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Cupcakes and crafts this Saturday

cakes and crafts this saturday
pumpkin cupcakes Recipe is here, by the way.

Lovely UK readers, are you headed to Alexandra Palace this weekend for the Big Stamp and Scrapbook Show?

Are you going on Saturday?
Will you be there when the show closes at 5pm?
Would you appreciate things like free cake and craftiness?

Here’s the deal: I’m throwing a tiny, completely-just-for-fun, after-show meet-up party. I hesitate to call it a party because there is no venue, no big plan of events, no pass-the-parcel. So micro-party, perhaps. But what I really mean is if we’re there already and we love scrapbooking and would like to say hello, then let’s do that. And let’s do that with a cupcake and a tiny little crafty gift from me.

Easy enough? It’s absolutely free, but please RSVP so I can make sure to bring enough cakes and crafty presents! To RSVP, please send me an email (shimelle at gmail dot com) and in return I will send you the details of when and where to meet. Even if you can only stop for three minutes to say hello, go ahead and RSVP – I would love to see you if only for three minutes! And if you’re coming with friends, you can RSVP for them too! As long as I can have a number by Saturday morning, I shall make sure there is cake for all.

Now… someone do RSVP please, else I may have to eat all the cake myself and that would be just the saddest of days. (On the other hand, if I need to transport 500 cakes across London on public transportation, that will be an amazing feat!)

I would love to see you there!


22 September 2011

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37 Comments for Cupcakes and crafts this Saturday

  1. Cindy Carlson Says:

    If I didn’t live across the Atlantic, I would totally be there. Enjoy your cupcakes!

  2. So.Creative Says:

    Why don’t I live in London??? So sad… I would have loved to meet you!

  3. zeffy Says:

    ps. good luck with the transportation of cupcakes..tip…Tie cake boxes together with sturdy rope and climb onto that train with attitude!!!

  4. Jennifer grace Says:

    Awww, I was already wanting to go to ally pally and now I really really really want to go! I don’t think I can swing it this time though. :-(

    Hope you have a fantastic time anyways! X

  5. Pauline Davidson Says:

    So kind and generous and typical of you! Luckily for me I can be there – thank you so much for the invitation xxx

  6. helen Says:

    Oh, I wish I could come! Thanks anyway :)

  7. Chipper Says:

    That is a wonderful idea and I am sure you will all have a great time. If I had the money and a flight would get me there in time I would hop on it right now! LOL

  8. alissa Says:

    oh, i so wish i lived in london.
    next time, give me more warning and i’ll jump on a plane and hop right over.
    that darn atlantc ocean and the whole united states!
    have a fabulous time.
    would love to see you traveling on the train with 500 little cakes. :)

  9. lou jervis Says:

    Darn it…I’m working Saturday…I could have done Sunday tho…ah well. Thanks for the offer.anyway.

  10. Leigh Says:

    Have emailed you! AM going on Saturday BUT will have mu son in tow-so not sure i’ll be able to stay all day like i usually do! x

  11. Jacky S Says:

    What a lovely idea,Shimelle. I will be going to the show, but am very unlikely to still be there at 5pm. Enjoy.

  12. Tilla Says:

    O – so wish I could be there too ! My next trip to the UK will have to be planned with all these shows in mind ! 100% design, Scrapbooking, Decorex all happening now ! Have fun…

  13. Sally Says:

    Wish I was going to be there, but unfortunately can’t make it, have fun, and enjoy those cupcakes Xxx

  14. HazelG Says:

    Sounds like a lovely idea – shame its a bit far for me from Newcastle! Have a lovely time ladies and I look forward to seeing some blogging and photos about it!

  15. Natalie Says:

    Oooh, I could so eat a cupcake now, but unfortunately while I live in London, we will be visiting my in-laws this weekend – of all the weekends! Have fun at Ally Pally everyone and enjoy your cupcakes!

  16. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    I’m really excited to be going but sadly I’ll be there on Sunday. Make sure you guys heading there Saturday leave me some stash to purchase! Hope you have a lovely crafty afternoon.

  17. Fay Says:

    Sounds like fun, wish I could make it but I’ll be having cupcakes with my daughter at her birthday party!

  18. wendy Says:

    I soo which I could make it. Hazel G if you are in Newcastle we should arrange our own party – I am in Durham xox

  19. julie Says:

    I am coming on Saturday and would love a cake! Mmmm can taste it already!

  20. Janina Says:

    Ha ha I can make it!

  21. Jackie Ashton Says:

    I’m going on Saturday with a friend and would love to meet up. Let me know where and I hope to see you there.

  22. Niki Says:

    I am going on Saturday with my sister, so can you put me down for 2 cakes please (who can pass up a cupcake?, LOL) I will make sure we are both still there at 5 even if I have to tie her to a chair or something. x

  23. Amanda Says:

    I’m coming. I’ve just RSVPed. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

  24. Alison Says:

    What a lovely idea Shimelle…wish I could be there, but sadly can’t be!
    Alison xx

  25. MissSmith Says:

    Gutted – this is the first one in ages I can’t get to! Maybe next time…?

    Sounds lovely, hope you all have fun :D

  26. Michelle OKeefe Says:

    sounds fun, but I am in the US ! wondering how many cupcakes you need to make – please post the number. Have fun – and the venue for that scrapbook show looks so nice !

  27. Zahra Says:

    What a thoughtful idea, Shimelle – wish I could be there, hope you’re having a great time!!

  28. Sabine Says:

    What a cute idea! I wish everybody a wonderful time! So sad that I don’t live in London…

  29. Ann Says:

    Lovely to meet up and share cupcakes with you and friends today xx

  30. Pauline Says:

    Lovely to meet you Shimelle, the cupcakes were divine. Thank you so much for your generosity – xxx

  31. Pauline Says:

    Lovely to meet you Shimelle, the cupcakes were divine. Thank you so much for your generosity – xxx

  32. Maria Says:

    Oh, what a shame that I’ve been busy all weekend! If I had read this yesterday I would have been there! I hope you met up with lots of crafters and you had an amazing time!

  33. Jackie Ashton Says:

    It was great to meet you again, and thanks for the cupcakes there were a perfect end to a great day shopping.

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