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This Year :: Construction, part two

park sign

Part two of the construction notes can be downloaded here. Looking at this sign, I wished I had thought to draw cute little cartoon pictures to illustrate these steps!

One more prompt to go and everything will all be finished…the big reveal. See you soon!


23 January 2009

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11 Comments for This Year :: Construction, part two

  1. Carrie Says:

    At first I laughed at that sign but then thought, why do you have to tell people not to leave their dogs? I’m hoping something just lost in translation, lol. Can’t wait for last prompt!!! :) Thanks so much! I’m hoping to get my Mom to play along w/ me, get her into scrapping!

  2. ginny Says:

    off topic here…did I miss the prompt for this months Scrap Your Day..already 25th here ..well it’s almost over…didnt want to take too many photo’s as I didnt have the prompt..maybe I’ll do the photos’s Australia Day :0)

  3. Virginia Says:

    Hi Shimelle – Can’t find the link for the last prompt for This Year when will it be available pretty please?

  4. Cindy McDannold Says:

    I’m with you, Virginia. Was wondering if I messed up..Pic on 25th isn’t up either. Hope everything is OK with you Shimelle..Cindy

  5. Madeline St Onge Says:

    Shimelle posted on Face look that her website is broken and she has been trying to fix it but it is starting to look like it is terminal :(

  6. Appschopper Says:

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