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Photo challenge :: Below the knee

scrapbooking photo challenge

I have a special fondness of below-the-knee photographs — capturing a glimpse of your shoes along a journey. I even have a minibook filled with just those pictures! I think if my shoes could talk, they might have an argument about how some of them have been to more destinations to others!

Your challenge is to take and post a photograph of feet, shoes or otherwise below the knee! Put on your dancing shoes or your walking boots or photograph a baby with tiny toes.

Post your image on Flickr, on your blog or in another online photo gallery. Leave a link to it in the comments on this post to be entered.
Please see this post for all the deadlines and details about this weekend.

One randomly selected entry will win a care package of funky socks! What’s not to love?


14 August 2010

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57 Comments for Photo challenge :: Below the knee

  1. Mary Bainbridge Says:

    here is my entry for this one my cat was sitting beside me on the settee when I saw the challenge so too a photo of his feet.

  2. Patti G Says:

    I took this shot recently on a daytrip to the beach. Don’t know whose feet they are, but the shot was too good to pass up!

  3. Patti G Says:

    Can we try this again??? I don’t think the link on my previous post is working???

  4. Amy Lynne Says:

    Here is my latest foot photo. I actually love taking pictures of feet, too. :)

  5. wannabe rebel Says:

    similar to yours Shim, but different !!

  6. lemon Says:

    heres my photo, the joys of having a teenager.

  7. amanda Says:

    here is a piccie of my pwetty shoes

  8. Scrapdolly Says:

    You’ll laugh at this one and it is so NOT RIGHT for August!

    Cupcake socks

  9. Lisa O Says:

    i also love photos “on the ground” i even have a flickr set dedicated to it :) but here is what i shot today:

  10. Lorna Says:

    Thought I might have s bash at a few of the photography challenges as I’m staying with my mum over the weekend, however, I have convieniently forgotten my camera so I hope phone photos are ok!

    Here’s my “below the knee” shot, my comfy slippers, a new play ball and and an easily excitable Labradoodle! Good luck everyone:

  11. Karen Says:

    a happy mistake

  12. Karen Says:

    my daughter’s feet make the best foot photos in our family

  13. Lou Says:

    I had fun with this one! Click here

  14. abbeyviolet Says:

    There “might” be a tiny bit of knee showing, but this was the one I liked the best of the bunch. Sweet baby legs!

  15. beverleynoelle Says:

    guess which style of shoe i would rather be putting on today :).

  16. Maya Says:

    My picture is here picture is posted here

  17. Jennifer Clark Says:

    I actually took this on the hike today, before I saw the challenge!! Lucky!!

  18. Lisa Says:

    I have a bit of a fetish about Dr Marten boots and have taken many photos of them. I took this one this morning though, promise!

  19. Julie Says:

    These pink trainers were so cute, waiting for their turn on the zip slide.

  20. Kirsteen Says:

    I went for paws too – this is Mr Charlie Cat:

  21. Gemma Says:

    i knew straight away what to snap for this – my signature stripy socks . . . check them out here :)

  22. Ali H Says:

    My feet – finally in Summer sandals !

  23. Aussie Mon Says:

    heres my toeseys!

  24. Alison M Says:

    My son always grabs the nearest shoes to go out to the trampoline. Today they were his Dad’s!

  25. Daphne Says:

    I did some cat feet as well – but my pink foot in the grass my favourite!

  26. Mandy McK Says:

    My dd wears toe socks… captured forever with my bare toes :)

  27. Jennifer Says:

    I had to take a photo of my daughter wearing the first shoes she’s been able to put on by herself! See the snap here. (You have to scroll down a bit.)

  28. Jenny B Says:

    I’ve covered three/four photo challenges in one post! Yup, lazy!! My cat refused to sit still! So Alnwick Gardens came to my rescue!

  29. Lorraine Says:

    Child at play. Lorraine

  30. Kitty Scrapper Says:

    My feet are on my blog if anyone wants to look!!

  31. karen Aldrin Says:

    Taken today at Spitalfields.I am having a thai massage in one of them.Check out my blog for more about the day.

  32. NancyLee Says:

    Here’s mine….

  33. NancyLee Says:

    I was walking here today…

  34. NancyLee Says:

    And relaxed here after…

  35. Leah Says:

    Here is my photo looking down while out at lunch today

  36. ConnieC Says:

    Here’s my photo for this challenge.

  37. Lisa - Funky Fairy Says:

    Sandy feet

  38. Anne Says:

    More sandy feet here!

  39. Anso Says:

    Here’s mine:

  40. Smeepee Says:

  41. Michelle Says:

    Here’s mine

  42. tape Says:

    What do you know, sandy feet seems to be a popular subject :)

  43. KateT Says:

    I’ve some feet for you to look at here ** Kate **

  44. Katherine Says:

    This is a picture of one of my friend’s shoe. :)

  45. Carolyn Phillips Says:

    The whole family’s feet, specially posed.

  46. luluuk Says:

    Luckily, my 2 year old had new shoes on Saturday!

  47. Susan Roh Says:

    not sure why dd was pulling up her bathing suit bottoms.

  48. Karen Moss Says:

    My trusty old red shoes!

  49. Bethan Says:

    Theres a first for everything.

  50. Hannah Says:


  51. Kirsty Smith Says:

    The first picture in this post is my offering. My feet in worker boots and protective plastic walking for the first time into the building site that is my new home!

  52. Teresa Says:

    Little Baby Toes (bum in the air watching Dora this morning)

  53. Marina D-K Says:

    Feet in the sand surrounding some sea glass…click here

  54. Rachel Says:

    My strange dog licking my feet.

  55. Emily Says:

    Here is my entry: Just look for “below the knee”

  56. Alison Says:

    Climbing the steps to the top of Fort Canning Singapore! Hard work in the tropical heat and humidity!!

  57. Christina Clouse Says:

    here are my toes walking around pioneer square, seattle, wa
    link here

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