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4x6 Photo Love Scrapbooking Class :: February 2011

online scrapbooking class :: 4x6 photo love february 2011
online scrapbooking class © Click here for supplies and class details.

With February already drawing to a close, it’s time for the second edition of my free scrapbooking class for 2011, 4×6 Photo Love! As it’s the second month of the year, we’re creating layouts with two 4×6 photos, a number I just love.

scrapbook page ideas
Two photos are my default option for pages, because two images can show two different elements of any one moment or event. If you’re a fellow lover of crazy shallow depth of field, you can create a diptych of two images that show the same scene, but with different points in focus, so one focuses on the foreground and the other shows the background. Or you can show one detail shot and one wider shot of an entire scene. Or two different people at the same party, two angles of the same monument, one shot from the beginning and one from the end of the day, one in-progress picture and one of the finished item… so many ways to pair two photos to tell a story!

In this month’s video, we look at one design principle that works well with two 4×6 pictures, and I walk you through the creation of the Lady Liberty layout. I hope you enjoy!

scrapbook page ideas
If you prefer a written version to the video, you can download the class materials as a PDF and view it on your screen or print it out to have right there on your table as you scrapbook. You can find the PDF download link here. There’s also a thread on the message board for chatting about this month’s class.

scrapbook page ideas - pages by SJ Dowsett
Throughout the year, some special guests will be showing their own take on the design principles outlined in 4×6 Photo Love. This month, dear friend SJ had an early peek at the class and created two layouts in her beautiful style. I love them! I still have another month before I am back to my scrapping supplies but these pages just make me want to get scrapbooking right this second. Sigh! Please visit SJ’s blog to say hello and read a bit more about her creative process.

Now, each month you have two chances to win a prize for participating in class. (And you don’t need to have participated in the first class to take part in this month’s class!) Your first chance is to upload your page to the gallery at Two Peas and be sure to click the box for 4×6 Photo Love in step 4 of the uploading process. Your second chance to win is to then post a link in the comments here on this blog post to your layout (in the gallery or on your blog, etc). At the end of the month, a winner is randomly chosen for each way to enter and wins a gift certificate to Two Peas, so you can go shopping for whatever you like!

And one little request from me: since this class is free, care to invite a scrappy or crafting friend to join in? You don’t need any certain supplies to participate and can use whatever you have on hand and most of us have at least two 4×6 prints sitting around somewhere. Use the share button at the bottom right of this post or just email a friend with a link. I’d love for anyone to join us for this year of fun! Thanks!

Happy scrapping!


PS: I know some of you love to collect badges for your blog sidebars, so you can add one for 4×6 Photo Love if you like! Copy and paste this html into your blog sidebar to display it:
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01 March 2011

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34 Comments for 4x6 Photo Love Scrapbooking Class :: February 2011

  1. JenniferSanborn Says:

    Your Lady Liberty layout is my favorite…I love the colors! Hoping to participate at 2peas this month! :)

  2. Daphne Says:

    I did my LO already and it was really easy this time! you can find it HERE

  3. maja Says:

    Hi Shimelle! This class is great. You can find my LO here at my blog!

  4. Tiffany Johnson Says:

    AWESOME video! I love your natural work flow :) Thanks so much and I’ll be sure to submit something!

  5. Carol Says:

    Thank you for the inspiration! Hope to scarp my layout later. TFS

  6. Jenny A Says:

    Thanks Shimelle for sharing this free class! I found out about it through Ali Edward’s blog. Here is my LO:

  7. Liana Says:

    Another great class! Here’s my layout, it’s a two page layout. I didn’t know I had a two pager in me! Seven Months

  8. Sarah S Says:

    I love working with your sketches and your inspiration. I’m doing these LOs digi at the moment, but plan to do paper LOs with them too as they’re ace. Thanks again.

    Here’s my January and February LOs on my blog which are also in the Two Peas Gallery xx

  9. Carol Z Says:

    Thanks Shimelle! My layout is HERE on TwoPeas!

  10. Tiffany Johnson Says:

    Thanks again for your awesome help! I’ll be taking your online classes more often!×6-photo-love-class-pre-school/

  11. Jen Clark Says:

    This is awesome! I finished this page so quickly, thanks to your great video and inspiration!! Here’s mine! ~Jen

  12. linda Says:

    loving this class – thanks! Here’s the layout I created…

  13. Gabrielle Lowe Says:

    Yay, Shimelle blog! Love your classes so much!×600.jpg

  14. SusanB Says:

    I’m really enjoying your class and your videos and handouts are so informative ~ thanks!! Here’s my layout for this month:

  15. Debs Says:

    My son turned 21 yesterday so was a perfect excuse to use photos of him in my layout here

  16. Claire Viney Says:

    Fantastic class. For some reason this layout has taken me hours to put together. It is on my blog here

  17. LisaE Says:

    Loving this class. Here is my layout:

  18. TracyBzz Says:

    I love your “oh I’m going to cut this…here” and “I’ll just take a bit more off. snip.” That is my kind of cutting and measuring. Marking with your fingernail or just looking and thinking I’ll cut where that blue cricle is. Great layouts!

  19. Denise Says:

    I’ve done mine and you can find it here on my blog and at Two Peas.

  20. Shannon Hager Says:

    Just finished my page, “1st Jack ‘O Lantern” and posted it here

  21. Carrie Says:

    Here is my LO for February’s class

  22. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    I did mine but with one as I really wanted to use this photo and your sketch. Its the one at the bottom of the post.

  23. TamiV Says:

    Absolutely loved this class! I scrapped along with the video, stopping only to adhere my bits and pieces. I love that I hav a quick and easy page that looks great! Thanks Shimelle!

  24. Sarah Says:

    Thanks. Here is my take

  25. Karen Parkhurst Says:

    Another great class – enjoying doing these and some lovely examples from you and SJ.

    Here is my effort –

    Karen x

  26. Zahra Says:

    Shimelle, I just loved this class! Here’s my first take on it:×6.jpg

  27. Zahra Says:

    And my second! Here

  28. Zahra Says:

    And my third – here (and now thinking I should stop and find another format for now!!! Or try January’s!)

  29. Natalie Williams Says:

    I really enjoyed this one and so happy with how mine turned out! I’ve blogged about it here.
    N x

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  31. Kirsteen Says:

    Thanks Shimelle, here is my version on Two Peas x

  32. Adrienne Says:

    I had great fun putting together this layout. Thanks Shimelle!

  33. Julia Heald Says:

    Forgot to leave my link here as well as Two Peas – here is my Feb entry. Can’t wait for March!

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    Hey there. Great looking site with real good info. Keep up the good work and make us proud!

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