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My Day in Photos

a scrapbooker's day in photos
a scrapbooker's day in photos
a scrapbooker's day in photos
a scrapbooker's day in photos
a scrapbooker's day in photos
a scrapbooker's day in photos
a scrapbooker's day in photos
a scrapbooker's day in photos
a scrapbooker's day in photos
a scrapbooker's day in photos
a scrapbooker's day in photos
A little project with the Beyond Blogging class today. Click any thumbnail below as their days appear online. If you’re viewing this through a reader, please click here to see the full post.

26 April 2011

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80 Comments for My Day in Photos

  1. Joanne Says:

    I have that rug in my daughter’s room – small world. Great post :0)

  2. Diane Herman Says:

    Lovely photos…I would love to know how you create the dreamy look in these images…

  3. Nancy Lee Says:

    Love, love the colors on your photos Shim. And I am enjoying this class so much so that I finally found the inspiration to work on my blog today. Thank you, thank you! Throwing you kisses right now….

  4. Kim Says:

    I enjoyed this project. Thanks! Sort of wish I had added words to my photos, but the air of mystery is cool, too. :)

  5. Beverly Says:

    Love the bright pinks of the first shot! This is the first time I have done an intentional day of photos. It was interesting esp. when I had a Pampered Chef party and kept seeing the perfect shot but coouldn’t get it because people were talking to me lol

  6. Rachel H Says:

    This was fun! I love that it’s a project I can do on the go – even when I’m busy and only have my phone camera.

  7. Carol Anne Says:

    I’m here, and it’s still Tuesday where I live. I love being ahead of schedule. Thanks for setting this up, Shimelle!

  8. scrappysue Says:

    Love how you processed your photos Shimelle! Looks like we are in for a really fun day, thank you!

  9. Melissa Says:

    This was fun. I couldn’t believe it when I woke up to snow (about half a foot) but by the time I returned home from work it was gone. Can’t wait to see everyone else’s day.

  10. Amy Says:

    Wedding fever is reasonably strong over here too!
    I’m in agreeance with the photo processing – looks beautiful and certainly not rushed if you were running late – a good cover up!

  11. Nightwolf Says:

    Looking forward to seeingeveryone’s photos :)

  12. amy Says:

    Can’t wait to see what everyone shares….and I agree with all the above posters…those images ar fantastic Shimelle!! I could not get the linky deal to let me attach a photo…so I’m green and orange ugly on the linky party :(

  13. Cheryl M Says:

    This was so exciting and actually got me outside to capture the signs of spring! Can’t WAIT to see what everyone shares. Your share was GREAT Shimelle! Thanks so much!

  14. Connie Mercer Says:

    very cool~everything works~great post!!!!

  15. Rebekah Says:

    Love your photos Shimelle! Thanks for this wonderful photo/blog project!

  16. Carrie Says:

    Oh bummer on missing 500 Days of Summer – that is one of my favorite movies right now. Interesting on the dance class! I’d love to do that!

  17. Kirsty A Says:

    Love your signature soft focus in these. Are they done in Photoshop?

  18. Lynn Says:

    Love your photos – really loved doing this and looking forward to seeing everyone elses days.

  19. Tanya Says:

    I loved this idea – forgot to take my camera with me to work so used my cellphone, which I don’t often do – quite pleased with the results – looking forward to seeing what everyone else did.

  20. Becky Says:

    Your photos are great Shimelle! Off to work now, but will try to have some sneaky looks during the day at what others have posted. Used my i-phone to take all my photos yesterday as I didn’t have my camera at work!

  21. Jane Says:

    I’m reading that book at the moment!! Loved doing this.

  22. Tracy Says:

    I love that bunting, so pretty.

  23. Natalie Williams Says:

    Looks like a fabulous day, love what you captured :)

  24. rockchickhelen Says:

    Have tried uploading thumbnail image to Mr Linky and it wont let me.

    Please could you add my link to the list. :)

    Helen x

  25. Jennie Says:

    Love your photos – and it was interesting capturing my day – from the mundane to the inspirational. J x

  26. anneberit Says:

    Loved your words on the photos.

  27. Lizzle Says:

    Wow, so many already. I will have to keep coming back today to look at all the links.

    Liz x

  28. Bernice Says:

    Hope everyone has a great day today

  29. Debs Says:

    What a fun project! It’s fun to check out all the links!

  30. Miriam Rogers Says:

    Gorgeous pictures to see first thing in my morning! I saw the prompt early but only read the e-mail. Spent a great day with the camera around my neck. I downloaded 99 pictures on Tuesday afternoon and then read the prompt! Aaagh. all those pics, choose 4 or 10! no chance. I went with your A-Z idea Shimelle, pour yourself a coffee when you come to mine. This class has been the best one for me, thanks x

  31. Denise Says:

    Great idea to put text on the photos!

  32. V x Says:

    Lovely photos – great dreamy effect. I’m especially liking the bunting photo!

    Looking forward to sneaking a peak into everyone else’s day.

  33. Sian Says:

    That’s what I’m reading at the moment too – I haven’t got such a pretty photo of my book though!

  34. Marie Goodwyn Says:

    These are looking really good. Sadly I can’t get MrLinky to put a thumbnail in for me! I tried every way and It kept saying “missing op” – does it just not like Macs?

  35. Marie Goodwyn Says:

    I just had another look – and it is working – halleluya! I got confused by stuff… sadly too easy! :-)

  36. Emy Says:

    This is fun! I’m going to have a proper look at everyone’s photos later as the washing is calling to me.

  37. Alison Says:

    Will be checking out everyone’s ‘days’ later! Love yours Shimelle…I didn’t think of adding text to the photos
    Alison x

  38. nikki Says:

    i’ve been meaning to do a day in pics for a while but kept thinking it needed to be a more exciting kinda day, with this project i realised how silly that was, as our exciting days are recorded anyway!! thanks shimelle for this project, gonna go check everyone elses days now xoxo

  39. Anthea Goodman Says:

    Oooh fab pictures!! Thanks for initiating this project, I really enjoyed toting my camera around for the day. And it let my hubby see what I get up to all day!!

  40. jenlynnie Says:

    this was fun. i am going to have to do this again.

  41. S Says:

    What a fun peek at your day – fab idea.

  42. Francine Says:

    Wonderful photos. I love the dreamy effect!

  43. Irene Fitzpatrick Says:

    I love your photos and the effect you’ve used on them!

  44. Jennie Says:

    I am so enjoying this class Shimelle, it has taken me in direction that I didn’t intend to go in. Your prompts are so well thought through and I look forward to them so much. Your post is so pretty and i too love the soft focus. This is the first time I have attempted to use PS and win, I have finally sussed out how to add text to photos! Jen x

  45. Angelfish Says:

    Lovely dreamy photos:)
    My children have only just gone back to school today so a bit of a rush job for me, but I wanted to join in.
    Fiona x

  46. MonicaB Says:

    Wonderful photos. This was a great idea and something that would be fun to repeat.

  47. Nancy Gauthier Says:

    Nice idea!

  48. Nicole Says:

    Love your photos and captions! This was a great (and easy) blog post idea and I’m excited to see everyone else’s photos.

  49. Valerie Says:

    The very first photo captured my attention. I love pink! I enjoyed this project a lot.

  50. Keri-An Says:

    I’m so wishing I was able to follow along with this class as I was with the first… But the universe seems to be conspiring against that – the internet in our apartment fell over (long story – large pain), then we were away for Easter and this week we need to pack up the apartment to move on the weekend… I’m sure I’m going to love it when things settle a little next week and I (hopefully) can get onto the internet at the new place – but for now I’m missing – joining along, reading what everyone else is doing… Good luck to all – and great photo inspiration Shimelle!

  51. Elliefantasy Says:

    Wow, your day looked so lovely and colourful. Great way to spend the day and a fun project for the blog. Thanks for organising xx

  52. Kimberly K Says:

    Love your photos. So beautiful. Thanks for doing this!

  53. Lizzie Says:

    Thank you for setting this up for us, Shimelle – it’s fun and I have learned how to use photo templates today, as a result of the link provided by ScrappySue! I’m learning loads from BBFS. :-))

  54. Rachel Says:

    Diane Herman Says:
    27 April 2011, 00:22
    Lovely photos…I would love to know how you create the dreamy look in these images…

    Ooh yes me too! Your pictures always look so fab Shimelle. Great project, I had loads of fun doing it.

  55. Wanda Says:

    Your photos are terrific, and so is the response to this prompt. I’m wishing for a vacation day just so I would have the time to look at everyone else’s posts. Will do what I can…

  56. Gem Says:

    I love the faded look to your photos Shimelle, is that something you were able to do in photoshop after taking them, or just a setting on the camera?

    I’m really enjoying the class so far, wat will we do when it ends?!

  57. valerie Says:

    Your photos are beautiful and so dynamic.
    I don’t have much time but I enjoy this class !

  58. Sharis Says:

    I love the text on the pictures! I had trouble not using words to explain my pictures. (:

  59. Lydia Says:

    Love the soft, misty feel of your photos! Busy day here, but looking forward to finding some time to check out a bunch of the links!

  60. Ginger Says:

    I love your photos Shimelle, especially the Royal Wedding excitement :)

  61. Jo Says:

    Late as always – not a whole day – just a small portion – but pretty!!

  62. Photograhing Mom Says:

    Too much fun!

  63. Julie Ann Says:

    I love the bunting! Did you make it? Can you share what photo action you use? xoxo

  64. Margie S Says:

    My favorite photo is the one on the train. But the wedding excitement is a very close second. This is such a fun project!

  65. kimberlee Says:

    Love the pictures and the vintage-y feel. :)

  66. Ruby Says:

    Amazing photography!

  67. LeaVon Says:

    Love seeing how different our days are. Sorry I didn’t get my post right though.

  68. lory Says:

    shimelle I love all your classes and photos and Ideas!!!
    A question… what is the font that you have used in the pictures?Thank youuuu big kisses

  69. MissSmith Says:

    I’ve been popping back for sneaky peaks all day at work. This is such a FANTASTIC project: seeing what people all over the country and even the glob get up to during a day and seeing the world through their eyes. Thanks for the idea, it’s totally inspiring!

    P.S. Your photos are beautiful. There’s something really spontaneous and real about them.

  70. Sherry C Says:

    Beautiful photos, Shimelle! I didn’t go anywhere yesterday except my scrap room so my pics are rather boring. lol

  71. Jenny B Says:

    phew finally got to post! Off to take a peek at the others now!

  72. Jamie D Says:

    Fun prompt!

  73. Julie Jeavons Says:

    I’ve seen a few of these and so many amazing photos. And so glad you got my card Shimelle.

  74. kari Says:

    i loved this post and it makes me wish i took the extra time to put text on my photos :D

  75. Rachel Says:

    Great post idea. It nearly killed me to post something with no words…lol But definitely very cool to be able to click around and see everyone’s day. :)

  76. Fiona Says:

    That was fun – really like your words on your photos.

  77. furrypig Says:

    really late still catching up with daily prompts but saw what was happening on all the blogs yesterday so took pics today boo hoo that I was late!! Must go and visit some more!!

  78. Christina H. Says:

    A little late but I did it today and got it posted. Did it a little different, but it was sure fun!

  79. pauline Says:

    Just uploaded my photos for yesterday!

  80. Becky Launder Says:

    I love this —- I wish I had everyday of my life captured in photos. So creative!! Thanks for sharing!