest I really am shabby ;) except on my wedding day! lol

  29. Julie Jeavons Says:

    I’m both – just depends on my mood and where I’m going. Scrapbook LOs are neither!

  30. NancyLee Says:

    Who doesn’t want to be chic? But I always run out of time so like everyone else, my life is too shabby ;)

  31. Janice Pattie Says:

    I’d love to be chic, I do try!

  32. JulieFrog Says:

    I would so love to be chic but, I fear, I’ll always be just that bit shabby! (”,)

  33. Jennifer Says:

    No question – I would be totally chic! Shabby is easy for me! :-)

  34. KateP Says:

    Shabby all the way! Chic is sooo yesterday lol!

  35. Becky Brombley Says:

    I’d love to say chic but I’m not sure I pull it off all the time! Some days it’s just too tempting to slob around the house feeling shabby! Becky x

  36. Lianne Dawson Says:

    When I grow up I want to be chic!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a lot of growing to do cause at the moment it is 7.30 am on a very wet saturday and I must admit I look shabby……

  37. tape Says:

    Shabby all the way… chic is too much trouble. :P

  38. Jane Says:

    Already shabby, so it’s got to be chic, because that’s everything I’m not.

  39. Heather T. Says:

    I’m probably more shabby, but I aspire to be chic.

  40. Lorna Says:

    I’m shabby but I like it that way!

  41. Dawn Says:

    I’m shabby at home but chic at work. Every now and then I’ll be chic at home. Keeps the husband happy!

  42. Heather H Says:

    Oh it would have to be Audrey Hepburn chic – I wish lol.

  43. Dawn Says:

    At the moment I’d have to answer Shabby as with 2 kids aged 2 and under I always get covered with food etc so don’t wear nice clothing. Looking forward to being Chic when they’re all grown up

  44. Steph Says:


  45. Stephanie Russell Says:

    I have to say I am shabby all the way. Much more comfortable that way. I have 5 sisters most are pretty chic!

  46. erin Says:

    I am shabby… i try to be chic but my hair always gives me a way… so i just come to except my shaby way and make it work for me :)

  47. Alison Says:

    Would love to be chic, but living in rural Spain have definate shabby tendencies!
    Alison xx

  48. Sarah Says:

    I would love to say chic but it is just never going to happen, I guess I am just a shabby kind of a girl

  49. Mafswife Says:

    I aspire to be shabby but the neat freak often over rules!

  50. Di Says:

    Am pretty chic with shabby tendencies…

  51. danielle higginbottom-brownd Says:

    I’ll go with Shabby

  52. Casie Says:

    I’d have to say chic! But a little shabby once in awhile would be ok too!

  53. MeganM. Says:

    Chic is way over-rated. :) For me it takes too much time and energy. I’m more of cute-shabby kinda girl. That way I have more time to be more scrappy. :)

  54. Joanne Says:

    In my mind tres chic but in reality can’t be fussed so a bit shabby :0)

  55. Julia M. Says:

    I would like to be chic, but seem to only pull that off every once in a while. Thanks for the chance at a great giveaway!

  56. Diane Says:

    I would love to be Chic but I will have to put up with being Shabby!

  57. Suzanne Senn Says:

    With two boys, one dog and three cats I’m definitely shabby!!!

  58. Amy Lynne Says:

    Oh am oh so shabby and proud! I love anything that has been loved and worn. <3

  59. Andrea R. Says:

    I try to be chic, but fail miserably sometimes! Awesome tags!

  60. joanne Says:

    Shabby all the way for me!

  61. Lynnette N Says:

    I would say shabby…but not in the runned down sort of way…more like a well-worn pair of jeans that are soft and brushed and fit like a glove. Sure, maybe they are a little tattered, but they’ve gone a lot of places and just feel good. Yeah…I’m shabby.

  62. Mel J Says:

    C’est chic with a bit of geek thrown in!

  63. Meghan Says:

    No doubt about it I would be shabby. Chic takes too much work!

  64. AllisonLP Says:

    Shabby or Chic? In real life, Chic just takes way too much time and energy! I’m going to opt for Shabby, just because it’s so much easier!

  65. Jane Says:

    Shabby for me too! Chic takes too much effort ;)

  66. Becky Says:

    Can I be both??? :) yay – love your giveaways!!

  67. Claire Says:

    While I aspire to chic I am afraid I am generally very shabby. I would like to blame being a SAHM but sadly these shabby tendencies are much older!

  68. Betsy J Says:

    Shabby!!!! Life is too short to be exclusively chic :)

  69. Tara Says:

    I would definitely say I am both. I try to be chic, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen :)

  70. jordan lopez Says:

    I would have to say chic!

  71. Sylvie H Says:

    I’d say I’m shabby… probably leaning toward grungy, but since that isn’t a choice…. :)

  72. Carolyn Says:

    I would have to choose shabby.

  73. Michele Says:

    I have no clue wht my style is lol but would love a chance to win.

  74. Cheryl T. Says:

    I think I’m with you…I want to be chic but I’m probably more shabby.

  75. Catherin G. Says:

    I strive for chic, but I am always just a bit more shabby…

  76. Susan White Says:

    There’s not a bit of chic in me! I’m definitely shabby and happy to be that way. :-)

  77. Clare Says:

    I aspire to low-maintenance chic but I suspect that’s a misnomer so how about chic for significant moments? Love the tags.

  78. Ann Marie Says:

    I’m like you, wish I were chic but usually shabby! LOL

  79. Margaret Ann Says:

    Chic. But shabby is chic too, so… ;). Really! All u shabby girls- I’m hearin ya talk trash about yourselves! Be proud! Shabby shines, too! Mm-hmm.

  80. Kathy R Says:

    Like you I’d like to be chic…but I’m definitely a shabby type girl. Love the tags. Thanks for a chance to win.

  81. rach - purplecrafter Says:

    I’m nowhere near chic so shabby all the way for me. Great giveaway again this week. Thanks Shimelle

  82. Jennifer Smith-Sloane Says:

    If I could only be one, I would say that I would be shabby. I don’t know that I could ever get the “chic” down.

  83. Kristan G, Says:

    Hmmm… I am really not either shabby or chic. I guess I’d rather be chic but naaaa… that would never happen!

  84. MaryM Says:

    I’m shabby, but I would love the chance to be chic ever once in a while.

  85. Daniela Says:

    I think I am a little bit of both :)

  86. heaney Says:

    I am neither shabby nor chic but my preference will be shabby.

  87. allie.duckienz Says:

    I would love to be chic and be able to feel relaxed being shabby :D
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  88. Leah Says:

    I would totally be chic, like Audrey Hepburn type chic, french chic…oh yes, I would LOVE to be chic!

  89. Sara lambert Says:

    Would like to think I’m ‘shabby chic’ but I would love to be chic!

  90. kelly tatom Says:

    The outer core of me is Chic but I love to be shabby when I’m in my me time, kids time, family time. No one to impress just be me.

  91. Melinda T Says:

    I want to be chic, but I think I“m more shabby too!

  92. scissor Says:

    I´m mostly shabby – my hair is to fine. I like to be chic – it gives me a shine :)

  93. Kirsty A Says:

    I think I’d like to be shabby and not mind, instead of aspiring and failing to be chic

  94. Sue Says:

    Shabby definately!

  95. alison-lee Says:

    Would love to be chic but am shabby!!

  96. carole A Says:

    I always thought by the time I was 33 I’d be chic. But at 57, I’m a shabby girl it seems!

  97. Sophie M Says:

    I’m trying to be much more chic. Just bought some new outfits for work after wearing the same old tatty things for years and it’s done wonders for my confidence. (I feel a layout coming on!)x

  98. lucia Says:

    i’ll prefer to be chic….but no way, i will always be a shabby girl

  99. Judy S. Says:

    Chic! – if I could choose. I do not fall in that category now!

  100. Margaret Anne Clark Says:

    I would LOVE to be chic. My DSIL is so chic (but doesn’t think so) and I love her style.

    Thanks for this giveaway – the taggies look GORGEOUS !

  101. Leslie Says:

    I would love to be chic but know that I am always more on the shabby side! Oh well you can’t win them all!!!!

  102. Alison Maddison Says:

    I would love to be chic, even if just for one day!!

  103. So.Creative Says:

    Love both but chic is what I prefer the most!!!

  104. Rachel Says:

    I dream of chic but rarely achieve anything like it

  105. Becky Says:

    Love to be chic but fear in reality I am shabby!

  106. Elizabeth J. Says:

    Definitely shabby.

  107. Marina Mendes Says:

    I’m chic, for sure!

  108. Anja Diekmann Says:

    I think I would be chic but most time i´am more shabby :)

  109. Louise I. Says:

    Ooh, I loved Shabby Chic Crafts on etsy – have been missing them!

    I’d love to be chic but fear I’m shabby most of the time.

  110. Louccee Says:

    I have some chic days, but am shabby for sure!
    Congrats on your new shop.

  111. mitchellsmommy Says:

    I’m a chic wannabe! LOL So, shabby it is for me! Love those tags…and thanks for the chance to win! ;)

  112. Bernice Says:

    I’d love to be chic but most of the time I feel pretty shabby.

  113. Jenny McGee Says:

    I would be shabby. I love vintage, so that would come through.

  114. Elisabeth Says:

    I can’t decide between the words. I want to be chic on christmas and new years eve and I am shabby the other days. But it doesn’t matter if chic or shabby as long as we are being real.

  115. Steffi Says:

    I’d like to be Chic.In my daily life I’m very often shabby because of my children and my job as a stay at home mum. So i would choose chic.
    Love this tags.

  116. Penny Says:

    I’d love to be chic but shabby can be unique so either would be good.

  117. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    Who doesn’t want to be chic on occasion, but reality, life gets in the way and I am typically shabby!! Great tags!!!

  118. Angela Gray Says:

    Shabby all the way! These are gorgeous!

  119. bonitarose Says:

    I think I’d wanna be chic! Love the tags.. thks for sharing these with all of us! xo

  120. Krystyn Says:

    Oh I love their products!! Thanks for the chance to win!! I’d like to be chic, but think I’m more shabby right now

  121. JoJo416 Says:

    Is it possible to be shabby in a chic kind of way? That’s what I choose! Shabby is more my style, but I’d like to have a little “more” style but in a comfy way.

  122. Lynn Wigren Says:

    My style is definitely shabby. Its comfortable and I’m happy with. Besides shabby done right really looks good!

  123. Claire Says:

    Oh to be chic. Unfortunately I am always shabby; chic would be a happy change.

  124. Cheryl Birkey Says:

    I would be chic, but am definitely shabby. No makeups, workout pants, sweatshirts, tennis shoes, hats….


  125. frenchpossum Says:

    HEllo from australia..I am So Very happy to have found you over at “2 peas“I just wanted to say I love your style!!and have learned lot’s watching you..Great layout super color,wonderful ideas..
    It’s my 60th BIRTHDAY next Friday..So hope I can Win something…
    Bless You Heaps…Many T

  126. chel Says:

    I guess I would choose chic, but the truth is my main goal is comfort and my own style ;)

  127. adele Says:

    I wish I was chic more often!

  128. Tammy Eberhard Says:

    Chic! Definitely tres chic! ;)

  129. cyndie Says:

    Awesome tags! I am Chic Chic Chic all the way….Cyn

  130. Maxine Says:

    Whilst I aspire to be chic, and may (very!) occasionally achieve it, probably shabby is more the norm.

  131. Neelu Says:


  132. Emma Says:

    Oooohhhh, definitely shabby!Would love to say I was chic but it would be a big fib!! You’ll never smooth out my edges!

  133. Linda Says:

    I’d chose chic :)

  134. Jenny A Says:

    i would choose chic!

  135. Jaime Says:


  136. Breeze Says:

    Chic all the way, I miss the days of chic when ladies always had their hair done and great tea length dresses! Born in the wrong time I suppose. Thanks for the chance to win!

  137. rockchickhelen Says:

    Definitely shabby, I make no effort with my style.

  138. marie-anne raeman Says:

    totally shabby…my hair doesn’t want to do as i tell it to….so i have up…

  139. margie visnick Says:

    Cant I be both ;-)?

  140. soozee Says:

    Smart but shabby

  141. Debbi Says:

    Chic is the ideal, probably shabby though…..

  142. helen Says:

    We all seem to be saying the same thing- that’s why it is lovely we have all found each other – to support and encourage. I too am a shabby – but aspiring to be a chic !

  143. Gina Says:

    Oh I’d love to be shabby! I’m just too darn neat!!! You know, straight lines and exact measurements.

  144. LisaE Says:

    Looks like some cool tags! thanks for sharing.

  145. Cynthia B. Says:

    I would absolutely love to be “chic” – but I’m just not there. Definitely a shabby kind of girl 98% of the time. Thanks for the chance to win! Love Veronica’s tags.

  146. Gina Says:

    I am also a wannbe “chic” but fall into the “shabby” catagory. Oh well…
    Love the cute tags!

  147. Olivia Says:

    I aspire to be chic, although shabby feels pretty comfortable!

    Some chic tags would definitely be appreciated to adorn my mini albums with :)

  148. SandyB Says:

    Shabby for sure!

  149. Karen C Says:

    I’m shabby and would probably like to stay shabby but maybe carry it of a little better. Like, shabby because its meant to be not shabby like I’ve just fallen out of the house :)

  150. Susan Says:

    Probably chic at work and shabby at home! Thanks for the opportunity to win. I love those tags!

  151. Madeline Says:

    I am shabby for sure

    Those tags would be great for JYC

  152. Jackie Humphreys Says:

    I would love to be chic but then sometimes to be shabby is good too. Those lazy, relaxing days are good to be shabby. I think both work well…..:)

  153. Trisha H Says:

    I’d choose chic because I am soooooo far from that state!!!
    Trisha H

  154. Julie G Says:

    I would sooo be shabby!!! I love the loungy look, but with my job, it’s pressed uniforms and up-do’s all the time!

  155. Pat Says:

    I would be shabby. I like fun and no frills!

  156. ruth in OZ Says:

    Oh definitely Shabby – chic is just a little dream of mine. Oh to be like Miss Audrey Hepburn.

  157. shelly s Says:

    I’d be shabby—-more comfy!!! and I’d hate to be something I’m not!

  158. Carrie Says:

    I would LOVE to be chic but my Ts & jeans say I’m shabby. Thanks for the chance!

  159. Kimberly K. Says:

    Chic. For sure :)

  160. Talia Says:

    I think I’d probably be chic. :-D

  161. Christine Says:

    I’d love to be chic but I don’t have it in me. thanks for the contest!

  162. Louise H Says:

    In my head I am chic but the mirror tell’s me – You’re shabby….

  163. Mayanna Says:

    Defenitly chic… if only I coulld!!! Wish and and be able are different, isn’t it??

  164. Ruth Says:

    I’m shabby but Im cool with that, all the best people I know are shabby :-)

  165. Sarah Says:

    I’m shabby – like a well-worn, well-loved pair of slippers :)

  166. Annette Says:

    I’d love to be chic, but I’m shabby. I love linens and different textures too much. That’s why I love scrap-booking. Veronica’s tags would look wonderful for my JYC album. Thank you for this contest and for introducing Chic Tags!

  167. Yolanda Says:

    Definitly shabby, loving the giveaway :)

  168. Samantha Says:

    Im always Shabby but would love to be Chic just dont think its in me lol

  169. Ellen Says:

    I’ll be SHABBEY, cause for me it’s the lifestyle: “I don’t care what people think about me”!


  170. kristina p Says:

    my first time to comment. :) hope you all have a nice weekend.

  171. Hannah Says:

    Chic, every time.

  172. gemma Says:

    Shabby can be chic it just depends on your outlook although i would continually find myself striving for chic just to be on the safe side! :)

  173. Juliann Says:

    I’d say shabby – chic seems like a lot more work.

  174. MaryBeth I Says:

    shabby – I try for chic, but always fall short. :)

  175. alissa Says:

    first, i LOVE her tags and cards! so cute!
    second, i’d love to be chic but, alas, shabby it shall be.
    but, if you think about it, shabby, these days, is becoming chic. (embrace messy hair. i do!)

  176. Katy Says:

    If I could choose it would be chic all the way! Although admittedly Sunday is not particularly good demonstration of this in my world…

  177. Teresa L. Says:

    I would probably be shabby, because things that are shabby have more character and usually a story to tell :). Thanks for the chance.

  178. Melinda King Wilson Says:

    In a house full of men, I am definitely shabby!!

  179. Lena Says:

    I strive for chic, but more often than not I am a little shabby =)

  180. CoCo Says:

    chic on occasion….shabby most of the time!

  181. Lucy Says:

    Definitely chic, I’m always flicking through mags or watching films and wishing I looked as chic as the models or actresses! One day…

  182. janice Says:

    very chic and a little shappy around the edges!

  183. Carole Says:

    I love the idea of chic, but somehow, shabby seems to win every time!

  184. Zahra Says:

    Either with panache would be lovely, but most of the time it’s shabby but not necessarily in a groovy way!!

  185. Debbie Says:

    I’m probably a chic wannabe but shabby at heart! Hey ho!

  186. Azimuth Says:

    I’d choose chic – but I’m not sure I’d pull it off!!!

  187. Jennifer Monroe Says:

    Chic=what I want to be!

  188. Lucy Says:

    Shabby all the way. I gave up Chic when I quit working. It’s got to be a HUGE occasion for me to dress up, but I do still fix my hair and put on makeup most days.

  189. Jemima Says:

    Chic tags are Awesome!

    I want to be Shabby & these would be great!

  190. Michelle Bazeley Says:

    sooo wish I was Chic-I try at least! haha!

  191. shari Says:

    Some days I’m shabby and some I’m chic. I guess that’s just the way it goes!!

  192. Kate vickers Says:

    I’m mostly shabby, but I wish that I could be chic! LOL! The thing about being chic iso that it’s rarely comfortable, and I’m miserable in uncomfortable clothes!

  193. Kirsteen Says:

    I would love to be chic but I am definitely more shabby than chic but it’s nice to dream :) x

  194. Sabina Says:

    What a wonderful giveaway!!! Cross my fingers…hope to win!!

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