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Making cards with American Crafts Patchems

making cards with american crafts patchems
handmade cards with patches
For the American Crafts blog, I was challenged to find a clever use for Patchems, the embellishments that are just like merit badges only designed to coordinate with paper collections. My answer is remarkably simple: make cards. But cards for certain people.

Each of these cards will be going to someone I know will remove the patch and stitch it to her camp blanket or backpack. Then the patch gets to do double-duty – cute card, but also something to keep! (Why yes, I did often get excited by birthday cards that included that ‘it’s my birthday’ badge when I was a child. And by ‘when I was a child’, I clearly mean ‘for every birthday in my life’.)

handmade card with patchems by american crafts & amy tangerine
The three patches on these cards all come in the same set from the Amy Tangerine collection, and the cards use other elements from the same, including lots of paper scraps. And aside from the stitching, I made these outside in a lovely day in the park. So the leaf on the Hello Autumn card may have just fallen off the tree onto my project and suddenly found itself attacked with adhesive and included on the card. Seems fair enough: fall on my head while I’m crafting and I will just glue you to something.

So if you had a pack of Patchems, what clever thing would you do with them?


11 October 2011

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16 Comments for Making cards with American Crafts Patchems

  1. Carrie Rosalind Says:

    Oh my gosh, those are so super cute! I think I might just have to buy some of those to use on an upcoming project! :)

  2. Gayle Says:

    I love the idea of being able to take them off the card and attach them to things – former Brownie Guide, used to love those badges!! Think I might need a pack to jazz up a bag or some canvas shoes!

  3. LucyF Says:

    Oh gosh – I NEEEEED a set of those for my camp blanket & another set to scrap with & about another 100 sets to make cards to send to people who will react just the way I do – they’ll need some for their camp blankets too!!

  4. Annie D Says:

    I would attach Patchems to some pretty tissue paper and wrap round wine bottle gifts when we go to dinner – what could be more lovely than a bottle tag saying “sunshine” – glug the vino, keep the tag as a memory :)

  5. Irene Fitzpatrick Says:

    Oh aren’t they pretty!x

  6. Dawn Says:

    I so need some of them to make an autumn themed blanket for my boys.

  7. Lucy Farrugia Says:

    “Seems fair enough: fall on my head while I’m crafting and I will just glue you to something.”

    Lol!! That made me giggle. Lots!

    Love the cards, definitely provides inspiration on how to use the Patchems, I’d probably do cards too I think!

  8. Mary M. Says:

    Your blog always makes me laugh. =) Those cards are ridiculously cute! I think I’d probably just want to stick those patches on one of my bags too!

  9. Cindy Carlson Says:

    What are you using to stick them on? I would totally use them on a card. Or a backpack. Or a bag. Or to make little pins with. Ooo. Or on a friendship bracelet, to combine it with another retro/crafty/camp-related activity. =]

  10. Penny Says:

    Love the card idea I know I would remove them and sew them on a garment or bag. I love the sunshine badge sewing one on my lunch bag would make me smile even more than the food.

  11. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    Not clever, but I would use it to patch up my jeans which have a hole in the knee (lets just say that I need to find a better way to photograph my layouts, one that doesn’t involve crawling along the garden path…) Your leaf comment made me smile! xx

  12. KateT Says:

    I think putting one in a little pocket on a card/gift with a magnet attached to the back so that it can look funky on the fridge. Or maybe just putting one on my fridge and not having to give them away at all!!

    ** Kate **

  13. Christine Says:

    Sooo want these.My Grandsons have just had their bedroom decorated with a Camping theme. Would just have to stitch them on a blanket for them.

  14. Maxine Says:

    LOL at ‘fall on my head…and I will glue you to something’!
    Love the cards. Putting them on something where they will be used again is a great idea!

  15. Michelle Clement Says:

    Eeek! These are so cute. :) Patchems are my favorite!!

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