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Vintage Travel Christmas Decorations

vintage + travel = Christmas 2010
Christmas decorations vintage suitcase
Oh what to do with a funny old Christmas. It’s one thing to not be in your own house on Christmas day and come back a day or two later to find the tree still standing – that’s perfectly fine and ordinary. It’s another thing entirely to leave before Christmas and not come back until spring! Leave the tree up and passersby will certainly start to talk by February. Ask the house sitters to take it down and well, I just don’t think I could ask someone else to take on such a job, especially when putting all the Christmas decorations away means one giant organising challenge from the limited storage spaces provided by city living.

So no tree. Something different then: embracing the love of vintage and travel with a Christmas display in vintage suitcases! And then when it’s time for us to head to the airport, we can pretty much just close the cases with all the decorations inside and worry about that when we come home in fourteen weeks!

Scissor Quirk Blog party + giveaways

You can see the full details of the decorations here as part of the Scissor Quirk blog party. (Scissor Quirk is the blog of the lovely Michelle Clement, designer of Sassafras Mix & Mend, amongst other things!) There are so many inspiring posts on her blog with a huge variety of guest artists, plus giveaways and freebies to download and discounts for shopping! What’s not to love?

vintage travel christmas decorations

And maybe it’s time for me to become a little less obscure about this long trip I’ve coyly mentioned here and there. One of the things that is awesome about having a fully online job is that I can work from anywhere. One of the things that is not awesome about The Boy’s field of work is that firms dissolve pretty frequently in this market. We decided to make that not-awesome thing into a truly awesome thing by taking a travel break before he starts back to a daily grind. We are doing what’s called an RTW trip – Round the World – but in a way, that’s a misnomer. Round the world sounds like you go pretty much everywhere, and at some levels of the RTW airline ticket, you can. At our level, it means you pick a starting location and you keep traveling around the globe in the same direction until it brings you home. We start in Thailand and will travel much of that corner of SE Asia, head through Malaysia and Indonesia, jump to Australia and New Zealand, then finish in South America, traveling from Santiago to Buenos Aires and then home to Londontown. It’s a lot – twelve countries over three continents in fourteen weeks – but it’s hardly ‘the world’. Still: I think it’s plenty for one journey!

We are taking less luggage than what you see in our Christmas decorations! Just one small backpack each, which has had its own challenges for me – both in getting a suitable bag for my dinky shoulders and in not filling it up with things that are not as essential as I wish – I can’t wait for my hair to be an absolute disaster from no blowdryers, straighteners or assorted tonics – oh my! It would appear I am slightly more girly than the average backpacker, but I am determined to make a cute dress, converse all stars and a backpack become a rockin’ look.

crafty christmas decorations

I am not at all disappearing from blogland or the internet! We are actually going to blog the whole trip, right here. Don’t tell him, but this may mean you get to see a bit more of The Boy on the blog, and it’s not often he does that unless he’s dressed as the Mad Hatter! I’m going to try to persuade him to put in an appearance now and again. (If you didn’t know, The Boy’s middle name is ‘too-cool-for-Facebook’ as he doesn’t do things with social accounts!) But don’t freak out: the crafty posts will continue too! I’ve prepared some projects that I’ve kept back to share with you over the next three months and more excitingly, there are lots of guest posts from talented crafters who will be showing you their favourite tricks and techniques. So instead of going quiet, it should actually be pretty exciting here on the blog! I really hope you’ll enjoy hearing from our adventures on the road.

But before we leave, I’ve been determined to soak up as much traditional Christmas as possible, and that includes Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland today! So I best go and grab a special Christmas coffee and don my red wool coat and sing a carol or two!


09 December 2010

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40 Comments for Vintage Travel Christmas Decorations

  1. byron Says:

    if anyone can manage to make a cute dress, converse all stars and a backpack become a “rockin’ look”, it’ll be you. looking forward to reading about your adventures! :-)

  2. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    Wow! That sounds so great! We did a similar trip a few years ago and it means you will be in SE Asia for some of their New Year celebrations (through Jan and Feb). We blogged our trip on Travelpod here The world was only just going digital at the time so it lacks photos but I love reading back over it. Hope you have a truly awesome time and enjoy every minute. And Converse are ideal all round shoes – trust me!

  3. Jacky Scales Says:

    It sounds so exciting… I’m sure you’ll have such a great time…and enough photos to keep scrapping forever!!

  4. scrappysue Says:

    Shimelle, your decorations look absolutely adorable. Wishing you and the Boy the best of travels; sounds so cool! Looking forward to following it all on your blog.

  5. Kirsteen Says:

    Ah you decorations are gorgeous and prefect for such a different Christmas for you and the boy. Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures and meeting new people on the blog xx

  6. Christine Emberson Says:

    Just imagine all those stunning photos you can take. Have an incredibe, brilliant, happy and inspiring trip :-) x

  7. Pickle Says:

    I love the Christmas decorations idea. We have spent Christmas away a few times and we didn’t have any decorations up apart from the cards we received. Felt very strange and your idea is wonderful. I hope you have a wonderful trip, travelling is something everyone should do at some point in their lives. As for the lack of stuff in your backpack, you will thank yourself for not overpacking when you see so many awesome things to bring back with you :) Enjoy x

  8. Sinead Says:

    Your trip sounds fabulous, hope you have a fantastic time:) Looking forward to reading all about it on the blog over the next couple of months. Converse all the way:) Btw, your decorations are stunning! Merry Christmas xx

  9. Sarah Giles Says:

    I’ve recently returned to the UK after 15 months living near Bangkok. A couple of tips: our top western eatery was Crepes & Co on Sukhumvit soi 8 (near Asoke on the skytrain). It’s amazing. For the full-on Thai food experience then get a taxi (£5ish) to Suan Thip on Soi Wat Koo in Pakkred which is on the river and completely gorgeous (they have lots of weddings there; it’s very near where we lived).

    The top scrapbook shop is Goose in the Siam Discovery centre (Siam on the skytrain) though Thailand hasn’t really got into scrapbooking yet so everything is imported and SO expensive. Made With Love in Singapore is better if you happen to be passing through that way – I picked up some bargains there! For more Thai stuff at sensible prices then Chatuchak weekend market (north of Bangkok) is great – great beads and embellishments. A useful phrase when haggling is ‘Lot dai mai?’ (‘Can you do a discount?’)!

    Hope that’s helpful. Have a wonderful time! :)

  10. Lois H. Says:

    Wow. Just wow. I am so impressed. When I was younger (your age, maybe) I might’ve had the gumption to do what you are doing. I think it is awesome and you will both have memories to last a lifetime. Now, for me, I’m not sure if the thought of being away from my home or living out of a backpack(!) would freak me out more. I hope you have a wonderful and safe, yet, exciting trip. Can’t wait to see it all unfold.

  11. Mel Says:

    Wow, fantastic! Have a super, super time :) (And you will so rock that look x)

  12. Ladkyis Says:

    You are the perfect age to do this! What a wonderful thing to do! Have a ball and we’ll keep watching for blog updates.

  13. Annette Says:

    How is it possible that you get cuter each year? I feel like your older sister, watching you grow up on the Internet. You are going to have a wonderful trip and have all sorts of adventures to share with everyone. And, hey, at least you can just pull your hair back with sticks you find along the way!

  14. Jennie Says:

    Hope both of you have a truly fantastic time! What a Christmas you will have!
    Love your decorations too!
    Enjoy every minute!

  15. pauline Says:

    A friend of ours did a RTW trip last year and had the most amazing time! I am sure you and The Boy will too, and just like everyine else looking forward to seeing all the blog updates!!! Have a fantastic time and safe journeys!!

  16. Laurie Says:

    What a fabulous trip. I am envious! Have a great time.

  17. Amy Says:

    Ooh, just stumbled across your lovely blog and thought I’d say that

    1) your blog IS very lovely – shall be popping back for inspiration and eye-pleasure on a regular basis, and

    2) though it isn’t quite as epic as your trip, I’m a crafty girl who spent 5 weeks trekking and travelling in Nepal this year, and I’d agree with Pickle about not overpacking; it’s amazing how much you really DON’T need. I think my two absolutely top things I took were a tiny sketchbook and set of watercolours (you are never going to get the chance to make those drawings again, it’s worth a bit of extra space), and a head-torch (drop-toilets, night-time wees, and no electricty…it is good to have a hands-free torch!) – on the rucksack front, I’m pretty tiny across the shoulders but borrowed my mum’s rucksack (it’s a Macpac Zambesi) and because all the straps are adjustable and they’re brilliantly made, I did fine with that. They are expensive, but mum’s has been used every year since 1998 including in Peru, Equador and the Himalayas, and it’s still going strong. And no, I’m not paid to advertise them ;-)

    Also, my hair was in better condition after a month of washing it in normal soap under rusty water than it’s been for ages, so I wouldn’t panic.

    And have a wonderful time. Jealous! x x x

  18. Carol Says:

    WOW you and The Boy have a fabulous RTW trip! I admit I’m a little envious. Keep the blogs and pics coming. You both be safe and have a fabulous time.

  19. CoCo Says:

    Hiya – just to wish you bon voyage! Didn’t realise you were heading off before Christmas. How exciting! And where did you get that fantabulous t-shirt with the glasses/you on it!?

  20. Bernice Says:

    I know the feeling. We are not putting up our decorations as we are going to Wales on 24th and the to the US on the 28th. Not back until Jan 14th. So not as long as you but still not putting up the decorations. FInding it hard to find any Christmas spirit.

  21. kathy (kathyb) Says:

    Have a fantastic trip – it sounds like it will be amazing. I’ll look forward to keeping up with your posts here.

  22. Judi Davis Says:

    Oh wow! I think I’m turning green (with envy, not as in Incredible Hulk). Posh frock and converse – do you know my daughter? LOL. And loving your t. shirt by the way. Have a wonderful time both of you. Take care. Jude.x

  23. Rachel Houltram Says:

    Just sounds like the best opportunity – theres no time like the present to take a gap…14 weeks! Go and enjoy! Rachel

  24. Natalie Says:

    Wow, your trip sounds absolutely amazing. I hope that you and The Boy have a fabulous time!

    I also wanted to say, your little hedgehog is so stinkin’ adorable!

  25. Beccy Says:

    Have a wonderful trip! Sounds incredible. Be safe and happy, and Merry Christmas xxx

  26. Madeline Says:

    Love your Christmas decorations.
    I can’t wait to read about your adventures. Stay safe and have a blast

  27. Clair Says:

    Oh Shimelle. I have to admire your ability to turn what could be really bad news for some into the opportunity of a lifetime. You and The Boy make a truly awesome couple and will always be ‘rockin’ in my eyes. I wish you both the very best of times on your trip x

  28. Sandra Says:

    well, if you are ever near GUAM, would LOVE to show you around. What a wonderful adventure. Safe Travels.

  29. choon bin wee Says:

    love your positive attitude in life….what a great journey u are embarking on…EXCITING!!!
    happy xmas and have a safe
    and wonderful trip :)

  30. Jessica B Says:

    Love your decorations! Have fun on your new adventures!!!

  31. Katherine Says:

    I’m so incredibly envious. Have a fabulous time while we vicariously enjoy your grand adventure. I visited Thailand for two weeks about 7 years ago and it is stunningly beautiful. Godspeed.

  32. Rach Says:

    travelling is so much fun!!…you are going to have a ball!! If you need a bed in NZ you are more than welcome to come + stay!!

  33. Katie Says:

    Wow, your trip sounds AWESOME, hope you have an amazing time! Would love to know where in NZ you’re coming to…I’m sure I could give you some recommendations on where to visit! And if you end up doing any crafty classes while you’re here I’d love to come along :-)

  34. HelenW Says:

    I had to sign up to comment on this post, though I have been looking at your site for ages. I had a career break 2 years ago and spent 3 months in S.E Asia, I haven’t managed to sort out the 5000 photos I took yet, let alone scrapbook them! Go to Malacca and Georgetown in Malaysia as both are amazing places. Really looking forward to following your trip. H x

  35. Carol Argyle Says:

    Have a wonderful trip. You’ll love NZ especially the south island. Like Rach there are plenty of spare beds in my house too

  36. Sharon Glynis Cornelius Says:

    Hi Shimelle,

    I’m from Malaysia. Will you be stopping by Penang? Let me know if u do…

    my email is

  37. Sandy Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful RTW plan. But living out of a backpack for that long is certainly a challenge. My humble must-pack recommendations are a universal adapter and a roaming mobile.

  38. cheap Sports Jerseys Says:

    Good luck to the author! all the best! I certainly love reading all that is written on your website. Its opportunity are so fantastic and working style so speedy. Its an informative topic. I am very enjoyed for this blog.

  39. Talia Says:

    Have fun! Sounds like a really wonderful trip! If you’re in Queensland when you’re in Australia, let me know!

  40. Cindy Says:

    Have a wonderful time! I wish I were as adventurous when I was younger. Looking forward to seeing more of the Boy in your photos.

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