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CHA Summer 2012 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio

CHA Summer 2012 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
CHA Summer 2012 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
CHA Summer 2012 is officially open for business, so I’m going to jump right in with booth-by-booth coverage for the next couple days, starting with my favourite in the scrapbooking world: Jenni Bowlin Studio.

CHA Summer 2012 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
I always love how Jenni displays all the supplies and samples with her beautiful vintage finds. It’s like a little treasure trove and no one else has this kind of vintage detail to their styling. But let’s look at the products, shall we?

CHA Summer 2012 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
Some Christmas gorgeousness to start! If you haven’t created a page with a row of JBS journaling cards, put it on your to-do list now. It always looks so delicate and perfect!

CHA Summer 2012 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
Two groups of tiny things that I love: the True Vintage collection at the top – small packs of actual vintage goods including milk caps, buttons and labels. Then in the non-vintage side, tiny adhesive rhinestone stars in three colours. Definitely need these for my Christmas journal this year, and probably for everything else too.

CHA Summer 2012 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
New paper embellishments include the flag tags in white and kraft (to coordinate with the tags and pockets released earlier this year) and mini file folders, complete with tiny coordinating labels.

CHA Summer 2012 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
The Christmas 2012 papers include a cut-apart sheet with journaling cards, a sheet with 6×6 patterns on a 12×12 sheet, a page of December 2012 calendars (perfect for journal accents or for cardmaking), and full-page 12×12 designs.

CHA Summer 2012 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
The top of the journaling card sheet has countdown numbers for Advent. Love these bold stars!

CHA Summer 2012 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
CHA Summer 2012 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
See what I mean about the detail in Jenni’s styling? Gorgeous pages from the design team, gorgeous scenes for the display. Sigh.

CHA Summer 2012 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
Four new mini card packs and two new chipboard shapes: hexagons (to match the stickers released earlier this year) and eight-pointed stars.

CHA Summer 2012 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
Here are the mini card designs actually in focus!

CHA Summer 2012 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
Jenni has also added four new Fiskars punches to the line-up, all in the squeeze variety this time around.

CHA Summer 2012 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
The designs include that same star in the chipboard, a split square that makes perfect pinwheels, an artisan label and an index card. Keep in mind these are small designs – perfect for tiny details.

CHA Summer 2012 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
But you know it is sometimes the simplest things that make me the happiest, which is why I gasped in delight at this: grey JBS letter stickers!

CHA Summer 2012 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
Also in red and black, of course. Love these. Great size, they include numbers and they have cute labels at the bottom of the sheet. Sold.

CHA Summer 2012 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
I can’t add commentary to this. It’s just so very pretty.

CHA Summer 2012 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
New stamps include this stitched grid (amazing for adding your own tiny embellishments inside), a typewriter and an important memo.

CHA Summer 2012 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
A new shape to Jenni’s sticker line-up: postage stamps! In four designs. Love the airmail look of the red and blue.

CHA Summer 2012 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
Here’s the paper from that pretty page above. It’s a red and blue print in the die-cut paper line. Cut it apart or keep it together and fold it up to create a mini project. Can’t really go wrong with this – very classic and clean in design.

CHA Summer 2012 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
Love the red label sheet in the die-cut paper line too. An entire sheet of labels to embellish anything that will sit still. Sounds good to me!

CHA Summer 2012 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
Pretty paper feathers!

CHA Summer 2012 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
Love that typewriter stamped – doesn’t take much to go from that stamped image to a perfectly finished card.

CHA Summer 2012 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
This made me giggle in its fabulousness: a photo displayed in the flashbulb of an old camera! Love it.

CHA Summer 2012 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
A look at those red perforated labels in use, with plenty of pop dots.

CHA Summer 2012 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
The paper feathers look like this up close – in prints or plain.

CHA Summer 2012 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
There are lots of new journal products on the show floor, and Jenni has one too: the chipboard journal comes as a pack with chipboard covers, tabbed index pages and paper pages in a variety of lines, ledgers and grids. Plus the two rings to hold it all together.

CHA Summer 2012 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
This hotel key holder was released at the winter show but just started appearing in stores and it’s so pretty, I figured I could show you again!

One stand down, a bunch more to go… what’s your favourite item from Jenni’s new release?

Click here to shop for Jenni Bowlin Studio products or here to join Jenni’s monthly kit club, JBS Mercantile.


17 July 2012

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46 Comments for CHA Summer 2012 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio

  1. Ellie A. Says:

    Loving those 12×12 Tag papers, the Stamps & those feathers OHHH PRETTY OH & of course the star rhinestones :)

  2. ruth Says:

    I love the december calendar page, and the grid stamp

  3. Miriam Prantner Says:

    Love that typewriter stamp and also the new journaling stuff!

  4. Iliana Says:

    Thanks for taking the time to show us the goods.

  5. Daphne Says:

    The punches! Definitely the new punches! But December?! Really?! Oh well…. maybe 2013 then in the UK!

  6. Little Nat Says:

    Love the punches and the colours – red and ‘real’ blue – finally no more aqua, teal or turquoise!

  7. SIgrun c Says:

    love love these posts!! It is as close as I get to going!!! I love the punches and the airmail stickers!

  8. margie visnick Says:

    I need some of those feathers and Flag TAgs for sure!!

  9. jeannie Says:

    Love the flag tags and the true vintage collection and everything else too!

  10. Donna Says:

    Just love your coverage of all the goodies, Shimelle! I am torn between the mini file folders, the advent sheet and the red perforated ticket sheet! Thanks so much!

  11. Andrea Says:

    Those punches are my favourite!

  12. Gayle Says:

    omg totally drooling! Wonderful post :) loving the sneak peek!
    Really loving those paper feathers with the print, fabulous :)

  13. Belinda Says:

    thanks for showing us Shimelle.LOVE it ALL!!!!

  14. Andrea Says:


  15. Rebecca Lovell Says:

    I love so much of it! But especially the mini cards and the True Vintage items!

  16. Rhonda H Says:

    OH! The star punch and chipboard, the hex chipboard, and the kraft tags! LOVE.

  17. Jennifer Grace Says:

    Love those little rhinestone stars! x

  18. Julianne Says:

    I truly love them all. I’m crazy for her punches, love all the papers, tags, vintage findings, little file folders, hotel key holder, I really want it all!

  19. ConnieM Says:

    I knew you wouldn’t let me down~Fabulous. She really out did herself. Awesome!!! Have a great time, my best to you all. cm

  20. Gerry Glowacki Says:

    It’s a tie between the milk caps and the flag tags.

  21. Ann Says:

    Great first run down Shimelle! Love the tag die-cut papers and those postage stamp stickers too!

  22. Kelly Says:

    The perforated labels. Love those.

  23. Mary M. Says:

    Oh my….rhinestone stars, letter stickers, 8 pointed stars and a pinwheel punch! Just the start of my list…. =)

  24. Michelle OKeefe Says:

    I really love the acrylic stamps and flag tags. It is all so nice !

  25. LisaE Says:

    Those punches look like fun shapes!

  26. Kim Thomas Says:

    I can’t wait to see the new line! She is always amazing. I love the new punches too. ♥ Thank you for sharing. Take care. :)

  27. sonia Says:

    those punches look cute.

  28. PjP Says:

    I love the little file folders with the matching labels.

  29. Carol Says:

    Thanks Shimelle for posting CHA stuff for us all to see and covet madly. Love JB stuff, and especially love that typewriter stamp. Such vintage coolness!

  30. Kathy R Says:

    Love those tiny stars, the new punches, the silhouette tags, the stamps and the preforated paper and tag sheet.

  31. Tracie Ferguson Says:

    I am in LOVE with the squeeze punch that looks like the library index card! Must have!!!

  32. Julia Says:

    Mmmm – CHA! Love the new punches and I think I’ll need some of those postage stamp stickers. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to the next few posts :)

  33. Cindy Says:

    Those mini file folders are sooo cute..

  34. KateT Says:

    Mini file folders! Yay, I’ve been looking for them.

    ** Kate **

  35. Becky Says:

    Love the flag tags and the punches too!

  36. Caro_frenchy Says:

    It is so nice
    I envy you a lot !
    have fun !

  37. Joy Says:

    I love Jenni Bowlin. Great photos of everything. I really like the punches and the chipboard pieces.

  38. Debbie Says:

    Love all of the new JB..too hard to choose one.

  39. Linda ruschmeyer Says:

    Jenii has done a great job with all od these new items

  40. Natalie Says:

    Hurray, hurray!!! I love your CHA coverage!!! :) Thank you!!

  41. Glen Says:

    3 cheers for Shimelle and your CHA posts! Ü Thank you for posting, I have been searching for some feed back from CHA for 2 days! LOL. Am loving Jenni Bowlin’s typewriter stamp and quite a few of her creations. TFS. Glen

  42. MaryM Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the postage stamps stickers and red perforated ticket sheet.

  43. Linda Beeson Says:

    I see so many things I know I am going to want, mostly those little alphabet stickers though, I love that size!

  44. Laura Says:

    Alphas and label stickers. I have a thing for them. :) Thanks for sharing all the goodies. :)

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