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4x6 Photo Love :: August 2011

Ideas for scrapbooking 4x6 photos
4x6 Photo Love :: free online scrapbooking class Class content © Click here for supplies, a PDF and further details.

The thirtieth of August already? It’s 4×6 Photo Love time! And that means scrapbooking eight 4×6 photos on one layout. Hope you’re ready for a big stack of prints!

scrapbook page
This month’s design concept involves creating a page and a half, more or less. By sewing two page protectors together and cutting a second page to a smaller size, the two pages layer to create one layout with plenty of room for photos. This design is great for a mix of landscape or portrait photos, which I know has been an extra challenge for some of you with the previous editions.

scrapbook page
See? Plenty of space! And with this layout in the mix, I can even say we’re still on-theme for wedding week! The yellow and grey version includes lots of Amy Tangerine for American Crafts plus some Studio Calico paper and Martha Stewart butterflies.

scrapbook page
scrapbook page
But never fear – there’s a kraft cardstock option too. This is the one I walk you through in the video, and it’s made mostly from the Sunshine Broadcast collection from Sassafras. Speaking of video…

I have to admit the interactive nature of these pages makes them easier to see via video than just these still photos. So go on and press the play button.

scrapbook page by sally danes scrapbook page by sally danes
And I didn’t even mention wedding week to this month’s special guest and she hit it right on the head! The lovely Sally Danes is my special guest this month. She adapted the idea to include eight portrait prints and I love how this came out with the pretty simplicity of the white cardstock background and plenty of Thickers! Check out more scrapping from Sally here on her blog.

Every month, there are two ways to win a prize for participating in 4×6 Photo Love! The first is at Two Peas: create your page and upload it to the gallery. Be sure to tick the box for this challenge in step four of the upload process. One participant will win a gift certificate to Two Peas to go shopping for whatever you like. But there’s a second chance to win right here: on this post, leave a comment with a link to your page (in the gallery at Two Peas or on your blog, whatever you prefer) and one of those links will win Two Peas shopping money too! The deadline for both is the 29th of September.

Congratulations to Talia for winning the draw for last month’s six photo class! (Talia, you will receive your gift certificate by email.) Will you be next? Just choose eight 4×6 photos to scrap and follow along with this month’s class prompt.


PS: Feel free to grab the button there on the left for your blog or to share this class with a friend – since it’s free, the more the merrier! And you’re welcome to use any supplies and any photos, so there’s no boundaries to your scrapping with this year-long project.

30 August 2011

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37 Comments for 4x6 Photo Love :: August 2011

  1. Dawn Says:

    Fabulous pages, you’ve just given me the best idea for scrapping the hundreds of wedding photos I have printed but have done nothing with. Loving this wedding themed week, just need to find some time to scrap.
    Thanks for the inspiration as always!

  2. Sinead Says:

    Love love love this! Shimelle, you are just full of fabulous ideas:) Can’t wait to give it a try…just need to find eight 4×6 photos now! Thanks x

  3. So.Creative Says:

    Great idea Shimelle, as always! It’s a very good way to scrap lots of photos in one page protector! Thanx!

  4. Emy Says:

    This is such a great idea and I have about three sets of photos that I haven’t known what to do with that would work perfectly like this. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    as always great video! Can’t wait to try this new technique! Thanks!

  6. custom business cards Says:

    Actually I have tons of photos in my drawer and I think I got a best idea from you for scrapping. I am overwhelmed now that I have someone to follow. It’s simple but it’s really organized and I find it very sweet.

  7. Debby Says:

    That’s a great idea as I can never decide on just a couple of photographs from an event. Thanks Shimelle for making it so clear.

  8. Anne Essex Says:

    Hi Shimelle, thanks for sharing your fab 6 × 4 pages. Thanks to your inspiration I am finally getting into scrapbooking. Please could you tell me which paper trimmer you have? Thanks Anne x

  9. Maria Says:

    It’s a great idea! That would be perfect for our last vacation! Thanks for the inspiration! xo

  10. Gabrielle Says:

    I have to admit sometimes when I see your classes for 4×6 photo love (OK it’s only happened twice) I think to myself, “eeee I don’t know. This looks silly! I think I’ll skip this month’s class.” Then I watch the video and fall in love with the sketch and your ideas! This month is one of the months! I can’t wait to get started on this one!

  11. Anne Says:

    Ohhhh – this is awesome! I hope I can participate. I know this isn’t for the August 4×6 Photo Love Class but I love how my May Class project turned out so I had to share: Thanks so much for all your wonderful inspiration!

  12. Ruth Says:

    OK, I was totally inspired by this, it has taken me a few months to work up to it, but this timed in with the LOAD challenge and so I have done it pronto! Here is the link. Thanks for the great class Shimelle.

  13. Mel Says:

    Thanks for another great challenge Shimelle. I did find it very challenging and more ‘technical’ than my normal scrapping!

  14. Maja Says:

    I just love your layouts! Here is mine.

  15. Gabrielle Says:

    Here’s my entry on my blog: “×6-photo-love-august.html” Thanks so much for the challenge! I had a lot of fun with it and even got to break in my new (to me) sewing machine!

  16. Neelu Says:

    Thank you for a very inspirational challenge. Here is my entry. :)

  17. Jill Says:

    Shimelle, thanks so much for sharing this great idea! I use CM albums so I will need to think of how this might work…I love the concept of expanding the lo to accommodate so many photos!

  18. Jill Says:

    Hey Shimelle, have you ever expanded this concept to 16 photos? I was wondering if so, if you had an example…

  19. Daphne Says:

    That was fun making the LO! But took longer than expected. You can find my LO with 2peas, later there will be a blog post!

  20. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    Fun sketch!! here is my take on it! THANK YOU for the video! I must have referred to it 1,000 times!! I would not have made it through the challenge without out! Here a link to my blog with the pics! THanks!

  21. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    Hmm… I can’t seem to link my blog today; so I am typing it in. Sorry about that. “

  22. Daphne Says:

    My 4×6 Photo love can finally be found HERE

  23. Becky Says:

    You can see my 4×6 photo love here:×4-photo-love.html

  24. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    This was definitely the trickiest one for me so far (I’ve done ALL of them!) They have been so great for someone like me who is indecisive about photos. Thank you so much!×6-photo-love-for-august.html

  25. Ruth Says:

    You can see my eight here:×6-photo-love-eight.html

  26. Anne Says:

    Love the multi-page interactive layout! Here’s mine:

  27. Robert Benwell Says:

    Fantastic Idea. Looking forward for more samples of your creative work.

  28. Dawn Says:

    Well thanks to your page,I’ve managed to make a start. Here’s my eight×6-photo-love/?c=t

  29. Cyndee K. Says:

    Love this layout! (will totally be using this idea again!) Here’s mine

  30. Julia Says:

    Managed this one as well :)×6-photo-love.html

  31. Karen P Says:

    I can finally say that I have finished this project now that I have got the August page done –×6-photo-love-august.html

    thanks for a great challenge.

    Karen x

  32. Diane C Says:

    I finally got a chance to use your wonderful inspiration on this layout. I’ve had it bookmarked since Aug. :

  33. Gil Williams Says:

    Loved this layout and thought I’d let you know that WRMK now make flush bound sheet protectors which are 2 protectors welded together at the hole side. They are primarily designed for double pages in a 3 ring album but lend themselves to the August 6 × 4 Love for August.

  34. wallens Says:

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