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The Real Christmas Number One

52 New Things Christmas Single :: Christmas Day TV

Back in early 2010, Laura mentioned that a friend had started a new blog as a year long adventure in doing something new every week. That was Nick and his 52 New Things. I started reading his entries and told The Boy I was sure he would like the blog of Laura’s friend. ‘He’s doing one new and random thing every week for the whole year,’ I said.

‘Oh, you mean that guy from 52 New Things, right?’

Well, yes. And instantly my world had imploded: The Boy had just been reading along like you would read any blog and then presto, it was someone I had actually met in real life. Oh, the world is a funny old place.

Anyway, the reason I tell you all this is because now is when you can help make something amazing happen! One of the 52 New Things was to write and record a Christmas single in just 52 days, using the power of networking and friends to make it all happen. And the goal is to get to number 52 in the charts and raise £5,200 for the Alzheimer’s Society. They aren’t looking for giant donations: just sales of the song via iTunes at 79p in the UK or 99cents in the US.

Click here to buy this song in the UK iTunes Store
Click here to buy this song in the US iTunes Store

(If you’re in another country, search for artist 52 New Things on iTunes!)

All of the song’s proceeds are going to the charity – in fact, Nick has been taking sponsorship donations for all of the 52 New Things to support the Alzheimer’s Society all year long.

I realise this post has absolutely nothing to do with scrapbooking, unless I make a tenuous link between the nostalgic lyrics of the song being somewhat like the type of journaling we might write in our albums with photos from Christmas morning 1984, but it is a seriously cool project and I would love if you used that ‘share this’ button at the bottom of this post to spread the word about the song. Plenty of Christmas singles are advertised on posters and tv adverts – this song depends on people like us telling our friends. So share a link, download the song and be part of the fun!

Merry Christmas!


07 December 2010

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4 Comments for The Real Christmas Number One

  1. Marie Says:

    What a great idea. I’ve posted details on my blog and linked over to the iTunes link. I really hope they make it!


  2. Miriam Says:

    love it, & here’s another tenuous link for you, I scrapbook, I work for the Alzheimer’s society, I take some of your classes and some of my scrapping is about my workxxx

  3. Lizzie Says:

    Well this may not “have anything to do with scrapbooking”, but it Has got something to do with Blogs – you support Blogs, right? Also, it has Everything to do with the Spirit of Christmas – which seems to be a Very Shimelle Thing indeed!
    Great idea, glad you posted this. Off to look at iTunes now! :-)

  4. Christine Says:

    I’ve purchased, think it is brilliant :-) x

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