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Scrapbooking Sketch of the week

Scrapbooking sketch and page ideas
scrapbooking sketch and page ideas
I have a feeling you’re going to tell me two things about today’s sketch.
One, it’s a day late.
Two, it only has one photo.

And some of you just don’t do one photo.

But here’s the thing… I like one photo.
I like that I can show more pattern and colour from a lovely piece of paper. I like that the photos don’t fight for attention. I like that there’s more room for journaling. I like that no matter what the size of the photo, provided it’s 12×12 or smaller, there’s a way to make it work.

Then again, I have not a nerve in my body that urges me to catch up with what I scrapbook. Because if I did, this would be pretty scary:
4x6 photos
Ever wonder what 691 photos would look like? Now you know. That is the order I placed late Tuesday afternoon and bright and early today it arrived at my door, including the first few hundred prints from our trip. You know, the first few hundred of the nine thousand. But I am not in a panic. I look at that giant stack of photos with much glee! All the different images, all the different opportunities. All the pretty papers with which they will coordinate! And thus I could sing from the rooftops.

I guarantee some of them will become single photo layouts. Not all. But some. Because I just find single-photo pages to be fun. End of story.

scrapbook page
So when the JBS team were asked to share something that helped define our style, I chose this. Because it has colour. Because it has pattern. Because it has lots of detail in just one little part of the page. Because I have scrapped a great deal of Alice in Wonderland. Because it has one single 4×6 photo. (Oh. And a butterfly. Of course.)

But I will make you a deal:
scrapbooking sketch
If you like single photo layouts, follow this as it is. If single photo pages make you break out in hives, look at this sketch and imagine that there are additional photos. Maybe another directly above the picture that is there. And a third to the left of that. Or print the photos smaller and include even more, like a strip of photos all the way across the middle of the page.

In a world full of people who like single photos and people who don’t, I am convinced we can just all get along. Especially if we can find some pretty paper as common ground.

So here’s this week’s sketch, and I’d love for you to play along – with one photo or as many as you dare.

scrapbooking sketch and page ideas
Since I got the links all mixed up last time, I’ve just picked four from last week’s sketch – let’s see if I can get them right! From left to right, Claire, Jenna, Veeruliiru and Cheryl. That should take you to more details and bigger pictures!

This week we’ll try a Mr Linky and see if that works better! So if you play along, please leave a link below… though you can still use the comments if you prefer. Let me know which you think is best for future, perhaps.

Happy scrapping!


28 April 2011

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14 Comments for Scrapbooking Sketch of the week

  1. Francine Says:

    While I do multi photo layouts as well (have you seen how many photos I take of my son? lol) I agree that nothing gets my heart singing like a single photo layout. All that glorious space to play with!

  2. Antonia S-H Says:

    Better late than never! I’m loving the weekly sketches. Thank you.

  3. heather Says:

    cropping tonight so going to give this a go :) I’d LOVE that pile of photos to scrap, I’m running low :( going to print some old prescrapping holiday pics to keep me going until I go away somewhere this year!

  4. Jennie Says:

    Hi Shimelle, I love the sketch. I am from the 1 photo tribe, sometimes I feel comfortable with a 5×7 as well! I haven’t joined in before with your challenge, I felt a little bit like I wasn’t quite invited, I now know from doing your classes that that isn’t the case at all! I look forward to joining in more. Thanks, Shimelle. Great layout, I have enjoyed seeing all your layouts of the Alice party.

  5. heather Says:

    I’ve added my MR lInky now :) thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Alyssa Says:

    I had fun making my layout. Thanks for the sketch!

  7. Claire Viney Says:

    I seem to find it easier to use just one picture. Thanks for another fabby sketch Shimelle x

  8. Lizzie Says:

    This is a cool sketch – and your layout is uber-cool! Colour choices are sooo bright on this page – I love it! The title made me laugh.
    Thanks for this – I might just have a go (seeing as I’ve worked hard this week – including bank holidays – and need a break!)

  9. Amy Says:

    Shimelle, after our long discussions on the forum this week regarding crediting and linking back, I think I have got them all this week for the sketch!
    I love single photo layouts and they make up a good proportion of my pages :-)

  10. Julie Kirk Says:

    I usually prefer Mr.Linky [nothing at all weird about saying that], mainly because you can see the sneak peeks of other’s work before clicking.


  11. Shelley Says:

    Rather late – but my first attempt at using a transparency thingy – managed to go through some of the title, but it’s done!

  12. Alana Says:

    I’m a bit late but I enjoyed using your sketch for this layout. It really helped with the inspiration. Thanks.

  13. Cath Says:

    I’m very very late but saw a LO from this sketch on Alana’s site that inspired me :)

  14. Ole Says:

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