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Vote for your favourite entry!

this is why i scrapbook

The response to the This is Why project has been so exciting to see throughout the past month. I lovelovelove the spins crafters have put on this idea. And now, it’s time to pick a winner!

Here are our entries! They are listed in the order they were posted. Please have a look at their fabulous projects. I know you will find so much inspiration from these talented ladies.

Madeline at It Is What It Is
Kate at Liberty Cottage
Cal at Clearing the Brambles
Mel at I Speak Melsh
Helen at Loving the Traditional
Jannet at My Tammy
Kirsty at Handmade by Kirsty
Alissa at {a} my world
Dana at Leaf Puddles and Airplane Stars
Christine at Ink and Scissors
Brittney at Brittney Unwritten
Tilla at Scrapwow
Sarah at Craft among the Landrovers
Lara at A Month of Sundays
Mabel at Stitches and Others
Annie at 365 Creative Days
Megan at MeganKathrynP
Nikki at her Flickr
Emy at her UKScrappers gallery
Iara at Baersgarten
Shannon at Paper and Glue Love
Katy at her Flickr
Michele at Zosa13
Carolyn at Mess Muddle and Fun
Kelly at The Daily X
Angie at The Artsy Cottage
Genevieve at Life and Layouts
Jamie at Paper Heart Project
Jennifer at Jennifer’s Jumbles
QSOgirl at Vegetablog
Christina at Coffee Girl Crafts
Steph at Mrs Geek

Once you’ve decided on your favourite, cast your vote! You can vote once per day and entries close at the end of February. The winner with the most votes wins a $100 gift certificate to Two Peas in a Bucket and runners up will win additional prizes like stamps, online classes and digital kits.

Feel free to cheer on a friend! Share the link on your blog or Facebook or whatever else you would like to help encourage your favourite on to the grand prize! (I am very glad it is all of you picking, because there is no way I could pick just one favourite!)

And to our entrants: thank you so much for sharing your inspirational work with all of us!

ETA: No, you are not losing your mind: originally, you could see the vote tallies with who was in the lead and so forth. Unfortunately this has caused a few problems. Of course, behind the scenes of the poll it is possible to see each voter’s location to identify where there are problems so the votes may be set right. In order to not fuel these problems further, I have simply turned off the option to see the results. Please vote for the entry you like best and you can happily vote once per day until the end of the month. When the poll closes, I will post the full results along with our prize winners!


08 February 2010

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14 Comments for Vote for your favourite entry!

  1. Leslie Says:

    All the projects were great but I especially liked Christina Clouse’s mini-book.

  2. Samantha Sibbet Says:

    Hi Shimelle, I am only half way through all of the scrapbooking entries and they are wonderful and I am enjoying each and every one of them, I am so glad you did this, gives me a lot to think about. I had the chance to mmet you at CHA, Michelle Mogford introduced us at a cocktail party. I have to tell you that I have been paying closer attention to the ingredients of my food since talking to you! Had to toss some ice cream sanwiches and frozen waffles that both had corn syrup listed! Yuck! Love your way with words.

  3. omniscient spectator Says:

    It is sad to see that with the great effort some people are putting into getting everyone they know to vote every day that someone would cheat. Relatively few votes per day and then an additional 200 over night? I wonder if that how you won last time?

  4. Mel Says:

    Shimelle, when I voted just now, I got a message saying ‘Thank you, we have already counted your vote’ – but it was definitely the first time I voted today. Is that what will happen now that we no longer see the tallies? Has my vote counted OK? Thank you! x

  5. Kim M Says:

    Glad to see you removed the tallies.

  6. Deborah Titus Says:

    What fun.

  7. Lara Says:

    Good move on removing the tallies Shimelle! It was distracting everyone from the fun of it I think. Loved taking part in this project and have loved seeing what everybody made. x

  8. Jamie Leija Says:

    For the past few days I’ve been getting “Thank you, we have already counted your vote.” messages. Is it going through? My boyfriend got a different message when he voted.

  9. Mel Says:

    Yes, I’m still concerned about my votes too. Some days I get ‘Thank you, we have already counted your vote’, and some days it’s something like ‘Thank you for voting!’, so I’m worried that some of my votes aren’t being counted.

  10. Mabel M Says:

    Great idea to remove the tallies =)
    thanks for organizing this creative contest Shimelle!

  11. Kelli Says:

    I think some of the ones where it says we already counted your vote has to do with waiting 24 hours before voting, I’m guessing there is a time difference issue. When I waited a few extra hours it counted.

  12. spacerchaer Says:

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  14. Eric Says:

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