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Win scrapbooking supplies from Hambly Screen Prints and Jenni Bowlin Studio

win scrapbooking supplies from hambly screen prints and jenni bowlin studio
scrapbooking supplies - giveaway

It’s our last weekend at home before we take off! Oh my! Seeing as I can’t take these lovely Christmas scrapping supplies in my backpack, I’m going to give them to one of you!

One randomly chosen commenter will win:
6 sheets of 12×12 paper from Hambly Screen Prints
4 12×12 screen-printed overlay transparencies from Hambly
Green vintage buttons, paint dabber and memo pad of journaling papers, plus Christmas mini bingo card set and die-cut journaling pad in polka dots, all from Jenni Bowlin Studio.

To Enter: Leave a comment on this blog post telling us one place in the world you would like to visit (daydreams totally allowed – don’t worry about the cost, time or anything else).

Enter until 10am Sunday, UK time. Please note you will need to check back for the winner tomorrow so you can give me your mailing address quickly – I’ll need to post this Monday morning! Thanks! International entries are certainly welcome, though I can’t guarantee the post will get it to you before Christmas. We’ve just passed the suggested last posting date for many countries on Friday – so it might make it, or you can scrap after the big day of course!

Good luck!


11 December 2010

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250 Comments for Win scrapbooking supplies from Hambly Screen Prints and Jenni Bowlin Studio

  1. Susan Says:

    I would love to go to Autrailia. It seems to be so different and beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. Daphne Says:

    A visit to oslo (Norway) would be nice! So I can meet my new friend Maja :-)

  3. susan Says:

    Australia is on my bucket list

  4. Karen Williams Says:

    I love cities but I can’t decide between Tokyo, New York, Bejing or Sydney. Hey it’s a dream I’ll go to all four

  5. ScrappyDandyDoo Says:

    I would love to visit Hawaii – especially right now when its so cold and I’m full of cold LOL :D
    Julie xx

  6. LauraBean Says:

    I would really, really love to go to England!

  7. Jane Says:

    I’ve always wanted to do a Scandinavian trip – been close but not close enough! Hopefully one day. Wishing you well on your trip Shimelle – it will be an exciting and wonderful experience for you both – enjoy.

  8. Suzanne Says:

    Have a lovely time Shimelle and hold on to all you see and experience so that you can treasure the memories.
    If I could go anywhere, it would be to Switzerland to see my family over Christmas. Because of health reasons, I’m not allowed to fly so I haven’t been back for a couple of years now. I would love to show my sons where I spent many happy years and met and married my husband. And show them how they celebrate Christmas over there. But the best thing would be to see my sister, her family and my Dad for Christmas. It’s been too long!

  9. Sarah Says:

    oooo I would like to go somewhere peaceful with white sand and clear blue water :)

  10. Daphne Says:

    Would love to travel though Canada

  11. missyb Says:

    I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland. Thank you for this giveaway.

  12. Kathy Rogers Says:

    I had plenty of opportunity to travel when I was younger, so I am really jealous of your trip. One place I would love to visit and didn’t is Cuba.

  13. Natalie Williams Says:

    It’s hard to pick just one place! One country I’ve wanted to visit for a long time is Bhutan, hopefully I get there one day!

  14. helena c Says:

    galapogas islands are top of my wish lsit for travel – but i don’t say ‘no’ to any offer to visit another place

  15. Jamie Rex Says:

    I would love to visit Finland and meet my family there.

  16. Sam McGuire Says:

    I’m still a big believer, so I want to go to Lapland and visit Father Christmas.

  17. Julie Jeavons Says:

    Right now I want to take my daughter to Lapland and have dinner with Santa. St Petersburgh is somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit.
    Have a good trip Shimelle & Boy

  18. kate Says:

    I would Love to go and visit Hawaii…one day maybe!

  19. Sonja Says:

    I would like to see The Northern Lights properly up north somewhere like Finland. Have a great trip.

  20. heather Says:

    My number 1 “must visit before i die” place has been San Francisco for SO many years. Hopefully some day. I also really want to go to New York, Tokyo/Japan and the Canadian Rockies.
    Have a fabulous trip, I’m so envious!!

  21. Natalie Says:

    I hope that someday soon I will be able to go to Norway with my husband (who is part Norwegian). I also would love to go anywhere tropical (especially now that it’s winter, haha!)

    Have a lovely trip, Shimelle!

  22. Mariana Says:

    The one trip I would really like to take would be one around Europe. Visiting every country and photographing every single bit of magic. Love it!

  23. Joanne Says:

    Ireland. I love the product you are giving away…can’t wait to see posts from your adventure! Thanks for the chance to win!

  24. michele Says:

    i would love love love a little trip to new york and be able to visit chelsea market at christmas time…
    happy holidays to you & yours..x

  25. Madeline Says:

    My dream vacation would be to tour Australia. So I am very jealous of your trip
    Please stay safe and have a great time

  26. rach Says:

    Mine is really simple, it’s Tenby in west Wales. Beautiful beaches lots of interesting places to visit. Love it Hope I can go there again soon.

  27. Carina Says:

    I’ve never been to the States, so i would love to visit places like New York, Grand Canyon, … !
    Great giveaway!

  28. furrypig Says:

    I really want to travel around California with the family as there is so much to do there something for everyone. Would actually just appreciate a weekend in a travelodge at the moment lol!! Thanks for the fab candy offer it is all totally gorgeous. Have an amazing trip xxx

  29. pauline Says:

    I have sooo many places on my wish list, but I’ll opt for a “road trip” in an RV across the US – Grand Canyon Skywalk would be amazing – and a huge challenge for me!!

    Enjoy your travels Shimelle xx

  30. Lindsay A. Says:

    I would love to travel to Hawaii! The ocean and hot climate is what I need right now! Thanks for the chance to win! Enjoy your vaca!

  31. Carol Says:

    OMG…Hambly and Jenni Bowlin in one fantastic giveaway is awesome. I would love to travel through Australia and New Zealand!

  32. Latharia Says:

    I want to return to Wales so much, my heart aches. I love old castles & those amazing vistas. sigh And a trip to Hadrian’s Wall is pretty high on the wishlist as well.

  33. Kathy King Says:

    I’d love to jet off and join my dd in Australia, even if it is raining there! Just has to be warmer than here! Have fun!

  34. Jenny Gilbert Says:

    I would absolutely love to take my family on a trip to New Zealand. It is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been!

  35. Kimberly K. Says:

    There are loads of places I’d love to visit, which is amazing since I travel. A lot. But Poland is on the top of my list. I want to see where my grandparents are from.

  36. kirsteen Says:

    I think I would have to say New York especially at Christmas time :)

  37. lou jervis Says:

    Oh so many places I want to go to…number one on the list right now is Morocco…amazing colours, sights, food and some heat!

  38. scrappysue Says:

    Hawaii, but a trip to Australia to see DD’s BFF who has just emigrated there would be fabby! How exciting your trip is imminent!

  39. kreativekate Says:

    Oh, easy. Down under. Australia, New Zealand.

  40. Stephanie Medley-Rath Says:

    Peru. Definitely Peru. Or Greece. Maybe Japan. No, definitely Peru.

  41. Shay Says:

    Europe…I know this is excessively broad because there are so many places within Europe I want to visit. India, New Zealand and Australia are also up there for me. Have a happy and wonderful Christmas! Thank you for the chance to win.

  42. Jamie Leija Says:

    Ooh fun goodies! Thanks for the chance to win Shimelle :)

  43. Jules Says:

    I’d absolutely love to fly over the Nazca Lines in Peru, they look amazing!

  44. Laura Says:

    I would love to visit Germany at this time of year so I could go to the Christmas markets.

  45. sannika Says:

    I’d love to visit Japan!

  46. Louise Says:

    Thailand, is my all time favourite place….you’ll love it there Shimelle!

    The place i would most like to go is Italy…

    Enjoy your trip xx

  47. Alissa Says:

    Ireland, is on my list of must see/return to places to go. :)
    Have a fabulous trip! It sounds amazing!
    Xo, a

  48. Melinda King Wilson Says:

    I would love to visit Paris!

  49. Katie @ Says:

    I’d like to visit Maine. My husband and I have lived in Europe and seen so much there. Stateside exploration sounds quite tempting. Thanks!

  50. Amy L Says:

    Fiji! I want to stay in one of those huts on the ocean.

  51. emy Says:

    I’d love to visit Budapest :) Would anyone like my 3 kids for the week so I can go?!

  52. Jennifer Says:

    My top pick would definitely be Rome. Have a great trip and thanks for the chance!

  53. tape Says:

    I’ve long wanted to visit Japan. I know next to nothing about the country, aside from what I’ve learned from a few anime films, mostly… but it intrigues me!

  54. Tammy M. Says:

    I have always wanted to visit Ireland…the lush green and rolling countryside has always mesmerized me!

  55. Veronica Says:

    I’d love to see Norway, or maybe Finland…. especially around this time of year, I think it would just be beautiful! :)

  56. AngieS Says:

    I am dreaming about returning to Venice, my favourite city in the world!

  57. Charlotte R Says:

    I would love to visit at least one place in every continent. i have so far only managed 2 (europe and north america). so thinking australia and brazil for def. great give away!

  58. cath white Says:

    I would love to go to New Zealand to see my best friend from my teenage years :)

  59. SandyB Says:

    Italy is my dream trip, although a trip to Fiji would be nice too!

  60. Katherine Says:

    I’m thinking Morocco. My sister-in-law is from Morocco and it would be incredible to have an extended visit with her family there. Oh well … got a kid to get through college before it’s ME time again!

  61. Rinda Says:

    Costa Rica and/or Belize are next up for us. Although Australia and New Zealand are two other places I want to visit.

  62. Tatiana Says:

    I would head for Peru! No doubt about it. These products look divine! Thanks for the chance!

  63. Susan Bluff Says:

    We have never been able to visit family we have in New Zealand so that is the one place I would really like to visit.

  64. Juel Says:

    I would love to visit Australia or New Zealand.

  65. Emily Says:

    My dream would be to backpack all through Europe! And stay at some fancy hotels too :)

  66. TiaraHelen Says:

    Thailand because I love the food! And I’d like to take the kids to Disney etc in Florida.
    Have a fab holiday Shimelle + Boy!

  67. Diana Forsgren Says:

    I would like to tour Europe. Have a great trip Shimelle!

  68. Steph Says:

    I’ve been dreaming of taking a cruise on the newest Disney Cruise Ship. I’d love to do one of the land and sea vacations combining a cruise and a trip to Disney World.

  69. Melissa L. Says:

    So many choices, but I think at the top of my list is Paris. Someday, it will happen!

  70. Linda Says:

    So many places I would like to visit, but my children need to be older, the budget less tight and more time needed. ;-). But anyway, a weekend away with my husband, and spend that time in Paris would be just fine for now!

  71. Carolyn Says:

    AUSTRALIA…Top of my bucket list. Take lots of pictures on your visit and have a wonderful trip.

  72. tencraftyfingers Says:

    Have fun on your trip! Thanks for the opportunity!

  73. tencraftyfingers Says:

    Forgot to say where….Africa, most definitely!

  74. Holly Costello Says:

    Anywhere in the world, Alaska again. I was there once and didn’t get to go into the wilderness!

  75. Dawn Says:

    I would love to visit Ireland.

  76. Carolyn Says:

    I am a girl for the good old USA. Would love to travel to Maine and Washington State and all in between.

  77. Jennifer Says:

    I would love to go to Bali. My husband has been there and says it is paradise. Have a wonderful trip!!

  78. pidgen Says:

    I would love to do some mission work in Ukraine. That’s always been on the radar. I’d love to also see some of the architecture in Russia. That’s my daydream.

  79. lynda paredes Says:

    lol, i’m a simple gal, i would love to experience san francisco like a true sf native. but if i had to trave abroad…hmm europe would do.
    lynda p

  80. lisa Says:

    I’d go to Antarctica given half a chance! It’s been on my list forever. Lottery win? I’m there! Thanks for the chance to win and I hope you have an amazing trip – can’t wait to hear all about it.

  81. Melanie Kiser Says:

    Right now … Cancun, Mexico. WARM!
    Have fun on your fantastic trip!

  82. rkokes Says:


  83. Catherine Aguilera Says:

    I would love to visit South Africa and go on a photography safari…sigh
    Keeping my fingers and toes crossed : )

  84. JenCoen Says:

    My entire life, I have always wanted to go to England. More specifically, Amersham, where I have family friends who have come to visit us in America as long as I’ve been alive. The only problem would be, if I visit, I may not want to come back home. lol

  85. Sabine Says:

    I´d love to go to the Tokyo Quilt Show once in my life. Alas, I have to wait until I´m retired because it always takes place during the school year.

  86. michelle Says:

    I want to go eat my way through Italy next year.

  87. Gina Says:

    Florida with a couple of weeks in Orlando and a trip to the everglades, and it would be rude not to go to New York and a few other choice placeswhile in USA.

  88. Helen M Says:

    I’d love to be in Palau – my brother is working there this year, so it would be great to go spend time there with family plus get to visit a mew country!

  89. karen aldrin Says:

    I would love to visit Graceland in Memphis.As a closet Elvis fan it’s always been on my list of places to visit.But can’t say its on Hubbys list,so will have to stay as a dream.LOL

  90. kat Says:

    i would love to go to Ireland! my family came from ireland, ive heard its beautiful, but ive never been!

  91. NancyLee Says:

    I would love to tour Europe and maybe meet you in person in one of those fancy coffee shops in London! Have a great trip and don’t forget your passport…

  92. Abi Says:

    Hi Shimelle
    Thanks for the amazing giveaway. hope you and the boy have such fun. It sounds like an epic trip. I would love someday to go to Africa, perhaps Uganda or Kenya as I have heard so much about it and want to experience it for myself!

  93. Iara Says:

    a round trip to USA is my dream destination :)

  94. Rebecca Says:

    There are so many places I would love to visit one day, but a lifelong wish of mine is to visit Paris. Actually, can I just take a big trip all over Europe??? Please????

  95. Kathy R Says:

    I’d love to travel the USA. I live on the east coast and have always wished I could drive up the coast and across the country. Enjoy your trip!

  96. Christina Clouse Says:

    Oh, how exciting! I think your trip is going to be so cool.
    I would actually love to visit London. Never been and seems like a lovely place. Working on earning miles. :)
    Happy travels!

  97. Lindsey Says:

    Oh my goodness, how do I choose?! I’m dying to go back to Paris and spend an extended period of time there. I think it would be amazing. :)

  98. Samantha Says:

    I would love to take my husband to a Scandinavian country—possibly Sweden, definitely Finland! :)

  99. sandie Says:

    Oh… I would SO LOVE to revisit San Francisco. I had a fleeting visit and would love to return & visit Napa Valley & go whale watching in Monterey.
    Have wonderful travels, Shimelle! Look forward to hearing all about it :)

  100. Katrina Says:

    Hi Shimelle,
    Simply gorgeous giveaway!
    I could spend all week dreaming of all the places I’d like to go as I’ve not really been very far before.
    Sorrento was my 1st wedding anniversary dream which never happened (due to our newborn boy!) so I’d have to say there :)
    Hope you have a truly amazing trip, take care

  101. Lola Says:

    Hello, Shimelle! Wonderful goodies. If I could go ANYWHERE it would be Provence or the Lake District…both are places my husband wants to photograph and truly, anywhere he is that’s where I want to be!!

  102. Laura Says:

    I would love to go to any tropical island with my husband and three daughters. No cell phones allowed! :-)

  103. Jane Says:

    I have always wanted to go to Rome

  104. Michelle Says:

    I would go to Neverland! hehehe!!! I’m such a big kid, it’d b fab just flying around without a care in the world! rubs eyes and wakes up

    Have a fab and safe trip xoxo

  105. Bernice Says:

    I’d like to stay in the very best hotel in Venice, have my own private Gondola and be taken on a trip down the Brenta Canal to see the Palladian Villas

  106. Jody Says:

    I’ve been lucky enough to travel to England, France, Italy,Mexico, the Bahamas, and many U.S. States. It is my dream to go on an African photo safari before I’m too old.

  107. adelina Says:

    I would love to visit Greece. I’ve been all over Europe and would love to go back, but Greece is someplace I’ve never been before.

  108. Alison I. Says:

    I’d love to go to Scotland and see where that half of my family came from. Just seems too far to be possible at the moment.

  109. Lauren Says:

    Norway! We have family who live way up north and we’d really like to go visit them!

  110. Leanne Inkpen Says:

    I would love to visit Las Vegas! Like sooooo much! Merry christmas xxx

  111. Laura Kelly Says:

    Nothing exotic for me. I like to travel the western states and Alaska. America is full of beauty and would like to see it all!

  112. KikiK Says:

    I’d love to go anywhere in Scandinavia.
    Great gift Shimelle! Thank you for the chance!

  113. Karen Says:

    I have always wanted to go the the Land of Down Under- Australia. My 20 year old daughter is there studying for a semester and I AM GOING TO VISIT HER!! I leave with my 18 year old daughter on Thursday and stay through New Years. We are so excited! So, not only can it be a dream, it can be a reality!

  114. kelly Says:

    Graceland! I wanted to go before I was 30 but now that post has moved to 40! I almost got there once…
    Enjoy your trip!!
    Kel x

  115. Jennifer Monroe Says:

    I would love to take my husband to the home of his ancestors-Scotland!

  116. Christine Says:

    Vietnam! Saw it on a holiday programme circa 1985 and thought it looked stunning! x

  117. Joy Says:

    I would love to go anywhere that I could watch blue whales. I want to take that iconic picture of the tail as the whale goes under water.

  118. Julie Says:

    A cottage in the english countryside, extended stay so I could immerse myself in everything around me!!

  119. Gdevs Says:

    I am curious to find out what will happen to your adventures! I am sure you will have a blast.

    I hope I win!

  120. Christy Sheffield Says:

    I was born in Germany while my dad was stationed there for the army, but we moved when I was 3. I would love to go back and visit the place I lived for the first years of my life.

  121. anne leglise Says:

    Venice – I would like to come back there again with my family.

  122. Louise Says:

    I would love to visit New Zealand. Not only does it look like a beautiful country, I have family out there that I have never met. It would be amazing to get the chance to meet loads of Aunts and Uncles and Cousins for the first time. One day I will get there!
    Have a great trip by the way x

  123. Melissa Says:

    What a great prize! Would love to win. My dear hubby has been between jobs for the past 8 months and we took two extended road trips. It was great fun, so glad y’all are doing a trip while you have the time. Enjoy!!!

  124. Monica Blain Says:

    I’d love to go to Ireland someday… the countryside as well as the big cities. I want to see where my ancestors lived!

  125. Jane Hakes Says:

    I’d just like to go to Texas for Christmas to spend it with my US family. It’s too cold here in England!

  126. kate bucci Says:

    South America – Venezuela – is next on my list!

  127. Ginger Dougherty Says:

    if i had my dreams come true they would be anywhere in europe. i have never been. so to me europe would be grand. but a certain city there hmmm…dreaming right now…city would be Venice. why you say hmmm don’t know…maybe lake como…just dreaming here…i would just love to go road tripping in a little car around the countryside…yup that’s me…
    thanks for the wonderful chance at winning some just dreamy goodies!!!

  128. Melissa R. Says:

    I would love to go to Australia and New Zealand and spend a month or two seeing everything.

  129. Dawn F. Says:

    I would love to visit England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Someday…

  130. Mel Says:

    Ooh, yummy goodies! Thanks for the chance to win :)

    I’d love to go to Australia, so I could visit my aunt who lives there, and my blog friend Amy – and explore the stunning scenery!

  131. CatherineM Says:

    I would love to take my mom and visit our family in Poland. It has been a long time and we miss our family dearly, especially my mom.

  132. Regina Says:

    *I would love to travel through USA.
    Thanks for the chance! *
    Happy travels!

  133. Sandy G Says:

    My dream trip would be either a Nile cruise for me, seeing all the ancient sites, but with unlimited time at each one, say at least a day, rather than herded quickly from one to the other, or a stay in one of the luxurious canal-side hotels in Venice, taking my mother back to where she was born and hasn’t been able to afford to go back to since she arrived in Britain after the war.

  134. Sinead Says:

    America…all of the fifty states! I’ve never been there so I’d love to go:) Have a fantastic trip, looking forward to reading all about it. Merry Christmas and thanks so much for the chance to win some stash! xxx

  135. luluuk Says:

    Charlottesville to spend another Christmas with very special friends lulu xx

  136. chrissy o Says:

    wow would love to win this prize enjoy your trip
    chrissy o

  137. kimberly b. Says:

    I would LOVE to go to europe – specifically Paris. Macron heaven!

  138. tamara dunkin Says:

    i’m jealous of your “little adventure.” my husband and i would LOVE to visit every continent so next up on our dream/wish list (no longer possible since we have 3 kids!) are Antarctica and New Zealand. ahhhhh.

  139. Jeanne Says:

    Several years ago, my husband and I made up a list of all the places we would travel to when we retired. My husband has now retired but I am still working so we haven’t made a huge dent in our travels. I have recently discovered that I have ancestors from Sweden so I would love to travel there and visit the cities and towns where they lived.

  140. Tracy Says:

    I would love to take m family on a trip around the U.S. There are so many beautiful things, amazing monuments and rich historical places to see that we could spend months just traveling. I hope we would return with a renewed sense of patriotism and deepened love of this wonderful land of ours!

  141. Linda V Says:

    I would love to go to Fiji Islands.. Would love to just get away with family and be surrounded by natural beauty so we can appreciate low tech nature.

  142. Marilyn Nimmo Says:

    Where would I NOT like to visit??? The place I would MOST like to visit is Alaska – I would like to spend enough time to really see all there is to see in this beautiful, interesting state.

  143. Beth Ann Says:

    I want to travel to New Zealand and Australia. I wish you a wonderful adventure, Shimelle!

  144. Anna Says:

    I want to see New Zealand and I want to spend few years in France.

  145. Julie O'Rourke Says:

    I would like to spend Christmas in a log cabin in the mountains!

  146. Jane Says:

    I’d love to take a trip down the Yangste River in China. We were planning a cruise but I fell pregnant so that put paid to that. Three children later and we’re no closer to China. X

  147. Kamie Says:

    I would love to visit Japan, New Zeland, pretty much anywhere not in the US or Canada.

  148. Shannon C Says:

    Oh how I would love to go to Fiji! I have seen so many beautiful pictures from there and I could use a shot of warm weather (even if only in my dreams) now! Have a wonderful trip!

  149. Mariangeles Says:

    I’d LOVE to go to Australia!!!

  150. elizaBeth B. Says:

    Oooh, I would love to travel around Italy for several months. Visiting churches and museums everywhere I go!

  151. Irene Fitzpatrick Says:

    I’ve always wanted to do a world cruise so that I could look at places briefly and then visit my favourite ones for longer, later!

  152. Anso Says:

    OMG – green paint AND greeeeen buttons!!? Yum!

    I’d love to go on holiday to a deserted tropical island somewhere. Pin a coladas a must! :)

  153. Heather Tarrant Says:

    Greece! Someday I WILL go there!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  154. claire Says:

    I think it would have to be anywhere with snow, we missed it over the last few weeks and i just love snow, especially at Christmas xx

  155. Sharmon Says:

    I have dreamed all of my life to visit Alaska. Living in the south, we just don’t see snow or all of the beautiful wildlife that Alaska has to offer. One day me and my husband will hopefully make it there.

  156. Bethany x Says:

    I would travel around America and I would love to go to the grand canyon and walk across the sky walk, go to las vegas and have a helicopter ride over the city. I would also go to alcatraz and walk across the golden gate bridge and much, much MORE x

  157. Kitty Scrapper Says:

    I would love to go back to Italy my first holiday with my fiance, after all the manic times of the last year a break any where would do!!

    Enjoy your trip

  158. Becca Says:

    a dream since I was little is to visit Red Square in Moscow but that said… there are so many places I would like to visit!

  159. Meredith Treloar Says:

    I would love to travel through Scandinavia … I spent a few days in Sweden 10 years ago and it was beautiful – would love to go back and travel some more from there!!
    I live in Australia and it is an amazing place with so much to see – hope you enjoy your visit!

  160. Hilary Braidwood Says:

    I would live to visit New York at Christmas. It would be magical.

  161. Donna Says:

    I would love to go to visit the Emerald Isle and kiss the blarney stone, hope you enjoy your trip!

  162. Heather Says:

    I have always wanted to visit Paris!

  163. Kim Says:

    I would love to go to the Moon, can you imagine looking back to Earth at night, dark sky filled with billions of stars xxxx

  164. Caroline B Says:

    Gorgeous! Where I’d love to go is easy – Scotland. My family is from there & I’d love to see where my parents grew up.

  165. joan zeller Says:

    Oregon please.. I have
    always had a secret love
    for big ole trees and forests , maybe a whale
    or two..

  166. Jacky Scales Says:

    I’d love to go to New Zealand….and meet up with family that I have out there.

  167. Nicole Says:

    I’d love to go back to Paris. Last time I went, it was before I met my husband, and now I want to experience it with him and see why it’s supposed to be the most romantic city!!

  168. Bethan Says:

    I’d love to visit New York on a winters day when there is just a small flurries of snow and the stars are all twinkling walking through central park with my man.

  169. Melissa Says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to Italy. I’ve even tried to get my husband to go back into the military so he could be stationed there!

  170. Danielle-nl Says:

    I would love to travel through Scandinavia. I’ve heard so much about the nature that I want to see it for myself.
    Shimelle, have a great trip!

  171. Sophie M Says:

    The big kid in me has always wanted to visit Lapland to see where Santa comes from! I’d love to stay in a log cabin and drink hot chocolate by a roaring log fire. Thanks for the chance to win, hope you have an amazing trip! X

  172. TracyW Says:

    Having just finished reading Percy Jackson with the kids, I need to take them to the Empire State Building so they can work out how to get to floor 600!
    But me personally, I want to see the Northern Lights, a cruise would be a cool way to do it!
    Have a fantastic trip.

  173. maria kennedy Says:

    I think that it would have to be Ireland..myn dad said that it is a beautiful place. Yes i think it would have to be worth a trip.

  174. Catherine Says:

    Peru! To walk the Inka trail :)

  175. Michelle Wooderson Says:

    I’d love to visit Italy and see the wonderful architecture. Have fun on your trip!

  176. SarahLP Says:

    Have a fantastic trip, Shimelle.. and thank you for the opportunity to win goodies! I would love to do a road trip through the USA on Route 66 (thanks to the kids’ film ‘Cars’!).

  177. pjbear Says:

    I’d love to visit any of the islands in Tahiti, white sands, blue seas – pure bliss

  178. Lorraine Says:

    Hey Shimelle, I think if I could go anywhere, fantasy allowed, I would go to Tibet. Whilst I am aware of the current unrest, my fantasy would allow for that to be gone and the over riding sense of peace and calm the county has always instilled in me would be back. It would be an inspiring journey returning with all my batteries recharged and my mind at peace.

  179. Theresa Says:

    Oh—I would love to go RTW, but if I really had to pick one place, it would be France. Love it there!

  180. MissSmith Says:

    Top of my list at the moment is Egypt. So much history and so many amazing things to see and do!

    Apart from that, I want to go everywhere.

  181. Debra Says:

    While I’ve already been there, I would LOVE to go back to Australia. I haven’t been there in more than 30 years and I’m sure it’s changed immensely. Perhaps one of these days.

  182. SharonS Says:

    I fell in love with Barcelona on a day visit about 12 years ago and would love to go back to stay and explore fully!!

  183. Kaity Says:

    The Maldives. I hear it’s so beautiful there, it looks like a screensaver.

  184. heather Says:

    Have a fantastic time on your trip :)
    I have always wanted to see Ayers Rock in Australia xx

  185. Olivia Says:

    I’d love to visit the Galapagos Islands one day – to see the wildlife there would be incredible!

  186. flossyjamba Says:

    I am intrigued by japan, the people and their way of life. But I also love somerset, england with its pretty villages, Tea rooms and beaches. I’d love to spend time in either place c: where are you off to, shimelle?

  187. Nathalie Says:

    Since a teenager, I have been wanting to go to Australia!!! I will go, one day…. maybe once my kids have grown… Thanks for the chance at this amazing giveaway!!! You are so lucky to be on the eve of such an exciting time in your life!

  188. trisha Says:

    i want to go back to europe (england, italy, germany and greece) and go backpacking with my boyfriend. i want him to experience everything i did while i was in europe.

  189. Cathy Watson Says:

    I’d like to go back to Italy…tuscany and umbria…loved the atmosphere there and the food and coffee. Thanks for the chance to win goodies. Have a fab trip! See you in NZ.Katy

  190. LisaE Says:

    So many wonderful places to choose from – I think I’ll pick Greece. It looks so beautiful and my husband would love all the history.

  191. Brigitta Says:

    I would pick Anaconda, Montana, US of A. That is where my grandmother lives, and it’s too expensive to fly there often :-) Plus I could get some great snow pictures!!

  192. Beccy Says:

    I would go to New Zealand to visit my Friend Alex who has emigrated there :)

  193. Carey Bridges Says:

    I would love to go to Ireland! Thanks for the chance to win and have a wonderful trip!

  194. Hodo Says:

    Any where in the East, particularly the arabian desert; just so I can go camel riding:)

  195. De Says:

    I would visit Prague! So dark, mysterious, romantic and seemingly old world…just beautiful!!! * sigh *

  196. Kelly Says:

    i would so love to visit belfast again. and, as i would love to shop for crafty goodness there, i would love to go to japan.
    have a wonderful, amazing, transformative trip.

  197. donna Says:

    i would love to see tuscany, south of france and paris on one big adventure! **

  198. Lisa Says:

    I would like to take a cruise to Alaska, visit Denali National Park, take the train from British Columbia across Canada during fall foliage season, take the Orient Express and take Amtrak through the five national parks and if that isn’t enough I’d like to go to Europe! And then next month I’d like to …. HA! HA!

  199. AliciaH Says:

    I would love to visit Scotland! My DH was born in Scotland and he wants to go back there desperately.

  200. Katie {choc0holic} Says:

    What a great giveaway! I would love to visit anywhere in Europe. I’ve never been out of the western hemisphere and it’s about time!

  201. Amelia Says:

    New Zealand please!!! Someday….
    Thanks for the chance!

  202. Sheri Says:

    If $ was not an issue I would like to travel around the world on a cruise ship!

  203. Amy Lynne Says:

    Oh, I have wished to visit Macchu Picchu in Peru since I was a little girl. I have a “bucket list” of dream locations….travel is wonderful! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a fabulous prize, and have a lovely trip! :)

  204. Rebecca S. Says:

    I would love to visit Italy and see my Great Aunt..

  205. Natalie E Says:

    On my latest wish-list of places to visit would have to be the Greek Islands. Doesn’t it just look idyllic?

  206. Brenda C. Says:

    I would love to go to Holland where my husband’s parents came from and some are still there (aunts, uncles, cousins)!

  207. Birute Pilipaitis Says:

    New Zealand is at the top of my list followed very closely by Scotland. One day…….

  208. Katie Says:

    I’d love to go to New York…although a big city like that would probably scare me now I’m a small-town girl :-)

  209. cards by cara Says:

    Thanks for the chance to win … I would love to go to India and see the beautiful sights …

  210. Michelle P. Says:

    I dream of Paris and Venise for the culture, the food, the landscape, the romance!

  211. Dyana Says:

    I want to go to the island of Delos (both times I was in Mykonos my trip was cancelled due to the wind) and the ruins at Akrotiri, on Santorini. And I know there is nothing on Easter Island but I’d love to see the statues.

  212. christine h Says:

    I want to go to….is a long list. Costa Rica, Africa, Hawaii…lots of dreams. Have a safe and fun trip!

  213. Sarah Karlsen Says:

    I would LOVE to visit Finland, Sweden and Norway. I do love Mexico’s west coast beaches however._

  214. Susan R Says:

    hard to pick just one, but next on the list of places to visit will probably be New York, for Christmas shopping…maybe next year! :)

  215. amy lapi Says:

    italy :)

  216. Jennifer L.S. Says:

    I want to see a lot of Europe, but most importantly the little village in Sicily that my dad comes from. :)

  217. Tamekia Says:

    only one…i’d say venice, but i could name a few ;-)

  218. Zoe Pittman Says:

    More than anything I would love to visit Alaska to see the Northern Lights….I think it would be such a beautiful, spiritual, uplifting experience….very inspirational! Thank you for your lovely Blog!

  219. katey Says:

    I would love to go to Italy for New Years!

  220. kirsty Angus Says:

    At this time of year, I always dream of taking the children to Lapland to visit Father Christmas. Sleigh rides, real Christmas trees… it would be magical

  221. Scrappyjen Says:

    I would love to spend Christmas in Disneyland, new year in Disneyland, Easter in Disneyland, summer in Disneyland, Halloween in Disneyland. In fact, I think I would quite like to live thee full time.

  222. Jo Says:

    I would love to go on safari in the Masi Mara in Kenya. Thanks for the chance to win, loving journaling my christmas. Have a fab trip.

  223. maja Says:

    A visit to London would be cool at christmas!

  224. Torry Schellhorn Says:

    I would love to visit Japan – Kyoto in springtime specifically! Have a wonderful trip :)

  225. Jimjams Says:

    Hhmmm in this cold, cold, weather with a broken boiler … it would have to be somewhere warm … so I’d vote for Australia … preferably scuba diving off the Great Barrier Reef!

  226. Cate Says:

    I’d love to visit Malaysia for a tropical hot Christmas.

  227. Toni Says:

    What a lovely selection of goodies. Shimelle it doesn’t matter if they miss Christmas as I’m sure whoever wins will be delighted. Have a wonderful holiday time.

    Toni :o)

  228. Jenny B Says:

    Hmm.. Since I’m going to New Zealand in February, I think it would have to be a tour through Sweden, Norway and Demark, see the fjords, a bit of skiing for The Boy, good food (childhood memories as my gran is Danish!)… I’m salavating just thinking about it! Now to get rid of the job and find the money :)

  229. Diane Says:

    I’d like to go home for Christmas!!

  230. purinne Says:

    I wanna go japan!!! :) it’s been my dream to go to japan for as long as I can remember :) love the culture … the food … the people :)

  231. Carolin Says:

    I would love to travel to kanada! I just love this amazing nature there…And perhaps I can see it in a few years…How knows??

  232. Sabbyscrap Says:

    Hi Shimelle,
    One of my dream trips would be to go to Yosemite. I love hiking and this park is so beautifu, the landscape so breathtaking.. I studied Romantic painting when I was younger, and I would love to see some of the sceneries I studied in real life! Nice giveaway! Cheers, S.

  233. Eadaoin Says:

    Oh definitely Fiji. Not quiiiite sure why, but hey, it sounds amazing. Or a trip to see the northern lights. Oh no, now I’m off thinking about planning trips I can’t afford! :D hee hee…

  234. vickiward2002 Says:

    Would love to see the Northern lights, so any country where this is possible!

  235. Marcy Says:

    I would love to visit my daughter in London! Have a wonderful, safe trip! Merry Glitter Christmas!

  236. Stavroula Says:

    If I could go anywhere where would I go? Hmm. I live in Greece on the island of Crete, so I have had my fill of warm weather! I grew up in Canada so I have had my fill of cold weather! I am completely and totally addicted and obsessed with scrapbooking and all the gorgeous supplies. I have symptoms of severe “haul” withdrawal. (its been two years since I shopped for supplies in an actual store and not online). My dream trip would be to go to the CHA Winter show in hubby, no kids! Just me and my wallet!

  237. jill conyers Says:

    Paris! One day my husband and I are going to Paris.

  238. EE K Says:

    Too many places, too little time! Right now my dream is going to India to practice yoga. I am hoping it will be a reality next year. Thanks for the giveaway!

  239. jenna Upson Says:

    i would love to stay in a luxury tree house in Peru, Waking up to the sounds of the rainforest. Bliss

  240. Megan Says:

    How can I only choose one place? On the wall next to my bad I have a huge world map tagged with all the places I want to go. I guess the biggest one right now is Argentina – they have everything! The accent they use for Spanish is phenomenal, their dancing is amazing, plus you can go hiking! I guess that’s the best it gets :)

  241. Dayna Says:

    I would love to visit any city with a hook to visit them — like world’s biggest frying pan…cheese-y things like that! :)

  242. juliab Says:

    Galapogus Islands – not sure about the spelling. DH has promised to take me there one day but not sure it will ever happen :(

  243. Julie, momto7 Says:

    I actually would love to come to England, then travel up to Scotland and Ireland as well. Lovely giveaway – thanks!

  244. Cele Schaffer Says:

    I would love to see Paris,France and Greece-maybe some day…

  245. Kimberly H Says:

    I would love to take my family and go to Paris, what a beautiful city and i have seen the photos from christmas and it just makes my mouth water

  246. Rene Lewis Says:

    I would really love to go to Australia to see the Great Barrier Reef.

  247. michelle palmquist Says:

    I would really LOVE to go to Africa.

  248. Emma Bellman Says:

    I want to travel to New Zeeland, it looks so lovley. Thanks for your inspiration. Emma

  249. Mycah Says:

    I would love to go to Ecuador.

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