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Scrapbooking Giveaway Day

scrapbooking giveaway day
true scrap scrapbooking giveaway
It’s a big giveaway this weekend. Just sayin’.

This weekend, one commenter will win admission to True Scrap II, coming up on the 20th – 22nd October. True Scrap is a scrapbooking convention in your own living room, and includes seventeen workshops (and some other fabulousness) you can watch online while chatting with other participants. Plus everyone gets permanent access to the recordings of each workshop so you can watch them at any time that suits your schedule. Take a look here to see all the different workshops scheduled throughout the three days of super scrappiness.

Want a taste of True Scrap? You can purchase individual workshops from the first event right here. For the first event, my class was all about getting plenty of pages from your stash so you can stretch your scrappy spending and eliminate the waste factor. Or you can pick up a stamping workshop with Jennifer McGuire, texture tips with Nic Howard, photography with Tracey Clark or anything else that was part of the spring event.

album snapshot
I’m teaching a brand new workshop at True Scrap II this October, and it’s all about my album system. I’ve touched on my album-keeping philosophy a bit here, here and here, but that’s just an introduction. In this workshop I’ll be covering all new content and taking you through my whole process for how much I plan in advance, how I make it all work without stress while I’m making pages and how I use extra photos, writing and ephemera to add another level to albums that takes them from just a collection of pages to something that tells the story to anyone who opens that book, even if they don’t ‘understand’ the scrapbooking thing. These are ideas that have made me so excited to scrapbook and I’ve never, ever been happier with my albums. So I’m very excited to share this with all the True Scrap participants next month!

But this weekend, you can WIN True Scrap II and get the whole shebang – it would usually cost $127.

To enter, just leave a comment on this post saying which of the workshops sounds most exciting to you! Share this post on Twitter or Facebook for up to two additional entries in the drawing!

Entries close at midnight Sunday UK time and the winner will be posted Monday evening, so be sure to check back to see if it’s your lucky day!

Good luck!


PS: Don’t forget – if you sign up for True Scrap II after clicking through from my blog, you can also have a class of your choice – any existing class or save it for the next class next month! Just forward your receipt to shimelle at gmail dot com to claim your bonus class pass.

09 September 2011

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382 Comments for Scrapbooking Giveaway Day

  1. Anne E Says:

    Wow fab prize. I would love to take Jennifer McGuire’s class and yours (of course). Thanks for chance to win a class. Anne :)

  2. Margi Borck Says:

    Stitch It! Edge It! Scrap It! sounds so very interesting but then again they all do! Very kewlio!

  3. Natalie Says:

    Nichol Magouirk’s Stamping on Scrapbook Layouts for me! I’ve been catching up on her classes at Two Peas and I love her style. I’d kinda gone off stamps a bit as mine always looked the same – she’s opened my eyes to lots of fantastic new techniques already!

  4. Daphne Says:

    Great prize, Shimelle! Thanks for that! I really had a good look at all the classes and I think I like to do more stamping on my layouts – so it’s the class ‘Stamping on Scrapbook Layouts’ for me (and ‘Super Stamping Secrets II’ as well).

  5. Serena Repsold Says:

    wow! I would be thrilled to take any of these classes. They itinerary sounds amazing and so many of the teachers are my SB heroines! I started off as a stamper but quickly moved on to scrapping, so I would really like to take Jen McGuire’s class or Nicole M’s class right now. Any would be great! LOL! I am not picky!

  6. Marina Mendes Says:

    Hard task! They are all good and win a seat would be fabulous! But, I realy like your way Shimelle, so… Go with the flow for me! Thanks for the chance.

  7. EllieA Says:

    WOW WOW.. what a wonderful opportunity. For me I would be over the moon to join in and the most exciting for me are Lain
    s cause well wouldn’t it be wonderful to learn how to make a little bit of pocket change on the side & Katrina Kennedy who is one of the people who have really wanted to make me learn more about photography.

  8. Joanne Says:

    They all look good but thinking the phoning it in would be quite useful

  9. LisaE Says:

    Spray Inks De mistified and Mixed Media sound especially interesting. Looks like a wonderful program.

  10. Alison C. Says:

    I would love your workshop, naturally. But, Nic Howard’s Distress one looks neat too!

  11. Brenda B Says:

    Wow, what a great giveaway! I think the “Stitch It, Dot It, Edge It” class sounds interesting, and I’m always up for any of Jennifer McGuire’s stamping classes!

  12. Megan Says:

    The Ready Set Distress looks awesome! And the Scrap Space Organizing would be super helpful! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  13. vivianna Says:

    WOW! What a GREAT giveaway. I never enter giveaways, but I could not pass this one up.

  14. Andrea Reynolds Says:

    I could benefit from every one of these classes! I think my 2 goals are to get more out of my stash and to stamp more on my layouts. Thanks for the awesome opportunity!

  15. Marianne Says:

    Everything sounds so amazing! I am most interested in using mixed media in scrapbook pages

  16. MARLENE Says:

    I would really love your class or the Phoning It In: Using cell phone photos effectively. thanks for the chance :)

  17. Lydia Says:

    Tough question! They all sound intriguing. I think Noelle’s ‘Design your Story with Embellishment Gatherings’ because I haven’t watched Paperclippings enough and want/need more of her.

  18. Jackie Humphreys Says:

    Oh another online class to tempt us. I think the quick and easy digital pages will be interesting as its something I want to learn how to do. Also, go with the flow….another great class from yourself. :)

  19. Ann T Says:

    I’m looking forward to From Pages to Cards and Stamping on Scrapbook Layouts

  20. Sabine Says:

    Could I please win this spot? That would be so great because especially your class sounds so interesting. I loved your last class at True Scrap.

  21. Tinkersdamn Says:

    Noell’s class! I have all this “stuff” and only rarely hit upon a magic combo.

  22. Joanne Says:

    Honestly, I would have to say your class is the one I am most interested in :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. Louise Says:

    Each and every class sounds amazing….the stamping and misting classes jump out at me, oh how fabulous it would be to join in with all these classes xx

  24. Fay Says:

    So much to choose from, probably Kristina’s Pages to Card class, I’ve always wanted to make more of my card making.

  25. Carly Says:

    Wow what a wonderful giveaway I would love to win this and I am honestly the most interested in your class :)

  26. Lorraine Says:

    I would, of course, love to take your course. I’m also interested in Stitch It, Dot It, Edge It

  27. Lynsey Says:

    Hi Shimelle, wow what a great prize! I love the sound of your class about your album system as I have so many photos sometimes I don’t know where to start so I think this would be the perfect class for me! Thanks so much for the chance to win. Hugs Lynsey x

  28. Bernice Says:

    What a fantabulous giveaway!

  29. glee stormont Says:

    WOW that is a whopping awesome prize! Love to see your vintage pix. such a cutie!

  30. Ami Says:

    I would love to take Mixed Media pages and/or From Pages to Cards. Truthfully it all sounds amazing.

  31. Michaela Says:

    aside from yours i’d love to do Phoning It In: Using cell phone photos effectively as i’ve got hundreds of pics of my baby boy on my phone waiting to get used

  32. Lisa S. Says:

    They all sound great! It would be really hard to choose just one.

  33. Natalie Says:

    um, wow! how do I even pick? I have to say, I’m awfully intrigued by Lain’s “Show Me the Money!” class, as well as Francine’s “Spray Inks De-Mist-ified” (haha love the pun!) because I am woefully inept with mists! Thank you so much for the chance to win… It sounds like an incredible event!

  34. Helen Says:

    I love the sound of the stitch it, dot it, scrap it class but they all sound fab.

  35. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    I think I might hyperventilate with this giveaway! I would definitely like “Show me the money”. How wonderful to make money from scrapbooking rather than it costing me squidillions (That’s just a few hundred more than eleventybillion ) ;-)

  36. Rachel H Says:

    Oh, wow! This looks so amazing! I would love the class on how to use mobile phone photos effectively. My phone is my go-to camera while I’m chasing after two rambunctious young boys!
    Thanks for this awesome giveaway…

  37. Katie Gain Says:

    They all sound good but I especially like the sound of the stamping on scrapbook layouts class!

  38. rt in GA Says:

    All the classes sound great, but Phoning It In: Using cell phone photos effectively peeks my interest. Thanks Shimelle!

  39. Rachel H Says:

    Just shared this post on Twitter and FB!

  40. AlisonM Says:

    The classes I’m most looking forward to are the ones out of my comfort zone: Spray inks demistified, Phoning it in, Mixed media and Creating Digital Templates. I love that True Scraps will give me a chance to learn new stuff about the techniques I already use and love but also give me a chance to learn brand new techniques. In the last couple of months I’ve started to realise that my albums are just a collection of individual pages but changing that has gone into the too hard basket so “Go with the flow” is perfect timing for me. Thanks Shimelle.

  41. Melinda King Wilson Says:

    I am really interested in the stamping classes since I have a ton of stamps that are sitting here and I haven’t touched them in over two years. I need to use my supplies!

  42. jennifer grace Says:

    Oh! My jaw actually droppped when I saw this giveaway. I soooo want to win! All the classes sound fantastic, but I’m especially intrigued by ‘show me the money’, because if I could earn some money scrapping then I’d be able to buy more stash! That’s the way it works, right?!

    I’ve tweeted and shared on Facebook too. x

  43. Maja Says:

    From Pages to Cards sounds great! I love making layouts and cards! I shared this post at FB ;)

  44. April W Says:

    How exciting!!! I think that “Spray Inks De-Mist-ified” sounds really interesting. :) Thanks for the chance to win!! – April W

  45. Cindy Carlson Says:

    Now that I am a stay at home, the class on making money from scrapbooking definitely appeals, though they all would be fun. =]

  46. Tammy Eberhard Says:

    Aside from your website & classes that inspire me all the time… I would love to hear Cathy Z’s opening keynote. But really, ALL the classes look fantastic! Thanks for the chance to win.

  47. Steph Says:

    I’m thinking the making money scrapbooking sounds very cool!

  48. Peggy Makurat Says:

    I would LOVE to hear Lain Ehmann talk about ways to make money scrapbooking! While I’d never expect to support myself, it sure would be nice to justify my addiction just a bit!

  49. Sinead Says:

    The class on distressing sounds really cool! Also, since I really need to organise my albums (they are all over the place and I crave chronology!), your class would be PERFECT! Thanks for an amazing prize chance xx

  50. Iris Says:

    All the classes look really fun but I think I would love the stamping one!

  51. Anso Says:

    I’m not just saying, but yours. And if that doesn’t count then it would be Jennifer McGuire. :)

  52. helen Says:

    Mixed media sounds fun and would get me trying something new – and your album organisation tips are inspiring!

  53. Jody Carver Says:

    Wow! What a jaw dropping prize. I’m so excited I found your blog!!!! I think the “Going off the Grid”, “Ready, Set, Distress” and “Go with the flow” sound like crazy fun.

  54. Cynthia B. Says:

    Well, there really are quite a few that would be wonderful to take, including yours…I think at the top of my wish list is Jennifer McGuire’s class – because I love her work and hear great things about her as a teacher. And also the Stitch It Dot It Edge It class sounds right up my alley too.

  55. Beth Says:

    OH, these classes all sound amazing! I would LOVE to be able to learn from such an awesome bunch of talented teachers! Thanks for the chance, Shimelle!

  56. julie weis Says:

    wow, what an awesome giveaway!!! i would love to take all of the classes. but the ones that peak my interest right now are yours of course. then i’d have to say lisa dickinson’s going off the grid class and i love kelli crowe. so i know her class would be amazing and then there are the stamping classes. it is even hard to pick just a couple.
    thanks for a chance to win! now off to post on fb.

  57. Katy Says:

    What a great set of classes! I am most intrigued by Francine Clauden’s spray mist class, mainly because I end up spraying and then covering up with paper far too often! True Scrap is actually taking place over my birthday weekend, so this would be a fab unexpected present!

  58. anneberit Says:

    Fantastic give away this weekend! Every one of the workshops looks great, but I really like yours – and the one from Katrina Kennedy too.

  59. Denise Says:

    I would have to say I’d be the most interested in Stamping on Scrapbook Layouts by Nichol Magouirk because I have a ton of stamps that I’d like to use more!

  60. Nathalie Says:

    So many great classes!!! I would love to win a spot!!! May Flaum’s class just caught my attention…. but they all look fantastic!

  61. Meghan Says:

    Honestly, I really enjoy your videos so I would love to get a chance to be a part of this event. You have re-ignited my scrapbook interest!

  62. bonitarose Says:

    would love to win, my fave is the mixed media sb pages.. would love that.. and omg.. they all look good.. thks so much for doing this,

  63. Peta Says:

    Shimelle, I think that your workshop is the one I’m most interested in!

  64. Debbie D Says:

    Oh my gosh, the top 3 for me were Going off the Grid,From pages to Cards,Creating Digital templates and I could go on!

  65. JenM Says:

    What a fantastic prize!!! I went through the list of classes trying to pick the one that most appealed – maybe ‘Phoning it in’, ‘Solutions for small scrapbook spaces’ or ‘Go with the flow’, then I spotted ‘Photo composition’ (something I would really like to understand more about). Finally I settled on ‘Show me the money’, because if i could learn to make my hobby ‘pay’ that would change my life as well as my scrapbooking!!

  66. Chris Dawson Says:

    What a brilliant prize, I would love to do all the workshops but as I’ve never had the courage to try stamping on layouts, my choice would be ‘Stamping on Scrapbook Layouts’

  67. Sue Althouse Says:

    I would love to win a spot in True Scrap this October! Looks like some wonderful classes, but my budget just cannot handle the expense right now. So free is sounding really good…..

  68. Julie Says:

    I am totally interested in Tami’s iPhone photos class!

  69. maria eliza coutinho brass Says:

    They all sound good but I especially like the stitch it, dot it, scrap it class

  70. Terri Torez Says:

    I really need Katrina’s class. Last time my favorites were your and Katina’s. I’m up to 13 layouts (4 dbls) from the paper I cut up.

  71. Christine Says:

    This is awesome!

  72. Delanie Says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! I think Phone It In sounds great. :)

  73. Kathleen Says:

    This is so awesome! I would love to take Solutions for Small Scrapbook Spaces – I have been dying to put together a mini book and this sounds like the perfect place for inspiration! Awesome giveaway.

  74. Kirsten J Says:

    Any one would be fun….maybe since I tend to be all “squared up”…Lisa’s class would be good for me :)

  75. Connie Says:

    Wow! What a prize! I would love to do any of the workshops, but especially Spray Inks de-mist-ified.

  76. Tara Says:

    I would love to do any of the workshops, but Solutions for Small Scrapbook Spaces fits in exactly where I am at right now – transitioning my big scrapbooking area to a tiny scrapbooking area :)

    Thanks for the giveaway, I am always inspired by your work and blog.

  77. Donna Murdock Says:

    This class sounds wonderful. I usually throw everything together. I have been wondering what happens when I die…sorry to be morbid. How do all my kids separate all those scrapbook pages?

  78. Cheryl T. Says:

    The stamping & your album class sounds good to me.

  79. Becky Says:

    Francine Clauden Spray Inks class looks interesting to me!

  80. Jasmine Says:

    WOW, thank you so much for the chance to win, Shimelle.. All of the classes are very interesting.. Freud on Scrapbooking and Going off the grid are the 2 workshops that are most intriguing for me..

  81. Chipper Says:

    I would choose ‘Quick & Easy Digital Pages’ with Renee Pearson as I have been too terrified to give any form of digital scrapping a go!!!

  82. Chipper Says:

    I forgot to say that I also shared this post on Facebook :-) Thanks for the opportunity to win this prize.

  83. Sylvie H Says:

    I can’t pick just one class! I think they all sound fantastic! Thanks for the chance to win a spot!

  84. Juel Says:

    I’m liking the looks of your class Go with the flow, Ready set distress and Mixed media scrapbook pages are following in second and third places for me.

  85. Heatherp Says:

    Wow, They all look great, I think I’d have to see the one on using cell phone photos!

  86. Bunnyfreak Says:

    Not that your class doesn’t sound interesting but I am most interested in Jennifer McGuire’s stamping class.

  87. wholesale louis vuitton Says:

    Your blog is perfect, and I like this article. I think I can find more useful information here, thanks.

  88. Claire Says:

    I think your class sounds the most fascinating. The whole schedule is amazing.

  89. Krystal Says:

    I realllllly want to join this and would LOVE to enter the give-a-way!! :) This is a super hard question, but I think I’m most excited for Noell’s class! But- what a difficult question!

  90. Jane Says:

    They all sound amazing – Aside from your own I particularly like the idea of May Flaum’s “Stitch it. Dot it. Edge it.” class, sounds like fun, as does Nic Howard with “Ready, Set, Distress!.

  91. Maya Says:

    The two classes that are most appealing to me are Lain’s money class and your albums class. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  92. Kirsten Says:

    Wow, what a great giveaway!

  93. erin Says:

    all the classes sound fanastic, it so hard to choose… I guess i would have to pick mixed media scrapbook pages, because i am currently go threw a mixed media phase. Thank you for hosting such a wonderful giveaway!

  94. Kirsten Says:

    So difficult to choose. Photo Composition and Embellishment Clustering both look great. Thanks for the chance to win!

  95. Kimberly Says:

    wow… what an opportunity so many to choose from! But if I was to pick one it would be show me the money!!

  96. Catherine C R Says:

    I went through the list twice, and there isn’t one that I am not excited about! Photography, flow and even digital?!?!? Love, love, love! Thanks.

  97. allie.duckienz Says:

    Oh thank you for the opportunity to win Shimelle! I have never really gotten into having cohesion in my LOs so I would love to look at your class to see if it is something that would interest me. I would also love to see Going Off the Grid: Lisa Dickinson.

  98. Julie Jeavons Says:

    Wow what a giveaway. There’s three or four I really want to do, but I guess Off the Grid is the one for me.

  99. tilla Says:

    This all looks like great fun – but I think if I had to choose just one (or maybe two ?) classes it would have to be Nichol Magouirk’s Stamping on Scrapbook Layouts – as I have loads of stamps I hardly ever use, and then always as an afterthought ! I think your class will be fantastic to take too, as I have already found your blog so inspirational for getting albums organised & completed. Thanks Shimelle

  100. Ezlie Says:

    It all sounds great. I like to learn more of your album style and all the stamping is always interesting.

  101. Anthy Tsatoumas Says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. I am new to scrapbooking (I have been making cards for a while). I would like to use more embelishments, learn to design pages that are not “square” and I would also like to incorporate mixed media (I love to play with a variety of art media). I have seen your videos on your scrapbooks and I loved them…I would love to see more.

  102. LianeZ Says:

    Yours, because I’ve never created anything more than a mini scrapbook – I mostly do cards. I think I would also do Paula’s workshop on digital printing, got to have printed photos to do scrapbooks. Thanks for the chance to win!

  103. Kimberly K n Says:

    I’m interested in Quick and Easy Digital Pages with
    Renee Pearson … I’m all digi now, so that would be the most interesting to me.

  104. jennybean Says:

    Oh, I would sooooo love to do this! Your class definitely sounds like the most interesting!!

  105. Joan Says:

    Cool giveaway! Would love to know how to organize my albums since there are so many layouts all over the place! Would love the stamping class as well. Thanks for the chance to win!

  106. Sue Bone Says:

    I follow a number of the teachers’ blogs including yours, but I most interested to see Spray Inks de mysified as I have a number in my stash which just aven’t been used.

  107. Ana Smith Says:

    really just one…..i want them all!

  108. Jackie Pocock Says:

    I love the sound of your class Shimelle, but they all sound just as great to be honest. Wish I had the money to purchase them all but will keep my fingers crossed instead. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  109. ruth Says:

    you class looks fun, also noells and kristinas and jennifers (i could keep going… :-)

  110. alison Says:

    Great prize and it all sounds great so c an’t choose!!

  111. Veeruliiru Says:

    What a giveaway! Hard to pick just one… But i think Noell Hymans Design Your Story with Embellishment Gatherings sounds interesting as well as Nic Howards Ready, Set, Distress!

  112. Lianne Dawson Says:

    How can you expect us to pick just one class? Be Fair please!
    I would love to do the ready set distress with Nic Howard,or spray inks demistified, who could pass on Kristina Werners class and yours too Shimelle my albums are all over the place no continuity at all.

  113. WHua Says:

    All the workshops sound great, I’m not sure which one I would choose as the best. Thanks for the chance to win!

  114. soozee Says:

    The Mixed Media class , then I can use up all my stuff!!!

  115. sheena Says:

    Picking just one class is way too hard x
    I love Nic Howard’s work so i’d especially love to take part in hers.

  116. Dawn Says:

    Tami Morrison’s class on using mobile phone photos sounds fab as I’ve got loads on my phone I never use. Thanks for the opportunity

  117. May Says:

    wow what a prize, to choose is difficult as all are fab at a push ready set distress, thank you for the chance x x to win

  118. Angela Says:

    Die cut dress ups looks good as I’m always looking for other ways to use my Cricut instead of just titles. All of the classes looked interesting – hard choice.

  119. Simona Says:

    I would love to win a workshop. All the best but most like the workshop “Go with the Flow: Creating flow in your scrapbook albums” from you.
    Wishes you a nice

  120. KikiK Says:

    wow! I’m on the fence for signing but if I win it that would be awesome!!! Thank you for the chance!! I can’t wait for Noell’s, Lisa’s,Nic’s, Erin’s, Kelli’s and yours workshops.

  121. Cris Says:

    What a fantastic chance!
    I’d love to partecipate to “Freud on Scrapbooking: Sometimes a page isn’t just a page… Inspiration for Free!”… it sounds really funny and interesting! Cris

  122. Julia Says:

    Wow the classes are so varied and all look great. I think the one for me though is scrapping with cell phone pictures as I take loads of photos on my mobile but never use them…

  123. Kate aka stinkydudette Says:

    It’s so difficult to pick just one class! In line with your current Camera School class, I’m a bit partial to Katrina Kennedy’s Photo Composition workshop. Thanks for the chance to win!

  124. Katrina Says:

    Great prize. Without doubt I could ‘walk’ away from each and every one of those course having learnt something new, but I think if I had to choose one it would be the Photo Composition as I always feel that my photo’s are never very interesting.

  125. Jacky S Says:

    I think because I find digi scrapping quite difficult…the Quick and Easy Digital Pages would be great for me…..though they all sound great!

  126. wannabe rebel Says:

    So many great workshops, the small scrap space one appeals, as does your class, obviously but I think the whole purpose of workshops is to do something new and out of your comfort zone, so I think stamping on your pages would have to be my choice .

  127. Andie Says:

    How can you ask us to pick just one?! I would love to stitch on my pages, so May Flaum’s sounds great, Lisa Dickinson’s sounds like just what I need to shake up my usual square obsession and of course, my albums need more flow!

  128. Kes Says:

    Ah, I think that’s not a big giveaway – that’s a HUGE one!! Who wouldn’t love to win the opportunity to join in on all that scrappy goodness? Pick one class that most appeals – I’d be beside myself to be in most of them to be honest… The digi scrapping and card ones probably appeal least, I’ve tried digi, and find I’m a traditional girl – scrapbooking wise – all the way, and I just don’t have the lean towards creating cards… But stamping, misting, photo composition, albums, distressing, etc, etc – heck yeah, I’d be there!!

  129. Fiona Paterson Says:

    Hi Shimelle – what an inspiring prize – thanks for the opportunity. It’s a bit of a ‘Sophie’s Choice’ moment – I’d love to do your class as ‘flow’ is something my pages often lack I feel, but the stamping classes by Nichol and Jennifer also appeal – as does Nic’s Distress and Erin’s Mixed Media – who am I trying to kid – they all look fab which is why they’ve all been thought of and put together! And for those of us who can’t get out too often it’s great…

  130. rockchickhelen Says:

    Oo, I really like the sound of Kelli Crowe’s class Going to Pieces: Simple Tips for Turning Paper Scraps into Cute Embellishments, sounds fun, and your’s too Shimelle.

  131. kaatje Says:

    all the classes look great, but i think i choose Lain’s money class I’m very ibnteressted how this will be? but i love the stamping with Nicolle, see her vid’s every week and your flow will be great to follow. But i could choose only one (snif)

  132. pat sloan Says:

    WOW what a GREAT event! I am excited to hear about Katrina Kennedy’s workshop….she is one of the people who has really caused me to want to learn more about photography.

  133. mitchellsmommy Says:

    Oh my goodness! They are all amazing! I LOVE Kristina Werner so ‘Pages to Cards’ sounds awesome…as does the class on spray inks (cause I am convinced all mists hate me…lol) and the class on cell phone photos sounds awesome! I take lots of photos with the iPhone lately cause it’s the camera I have on hand! Love all the options here…how could you choose just one? :)

  134. kaatje Says:

    put it on facebook and twitter

  135. Antonia Says:

    All the classes look fantastic, but Katrina Kennedy’s Photo Composition class would be the one I’d most like to do. I’d love to take part in True Scrap II. Btw I’ve been enjoying Camera School. Thank you.

  136. Sabine Says:

    Going Off the Grid sounds really interesting (but so do all the others). Thanks for a chance to win.

  137. Tracy W Says:

    Sounds a wonderful weekend. Very intrigued by the mixed-media scrapbooking pages.

  138. Lucy Says:

    Hi Shimelle, what an incredible prize giveaway!! The class that interests me most is Super Stamping Secrets II with Jennifer McGuire! I’m a stamp addict, and although I use them on nearly all my layouts, I’d love some new inspiration and techniques to push me to do more with them on my layouts. Thanks for the opportunity to comment to win!

  139. Margot/NZ Says:

    So many wonderful classes, so little time! I love Nic Howard’s work so would probably pick that one if I had only one to choose, but I’d also be keen to learn about your album system in more detail, as well as to learn more from May Flaum…. So hard to pick!

  140. Kathy Says:

    What a great giveaway, I loved your class last year and this years looks interesting. I would love to learn about embelishment gathering.

  141. Selena Says:

    WOW! They all sound amazing – so hard to pick a favourite, but given my sudden desire to try art journaling, I’d have to pick the Mixed Media class.

  142. Tessa Wise Says:

    I’m most excited to here about your album system! My pages have been sitting in a box and need a new home. I just haven’t found the perfect system yet!

  143. Dawn F. Says:

    What a generous prize! Thanks for the chance.

  144. Carol G Says:

    thanks for the chance to win! Solutions for Small Scrapbook Spaces
    Aby Garvey looks interesting as my space for scrapbooking is so, so small. All of the courses look really interesting. It all looks like fun.

  145. Cheri Says:

    Since I’ve recently gotten interested in mixed media – the class on using it in scrapbook pages is intriguing. I really wish I could afford True Scrap!

  146. rebekka Says:

    wow what an event. i think there are two that i can’t really decide wich would be favorite. one is the one about cell phone photos and the other would be your class about the album flow – could really use both of them.

  147. Rachel Says:

    What a start to half term that would be. Tired after the first week back teaching it would be great to look forward to.

  148. Angela Runkel Says:

    Wow, thanks for the chance to win such an awesome prize. Since my current theme album has no flow, I would love to take your class. Also since I am embellishment challenged, I think Design Your Story with Embellishment Gatherings sounds great.

  149. Emily H. Says:

    I would totally take your class and Nic Howards class… two of my favorite people!!! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!!

  150. Mel Says:

    Wow, that’s a long list of awesome classes! But the one that caught my eye was Tami Morrison’s Phoning It In because I just got an iPhone earlier this year, and learning a bit about using its photos sounds rad. Thanks for the chance to win!

  151. Brenda A Says:

    They all sound great but I really need help with my small scrapbook space. And I could use some inspiration for getting off my “square” layouts. Thanks for the chance to win.

  152. Margie S Says:

    The titles of Erin Bassett’s class & Kelli Crowe’s classes intrigue me the most. Thanks for this chance.

  153. Wendy Goodman Says:

    Your Go With the Flow class sounds awesome. I’d love some continuity in my albums!

  154. joanna schlos Says:

    you class…i am baffled by my own paging system. I need serious help here! Perhaps it is my turn to win? So thanks for the chance Shimelle.

  155. Kathy R Says:

    I’d love to win this “scrap” event. There are so many great teachers and classes, Noell’s, Nichol’s, Lisa’s, Aby’s, and of course yours it’s hard to pick just 1!

  156. Dawn Says:

    I would love a spot in your class or Nic Howards. Great giveaway.

  157. Beate Says:

    I think to me Mixed-Media Scrapbook Pages with Erin Bassett would help me bring my scrapbooking to the next level.

  158. Nancy Lee Says:

    What generous giveaway! I have been waiting for this and the fact that most of my fave designers are teaching makes me more excited than anything. Would love to win a spot. Thank you Shimelle.

  159. Marian Says:

    The embellishment class looks great. I think all the classes look fantastic.

  160. Jenny McGee Says:

    I love stamping, so Nichol and Jennifer’s classes look great. I love you too, so definitely looking forward to your class too. Thanks.

  161. Amy A. Says:

    Oh I love stress free! Thanks for the chance to win!

  162. Anne Lord Says:

    So many to choose from, they all look great. The mixed media one is just up my street, and I’d love yours too, because so many of my albums are a complete mess at the moment! Thanks for the chance to win.

  163. Jackie King Says:

    I just love the concept of online crops & classes. I’d particularly look forward to the easy digital pages lesson, as I’ve sat down & cracked digi layouts but would like to give it a go.

  164. KateT Says:

    Stamping for scrapbook layouts, photo composition, I don’t know , all of them!!!!

    ** Kate **

  165. Colleen Says:

    Wow! What a giveaway! have been looking at this for a bit actually and trying to figure out if I can afford it! Love your Creating Flow class and Kristina Werner’s From Pages to Cards. So much to choose from! Thanks!

  166. Jamie D Says:

    “From pages to cards” sounds the most exciting to me as cards are very challenging for me. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  167. kym Says:

    I would love your class of course. My albums are a mess and shows no real flow, except for by date. Next class would be the spray mist class as I am expecting my first box of mist in the mail soon.

  168. Suzanne Senn Says:

    As I’m working on an album of photos of my son’s holiday, your workshop sounds perfect. Normally my albums are a selection of LOs randomly put together but I’d love this one to work as a whole and to tell a story.

  169. rach Says:

    wow, great prize! I can’t choose just one workshop, i want to do your classs, Stitch it Dot it Edge it, Creating Digital Templates for Photo printing, Mixed Media Scrapbook Pages, Phoning it in, Show me the Money and Going off the Grid, to name a few. Hope I get some money soon so I can sign up for this. thanks for highlighting it this weekend, been meaning to look into it for ages

  170. Melinda Says:

    Hi Shimelle! Thanks for a chance to win a spot! I’m most interested in the photo composition and in the workshop you’re hosting! My albums definitely need help!

  171. Mary K. Parker Says:

    My choice would have to be Mixed-Media Scrapbook Pages.

  172. serena Says:

    oh “touch me, all about texture” looks fabulous!They all look really good though!

  173. dogmatix Says:

    I like the look of the Photo class (i will devour all photography classes). Your workshop and Noelle Hymans look interesting…I like Noelles style and enjoy her Paperclipping videos :)

  174. Lena Says:

    I would love any and all of these classes, but the two that call out the most to me are Yours and Spray Inks DeMistified =)

  175. Scrapnanny Says:

    I have been trying to work out how I could afford this class ever since I clicked onto it.I love it all and boy do I need help at the momment. So to win a class would be great. It would have to be the mixed media or the or the, well any would be lovely. Thanks for the chance Shimelle

  176. Immi Says:

    I’d love to learn more about spray inks, but any of these will be awesome! Thanks for a chance to win a spot!!

  177. Diane Says:

    So many awesome teachers and classes. How can a girl choose. I’m thinking the demystifying mists sounds good to me because I haven’t quite got the hang of them. Thanks S.

  178. Charlotte Says:

    I would happily have any of them! Yours obviously sounds good and i have been intrigued for a while now to try digital! thanks for the chance to win

  179. tape Says:

    Super Stamping Secrets II with Jennifer McGuire! I’d love to learn some new techniques to use on my layouts and cards.

  180. Becca Says:

    Thanks for a chance to win a spot in True Scrap! All the workshops look great, especially yours! I’d also be excited to see Kristina Werner’s…I love her cardmaking style!

  181. Melissa Says:

    Your workshop sounds great – I’ve enjoyed the posts you’ve done about your albums. I also think Noelle’s workshop on Embellishment would be great to take.

  182. Kimberlee Says:

    Amazing giveaway. I think it would be interesting to check out the Mixed-Media scrapbook pages… but all of the workshops sound fabulous.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  183. Nancy Says:

    Mixed Media Scrapbooking and your class, Shimelle, would be top two for me! Thanks for this amazing giveaway.

  184. Judith Says:

    Them all. LoL. I have always been a Shimelle groupie. I could just stick a pin in the list. They all seem amazing classes. My pin landed on Nic Howard’s distress class.

  185. Laura Says:

    I enjoyed your workshop the most at True Scrap 1 and I’m the most excited about going with the “flow” during True Scrap 2. I’d love to win a spot!!

  186. sandie Says:

    What a wonderful offer! Thanks, Shimelle. All the classes look great, and it is hard to choose. Your class and Freud on Scrapbooking: Sometimes a page isn’t just a page… Inspiration for Free! would be my choices.

  187. Ragnhild Says:

    I would love to win.

  188. Juliann Says:

    I have been using instagram a lot so I think that phoning it in class would be wonderful!

  189. Elaine Says:

    So hard to choose from all these wonderful subjects. Your class sounds like one which would be most exciting for me. Thanks for the opportunity.

  190. Rebecca Says:

    I think all these classes will be awesome! The one I need the most, I think, is Katrina’s, but yours is one I really want to take as well, and so are Lain and May’s (as well as all the rest, really!) :) Thank you for the chance!!

  191. Abbey Says:

    May’s class sounds fascinating. Not quite sure what it will involve from the title, but sounds great.

  192. Lola Fields Says:

    I would love to take your class just found your site. I’m going to read about taking photos.
    Thanks for the chance to WIN.
    Creative Hugs,

  193. Iliana Says:

    I would love to learn about stretching my supplies and planning my albums.

  194. Melissa Says:

    Great workshops!! I love the sound of “Photo Composition”. Thanks for the chance!

  195. Lisa Says:

    What a great giveaway! The digital templates for printing workshop is just what I need!

  196. Tania Says:

    Hard choices! If I had to pick one, it would be Nichol Magouirk’s Stamping on Scrapbook Layouts :-)

  197. Carly Says:

    All of the classes look great, but the ones that I’m most interested in are “Stamping on Scrapbook Layouts with Nichol Magouirk,” “Super Stamping Secrets II with Jennifer McGuire,” and “Super Stamping Secrets II with Jennifer McGuire.”

  198. Linda Davis Says:

    Hope I’m not too late! But it is still the 10th where I live!

  199. J3SS1C4 Says:

    I know a lot of people are saying your class, and I’d have to agree… For me, I have 4 big travel albums I want to do as my next big projects, so I think your class would definately be the most inspirational to help me with that!

  200. Christine H Says:

    I’m liking the Photo Composition class I think. This is a terrific prize. Thanks!

  201. Sofia D Says:

    I love all of them but the Solutions for Small scrapbook spaces, sounds like I would need it NOW! What an awesome event.

  202. Sarah Says:

    Sounds great, especially stretching the stash to more pages :)

  203. MissSmith Says:

    I love the sound of the stitch-it class, and the de-mist-ified ones. Both things I’d like to get onto may pages more and some tips would be great!

    fingers crossed

  204. Jean D Says:

    Jennifer McGuire’s class for me, I’m a stamper & card maker first.

  205. Miriam Prantner Says:

    These classes sound great and cover the gamut! It’s really hard to decide which one is most appealing, but I’m going to say Stamping on Scrapbook Layouts. I’ve just gotten into stamping and find it easier to do on cards, and harder to do when my scrapbooks are involved.

  206. Irene Fitzpatrick Says:

    I like the sound of the May Flaum workshop Stitct it…! Thank you for this fabulous chance. Have shared on twitter & facebook too! Fingers crossed!!!!! xxx

  207. shire Says:

    this is such a great prize!!

  208. Becky Says:

    All the classes look great, but without sounding like teacher’s pet I would like to do your’s most!

  209. Caroline B Says:

    Ooohh i would love to win this. The workshops all sound great! but I’d love to check out the phone photo one or Aby Garvey’s workshop

  210. mary t Says:

    hey shimelle thanks for a chance to win this awesome weekend!! I think I’m most intriqued by the cell phone phote class… since I have so many! ;)

  211. choon bin wee Says:

    All classes seem interesting!!!! I go for the distress class…to make gd use of all my distress inks!!!!

  212. lynne Says:

    I would love to do the class Spray Inks De-Mist-ified cos I have a drawer full of spray inks and have only ever used them as a background effect

  213. Mini Says:

    It all looks good but if I have to choose, it’s ‘Stitch It, Dot It, Edge It’ for me.
    Thank you.
    Sue x

  214. kate bucci Says:

    Ways to make money scrapbooking? That’s got to be a class worth taking. Also, mixed media stuff is so beautiful, and I have all the gear and no idea! What a great prize :)

  215. Lydia Says:

    wow…it all sounds so wonderful and exciting. Stamping…and the stitch it, dot it, edge it sounds very intersting. Hope I win!!!

  216. Tami Says:

    Wow! Only choose one class? I guess if I had to choose just one it would have to be your class about your album system. I’ve been very curious about it for quite awhile now!

  217. Tara Says:

    The whole event looks like a good time! If I had to narrow it down though, your class sounds like it would be a great way to help me get back into making organized scrapbook albums, and I’d also like to check out the sessions by Nic Howard, Erin Bassett, and Katrina Kennedy.

  218. Sandy G Says:

    What a great give away! So hard to choose, but intrigued by the mixed media one.

  219. Eva Says:

    Wow, how to choose just one? Hm, i thi k i’d have to go with the spray inks – i just love the messey gunky stuff.
    Go with the flow is a cool concept, i would love that one, too! EvaT

  220. Leslie Says:

    This all sounds fab but I would especially be interested in the “Stich it, Dot it, Edge it” session and “Ways to make money scrapbooking” – who wouldn’t be interested in working at what you love?

  221. Jessica Says:

    They all look so cool! I think I am most intrigued by Show Me the Money.

  222. Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy Says:

    Oh how super duper fun! I would love to take your workshop or Nicols on stamping on layouts or Aby’s on organizing a small space! Love them all!

  223. Sarah S Says:

    I like the idea of Tami Morrison’s Phoning It In: Using cell phone photos effectively. I take several photos on my mobile and would love to have ideas as to how to use them more.

    It was tough choosing just one class as they all look amazing. Thanks for doing the giveaway :D xxx

  224. Jaine Says:

    OMG…I think I would have died and gone to heaven if I won! There are soooo many fab classes to choose from, how to narrow it down? I think the ready set distress by Nic Howard is a keeper, but also getting organised and going with the flow are also whetting my appetite for the weekend…fingers crossed!! Thankyou for such a generous giveaway

  225. jill conyers Says:

    So many great choices it’s hard to choose just one. Photography Composition would be awesome!

  226. Lisa H Says:

    The list of classes and instructors is awesome! I’d love love love to win a place. Your class on albums is really interesting for me as I have about 300 layouts just in a pile waiting to be lovingly sorted into albums (shame on me!) but I have to say that Nic H is also at the top of my list – I love every single tiny thing she does. This is a fantastic giveaway – someone is going to be ecstatic tomorrow!

  227. Pam Says:

    Wow! What a fab giveaway! Any of the classes would be fantastic, but Jennifer McGuire is my hero. Nichol Magouirk is fantastic, too. Thank you for a chance in such a fabulous giveaway!

  228. Smeepee Says:

    Wow!! Amazing giveaway. I’m a psychologist so naturally love the title of: Freud on Scrapbooking: Sometimes a page isn’t just a page… Inspiration for Free!

  229. S Says:

    What a great line-up that is. I think Lisa Dickinson’s topic interests me most – but it was a hard choice. Thanks for the chance to win.

  230. Mélyane Says:

    Those workshops all sound exciting! But The one that I sounds most exciting for me would be Freud on Scrapbooking: Sometimes a page isn’t just a page… Inspiration for Free! with Kelli Crowe. Thanks for the chance to win!!!!

  231. Sue FitzGerald Says:

    So many exciting classes. I love collecting stamps so a class with new techniques and ideas for these wold be great.

  232. Cindy McDannold Says:

    Oh, how generous. I would love to win True Scrap II! Wanted to sign up, but things in my area of the US is pretty depressed. Too much rain, no rain, bad crops, just not good. That goodness I can scrap!

  233. Kerry Says:

    Show me the money, sounds the most interesting to me as I have just started my own little scrapbooking business! But to be honest I could do them all, they all look fab. Will promote on twitter and facebook as well xx

  234. Stephanie Allred Says:

    I would like to do all of them but the ones on photography, organization and using your scraps would be awesome!

  235. Cindy McDannold Says:

    Oh, how generous. I would love to win True Scrap II! Wanted to sign up, but things in my area of the US is pretty depressed. Too much rain, no rain, bad crops, just not good. That goodness I can scrap!
    Oh, I forgot to add Nicole Magouirk!

  236. Elaine J Says:

    Going off the Grid sounds interesting. I like the idea of creating something using a technique I haven’t tried before. Thank you for the opportunity to win this fantastic prize. Happy scrapping everyone.

  237. Jenny Pitcairn Says:

    I’d have to pick Noell’s class on layering embellishments, it’s something I just can’t seem to do right. Jen McGuire’s classes are always awesome too!

  238. Jacqueline Tennant Says:

    Getting off the grid & Phoning In but just for starters – there is always so much to learn & improve on or totally change in our crafting lives.

  239. Anthea Goodman Says:

    Me please! Me please!! I would love to learn more about your album system. My album system is haphazard and I’ve only got 2 of them! I dread to think what it would be like once I’ve got more of them… and I fully intend to have plenty more of them!!

  240. Salamanda Says:

    Wow they all appeal to me as I stamp, scrap, digi and paper and so need to sort my albums out (or finish them lol)

  241. Karen Walker Says:

    I’m a card maker and a scrapbooker. This sounds like the ultimate in inspiration!

  242. robin Says:

    it’s a great variety of teachers and classes…I would have to choose Lisa’s off the grid class because I love asymmetrical things.

  243. Maggie R Says:

    I’m a “go with the flow” type of girl. I dont consider myself very creative when I look at all the other posts but I enjoy every aspect of scrapbooking and get tremendous joy from it. My first ever crop was at Scrap Fever 2008 and the first class was with you, I nearly gave up there and then but thankfully I persevered and I had the best time ever.

  244. Roxie Scelp Says:

    Thanks for such a great chance! I would like them all, but really would like to take advantage of my iPhone camera. Thanks again!

  245. MonicaB Says:

    Wow what a FAB-U-LOUS give away!! This sounds awesome and the instructors are a wonderful group of people. I would pick either one of the digi classes or stamping. Thanks for the chance to win.

  246. Anne Says:

    Thanks for the chance!

  247. Kim Says:

    Couldn’t decide as all classes sound interesting. If I had to choose it would have to be pages to cards and stamping on scrapbook layouts because i love stamping and I do both cards and scrapbooking! Decisions…..

  248. Marti Richards Says:

    This sounds really great! All of the classes sound good, especially Lisa’s Going off the Grid and your album system one (totally need help there!). Thank you for the chance to win!

  249. Maribel Says:

    Nick´s class sounds fantastic.

    But I can´t choose only one…

  250. Verbena Says:

    So hard to choose which one sounds best, but I always love anything that Jennifer McGuire does. Also would love to hear Cathy Zielske’s comments as well.

  251. Claire Says:

    Stitch It! Edge It! Scrap It! I have my sewing machine at the ready and would love the chance to get some inspiration. Thank you for giving us the chance to win this!

  252. Tara Says:

    Fantastic giveaway! I’ve been debating on whether or not to take it (I likely will) but it would be great to have it “gifted”. Have a wonderful weekend :)

  253. Kayleen Says:

    Wow, a generous and awesome prize, Thanks for the chance to win!

  254. Maxine Says:

    Wow this sounds amazing! I would sooo love the Spray Inks De-Mist-ified as I would love to use mists more on my pages. Think I’m going to have to go and peek at the ones from the first event! Thanks so much for being so amazing Shimelle and giving someone the chance to win! ♥

  255. Danica Says:

    I think the camera phoneclass sounds most interesting to me at least since i love my hipstamatic!

  256. Trista Says:

    What a great giveaway and fun lineup at classes for True Scrap 2. For me, the most exciting class is the one on using the pictures from your camera phone—I love having fun with all the different photo apps.

  257. SuZeQ Says:

    Oh my — don’t make me choose. This is just a fabulous giveaway. Thanks for your generosity.

  258. pjbear Says:

    The mixed-media scrapbook pages by Erin Bassett sounds really great – just up my street as I seem to be veering more towards that way of putting pages together at the moment. Have a great time teaching at the event, sounds super mega amazing!

  259. Evelin Says:

    ALL the workshops are awesome but I would have to say that “Freud on Scrapbooking: Sometimes a page isn’t just a page… Inspiration for Free!
    Kelli Crowe” would be my choice on the most exciting because I struggle with inspirations!!!

    Thanks for this chance! You are awesome!

  260. kristalund Says:

    what a fun looking event! i like the Photo Composition
    Katrina Kennedy

  261. Dottie Says:

    Just spent some exciting time viewing it all; so now as a senior gal guess its okey to be GREEDY and want all of them….don’t know how to do new learning experience, as same with others, Can you imagine, me winning and OMG then sharing with all my friends…Ladies, keep creating, I love it!!! Dottie

  262. Scrapdolly Says:

    It sounds awesome and I may just have to buy some of those past classes too. Great fun and a great way to learn. I live far from any ‘real life’ retreats so this would be perfect for me (and it’s half term too – yey!)

  263. PjP Says:

    All of the workshops sound like fun but, as I just got a new iPhone, the workshop about using phone photos is the one I’m most looking forward to.

  264. Cristina Says:

    wow. too hard to choose! the mixed media pages sounds fun. :) xoxo

  265. marilyn s. Says:

    I can’t choose. I’m interested in all of them equally.

  266. Liz Cotton Says:

    Hard to choose I guess Aby Garvey and help to reganise my sprawling mass would be good

  267. Bekka Says:

    WOW – it sounds a fabby event and so so hard to choose one favourite but if pushed to it would probably be Stamping on Scrapbook Layouts
    Nichol Magouirk. That said I almost always scrap out of sequence so creating Flow is a biggie for me too!

    Thank you for the chance to attend.

  268. Bethan Says:

    The one that appeals the most is Going Off the Grid: Creating layouts that are anything but square by Lisa Dickinson. As I’m just discovering that a page doesn’t have to be square.

  269. Sophia Says:

    I am interested equally in all of them, but if I have to choose I would rather ‘Photo Composition’ from Katrina Kennedy. Yummieee!

  270. Carol Says:

    What a fabulous opportunity – thank you for the chance!


  271. susan lew Says:

    WoW what a great prize. I am looking forward to Spray Inks De-Mist-ified
    because though I love the look, I always make a mess. Would love to learn how to do it right! Thanks!

  272. Karen Osborn Says:

    Well, I like ALL of them, but if I MUST choose only one, it’s photo composition…because that’s what I need the most help with!!!

  273. scrapper al Says:

    The iphone photos class sounds so cutting edge, but then I first need to get an iphone, lol.

  274. LouAnn Says:

    I so need your workshop. They all sound like such fun. Thanks

  275. lois Says:

    the freud class sounds interesting to me

  276. Amy N Says:

    How can a girl pick just one? I like the sound of Kelli Crowe’s class, yours, Lisa Dickinson’s and Jennifer McGuire. But in truth I like the sound of them all.

  277. Amy Says:

    Wow – I’m so excited that you are giving this away! I participated in the first True Scrap but just don’t have the $$ to join again – but oh how I wish I could win it! All of the classes sound amazing I don’t think I could pick just one – really a great event! Crossing my fingers :)

  278. Kai Says:

    I can’t pick just one… the cell phone camera class looked interesting, anything with mixed media is up my alley right now, stamping techniques, spray inks… there is so much there… and, of course, going with the flow with you Shimelle! :)

  279. Carey Bridges Says:

    I’ve only started to dabble in mixed media, so Mixed-Media Scrapbook Pages with Erin Bassett sounds like I’d learn a lot! Thanks for the chance to win!

  280. Georgia Says:

    Pick one??? WOW, everything looks fantastic. But if I had to pick, I’d pick Jennifer McGuire’s class on stamping and your class on creating flow.

  281. Nala_verstrickt Says:

    I´m so interested in this event :) All workshops are very interesting. If I had to choose just one I think I would choose “Phoning It In: Using cell phone photos effectively” because at the moment I´m taking most pictures with my mobile. I love your post about the Hipstamatic pictures and I would love to find out more possibilities with my phone pictures :)
    Thanks for this great opportunity!
    Have a great start into the next week.

  282. Gloria Baures Says:

    I’m thinking the Kelli Crowe class, “Freud on Scrapbook”, is the hook for me, although they all sound pretty cool.

  283. Nora Latip Says:

    I’d loveeee to go for your class and Jennifer’s but of course the whole package would be AWESOME!! Thanks for the chance Shimelle!

  284. reneecrops Says:

    Thank you for the chance to win! Crossing my fingers. It was VERY hard to choose, but I narrowed it down to Design your story with Embellishment Gatherings. w00t! w00t!

  285. kimberly Says:

    I’d love to see the Noelle Hyman course about embellishments…I am such an embellishment hoarder that hopefully some new ideas will help me USE them :) Thanks for a chance to win :)

  286. Jean Schmuker Says:

    I think spray ink and mixed media sound great, Missed the first true scrap and remember reading people’s fabulous reviews of it.

  287. Jennie S Says:

    I would love to see how you put together your album. It’s exactly what I need to learn so I can keep up my passion of scrapbooking in this crazy busy life:)

  288. Dee Cummins Says:

    I would love, love to win the True Scrap II classes. I am interested in your album system and any classes by Nic and Noell. Thanks, Shimelle.

  289. Anne Says:

    WOW! Honestly, ALL of the classes sound so amazing. I would really love to take the Phoning It In and Creating Digi Templates for Photo Printing Classes. I’m getting an iPhone soon and would love to take hipstamatic photos (like you!) on my phone as well as learning some other cool photo apps. And naturally, learning how to print them, especially multiple photos on a page, would be a plus! Thanks so much for the chance to win – I hope I do! ;)

  290. furrypig Says:

    Wow wow wow what a super generous prize! Thanks for the opportunity Shimelle as True Scrap 2 looks a m a z i n g! So many of the classes really appeal to me as I have had a really bad year in terms of getting scrapping done so I particularly like the 2 stamping classes but think my favourite is Noel’s class about embellishing. Thank you xxx ps hope you enjoy it

  291. wendy m. Says:

    Wow, all of the courses sound absolutely fab – I’m especially interested in the stamping and mixed media type courses. I would love win a spot in the True Scrap II workshop (heee – “spawn of true scrap” … that’s cute)!

  292. sarah Says:

    Oh wow, such a great class and prize. I love the idea of stamping on scrapbook pages.

  293. Katy Hedger Says:

    Oh My Shimelle what an wicked giveaway indeed, i love the sound of Photo Composition by Katrina Kennedy, but i love them all and would love to play along with some classes.

    Much Love Katy x

  294. Allycat Says:

    I would love to do Ready Set Distress! with Nic Howard – I love how she adds layer after fantastic layer of beautiful paper!
    Thank you for this fantastic giveaway!

  295. pam Says:

    I love Nic Howard and would love to take her class.

  296. kkglass Says:

    I really think I’d like to “Go with the Flow.” I have never gone back and scrapped photos from my childhood and think this would give me the motivation to do so.

  297. Andrea Griffiths Says:

    Getting off the Grid – all my pages are totally squares/quadrants. And of course yours

  298. Yolanda Says:

    Wow they all sound amazing but if I had to choose one it would be the spray inks.

  299. Melissa Shea Says:

    I would love to take your class! Thanks for the chance to win!

  300. Wrightboysmum Says:

    It was hard to pick as they all sound good but this class gets my vote.

    Mixed-Media Scrapbook Pages by Erin Bassett

  301. Polly Says:

    How can I choose! They all look super amazing. I especially like the sound of ‘pages to cards’ and ‘creating flow in your albums’ … :) But they all sound ace :)

  302. Kristin Summer Says:

    Wow,what a lovely prize! I’m loving all the classes, but am especially looking forward to Lain’s class on making $ doing what I love…maybe I can finally quit my day job ;)

  303. Loydene Says:

    I am interested in a lot of them, but probably most interested in Embellishment Gatherings. I have a real deficiency in that ability!

  304. Kelli Says:

    Having to choose just one is torture! Going Off the Grid: with Lisa Dickinson is totally my style, but mixed media is something I love so Mixed-Media Scrapbook Pages with Erin Bassett seems pretty great too. Ready, Set, Distress! with Nic Howard really has my attention but I think the class that I would most benefit from is Go with the Flow: with Shimelle Laine! NONE of my scrapbooks look like the work together. I’m really all over the place. Thanks for the opportunity to get them all!

  305. dramaqueensmum Says:

    I think the Go with the Flow: Creating flow in your scrapbook albums sounds great.

  306. Liz Says:

    How are we supposed to choose, they all look fab. If I am only allowed to choose one, it would be Solutions for Small Scrapbook Spaces, it sounds like something we could all use. WOW!!

  307. Anne Says:

    Thank you for the chance to win. I would love to take Stamping on Scrapbook Layouts with
    Nichol Magouirk

  308. DenaZS Says:

    Since we moved I need to organize a new creating space so Solutions for Small Scrapbook Spaces would be helpful. Thanks.

  309. Audrey Whitehead Says:

    Obviously I would be interested in yours- Go with the Flow: Creating flow in your scrapbook albums. I want to get back into my scrapbooking!

  310. Claire Says:

    I would benefit from all the classes if the truth be known as I am quite an under confident crafter and never really know what to do! But I particularly like the look of Spray Inks De-Mist-ifeid, Mixed Media Scrapbook Pages and Inspiration for Free.

  311. Kristi in CA Says:

    Picking one class is very difficult!! I am just getting into digital so I’d have to pick Renee’s class.

  312. Rena Says:

    Embellishment gathering, or go with the flow or making money from scrapbooking. Which to choose. All 3 if I could, but if I have to choose then embellishment gathering

  313. Michaela Says:

    Picking just one class is so difficult., maybe Mixed Media Pages or Photo Composition, but really, I like all of them!!

  314. GillyBobs Says:

    This is soooo exciting!! So many photos on my iphone I don’t know where to start, so I would love the “Phoning It in..” class! Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  315. VéroniqueR Says:

    Whaouuu! fabulous prices!
    Mixed Media Pages class sounds really interesting

  316. Azimuth Says:

    I like the sound of the albums one you’re running: I scrap what I fancy when I fancy, and that does not make for coherent albums!!

  317. Katharina Says:

    Oh, it’ not so easy. I think my most favorite classes are Phone it in and Freud on Scrapbooking! I’m very happy if I win this great price

  318. Natalie Says:

    Oh me oh my, this is a fabulous line up!! The Design Your Story with Embellishment Gatherings looks like a lot of inspiration; Stamping on Scrapbook Layouts is a great concept as I never seem to use my stamps on los, and your Go with the Flow: Creating flow in your scrapbook albums also looks wonderful so many amazing courses!! If I HAD to pick I would definitely do yours first! What a great event

  319. Alison Maddison Says:

    I love the look of Stitch it, dot it, edge it by may Flaum as I think stitching adds real dimension to a page but I always seem to struggle to get it looking right. Would love to win this fabulous prize, thanks Shimelle!

  320. Trish Says:

    Hmm, I’m not sure if I could pick just one! I love Nichol Magouirk so her class would be great to see, and Tami Morrison’s Phoning It In sounds fab too!

  321. Lyn Meadows Says:

    I would love to get the chance to organise my albums in a stress free way. I would go with Go with the Flow. Thanks for the chance to win.

  322. Julia M. Says:

    It’s hard to pick just one. I would love to take Renee Pearson’s and Paula Gilarde’s classes on digital scrapbooking, and Erin Bassett’s mixed media pages. Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize!

  323. Carrie L Says:

    Love the gathering embellishments class but the one on phone photos and making money scrapbooking are also temting. The stamping ones look good and I always love classes by May Flaum.I know, more than one, but how I’d love to have them all!

  324. Gina Says:

    I would LOVE to get more out of my stash. Wow, All of these classes look amazing! What a fabulous Prize!

  325. Christine Ousley Says:

    I would love to win a spot in this class. With a new baby I am not able to travel to scrap so this would be wonderful!! I would really like to learn more about stamping on layouts. It’s something that I don’t do enough of. Thanks for the chance to win!
    xoxo, Christine

  326. Michelle f Says:

    I think I would love to take the Phoning it in class

  327. Tammy D Says:

    I would love to win a spot to attend this event. Fabulous teachers and great classes. Sounds like a great event. Thanks for the chance to win!

  328. Sanna Says:

    Lain´s workshop sure sounds interesting, but also Nichol´s, Lisa´s and Erin´s workshops would be veeery interesting too!

  329. Anne Says:

    Creating Digital Templates for Photo Printing

    I’ve always wanted to do this and haven’t. Maybe this will motivate me.

  330. Hester Says:

    I would love to follow Renee Pierson’s workshop
    as I admire her work.
    Must say all the other one’s are interesting as well!

  331. Sam H Says:

    This is a fantastic prize – thank you so much for the chance to win xx
    The classes all look good – my head says I should say my favourite class would be Lain Ehmann’s ‘Show Me the Money’ as I am just starting a business but my crafting heart wins and my favourites (As a crafter I can’t be expected to just pick one!!) would be Erin Bassett’s class on Mixed Media Scrapbook pages and your course ‘Go With the Flow’. All of them sound great though xx Just posting on Facebook x

  332. Sam H Says:

    This is a fantastic prize – thank you so much for the chance to win. The classes all look good – my head says I should say my favourite class would be Lain Ehmann’s ‘Show Me the Money’ as I am just starting a business but my crafting heart wins and my favourites (As a crafter I can’t be expected to just pick one!!) would be Erin Bassett’s class on Mixed Media Scrapbook pages and your course ‘Go With the Flow’. All of them sound great though xx Just posting on Facebook x

  333. Dana Says:

    Besides your class of course Shimelle, I am most interested in Photo Composition. I bought a new camera recently and I am dying to take it for a test run!

  334. Sally Says:

    wow, all the classes sound fab but I love the sound of yours as I have done 100s of layouts but never actually made them into an album! Am off to tweet about this right now, thanks for the chance to win!

  335. Antoinette Says:

    So happy that you’re part of the lineup. Also looking fwd to Noell, Kristina, Cathy’s interview etc. Thanks for the chance to win xxx

  336. yanina Says:

    The Mixed-Media Scrapbook Pages workshop sounds great. Something new for me. Thanks for the chance.

  337. Iara Says:

    I love the themes listed but Mixed-Media Scrapbook Pages
    is something that I really would like to make more :) thanks for the chance to win!

  338. KarenS Says:

    I would love to take Jennifer McGuire’s or Kristina Werner’s classes. Your class sounds great too!

  339. AndreaHB Says:

    What a great giveaway! All classes sound great but I would especially be looking forward to take ‘Stamping on Scrapbook pages’ or ‘Stich it.Do it.Edge it’

  340. Sabine Says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! Of course I would love your workshop most, but Super Stamping secrets and Solutions for small scrapbook spaces and Stitch it do it edge it sounds great, too! :-))

  341. shari Says:

    What a great chance to win!! Thanks so much. All of the classes look awesome but I would love Nichol’s. I’m trying to do more with stamping.

  342. Candace Says:

    Is it a cop out to say all of them? As I checked out the list, each one seemed to pique my interest more & more! They sound and look amazing!!!

  343. Stacy Says:

    Awesome giveaway!!! I have to pick just ONE class? Seriously?? I would have to pick Francine’s class. I have a few mists from kits I’ve bought but have only used them a handful of times with VERY poor results. It’s a skill I’d love to beef up on!

  344. Lyn Coulthard Says:

    Show Me the Money! A Dozen Ways to Make Money Scrapbooking with Lain Ehmann-is the one for me! What a fabulous competition!!!

  345. Jenny B Says:

    Well, I’ve signed up already, can’t wait for this one (The first was awesome). I think it’s a toss up between Mixed media pages with Erin Bassett or Nic Howard’s Ready, Set, Distress.

  346. jacki l Says:

    wow! they all sound amazing but i could really do with the phoning it in class. i can manage to take photos with my phone but getting them off the phone baffles me!

  347. Carolyn Says:

    What a great giveaway. All the classes are inspirational, but for me it would have to be Phone It In. As my mobile is always with me I am using it far more than my digital camera.

  348. Sandra Says:

    The workshop “Freud on Scrapbooking: Sometimes a page isn’t just a page… Inspiration for Free!” sounds very interesting.
    Thanks for the chance to win! Sounds everything very great!

  349. Julie McD Says:

    One? One? I can’t really just pick one…they all sound great! The Show Me the Money class is definitely interesting and Spray Inks and your class and the interview w/Cathy Z! So many great things, I’d love it if you’d pick me! {Crossing my fingers & toes}

  350. Shauna Says:

    It would be awesome to win a spot in this event! I would love to learn everything and I’m especially curious about creating digital templates. Thanks!

  351. Bonnie Says:

    I would love the class “Going off the grid” I have such a hard time using all those gorgeous die papers by my favorite company’s, I love them, I buy them and then they just sit in my paper holder, never sure how to use them, maybe this class will inspire me!!! Thanks Shimelle

  352. Laura Sexton Says:

    They all sound good! I would be really eager to hear the Journaling A-Z. This event would be such a blessing to me as I seem to have lost my scrapbooking groove lately. I used to teach 1-2 classes a month and now I do well to just think about scrapping.

  353. Sophie M Says:

    Wow, what a giveaway! I think I like the sound of your class best, I am so disorganised and need a better system for storing pages. This might be the push I need to get it all sorted out! Thanks for the chance to win! X

  354. glenys Says:

    oh oh oh oh oh oh! – as the wonderfully inspired opener says – I always love your classes Shimelle!

  355. Fiona Says:

    I would love to take a stamping class with Jennifer McGuire! Thanks for a great opportunity :)

  356. Amy Ulen Says:

    All the classes sound great. Look forward to learning more about your system.

  357. Cindy Says:

    My favorite would be Stamping on Scrapbook Layouts by Nichol Magouirk

  358. Dalreen Says:

    What a great giveaway! Looking through, I’d be excited to see any of the classes! However, aside from your album flow class, the creating embellishments class sounds fantastic!

  359. Frances Says:

    This sounds FABULOUS!I can’t wait! All the classes sound great,but the one that stands out the most is “Show me the Money”

  360. Espinola3 Says:

    It it soooo hard to choose so I just picked my top 3 :-) Super Stamping Secrets II, Photo Composition and Quick & Easy Digital Pages. I have a ton to learn in all three areas. Thank you so much for providing the chance to win exciting food for my scrappy brain. Going to post on my FB right now…

  361. Kathy M Says:

    What a great prize! Sounds like a great “convention”.

  362. Ginger Says:

    I would love to win this event… there are many classes to choose from but I would love to see what Nic and May have up their sleeve and would also be interested in what Lain had to say. thanks for the opportunity to win!

  363. Christene Says:

    I would love to win a spot – ANY of the classes would give me a little kick in the pants, as I’ve been in a bit of a creative funk lately. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  364. Rhadonda Says:

    What a generous give away. Thank you so much.

  365. Electra Says:

    It would be a great opportunity to attend this event. All the classes sound really interesting, but I would really like to learn how to take my scrapbooking from a hobby to possibly earning income, so I would have to say “Show me the Money”. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  366. Meredith Garofalo Says:

    What a great event! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  367. Michele Says:

    How much fun would that be! I want to learn it all! Thanks so much for the chance to win a spot!

  368. Carmen Pauls Orthner Says:

    Oh dear — I’m probably too late to enter, but if not, here’s my entry!

  369. Irina Says:

    What a generous give away. Thank you so much.

  370. summer201 Says:

    hi there, i think i will choose Kristina Werner and yours one of course.

  371. Juanna Says:

    sounds like an awesome class! pick me!!!

  372. Nic Carter-Barnes Says:

    I may be too late to enter but if I am not I would definitely say Mixed-Media Scrapbook Pages with Erin Bassett
    would be a great class to take. I love mixed media art books and scrapbooking but I can’t seem to break into it without just getting in a sticky mess and getting nowhere but gunk-ville with my art!

  373. HelenaK Says:

    I dont think I can pick just one. They all sound really great. Maybe Katrina Kennedys as I really need some photography tips.

  374. joanne p Says:

    they all sound so excited but i’m really interested in may flaums class, i love stitching. i’m obsessed.

  375. CherylS Says:

    they all do really sound neat.. your class sounds great. and Nic’s distressing also sounds great..

  376. Sandra Blazek Says:

    All the classes look awesome. I like the introductory video and saw a few tings on there I want to try!

  377. Grandma Shelley Says:

    They all sound GREAT…and the Instructors…the BEST! But “Freud On Scrapbooking”…hmmm…sounds so interesting! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  378. sharon dryjanski Says:

    they all seem fabulous what a great idea no hassle with hotel tote supplies around…album philoosphy , distress it, and digital …ohh it is difficult to chose…

  379. Nancy L Says:

    How exciting! Great classes and instructors!!!

  380. Nova Says:

    All classes sound great, I especially love Jennifer McGuire, Nic Howard and yours :)

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