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Design Decisions: A New Online Scrapbooking Class!

Design Decisions Online Scrapbooking Class

After six exciting scrapbooking challenges over the weekend (those remain open, by the way) I’m thrilled to share with you a new class for November. In working on this project, I’ve broken down design into smaller thoughts than I have previously, and I’ve actually discovered so many little reasons I do particular things that I’d never really thought about consciously. In contrast to The 20 Project, in creating the pages for this class I really took my time and consider all the decisions I make along the way. What makes a page too busy or too bare to my eye? Why do I feel compelled to add dimension somewhere on the page? What role does texture play when choosing my embellishments? What makes me include a variety of shades of one colour rather than keeping everything an absolutely exact match? And from that comes this new class: Design Decisions.

Class starts Wednesday, the 9th of November and ends Friday, the 25th of November. All classes include permanent access to the materials so there is no rush to complete everything in that time.

Design Decisions includes fifteen extended-length process videos with a focus on the choices we make in designing scrapbook pages. For example, both you and I might start by deciding to make a page with Halloween photos, but from there our decisions have many things to consider: how many photos do we want to include? What size will we print them? What mood do we want to convey? How can we achieve that mood through colour, products, and placement on the page? The videos answer these questions and share design decisions that work for balanced, attractive, and meaningful pages with a variety of techniques.

But Design Decisions is not just videos: each video is accompanied by a full-colour PDF file that gives you a desk reference to the particular decisions made that day. The PDFs include large, printable page sketches, design notes, and photos of the pages shown in the videos as well as additional scrapbook pages that employ relevant design principles. All the videos are my own pages, but a few of my favourite scrappers have also contributed pages to the PDFs to share how the design decisions work in a variety of scrapping styles.

Design Decisions Online Scrapbooking Class

Design Decisions is $25 US dollars. To see what that may be in your local currency, check XE.

Email Address for Class:

If you’re new to classes here, it works like this: sign up at any time on this page. Within 24 hours, you’ll receive an email with your login name and password to access the class on our private forum. From the 9th of November to the 25th, you’ll receive emails with the class materials, which are also posted on the forum so you can choose which method is easiest for you. The forum is also a place to chat with other participants and share any pages you make. If you’ve taken classes here before, the class will be added to your existing account. If you sign up after the 25th of November, you won’t receive daily emails but will have full access to all the class materials to work through at your own pace.

Any other questions, feel free to get in touch by email or in the comments. I’d love to see you in class!

A New Online Scrapbooking Class: The 20 Project

A New Online Scrapbooking Class: The 20 Project

Sometimes I love a project that focuses on one specific story for several weeks. And other times I feel like my list of things I want to do is so long and unconnected, I might as well be chopping it up and putting it in a hat. I’ve often thought about that in my head, but this is really the first time I decided I would really and truly make it work in a literal sense. It’s called The 20 Project.

20 items on my scrapping to-do list.
20 new scrapbook pages.
20 videos, each 20 minutes long.
And you’re welcome to join me for the full adventure – it’s $20.

A New Online Scrapbooking Class: The 20 Project

When I chopped up my to-do list to go into the hat, it included things like
…using a kit I purchased but have let sit on my shelf ever since it arrived.
…whittling down a day of 100+ photos to a feasible number that still tells the story in full.
…sorting out an overflow of paper scraps into quick and easy page kits.
…stamping enough to get past my ‘I maybe bought too many stamps’ guilt.
…becoming happier about using portrait and landscape shots on the same page.
…scrapping with a colour wheel to get more interesting combinations from my stash.
…making a dent in my collection of Project Life cards.
…switching up my title techniques to have a bit more variety without completely changing my style.
…and twelve other everyday scrapbooking dilemmas that sometimes leave us all stumped at our desk when we wish we were actually sticking bits of pretty paper to other bits of pretty paper.

A New Online Scrapbooking Class: The 20 Project

This class is primarily video based, but each video is accompanied by a short PDF with photos of the finished layout and a few brief notes, so it’s easy to remember the key elements covered without having to watch the full twenty minutes again.

The pages created cover a variety of topics, including baby and toddler photos but also travel (both people and scenery), home and neighbourhood (cooking, collections, parks and gardens), wedding, hobbies, and everyday life documentation. Some pages include supplies from my own collections with American Crafts, while others do not and use a range of brands across the scrapbooking and stamping industries. You do not need to use the same supplies to follow along with the challenges and techniques. Most of the pages are single-page 12×12 in format, but there are a few double pages either as two 12×12s or as one 12×12 and one pocket page.

A New Online Scrapbooking Class: The 20 Project

The photos shown here are indicative of my scrapping style but are not the twenty pages created for The 20 Project. I’m excited to share all-new material with you in class!

The 20 Project starts on Wednesday, 3 August 2016. You may join at any time, including after the class has finished, but signing up before the third will give you the full live experience of receiving class materials by email and joining in the conversations on the private classroom forum as we go through the twenty days of materials. The final video will be sent on Friday, 26 August. (There are no videos on Sundays or the first Saturday.)

You can sign up now and pay by credit or debit card or from your Paypal balance (you do not need a Paypal account to join in). It’s $20 in US Dollars, and xe lets you see that amount in your currency if you need to check. You’ll receive a welcome message within 24 hours, and if you don’t, please do not hesitate to email me. If the email address on your Paypal account is not the one you want to use for receiving class materials, please let me know either by email or leaving a ‘note to seller’ when you check out.

A New Online Scrapbooking Class: The 20 Project

Any other questions, just let me know! And look forward to a short video on YouTube this week that shares the style of this project. I’d love for you to join me in making August crafty and productive!

The Scrapbook Process starts Monday!

A brand new online class starts Monday – The Scrapbook Process! It’s never too late to join in, but this weekend would be a great time to sign up if you want the full live class experience, of course.

You can find the full written details about the class here, and the video above gives that information in a bit more conversational style!

To sign up in US Dollars:
Email Address for Class:

To sign up in UK Pounds:

Email Address for Class:

In other announcement type news: we’re just one week away from National Scrapbooking Day! Next weekend, there will be a full schedule of challenges here to keep you inspired! Challenges will remain open for the full week and following weekend, so you’ll have about ten days to participate if you like! Hope to see you then too.

The Scrapbook Process - A New Online Scrapbooking Class!

scrapbook page by shimelle laine

It’s (almost) finally time for an all new class here. It’s been a while since I’ve developed a big workshop with daily emails and all new content and a specific direction. I’m excited, and I really hope you’ll find it worth the wait!

My favourite classes all come from a key personal experience in my own crafting. Journal your Christmas came from keeping my own diary one year, Cover to Cover came from my frustration at stacks of layouts and no order and no easy way to show someone what scrapbooking could really be. Both of those experiences completely changed the way I worked going forward, and I’ve had more changes in the past year as I got my head round this craft again. The changes all came in my process, and most importantly realising that one single process is not the way I work best on every project.

I kept coming back to this word, process, and it wasn’t lost on me that a film of a scrapbook page being made from start to finish is now commonly known as a process video. We tend to think of a process video as just one layout being created, and like I talked about so much in Cover to Cover, one layout at a time is not where I find the greatest value in this craft. I love the book in scrapbook. I needed a way to go beyond the page at a time of a process video and share how each of those layouts is just one small part of my process of creating a bigger and more valuable project. That’s where this class comes into fruition.

The Scrapbook Process is an online class that begins Monday the 2nd of May 2016 and runs through to the end of the month. It includes 22 videos, each accompanied by a PDF, emailed directly to you Monday to Friday, plus a weekly review sheet for weekends to help you put the ideas into practice with your own scrapping, no matter the style or subjects you scrap. The class also includes a private forum to chat and share your work with other participants, and you’re welcome to email me at any time to discuss anything you’d rather not take to the full group. Like all classes, this course comes with permanent access, which is something I take very seriously and I’m happy to discuss with you if you have any questions about what that means here. I’ve been teaching online for twelve years now and all of those classes have archives available to the participants. Work at any pace and return at any time, so if the schedule of materials throughout May doesn’t suit you, you can make it work with a better time on your calendar.

In those twenty-two videos, I’ll take you through three specific albums in depth, including creating new pages (one and two page layouts are both covered) as well as other relevant topics dealing with printing photos, selecting supplies, and writing your stories. One is a plain old family chronological album with no specific theme and the other two albums have a narrower focus, but I promise you do not need to have an album with a similar topic to apply the ideas to whatever themes you want to document. Each of the three albums has a different process, each with its pros and cons, each with its way of being just right for a given situation. You may find one process is the best for how you work or you may find it useful to flit from one to the other. Both options are worthwhile! Along the way, we will talk extensively about making it your process, and that means that everything is just how it works best for you, from choosing what to scrap to creating the embellishments on your page. This is definitely not a ‘now do this just like me’ class and more a class for picking, choosing, and adapting to find things that not only work for you right now but invigorate your process and leave you wanting to push everything else aside and scrap!

There are no specific supplies needed for this course, and it’s quite likely you’ll want to use supplies you already have on hand.

I’ll share a bit more about The Scrapbook Process throughout April as we near the first day of class, but I think that’s enough food for thought for now. The class is $30 US dollars or £20 UK pounds, and if neither of those is your currency you can click on either option and it will automatically convert to your currency. XE gives currency exchange rates if you want to see what that works out to in numbers that make sense in other countries.

To sign up in US Dollars:

Email Address for Class:

To sign up in UK Pounds:

Email Address for Class:

Thank you so much for the tremendous response to the early bird offer. I had hoped to open the forum today but today we have been finding a remedy for a technical hiccup that was preventing some participants from accessing their classes. First thing Tuesday, I will verify that everything is indeed working and open the forum! Don’t worry, there are no class materials until the 2nd of May, so it’s just for friendly chat between now and then.

Happy scrapping!

A Last Minute Easter DIY + A Special Sale

Easter decor by Gina Lideros
Two little extras today for your Easter weekend: first, it’s not too late to do a little Easter decorating, and Gina Lideros has a project that is quick and easy and perfect to do either by yourself or as a collaborative family project. Then something just for you: a sale on some classes so you can have a calorie-free Easter treat!

Easter decor by Gina Lideros
To start creating my banner I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut little bunnies out of patterned paper. This file in the Silhouette store works beautifully, but there are plenty of different Easter shapes so you can choose something to your liking.

Easter decor by Gina Lideros
I thought that the little bunnies could use cute cotton tails, so I applied a small fluffy tail to each one for a quick and easy detail.

Easter decor by Gina Lideros
I used old book pages for the background of each piece of the banner, sewing them together for a bit more strength and using a border punch at the bottom for a cute scalloped edge. You could easily use patterned paper for this step too – select a small pattern in a pale color or a color that gives you a good contrast with your bunnies.

Easter decor by Gina Lideros
I added seam binding to the top to bind the banner together. Then I just adhered a bunny to each piece and my banner was ready to hang. I also created a small bunny framed piece by taking strips of patterned paper and adhering them behind a bunny that I cut out using my Silhouette Cameo. It’s the remaining piece from when I cut the bunnies for the banner, so it’s nice to have the potential to use both the positive and the negative when cutting the design!
- Gina

Easter decor by Gina Lideros
I’m very happy to say I’m in the final stages of a new class – finally! So this weekend I’m offering a special price on some existing courses that complement the new one coming up so soon. Chief among them is Cover to Cover, the course that covers how I went from treating every page like an individual project and just stacking the pages up in endless piles of disorganised craft to putting the book back in scrapbooking and finding an album system that absolutely changed this hobby for me. This is something I also discussed in the audio course format with Noell Hyman in the Story Centred Album recordings, but Cover to Cover is a course of PDF and video content that goes into step by step detail of how I made my photo storage work, how I got all those stacks into albums that made sense to me, and how keeping things really, really simple lit a flame under my creativity to keep making pages that told my stories. This course is normally $30 USD, but over the Easter weekend, it’s just $22. You can read all about the course here, but be sure to come back to this page to pay, as the sign up button on that page will charge you the normal full price.
Sorry this offer has now expired. The class is still available at the full price on the link above.

Next up is Inspired By, a group video workshop where several of us chose something as our inspiration piece then shared how we went from that inspiration to a new finished layout in a start to finish process video. The class includes ten videos plus a reference PDF, and normally costs $15. This weekend, it’s just $10. Again, you can read about the class details here, but be sure to return to this page to purchase so you get the discount!
Sorry this offer has now expired. The class is still available at the full price on the link above.

And the third and final special offer is slightly different. Glitter Girl’s Scrapbooking Survival Guide is a course I originally taught at Two Peas in a Bucket and it hasn’t been available since their closure. This is another thing finally reaching that point where I get to cross it off the list! If you took this class at Two Peas, you do not need to purchase it. We will be adding your access here, but it takes some time as there isn’t an easy way to transfer the list from their site to mine. But those names will start to be added on Tuesday and I will post here when we are through the full list so you can get in touch then if you should have had access and aren’t seeing it in your class list. But for those who have never taken the class, it’s now available for signing up! At Two Peas, the course was broken into two purchases – the ten video Survival Guide class for $25 and an additional extended video (Glitter Girl’s Guide to Stretching your Stash) was an additional purchase. Here, it will all be together for the $25 price on an ordinary day, which is already a saving since you basically get an extra mini workshop for free. But this weekend, you can purchase the full set for $18. That’s eleven videos (including one that is significantly longer than the rest) and five accompanying PDF files to break it all down. Class access for this course will be sent on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 29th and 30th of March.

Some important things
…Class access for Cover to Cover and Inspired By can take up to 24 hours. Class access for Glitter Girl’s Scrapbooking Survival Guide will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday. You should receive a welcome email in that time frame, and if it’s your first class purchase here, you’ll also be sent login details in a separate email. They can sometimes go to your spam folder, so keep an eye if you don’t see it in your inbox.
…These classes are all archived and you will access the materials online. They include permanent access and you can access them any time, at any pace, and in any order you fancy, as long as you have an internet connection. If you already have an account and want to check what classes you already have, you can find that here, but remember your classes won’t be visible until you sign in with your username and password.
…Sale prices end at 6am UK time, Tuesday 29th March 2016.
…You can always contact me at if you have any questions with your purchase.

Easter scrapbook page by Heather Leopard
That’s enough blather from me! Have a beautiful Easter weekend and do not miss the fabulous Easter crafting tutorials from Heather Leopard while you’re here!

This weekend only: scrapbooking workshop sale!

scrapbook page with the Starshine collection @

UPDATE: this sale has now ended. All three class are available at any time, however, at the full price. You can find a link to each sign up page in the text below. If you have any questions, please send me a message so I can help! Thank you for all your support. -S.

Thank you so much for the warm welcome back to more regular posting. I’m so happy to have heard things like ‘I haven’t scrapped in a year but I made a page today and now I’m hooked again’. Seriously, that Made My Day. What you’ve seen so far this week is the sort of thing you’ll see every week here now, with a new challenge every Monday, Glitter Girl always posting a video on a Wednesday, then an assortment of scrapbooking topics on the other days of the week. I hope that balance of a little bit of schedule, a little bit of spontaneity works as well for you as a reader as it does for me at my crafting desk!

Now there’s another post with new pages coming up a little later today, and you still have this weekend to participate in the Scrapbook a Selfie challenge, but I have one little extra for you: a sale! This weekend only you can grab some online scrapbooking workshops at a discount.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Scrapbooking - an online workshop @

First, there’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Scrapbooking. This is a class I taught at Two Peas and I haven’t had it available to purchase here until today. The Two Peas price was $25 and that’s what it will be here normally, but this weekend you can sign up for $18. The course includes 5 videos, each with a corresponding PDF, with a total of forty-two scrapbook pages found only in that workshop. You can read more about the class in this original post but remember to come back to this post to sign up! While this class will feature supplies that are no longer on the shelf in most shops, it is not a class that relies on you using the exact same products and is designed for you to adapt all the ideas to the stash you already have to hand.

Scrapbook Remix - an online scrapbooking workshop @

Next up is Scrapbook Remix. Originally taught in 2012, this is a workshop all about mixing product from a variety of manufacturers and collections, with tips on what to look for to find things that will work together. Includes a series of eight videos and twenty PDFs (plus a few little extras), and is normally $25. This weekend, you can sign up for $18. The original post about Remix includes the breakdown of class materials, but make sure you come back to this page to sign up with the discounted price.

Ready Set Scrapbook - an online scrapbooking workshop @

Then there’s Ready Set Scrapbook. This course came out in the middle of last year and it’s already really affordable – it’s only $8 full price for three videos. This weekend it’s just $5! Ready Set Scrapbook uses the True Stories collection in the examples. You can totally follow the steps with any products and papers you like, but if you have True Stories papers just waiting for you to get cutting and pasting, then watch these videos and have an easy time making pages! You can read the full class details here, then come back to this page to get the sale price.

All of these classes are in an archived format. When you sign up, you’ll receive a payment receipt through Paypal (you can pay by credit/debit card or from your Paypal account) then your registration will be processed by an actual person (me!) and you’ll receive a second email that welcomes you to class. If you’ve never taken a class at, you’ll receive one more email with your login details for the class side of the website. Once you have the email from me, you can sign in and access all the materials and work through them at your own pace. If you want to chat about anything or ask any questions, I’m just at the end of an email – send me a note or a tweet and I’ll help in any way I can! I aim to make sure you have class access within twenty-four hours of your purchase. If you can’t see an email in that time, let me know so I can get that sorted for you.

Thanks so much for the warm welcome back and I hope your weekend is filled with new happy memories!

Join in with Journal your Christmas 2015!

It’s just hours from my favourite time of year – Journal your Christmas time! The 2015 forums are open and discussions have started, and there are even two new videos posted for members that show my process for getting ready (it doesn’t take long) and staying organised with this project amongst the busy days of the Christmas season. But let me slow down just a minute.

Journal your Christmas is a project that has been near and dear to my heart for twelve years now. It was first a journal I created just for myself as I worked to ‘take back Christmas’ and rekindle the feeling I remembered in the season but wasn’t finding in everyday life at that particular time. That journal turned everything around for me and my love of Christmas has stayed with me ever since. The following year, I used that journal to develop a set of writing prompts for scrapbookers and journalers with the idea that you could write every day or just some days, choosing the topics that spoke to you most. There is no pressure to create an entry for every day or every topic in any one year, and you’re encouraged to go back to that book that you started with good intentions but didn’t get anywhere near Christmas day in your documentation. With that in mind, I set out from day one that this would be an annual project and if you joined in once, you could participate as many years as you wanted at no extra cost… which means there are a few people who have gone through the class more than ten times all from that initial purchase! I’m so honoured that JYC is part of Christmas for many of you.

The video above has a little explanation of the basics and what you’ll receive this year – and that’s a daily PDF and a new daily video. There is already a library of daily 3×4 cards from last December, and these are new videos with a different format. Still on the shorter side to make them fit in your holiday schedule, but rather than just a card each day, each video has a balance of crafting – sometimes an embellishment, sometimes a stamping technique or a journaling technique or working with a photo – and the theme explored in that day’s PDF. It feels quite cohesive for me this year, looking at the PDF and the videos together, and I’m excited to work in my journal alongside you. (I am working ahead a little so my journal can still be very much the real events and photos and thoughts of Christmas in our home, but in a way I can share with you without a delay.)

When you sign up, you receive access to all future years but also all the archived material from the past years of Journal your Christmas, so if you want to sign up now and look through the daily videos from last year or read all the prompts in one big binge session tomorrow, you definitely can. There are also printable and digital files in the archives and you can see the gallery from each year where participants share their work.

What’s included in Journal your Christmas?
Thirty-seven days of inspiration delivered right to your inbox. We start on the first of December and run to the sixth of January, which is the twelfth day of Christmas.
Each daily email includes a full-colour, printable PDF that covers a particular topic in depth with ideas for journaling, photographing, and crafting. This year, it also includes an accompanying video.
There is also a private forum to chat and share your work with other JYC participants.

What makes your classes different to others?
All of my classes include permanent access, something I have always taken very seriously. That means when you join the project, you can participate for as many years as you would like at no extra cost.

I donate £1 for every class purchase to The Girls’ Fund at Plan, a charity that helps millions of girls who otherwise wouldn’t have access to education or basic survival needs.

The PDF prompts come right to your inbox – you don’t have to sign into the website daily to view them – though they are archived for you online so if you need to go back or want to download several to work on while you’re offline for a while, that is always an option. (You may or may not be able to see the videos straight from your inbox – it depends on the device you’re using and your mail software settings, but likewise, the streaming videos are embedded in both the emails and the class forum so you can view them at the time that works best for you.)

We really embrace variety and doing what works best for you. You can just take pictures or just write words or you can create a beautiful canvas every day – it’s completely up to you and I love every way the project may be approached. That includes how many entries you will make. You can certainly add something to your album every day if you would like, but it’s not a requirement. When I started this project, I designed it with the idea that you would cover a few of the topics in the first year, then in your second year pick a few more, and so on until you had a very full album you loved that documented many years of Christmas celebration. So whether you want to create every day, just now and then, or just take notes in December then put it all together at a quieter time of year, you are welcome to take the avenue that makes you happiest!

How do I join Journal your Christmas?
Easy! Just choose your currency and click the button below for your choice of UK pounds or US dollars. If neither of those is your currency, you can still join us! Choose either and the payment will convert automatically when you make your payment.

You can pay by credit/debit card or Paypal account. If you would like your prompts to come to a different email address than the one on your Paypal account, please be sure to leave a note in the message to seller section with the email address you would like to use. (If you miss that, send me an email to let me know, with both email addresses. Orders can take up to 24 hours to process. If you haven’t received your class registration after 24 hours, just email me and I’ll make sure your registration is completed and ready for you to get started!

Can I give Journal your Christmas as a gift?
Yes! Just click to pay above as normal, then leave the email address for the gift recipient in the notes section. If you miss the notes, email me. If you’d like me to send an email explaining that the class is a gift, I’m happy to do so – just let me know your preference of being named or anonymous!

Is there a deadline for signing up?
No. You can sign up any day of the year. The class starts on the first of December, so if you want to be in on day one, that can be part of the fun, but if you sign up later, you’ll still have access to all the materials, and you can do them in order or skip around – there is thought to the order but it’s not so regimented that you can’t change it up!

As a previous participant, what do I need to do?
If you participated last year and your email address has not changed, you don’t need to do anything to join us again. (The first message sent also has instructions on how to unsubscribe if you don’t want to receive the emails this year.) If your email address has changed since last year, you’ll want to update your account on the forum. If you need any help getting your email updated, please send a message to this special address and include both the old and new email address so your account can be corrected.

Previous participants can access the class forum any time. If you do not remember your login details at the forum, click at the top right of the forum screen to log in. When that page loads, there is a forgotten password link below the boxes. Follow the instructions from there and your username and a new password will be sent automatically. (If you don’t see it straight away, check your spam folder.)

Any other questions, please let me know. I’m looking forward to creating a Christmas journal full of happiness this year, and I’d love for you to join me and so many dedicated Christmas journalers for JYC2015.

Ready Set Scrapbook: A new video workshop

ready set scrapbook :: online scrapbooking workshop @
While trying to find the right balance in living life first and scrapbooking it second (and possibly remembering to do the laundry third), I’ve found myself very grateful for a few strategies that have always helped me get the most from my scrapbooking supplies and my scrapbooking time. I’ve long wanted to avoid those creative moments of just staring at a piece of paper and willing it to tell me exactly what to do, but now I am so aware of any time I spend standing still at my scrapping desk. I need to move, I need to cut paper, I need to stick things together with glue and write things down with my pen and all those basic things that we know are at the heart of this craft but can often put to the side while we scroll through another hundred ideas on Pinterest, looking for the very best technique to try on our next page.

Ready Set Scrapbook is an online video workshop designed to help you stop staring at the paper and start your scrapping engine. In three videos, it covers three quick composition strategies that help me work quickly while making use of the supplies I love (rather than saving them for a rainy day) and still making sure my photos and writing are at the heart of my designs, even though I love my embellishment. I hope you will find it useful in creating pages that are filled with love and made with whatever time you have to scrapbook right now.

ready set scrapbook :: online scrapbooking workshop @
The full course is 82 minutes of video divided into three episodes, and also includes a PDF with six page examples – the three pages shown from start to finish as well as three additional designs following the same steps. All six examples feature the True Stories scrapbooking collection, but the tips are not specific to these papers and are designed to allow you to work with any supplies you select. There is also a forum to discuss and share your work (or you can share your pages on social media via a class hashtag), and you’re also welcome to email me with any questions as you work through the course at your own pace.

This class is just £5 or $8, and if you have watched many of my videos, there will certainly be some familiarity here as I’m sharing the process that is tried and true for me! But the pages are all new and I have not presented these design steps as one complete process before, right through from a new supply purchase through to three completed layouts. You do not need special tools to follow along – I do use a heart punch on one page, but nothing is cut with a Silhouette or other fancy gizmo. The pages are all 12×12 and feature either one or two photos each, using 4×4 or 4×6 prints, but the number and size of the photos could be varied for your needs.

Students who came to my classes at Chocolate Quente in Portugal, don’t sign up! You will have access to this as part of the class you attended and do not need to pay. Thank you so much for coming to class.

You’re welcome to pay in dollars or pounds by clicking the corresponding image above. This will take you to Paypal, where you can either log in and pay from your Paypal account OR complete your purchase with a debit or credit card without logging into any account. All class registrations are processed by hand, so this is not an instant access item. You will receive your receipt email instantly then a class welcome email, which I always aim to process within twenty-four hours. If you don’t receive that welcome, do check your spam folder and then don’t hesitate to email me to make sure everything is all clear for you!

Thanks so much for your continued support, and whether you join the class or not, I hope you find yourself scrapping more than staring when it comes to all that pretty paper in your collection!