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CHA Winter 2012 :: Smash Books

CHA Winter 2012 :: Smash Books
CHA Winter 2012 :: Smash Books
Since writing this post about Smash books about seven months ago, the conversation has never really ended. You can read the comments there and see people continuing to talk about this product right up to this week and that’s not a usual thing. (It’s extra nice that everyone is actually talking about Smash books and not about knock-off handbags, imitation gemstones or prescription pharmaceuticals.) So I figured even though it’s a small collection, the new additions to the Smash line-up deserved their own post.

Also since that other post, I have acquired an actual Smash book (in addition to giving one as a birthday gift to a non-scrapper, which I still think is the duty of any scrapbooker with a non-scrapping friend who you could imagine coming over to the crafty side) and my general feedback is that I love the designs of the papers and the feel of the book, but it doesn’t work for me in the way I would like because it is just too darned big. If I’m going to smash, I want to smash on the go – so my Smash book needs to fit in my handbag. It won’t. (By the way, with a little influence from Wilna, I have started treating my Smash book more like a tablet of patterned paper and ripping out papers to use on more traditional 12×12 pages. And I love it. But anyway, the important thing is I felt it was way too big.)

CHA Winter 2012 :: Smash Books
So what did they do? THEY MADE THEM BIGGER.

There are two new books that can hold up to a full 8.5×11 sheet. These definitely won’t fit in your party handbag, but they will hold all sorts of things, provided you can get back to your desk to smash them. Interesting.
CHA Winter 2012 :: Smash Books
There are two new books that can hold up to a full 8.5×11 sheet. These definitely won’t fit in your party handbag, but they will hold all sorts of things, provided you can get back to your desk to smash them. Interesting.

CHA Winter 2012 :: Smash Books
But it’s okay because hey look! Itty bitty Smash too! So yep, a larger size and a smaller size entering the line up, and also wedding and baby themes in the standard notebook.

CHA Winter 2012 :: Smash Books
And new accessories. Plenty of new tapes (seriously there is no tape shortage at this show!) and die-cuts and such, plus transparencies which I think are new to this collection? (If I’m wrong, I apologise. It happens.)

The new Smash additions are scheduled to ship to stores in March.

Click here to shop for Smash books!

If you are attending the show, find Smash books at booth 1857, as part of K & Company and the EK Success family of brands.

30 January 2012

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84 Comments for CHA Winter 2012 :: Smash Books

  1. linda Says:

    I think for many of us, we can just bind our own smash-type books… but I suppose it’s great for gifts or for the audience that doesn’t want to fuss with making it…

  2. Maria Therese Says:

    I too think their too big.. hey maybe I’ll try the little one..

  3. Jennifer Grace Says:

    I can see that some people would want them bigger, to be able to smash a whole magazine page into them. Would be good for people who like ripping inspiration from fashion magazines for example. But I agree, for me, the handbag size would be most useful! x

  4. hannahk Says:

    ooooh ~ the new multi coloured/patterned smash tape is yummy

  5. So.Ceative Says:

    Wooow! This is so smashin’good!

  6. Ruth Says:

    the new tapes look very fun

  7. Mel Says:

    I love the idea.And I managed to get one for a friends daughter who loves it too, she’s at Uni. Are they easy to get hold of in the UK yet?

  8. Jade Says:

    I like the look of these! I haven’t used a Smash book yet, but the more I see of them, the more I want to try!

  9. Chrystal Says:

    Very tempting. Magazine pages r great for the bigger smash book. Agreed. But handbag size is better for the airport travels..

  10. ruth tacoma Says:

    I love the smash books and accessories. Mostly I have used the accessories in my regular scrapping though.

  11. Marya Says:

    On a lighter note: if even the 8.5×11 book would fit in my purse, when the original strikes you as too big for yours, I think that this might be a sign that I need a smaller handbag!

  12. Angela Hathikhanavala Says:

    Is that a label-maker I spy too? Intriguing. I don’t know that I need a bigger Smash, but I scrap 8.5×11, so maybe I’ll be tempted to use the pages…Thanks!

  13. Caroline Says:

    I’m not too sure about the whole concept of Smash books but I’m loving those accessories, especially the little pack that looks like plasters

  14. marianne Says:

    I agree about the current size of the Smashbook but love the idea of using the pages separately

  15. Cheri Says:

    I’m still loving my homemade Smash book – in use long before the industry decided to package them… but all the accessories sure look fun!

  16. Sharon Says:

    Smash books look fun, but I’m really excited about more TAPE! Such a simple idea. Like M&Ms…you just can’t get enough!

  17. LisaE Says:

    I think these are good for travel. I work from home so I’m just not on the go that much. TFS!

  18. Sandy Ang Says:

    Love how you captured the itty bitty smash in your photo with the shadows cast creatively

  19. CatMyers Says:

    I see more Smashbook spending in my future! Thanks for the peek!

  20. Kelly Says:

    I’m not Smashing myself, but I’ve bought a bunch of the accessories to use on my layouts. Love the style of those.

  21. Robin W. Says:

    I like your idea about taking the pages out of the Smash books and using them on regular layouts!!

  22. Miriam Prantner Says:

    These are so cool…one of those things I’ve been wanting to try out, love the new accessories!

  23. Cyndee K Says:

    I love the ‘idea’ of smash books and the accessories look great!

  24. Julia M. Says:

    I like the idea of a small, purse-size smash book too. Thanks for the peeks at the new product!

  25. Helen Says:

    Love the smaller smash and the idea of ripping pages out of the current smash. I’d have to see the bigger smash in action, I think!

  26. NancyLee Says:

    I own one of their smaller ones and I love it! Fits my purse and smash anything into it in a snap. I might use the bigger sizes for classes like LSNED this year…

  27. Kendra-Sue Says:

    I haven’t used a smash book, yet. I’m afraid that many many things would end up in it but the reality, those things are all sitting in a box or littering my desk, the floor,etc. Maybe I need to go ahead and take the plunge.

  28. Erin M Says:

    Love the mini-smash book! Can’t wait to see the inside pages!

  29. Becly @ Pieces of my Life Says:

    I have a SMASH book that I have only used a few times, but I love the idea and all the extras that they make to go with it.

  30. soapHOUSEmama Says:

    I LOVE the bigger size. Mostly because we are at home all.the.time.
    So, I could see it being a cute pad just to leave on my desk to jot things in….
    Still not sure if I will buy one. But, I like the idea of it.

  31. Emily Says:

    I love my Smash Book! Some of my pages are like “real” LOs, with photos of events and things, and some of them are just pages with things that I love (like my page of Starbucks stuff!). I don’t think I’ll be buying the bigger books because I really like the size of the originals, but I’m really excited about the new tapes and other accessories.

  32. chel Says:

    I actually WOULD use a bigger smash book, and just alter it. I can’t wait to see those tapes in person!

  33. Scrapdolly Says:

    Some of those accessories are way too cute

  34. Alison C. Says:

    Cool Stuff! I love the idea of tearing out the Smashbook pages and using them on layouts!

  35. April W Says:

    I looooooooooove my Smash book and I am SO excited about the new things they’ve come out with for them! – April W

  36. Natalie Says:

    I really like the idea behind this, but I think I’m with you— I don’t know if I would use it quite as they originally intended. I do think their embellishments are tons of fun, though!!

  37. rosie Says:

    I love my mini book. perfect size for jotting things down or a photo. I can’t wait to add some new things to it.

  38. Jude.x Says:

    I wasn’t sure about Smash books because of their size, but an Itty Bitty one…… Now that I do need. :-) Jude.x

  39. Yeva Says:

    The smash books are growing on me! I may just have to buy one this time. thanks for Sharing!

  40. Rebecca Lovell Says:

    This is very cool! I love that they made bigger ones!

  41. Jacky Scales Says:

    I do like the idea of a Smash book…but I just made my own from all the bits I have left over from other projects.

  42. SusanB Says:

    I just started using the Smash book I bought several months ago and I’m happy to see the new accessories to use in it.

  43. pegg Says:

    I bought one last year with a lot of the embellishments, but haven’t really done anything with it!! I need to do think of a mini project and use it because I do like the concept of it!

  44. Cathy Watson Says:

    How sensible of them to make little ones. I agree, it needs to fit in a handbag so it can be “smashed” spontaneously.

  45. Natalie G Says:

    Ooh I’d like to get a little baby one!

  46. DorothyCC Says:

    I guess I’m just not into smashing my stuff in a book. I like arranging my photos and ephemera in pleasing layouts. For everyday stuff that I want to scrap quickly, I prefer Project Life.

  47. Madeline Says:

    I still have not done anything with mine either, Don’t know what to do with it

  48. nothingprecious Says:

    I love smash so much and a bigger one is such a good idea

  49. Susan Says:

    To get one or not to get one….

    I keep going back and forth. The size is definitely one of my concerns so maybe with the smaller size coming out I’ll finally be able to make up my mind…lol.

  50. Candy Says:

    I’m not really a smash book person, but I do like their embellishments!

  51. Bunnyfreak Says:

    Love the new sizes.

  52. LindaHAZ Says:

    SMASH books look like so much fun. Its something the whole family could participate in.

  53. Kristin A. Says:

    I need to check these out. Sounds like a fun new project for me to try.

  54. Andrea R. Says:

    I’m excited to see the tapes.

  55. Kristin A. Says:

    Thanks for linking back to your post from several months ago, Shimelle. Such a great discussion on these. I am intrigued to say the least. Hope you are having a blast! Thanks for sharing all the great new products with us.

  56. Melinda T Says:

    Ooh, I’m loving the tapes trend too! And the Smash products are pretty cool! Thanks for sharing!

  57. Mary M. Says:

    I like the Smash concept so I’m glad they’re coming out with new accessories. What is that intriguing looking tool on the right of the display???

  58. Breeze Says:

    I know people have mixed emotions about this line but I love it I recently bought the small smash book to try it out and my 7 year old daughter stole it she thought it was such a cool concept! So I heart anything that keeps people interested or gets them interested in scrapbooking! Very excited for the new Smash goodies! Thanks for the smashing share! Wondering what the tool is? Tape holder?

  59. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    Oooo I like the large smash book. This is more me.

  60. Kimberly Kalil Says:

    I love all the accessories and have been using them with my Project Life album. Excited for new goodies.

  61. Briel Says:

    I love the STUFF, but I have to honest that I don’t get the Smash books…unless they really were itty bitty! Amy Tan size :)

  62. LianeZ Says:

    Purple, Ya! And more tape and what looks like a tape dispenser, I got the smaller version at CHA Summer in Chicago-so that’s not a big surprise. Thanks for all the post about all the new goodies, I’m hoping to win the lottery soon so I can bye it all, hee hee.

  63. Debs Says:

    …perfect idea…remove some of the Smash book pages n use on other projects…i have the same problem with travel…would love some product that doesn’t crowd the backpack…how about it…do you have an in with Glitter Girl? would she tackle that problem?

  64. maria eliza coutinho brass Says:

    I love the smash books! I like your idea of using the pages on a regular layout.

  65. Karen Says:

    I think the dinky little Smash book will be great – especially for when you’re travelling and want to add in your memorabilia as you go!

  66. Terri Torrez Says:

    What is the size on the small one? Does it come in all the themes?

  67. Victoria Says:

    Always good to have something which brings in the younger generation to recording their lives form their point of view. Thanks for all your photos.

  68. julie weis Says:

    thanks for the pics, shimelle!
    i just bought a smash book a few weeks ago and i love it. i’m using mine as a creative warm up book. i like the look and feel of the pages. so yea, for what i am using it for, i think they are great.

  69. Kathy R Says:

    I have not purchased a Smash book but I have purchased some of the embellishments. I love the new tapes and pockets this time.

  70. Cristina Says:

    I am loving these new products!! Thanks for sharing!

  71. Tricia Says:

    I can’t wait to get the new accessories.

  72. Lisa C. Says:

    Love these!

  73. ConnieC Says:

    I love the Smash accessories.

  74. Melanie Says:

    Actually, I’d probably like the larger ones better. They remind me of my high school scrapbooks in which I glued newspaper clippings and such. I have not tried smash books though. Who knows I might yet.

  75. Fleur Smith Says:

    Love the new Smash stuff :)

  76. Karen Says:

    i recently purchased a smash book..and so far i love it! I live in Canada..and the stores just started carrying the line. i will definatley be buying more accessories and maybe even a mini from “two peas” when the new stuff comes in! can’t wait! :)

    question for you shimelle: do you know the dimensions for the mini-smash book? thanks

  77. Margareta from Paper Pile Kitten's Blog Says:

    I can’t wait for the new Smash books and products to arrive! Although I married a year ago I will get that wedding smash book and scrap the photos and memorabilia from the preparations. :)

  78. Heidi Says:

    It would have been so fun to have had a wedding smash book when I was planning my wedding — what a great idea!

  79. Katie Says:

    Love the idea of the mini smash books. I bought a full size one and photocopied the patterns I liked to use on layouts…yes, I might be a little bit crazy. The actual book still sits unused but maybe I’ll be a little braver and use it this year :-)

  80. Torry Says:

    Still not sure what to make of these…. sort of a big scrapbook? I don’t think I’m quite ready to introduce yet another way of memory-keeping into my routine, but like the idea of using the papers for traditional LOs.

  81. abbeyviolet Says:

    I’ve not used these myself, but have given them as travel journals to others that liked them. I do like the embossed covers look.

  82. Maja Says:

    Do I need a smash book?

  83. Jennifer Says:

    11 years ago when my daughter was born I was going to scrap now 11 years later I have about two pages done!!! There is so many supplies and all pro scrap ladies are just so good I could never measure up. So the smash books have allowed me to smash stuff in about my daughters life and I do not have to feel guilty that I have not recorded anything. If a picture comes up that I want to scrap bigger I can but for now she can look at all the wonderful things and photos Mom has kept she now wants to start one herself. I do not have a bind it all so it works for me NO MORE GUILT! Yes.

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