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CHA Summer 2011 :: October Afternoon

scrapbooking supplies from october afternoon
scrapbooking supplies from october afternoon
I have to admit I did something really stupid at the October Afternoon booth. I forgot to take a picture of the front of the booth, which was built to look like the front of an old wild-west saloon, complete with those swinging doors. This really isn’t an acceptable omission and I can only hope you will look past it and instead focus on the pretty paper. If you were shopping for saloon doors, I’ll never be forgiven.

Apparently I was distracted by map papers. Because I love them.

scrapbooking supplies from october afternoon
There’s also paper with the lyrics to the Kansas state song. I’m glad they stopped where they did, because the next verse talks about zephyrs and I’m not really sure how well that would appeal to scrapbooking consumers. And let’s not even mention how terrible the third verse is. But as it is, I think it’s pretty cool as a paper. This is from the Sasparilla collection, which is cowboy themed and also features quite a few playing card elements.

scrapbooking supplies from october afternoon
Okay, let’s look at collections. This is Boarding Pass, which was actually introduced at CHA Winter, but hasn’t really hit stores yet. It’s a travel line with rich reds, blues and greens.

scrapbooking supplies from october afternoon
That miscellany pack has elements that look like old travel tickets and suitcase stickers. There’s even a British Rail die-cut.

scrapbooking supplies from october afternoon
More map paper – yay! (And I am particularly happy to see world maps. There are a lot of map papers that just cover the states and I like being able to choose from the whole globe. But I’m an oddball, I know.)

scrapbooking supplies from october afternoon
The stickers from Boarding Pass – labels, words and letters on boxes or circles. I love the minimarket letters (the boxes) and I pretty much buy every colour they release.

scrapbooking supplies from october afternoon
Softer colours and silhouettes in the Farmhouse collection. Silhouettes were a huge trend at this show.

scrapbooking supplies from october afternoon
scrapbooking supplies from october afternoon
Gorgeous projects from the October Afternoon design team.

scrapbooking supplies from october afternoon
I love papers you can cut apart like this (still Farmhouse collection). The boxes are a good size for both cards and scrapbook pages, and I like that paper is usually cheaper than die-cuts.

scrapbooking supplies from october afternoon
New colours in doily and lace papers, plus a different look in those one-inch squares and a subtle cross-hatch on the far right. I’ve used their older doily papers a lot, and I love that there is a grey lace. I can’t get enough grey patterned paper.

scrapbooking supplies from october afternoon
Sidewalks is a line with a bit of a childhood theme but without being overly cartoony. There are both masculine and feminine elements in the set, and it’s just a little bit fifties without being over the top. Like this a lot and I’ll be using it on grown-up pages too, I think.

scrapbooking supplies from october afternoon
Aside from the lovely products, I just wanted to share this layout from the October Afternoon design team because the photos are so cool. I’m guessing they are the result of a mother asking her daughter to dance in the grass (although they could be professional shots – or mum could be a pro photographer. I honestly don’t know.) and the pictures look so lovely and spirited, and I think they will be very special to that dancing girl many years from now. Just cool, yeah?

scrapbooking supplies from october afternoon
Many companies have mists – at October Afternoon, they are called Sprinklers. This is the full colour line up now, so it’s pretty extensive. They are matte finish. I haven’t used these yet, but they have not one but two shades of grey, so you better believe they are on my wishlist.

Boarding Pass should be the next of these lines to hit stores, then others over the coming months. Click here to shop for October Afternoon products!.


22 July 2011

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13 Comments for CHA Summer 2011 :: October Afternoon

  1. Julie Kirk Says:

    Grey patterned paper you say? <3

    I’ve been looking into customs charges etc in prep. for buying from TwoPeas – am so tired of waiting [in vain often] for new ranges to get to the UK.

    I can’t keep grey patterned paper waiting.

  2. Annette Says:

    Thank you Shimelle for the great photos. I love October Afternoon and I also love maps. I want Boarding pass and Farmhouse.

  3. Rebecca Says:

    I seriously think I need ALL of this!! I am so in love with their products!!! Thanks for sharing them so in depth!

  4. MissSmith Says:

    October Afternoon are my favourite company. I NEED all of these lines, they’re spot on.


  5. Irene Fitzpatrick Says:

    Delicious! Love the map paper!x

  6. Rita Says:

    I love October Afternoon. They always have fantastic collections!

  7. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    I’m so happy to see this! October Afternoon was what I was waiting for. Boarding pass? I. NEED. THIS.

  8. LisaE Says:

    I love OA! Really looking forward to that travel collection. So many of their papers make great basics, too.

  9. AllisonLP Says:

    Sprinklers please! I can’t wait to get my hands on some of those great colors!

  10. alissa Says:

    gray & maps.
    i think you must be my soul sister. :)
    oh, and i have the Tin Type sprinkler.
    perfect gray!

  11. Karin Says:

    perfect from start to finish. Love the journalingstickers and would trey the sprinklers in the real colours as blur red, yellow etc. thanks for this vieuw

  12. jodpea Says:

    Ur not an oddball, I like maps as well and, unlike your good self, I have zero ties with the US so I’m happy they gone global too! Doubt I’ll ever buy them but I am enjoying reading these features!

  13. Jody Wood Says:

    I LOVE October Afternoon right now. I would make all of my pages with their products if I could. Thanks so much for sharing.

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