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Influential Scrapbookers Giveaway Day!

Influential Scrapbookers

An extra special welcome to everyone who stopping by today as part of the Ella Publishing blog tour. It’s such an honour to be named as one of their most influential scrapbookers, alongside such lovely ladies that lead this industry. Every day I am beyond thrilled that I can do something I absolutely love as a job, so it is even more fabulous to know there is a whole community of crafty types out there joining me every day. So before I go any further, thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is an absolute pleasure to know you (or meet you if this is your first visit)!

If you are new to, let me give you a quick exploration guide:

Start by watching this, which explains my reasons for scrapbooking. Over the years I have been happy to see the view of childless scrappers change from one of sheer disbelief to one of acceptance. Whether you have no children or several, you’ll find our reasons for scrapbooking really aren’t that different. But that video puts my perspective into words.

Then have a browse here to see all the classes on offer here at Online classes are what I’m all about, and I’ve been teaching online since 2004. All of my classes include permanent access to the class materials and you can join at any time, so you can take things at your own pace and make them fit with your schedule. And for this weekend only, enter the code MISA and you can take 15% off any class purchase via the shopping cart. That includes the current class, Love your Pictures, Love your Pages. Again, this is via the shopping cart only — discounts will not apply if you sign up via an individual blog post.

online scrapbooking classes You must use the shopping cart to apply the discount code – it will not work on the individual paypal buttons. Thanks!

If you’re ready for something comical, start here for a look at my personal scrapbooking journey, right from the beginning. (It’s a series of posts and you can follow the next button at the bottom to keep reading.) Be warned: it contains paper dolls. For a more recent laugh, read this post about my partner-in-crime, The Boy, a long-suffering scrapbooking bystander who gives his views on this crazy hobby.

And one last post to check out here gives you all the details on ordering a copy of the idea book I recently edited, in case you fancy having something lovely to leaf through rather than just read on a computer screen.

scrapbook page

All of the MISA nominees have contributed to this new e-book from Ella called Time to Scrapbook. That’s a little sneak peek at the layout I contributed, plus you’ll find tons of ideas about how all of us make time for this craft that we love.

scrapbooking ebook

Now… how about some PRIZES?!
There are ten fabulous giveaways to win right here, on this post, for 24 hours only:
A $20 gift certificate from Ella Publishing Co.
Two digital-scrapbooking template packs (20 templates) from Cathy Zielske
A six-month Paperclipping membership from Noell Hyman
A “Play Date” product pack from Jenni Bowlin
A place in either a beginner photo-editing class or a beginner digital-scrapbooking class from Jessica Sprague
A spot in the “Beginner/Intermediate Online Photography Workshop” from Maggie Holmes
“Paper Girl” and “On Holiday” product packs from Margie Romney-Aslett
A $50 gift certificate toward any class on from Renee Pearson
A place for you and a friend in both “Love Your Pictures, Love Your Pages” and “Journal Your Christmas” from Shimelle Laine
A place in either Elizabeth Dillow’s “Inspiration Defined” or Karen Grunberg’s “Book of Stories” from Stacy Julian

There will be ten winners – each will receive one of these prizes. To enter, leave a comment on this post and tell me about a scrapbook page you have made. It can be a page you love, a page that makes you laugh, a recent page or an older page — just tell me about a page. You can even link to it if you would like to share with everyone. You have 24 hours to comment and you must mention a page in your comment to enter, okay? (By the way, click the preview button first if your comment doesn’t seem to go through. Sometimes the preview button is all you need.)

Today the blog tour also visits Stacy Julian, who indeed was the other Influential Scrapbooker in the limousine a few years back! You’ll know her from Simple Scrapbooks and Big Picture Scrapbooking. She has a great philosophy for scrapbooking without stressing about whether things are exactly perfect and ready for an art gallery — throwing away your own inner critic and just enjoying the process of creative documentation. She also adores colour, which is always fabulous in my book. Visit her blog today for more chance to win!

Don’t forget: just 24 hours to enter and you need to tell me about a scrapbook page in your comment. Go!


23 July 2010

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520 Comments for Influential Scrapbookers Giveaway Day!

  1. Erika M Says:

    I scrapbooked a page of my beautiful daughter from this summer

  2. Teal Says:

    One of my favorite pages is one talking about how my mom made my wedding vail. It was one of my first pages, so it aint that pretty – but I love that I captured the story!

  3. Mel Says:

    You know how pleased I am for you Shimelle, but once again, congratulations! :-)

    I was wondering which layout to tell you about when I remembered this one: I love it because it actually uses a photo of ME for once, and because it’s such a calm-looking page while actually being about anger.

  4. Fiona Says:

    One of my favourite LO’s is one I did of my daughter and I was using a whole lot of new products for the VERY first time ie Glimmermist, Distress Ink, Heidi Swapp mask and Heidi Swapp Invisibles. The page came together perfectly as all the colours matched the sea green mermaid dress!! I had such a fun and ‘inky’ time.

  5. Victoria B Says:

    Glad you are back in the UK – I am enjoying Love Your Pictures,Love Your Pages right now, and am scrapbooking a page for my 9 month step-grandson about his family at the moment. Thanks for your continued inspiration!

  6. Melanie L. Says:

    Congratulations! You really deserve this honor, Shimelle! One of my recent favorite LOs is one I did for Cathy Zielske’s Design Your Life class. She provided the design, the colors (it was a color challenge) and the journaling block. I journaled about my youngest child going to daycare and the reasons why I didn’t like the idea. I have the journaling posted on my blog:

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. Antonia S-H Says:

    Congratulations! My favourite layout is usually the one I’ve done most recently. My latest was a double page spread about things we have done in June. Since June was exam month most of the pictures come from a lunch party for my sister’s wedding anniversary. I love the light in the pictures and I’m really pleased with how the page turned out.

  8. Jodee Says:

    I want to share with you this layout about me. I love it because I really like the colors/papers that I used. I also love it because I used “white space” and I usually have trouble with that type of design.
    Congrats to you!

  9. Kirsteen Says:

    Congrats on your award. One of my favourite LOs is this one: I did it while taking part in the Something from Alomst Nothing class and it’s one of my favourite’s because the photo is one that I am proud to have taken of my little man, I love that he is surrounded in colour and I wanted the page compliament this so I used lots and lots of colour and embellishments that I had had for a long time which makes it special too as I love it when you find the perfect embellishment in your old stash. Kx

  10. Therese Says:

    I just made a very beautiful page honoring my daughter and my best friend. I used the Lush line from My Mind’s Eye and I find myself running my fingers over the soft letters and flowers – interactive scrapbooking! Who knew?!?
    Congratulations on your nomination – you deserve it. I love your style and have followed your blog for quite some time.

  11. carole anderson Says:

    A page I scrapped was of a photo of me that I didnt particularly love but made it the star of the page with minimal embellies and lots of white space! For me that is bold on both counts! And I love it!

  12. Nita Says:

    I recently made a page I love. It was my son’s first year in preschool-from 2 years ago! But, hey, I got it done.

  13. Bernadette Says:

    Congratulations on your award. I recently went back to a scrapbook page of mine that I love and added some additional journaling. It is of my son and one of his friends at high school state band competition their senior year of high school. He has had this friend since they were 18 months old and from an early age, they both loved rival college sports teams. Of course they ended up going to the rival colleges and have now graduated. The paper, titles and embellishments are all the rival schools. It is a cute picture & it always makes me smile & it makes his friend’s mother smile, too. I am thinking of making her an identical page and framing it for her.

  14. Jan Says:

    My favorite page so far (I have only been scrapbooking for a little while and have done maybe 20 pages) is one featuring my mom and my youngest son when he was little (he is 25 now). They are some of my favorite pictures and the colors are very springtime – purple and yellow and green – and they were taken in the garden in the early evening soft light. Brings back good memories.

  15. Lauren S. Says:

    You seem amazingly entertaining, and I look forward to reading about your journey. I love cupcakes, too. =)Congratulations on the award, i do believe you deserve it!

    It’s been awhile since I scrapped. I bought a new business, and it’s been taking a lot of my time. But the last page I did was for my husband’s birthday, about the many roles he plays and how much I love him. I think it’s my favorite page thus far!

  16. Ginny Says:

    I’m working on a LO about my best friend from high school. Most of my pages are about my children, so it is fun to make something different!

  17. Rosa Says:

    yesterday I finished a page that I really enjoyed making :) I used a photobooth picture of my husband and me, after asking him forever to get into a photobooth he finally gave in hahaha I paired it with random bits about us

  18. Tammy M. Says:

    I scrapped a page of my three boys making goofy faces at the camera as I took their individual pictures. They make me laugh…hard! It’s now one of my favorite pages.

  19. Susanne Says:

    The last scrapbook page I made was of the day I came home to see my 2 year old intently writing on his bare tummy with a ballpoint pen. He had crazy lines all over him and was so focused that he didn’t even notice that I was taking pictures. What a funny kid.

  20. Connie Skaggs Says:

    My favorite scrapbook page is a page that I have “re-used” in a scrapbook about me. My Mom — some 45 odd years ago — pasted a bunch of mementos from my first year with cement paste onto a flimsy plain scrapbook page. And you know what, it doesn’t matter that it doesn’t have fancy paper or fancy embellishments, It is my favorite page ever!!

  21. becca Hall Says:

    I scrapped how I had two whole years of being prego! My two baby girls were so close together I felt like it wasnt even a break!

  22. Lara Carson Says:

    Congrats to you! I think my favorite most recent page was of my daughter with serial photos of her making her way across the Mississippi River at its beginning in Northern MN…those pictures meant so much in how I see her as a growing teenager!

  23. Kay Gregory-Clark Says:

    Didn’t get to logon yesterday. The Red Velvet Cheesecake dessert sounds divine! Was it “homemade” or purchased? would love to have the recipe. And today: congratulations!

  24. Kristy Says:

    One of my favorite scrapbook pages has a series of shots of my sons and their friends. My youngest at the time started out screaming, not wanting his picture taken, and at the end he is smiling. The many faces of Owen…

  25. NikkiFB Says:

    I’ve made a lot of pages in 14 yrs of scrapping… but the “most influential” one to me lately was my very first digi page back in March. It was ROUGH!!! Ultra-simple, one big photo of my son after his first baseball game, and it took me about 4 hours to make PLUS an hour to figure out how to save! LOL But despite all the aggravation it was my intro to digi, with which I am now completely smitten!

  26. Kelly Massman Says:

    A recent page I liked that I made had felt flowers and frames on some vacation pictures we took. It turned out really nicely!

  27. kirsty Angus Says:

    One of my favourite recent pages is about me and my best friend. I made two almost duplicate pages. She nearly cried when I gave one to her yesterday!
    I think you can find it here

    Yes, I’ve just checked; it is there but you have to scroll down – I don’t know how to link to a particular older post.

  28. SheilaM. Says:

    The last scrapbook page I made was an artistic page that was about things I liked to eat.

  29. Melanie Kiser Says:

    Yippee!!! I finally get to congratulate you! You really truly deserve it … amazing work that you do … your classes (which I now have all of them … I won the giveaway on yeah, write). and I love every one of them.
    Oh, a page … my favorite one is probably one of the first ones I ever did. It was before I learned ‘how to scrapbook’ … so it is all mine. I miss that actually!

  30. kat eisner Says:

    One of my favorite layouts is a wedding one the pictures were not professional we werent posing for the camera but those two tiny pics just showed the emotion of that day. I love it so much its hanging in our bedroom.

  31. Kimber-Leigh Says:

    i recently finished a page that has a very special picture on it…sometimes i am so hesitant to scrap those pictures since i want the layout to be just as perfect and special. i was very pleased with how this one turned out :) thanks for the chance to win…and congrats for the well-deserved honor!

  32. kismet art Says:

    last year I made a book of me with a page a day for 30 days (part of a challenge on the Cocoa Daisy blog)-it was nice to get some of my experiences down on paper.

  33. yanina Says:

    The last page I made was one from our Florida trip this past June. It made me so happy to see my two boys and their cousins together under one roof, their Yeya’s house.

  34. Rita Says:

    I always love to look at a page I made honoring my Granny. It’s not by any means the “best” page I’ve ever done, but my favorite because it captures her true spirit.

  35. Michelle S. Says:

    One of the first pages I ever made was with my favorite picture of my Mom. I’ve used that picture more than once, but that’s ok.

  36. Ruth Tacoma Says:

    I recently made a few pages with photos from a trip to the beach that I made with my friends a few years ago. I love how photos bring us right back to the moment and scrapbooking gives me the chance to record the thoughts.

  37. tammy b Says:

    i’ve been futzing with digi lately, and think this is a fun page:
    i’m not altogether happy with it, but the idea just cracks me up. congrats on your honor!

  38. Alison L Says:

    Congrats! I recently did a year in review page and I just love seeing 20 little pictures of my favorite moments on one page.

  39. Lynn M Says:

    I can’t pick just one so I’ll pick the whole album that I created for my daughter’s graduation from college. It’s been a few years now, and just recently she found it in a box of her things in our garage. She had forgotten all about it and sat all afternoon looking through it and remembering. That’s why I scrapbook! Congrats!

  40. Susan Spiers Says:

    Although I’m not a very good “scrapbooker”, I did add a page to my scrapbook about my trip to England & Paris! I added pics, tickets, receipts & postcards. I now have this page to turn to with fond memories that always brings a smile to my face.

  41. Corey Acton Says:

    About every 6 months or so I like to do a page about my son that includes his favorite things at the time, the things he’s saying, and just cute things that he is doing. The last layout I did of him this was was his 3 and a half layout. I used a layout from one of Jessica Spragues classes titled “then and now” for the left side of the layout with a picture of my son at 1 and a half and one at 3 and a half. I love that page because I found 2 pictures 2 years apart where he has the same sweet smile and is wearing the same color scheme. On the right hand side I made a companion page showing him doing some of his favorite things. I’m still learning digital so the page done with Jessica’s help is much better, but I just love looking back at these pages and remembering all the cute things he has done because it’s the little things that you forget. Here’s the link to my layout:

  42. Peggy Says:

    Woo-hoo! Congratulations Shimelle & way to go eh!
    A page I made? Hmmnn, there are so many, most of ‘em rubbish, but I kinda like The Resistor Code, which I did for Shimelle’s on-line crop. It turned out to be lucky for me. Perhaps it will again ;-)

  43. Jessica R Says:

    I did a layout of our family for my mother. It was a picture of my parents and siblings in 1999 and then paired it with a picture from 2009. I love it and so did my mother!

    Congrats on your success!

  44. Melissa Says:

    Congrats on the MISA! Can I talk about a page that I’m going to make instead of one I’ve already made? Actually, it’s an album for my daughter to chronicle her years in cheerleading. She picked out paper for the album but I don’t think it coordinates with her pics very well. I keep putting off the project because every time I look at the pics and the paper together I cringe. Eek!

  45. Nuut Says:

    My son loves to drink tea. With lots of sugar, which he does not stir and eats with a spoon when he gets to the bottom. I once gave him a cup of tea without sugar. he drank it all and burts into tears when there was no sugar. He said “All this tea, and that for NOTHING’ I made an adorable page.

  46. falwyn Says:

    Let me tell you why I want to win the Cathy Z templates – I’ve made (in paper! A big deal for me, a digiscrapper) the cover page for an “Encyclopedia of My Ordinary Childhood” project. I don’t usually make the title page first, but when I was hit with the concept of it and how to make it work for me (so I can do both paper and digi pages for it) I jumped in and made the title page right away! Now, having scanned many childhood photos, I need to start recording the stories. (And CZ is the queen of 8.5×11 templates and design, so it all fits together perfectly.) I’m so excited to work on this book of childhood memories. :) I hope that the title page will help keep me on track, since this will be an extended, continually updated project.

    Congrats to you, on your award, by the way. :)

  47. Jenny McGee Says:

    Congrats Shimelle. I just bookmarked your blog, so I can read all the posts you mentioned here. My latest layout was done yesterday of my Senior Prom. That was about 20 years ago. I was going through some photos to see what I wanted to scrap. I found these and did the layout. It was fun to scrapbook older photos. Thanks for a chance to win.

  48. Gail Alcorn Says:

    Congrats! How wonderful to be recognized for doing great things with something that makes you happy!

  49. Lauren Says:

    How to pick just one? I guess I’ll just pick the in progress one sitting on my table now. It’s all done except for the journaling and thanks to Jill Sprouts “word work” blog, I’ve found something rather deep to say about some pretty pictures of flowers. After some brain dumping, I realized how cut flowers remind me of life at home, growing up around the dining room table.

  50. Shelley Says:

    I am working on a page about a sculpture class my seven-year-old just took. The significance is that the class was taught by my childhood friend, with whom I took many an art class as a youngster. I have so many thoughts about how things have come full circle and am taking some time to get the journaling down first.

  51. Lesa Says:

    A recent page I did was titled “Why I scrapbook” with some random pictures and thoughts about why I scrapbook. I love the colors and design and it has been displayed in my dining area for several months. It makes me happy.

  52. Claudia McDaniel Says:

    Congratulations on your award!! I enjoy your blog and your scrapbook pages very much.

    I haven’t made a page since May 31 when the Layout a Day challenge that I was participating in ended. From that challenge, my favorite page was one of my youngest son on a big wheels tricycle that made him look as if he was on a motorcycle. He had the cutest facial expression that seemed to say he was so cool!

    But last night I got into my scrapbook room and started to get into scrapbooking mode again and pulled out a photo of my son at 4 years old jumping off the ground and shooting a basketball. The ball is in the air and I don’t remember if it went in or not (remember, he was only 4) but I wanted to make a page to capture how much I admire his ability to try what might seem impossible or out of reach. In the end it doesn’t matter whether he made that shot or not, but that at 4 years old he was taking the shot at a basketball 8 feet off the ground and he believed he could make it!

  53. Addie-Addie Says:

    Congrats on the nomination!! I did a page a few years ago of my son picking daisy’s at the cottage. The picture was surrounded by flowers. It was the first time I had used flowers for a boy.

  54. Kyla Says:

    My last scrapbook page was done in an effort to keep me focused on running 50 miles for the month of July (thanks to Cathy Z. for the challenge!). Here’s a link:

  55. Beverly Kim Says:

    Congratulations Shimelle and thanks for the chance to win. I made a page about the first time I met my half-sister. For 60 years I didn’t know I had a sister so its very special.

  56. Lillian Child Says:

    My favorite page was one I created using an old vintage photo of my mom and grandma in bathing suits. The photo just makes me smile everytime I look at it, and I used it for a page in my grandson’s scrapbook so that years from now he will have a memory of mine of his great great grandma.

  57. Francisca Says:

    Congratulations! I have 2 favorite scrapbook pages: each page is filled with photos from both my sons, from birth – 2009. It is so wonderful to see how they have grown and changed, and yet in a way still remain that little child.

  58. Miss Niki Says:

    Congratulations on receiving this award!! I have so many projects in the hopper right now that I find myself spinning in circles sometimes. My most recent pages have been school portraits (12×12) and several for a Halloween mini album of the kids through the years (6×8)!

  59. Teresa M Says:

    I haven’t made any pages recently as I am working on an organization project. One of my favorite pages that I made this year is one of my daughter that highlights her personality. I really need to do more personality pages as I focus too much on events.

  60. susiel. Says:

    My favorite page was one I did for my daughter’s 8th grade graduation page in her yearbook. It had photos of her taken during the year showing her interests (microscopy, the beach, acting, etc.). The top of the layout had a large sun with the phrase “You are my Sunshine” written around it. I always sing that song to her……

  61. Felecia Says:

    One of my most favorite pages is called “My Bits” Its about my 18 month old (at the time) son and these horrid, bright rain boots he saw in Target. As we were going down the aisle, he spied some extremely ugly rain boots with a lizard on them in blue, red and green. He started excitedly trying to get out of the cart, all the while saying “MY BITS! MY BITS!” I bought those ugly boots and, wouldn’t you know, he had to have them on ALL THE TIME. He wore them over his PJ’s with shorts, he tucked his pants into them…they were the shoe of choice for everything, even school. Its a layout that reminds me 1) how important it is to capture the stories, 2) how sweet and yet opinionated my little guy is, and 3) why I love to scrapbook.

  62. jennifer hamilton Says:

    I loved your video, seeing how your pages have evolved, reading about if the boy scrapped:) and browsing your classes – which I will be back – you are truly deserving of being awarded a MISA! Congratulations!! A page I recently made comes to mind. It is simply a photo of my little family (all looking at the camera with a smile) and titled Happy Family. It is my favorite right now.

  63. Shay Says:

    Congratulations on such a wonderous nomination! I have long been a fan of your blog and art. I am excited to have an opportunity to take one of your online classes.

    The scrapbook pages that are pretty memorable for me are the ones I did for my grandparents for their 50th anniversary that was a collective family project/gift. My favorite page was about my grandparents. The pages are especially meaningful since my grandfather recently passed away.

  64. Marie M Says:

    My favorite thing about scrapbooking is making mini books that make my family smile.

  65. maja Says:

    I made a page about our vacation in sweden. I love this page so much. Here is the link:

  66. Mattie Says:

    I finally made a page for myself, about myself and it felt great! Thanks for the giveaways!

  67. Briana N. Says:

    One of my favorite pages is from a challenge on a website where we all sent each other horrible, ugly scraps of paper that we were forced to use on a layout. It was pretty fun trying to mix cowboys, flowers, and strange stripes.

  68. Alison M Says:

    Congratulations on your recognition. Such an honor! My favorite recent page was about my recently discovered love of running. I made it for one of the Layout A Day challenges.

  69. Kyla Says:

    Recently, I finished a book, I tried something new for me and included a page on world events. I found pictures on the web and formed a globe out of them. Really cool.

  70. Tasia Minnaert Says:

    Most of my pages have no journaling on them. That’s something I’m trying to work on.

  71. Hester Says:

    Congratulations for you!
    I did not make a layout for a while,but yesterday i sat down with a friend and made a double page, this made me feel so good to be able to do this again!

  72. linda Says:

    Congratulations and it just so happens that I uploaded a layout right before reading your post. It’s in the 2ps gallery here I grew up in the city and my new life here in Italy, in the country, is soooo fascinating to me. Even little things like rolls of hay are super cool…so I let myself be silly and fulfill my country living fantasies. It’s the little things and even normal everyday things that are so wonderful that I want to preserve on pages. They say a little bit about my life, about me and about how I feel…and I love to be able to do that through scrapbooking for my own needs… but also to share a bit of happiness and joy to others as well. It’s not just about preserving memories, events, moments…but celebrating them through the process of scrapbooking about it as well.

  73. wannabe rebel Says:

    I recently scrapbooke a page about my 8yr old son’s 8yr old teddy. Its the longest piece of journaling I have ever done, normally I am a couple of lines this is an entire story, plus its the only page that has managed to bring a tear to my husbands eye (sorry DH)

  74. Fay Says:

    I haven’t made it yet but as I’ve just turned 40 I’m about to scrap a page on where I am in my life right now. I think it’s quite an important milestone to capture!

  75. Kitty Scrapper Says:

    Well I have been scrapping for less than a year but love it, I find it so relaxing. The page i have chosen was for the first one of Shimelle classes that I took.

    This page took full use of patterned paper some of it I had been saving, I love the fact it is a page just about me, something which is common in my pages as I am also a childless scrapper.

    Well done Shimelle on being named as an influential scrapper……oh and when is the next online crop party, that was such a fun weekend.


  76. Jo-Ellen Says:

    I recently did a LO where I have written a letter from myself today to myself at the age of 12. I happened to come across a photo of me at that age. It is interesting to see what I have come to understand about my personality over time, and perhaps some of my insight can help my DDs.

  77. Diane Rubatino Says:

    I usually start with the pictures when I scrapbook (family, grandchildren, etc.) Right now I’m working on a page using techniques I’ve been learning using emboss resist, distress inks and pearlized mist. Having a lot of fun. Now I need to search for a picture that suits the layout.

  78. Kristig Says:

    One of my favorite pages is a page with a picture of my daughter holding my finger a few days after she was born. It is a precious picture and reminds me of that special time in the hospital.

  79. Michelle C Says:

    I’ve almost finished my first page in over 3 months. It’s all set out on my desk and I just need to stick it all down. Will do that this afternoon after work. YEAH!
    Thanks for sharing!

  80. Michelle H Says:

    One (well really 2) of my favorite layouts recently have been a “trimester in review” of this pregnancy. I did one page each for my 1st and 2nd trimester, gathering pictures from each week and journaling about that time. What great memories! Very soon now I’ll be making my 3rd trimester one!

  81. Kay Gregory-Clark Says:

    I think my favorite pages have been ones of my grandchildren—so much inspiration there! Here’s a link to one:
    Congratulations, Shimelle!

  82. Patricia Says:

    Congratulations! I visit your blog daily and you are a true inspiration!
    My most recent pages was a page from disneyworld where my kids are locked in the stockades(sp?) I used the cosmo cricket camping line with the marshmallow man to complete it! thanks for the chance!

  83. Janette Childs Says:

    Congrats on such an honor and on all your scrapbooking accomplishments. I am currently scrapbooking a wedding we attended.

  84. Sue Bone Says:

    This is a recent layout I ‘m pleased with. I love the banners (Banana Frog stamp) and the stitching of the bunting ribbon.

    Congrats once again.

  85. Karen S Says:

    Congrats! Recently I made a page with no photos. It is titled “No, Thank you!” and has a place for all of us in this family to write down the things in life we’d rather do without. I decorated with a cute grasshopper because my husband is not a fan of them. At all. :)

  86. Missy K Says:

    Recently I was looking at some layouts and found one I did about my husband, using our pet name for each other, “buddy.” I love it because I took the time to say what I really wanted to say in it.

  87. lisa Says:

    Congrats on your award! Such a great group of inspirational people.

    A page I did recently is definitely up there among my faves (at the mo) and features a photo of the afternoon tea my sister and myself treated my mum to for a “special” birthday. We went along to The Berkeley Hotel in London where they prepare a Prêt à Portea where the cakes, biscuits etc are all inspired by the latest fashion collections. I did it as part of a BPS class by Nic Howard and it lent itself to the techniques we were learning so well – and I adore it!

  88. JennL Says:

    I recently made a page highlighting my two best girlfriends.

  89. Lisa B Says:

    One of my favorite scrapbook pages is a simple one of my mom holding my then 3 week old daughter. My mom died when my daughter was 4 years old so my own little girl doesn’t remember her much, but its a beautiful memory for me of the two of them together. Bonus is that its a great photo of my mom! Congrats on your nomination!

  90. CatherineW Says:

    Hi Shimelle! Am loving the love your pictures, love your pages class at the mo! And congrats on your award! My favorite Lo is the first Lo I completed since returning to scrapbooking this year it is of me and my little sis having ‘birthday ice-cream’, it was just such an achievement to complete and got me well and truely hooked again!! Thanks Cx

  91. nikki7 Says:

    I just made a page last night about my little boy, and I am very happy with the journaling! Thanks for the chance.

  92. Vickie Says:

    Congratulations! I love the page I did this summer showing my Mother with my son. She helped him with his reading and they developed a wonderful bond. We miss her.

  93. stephanie in MI Says:

    Congratulations on your nomination!!
    One of my favorite pages I have scrapped is one of a four generations photo we had taken when my daughter was about two. Now that my Grandma has passed on, it has even more of a special place in my heart. It was fun to use a different style of papers and design on it since I went very classic and normally go with a more up to date look.

  94. Shannon Hager Says:

    My layout Bright Blue Eyes is by far my most favorite layout I have completed in the last few months! I love the picture of my youngest little man and his gorgeous eyes. I also love the BG papers!

  95. Viki Powell Says:

    Congratulations on this wonderful honor:) my most recent page (book) was for a friend that needed a pickme up…so i took recent photos of her new puppy from her Facebook and made her a mini album all about her dog:)

  96. StephM Says:

    Congratulations on the honor of being chosen one of the top influential scrapbookers!

    A page that stands out in my mind is one I did in my early days of scrapbooking – it was an Easter page and I used stencils and colored markers to make the title and some huge eggs on a white background. To this day, every time I see it I want to gag and then redo the page, but then I decide that “done is better than perfect” and I leave it.

  97. Myra Says:

    I’m using digital templates for monthly pages — my new fave way to scrap.

  98. Lorianne Says:

    My favourite layout (for now) is “Prendre une bouchée”. It’s about my youngest son taking his very first bites of thos Mum Mums! I just loved this kit from Suzy Q Scraps and actually submitted this layout for a specific challenge! Have a look!

  99. Deb Jankowicz Says:

    One of my favorites is a then and now digital page of my teenage son riding his first bike and driving his first car. It’s the stories that I like to capture and remember.

  100. Dori Says:

    I recently did a page about prom dresses. My cousin and I shared the same dresses for 3 years. thank goodness our prom’s were never on the same day. Thanks for the chance. Dori

  101. Lainey Says:

    Congratulations Shimelle! I just recently finished our Disney Cruise album…so I’m just about Mickey’ed out, lol!

  102. Kim Jensen Says:

    A favorite recent layout is one I did about a storm that started a fire. It was a significant event in my life, and it felt good to get it down on (digital) paper.

  103. Michelle W. Says:

    Congratulations!! As a participant in several of your classes, I definitely agree with those who bestowed the honor.
    Some pages that are upper most in my thoughts recently are those that I did as a sort of cathartic journey through a troubling health diagnosis. Scrapbooking these thoughts has really given me some great perspective.

  104. LinaH Says:

    Congrats on the award. My favorite layout is of my son and my dad at Thanksgiving time. It shows various poses of grandfather and grandson enjoying a peaceful moment getting to know each other.

  105. Laura Rich Says:

    I recently made a page about getting braces @ 40 years of age.

  106. Amy N Says:

    You deserve this so much Shimelle! & since I am your biggest fan you should pick me ;)

  107. D Says:

    Congrats! A page I recently completed was one of the few “in focus” shots I got of a building – from the inside of a moving bus. While I did walk to the building & take shots, the lighting from the moving bus shot was wonderful [soft pink].

  108. Deb Keyworth Says:

    My favourite page is one I did at the crop you taught at for Eclectic Keepsakes. It was of our family holiday in Barbados and all the colours and styles just seemed to come together. The page just makes me smile with happy Barbados memories whenever I look at it.

  109. Debbie Says:

    The first layout that jumped into my head is one I did with an 8×8 enlargement of my daughter’s first time eating prunes. She looks exhausted, it’s smudged all over her face, and she’s looking straight at me with those big baby eyes.

    Congrats on this honor! Well deserved!

  110. JennyB Says:

    One of my favorite layouts is of my son and husband and all of the personality quirks they have in common.

  111. Amy Says:

    Congratulations on your MISA!
    I just finished several pages of my daughter’s junior prom. She looked just like a princess in her gown.
    You have a great blog…off the check out your class offerings.

  112. Terri Torrez Says:

    My most recent page was the letter Z for Me: The Abridged Version. I’ve never been so happy to finish a page.


  113. Cynthia_Brazil Says:

    I loved the video. I have a son and my pages are almost all about him. I will try to scrap more about me.

  114. Sarah Jay Says:

    I want to tell you about my favorite page. It’s subtle, with pale blue patterned paper covered in vellum, an 8×10 black and white photo of my father’s smile as he danced with my sister at her wedding. The hidden journaling is where the the real beauty lies because it describes how it felt to watch them touch for the first time after nearly 10 years of silence. I cried tears of joy while taking the photos, creating the layout, and now every time I see it. It’s amazing how powerful a scrapbook page can be.

  115. Ronnie Crowley Says:

    The last page I made was for my dad. Its a page with pictures of him through his life for the wall in his nursing home.

  116. Wendyb Says:


    I am currently working on scrapbook pages/books that feature my children’s school portraits. I finally decided to get them out of their envelopes and showcase them. Making a book for each child – one down, two to go!

  117. Madeline Says:

    This is my recent favorite, my grandson soloring Easter Eggs and I think it was done for you first crop

  118. dogmatix Says:

    I recently did a LO which I gave to my parents as a gift. I used their engagement photo and a couple of scanned wedding photos and I think I used a sketch u had on here in the last couple of months (I had a drawing on my board but forgot to write the source on it!!). I am really pleased with it as it is the first ‘busy’ page i have done even though the actual LO itself is very simple. Hopefully, this link will work !!!…..

  119. Jena Baker Says:

    One of my favorite pages I’ve made is in my son’s album. When he started losing teeth he lost several quite quickly. So the pictures on the page are of his ever changing smiles over this time period and it is titled, “How Many Lost Teeth?”. Every time anyone looks at it they laugh.

  120. Amy Says:

    My first thought was of a layout I did in the actual moment. . . a moment that likely marks a new path in our life. DH is thinking about becoming a State Trooper and I’ve said all along that when he got on the treadmill, I’d know he was serious (He hates the treadmill.). . . So, when he got on the treadmill while I was scrapbooking, I knew I just what to scrapbook. I went in there and got a picture, then I captured my thoughts about what this means for us, for him, and me. Whether he goes through the academy and down this path or not, I know that in a few years, it will be a piece of history. . .

  121. Beth Ann Says:

    My latest layout is a 4th of July one – with an incredible photo my dh took of our son from behind, with the silhouette of his head and a big burst of fireworks in the sky. It just might be one of my favorite pages ever.

  122. dogmatix Says:

    hmmm…not sure my link worked….http// to see the parents LO

  123. Cathy S Says:

    My most recent layout shows my daughter walking away with her pillow and sleeping bag, off to her first time at sleepaway camp. Love that she was ready and willing to walk away from home and family at 8 years old, and that she came back a few days later excited about her experience.

  124. Nancy Says:

    Last scrapbook page or actually book was a retirement album for a co-worker.

  125. kim Says:

    Im REALLY new to scrapbooking, but you have really inspired me. Im doing the photo course and have both idea books! Anyway, my favourite page would be one of my cat Ono, climbing around in the bathroom, and eventually laying completely inside the sink. I did it as a series of photos with her gradually curling up inside it, and did some journaling, with blue striped background to match the bathroom walls

  126. Karen Hobbs Says:

    Some of my favorate layouts are those I scraplifted from classes, books or mags and then made my own. In particular I am thinking about a layout I did about hunting for the perfect Christmas tree. I used an 8 × 10 enlargement (new for me) and some punched trees in the title and it looks great! I also love the neat page I made in your class here in Seattle a few years back!

  127. mllwyllw Says:

    One of my fav pages I just recently did was pretty simple and I was inspired by Stephanie Howell. It’s about wanting to know what mine and my husbands children will look like.

  128. scrappinkn Says:

    My first scrapbook page ever was done just a few short years ago. It was created at my lss at a beginner class using a professional holiday 8×10 of my girls. Very simple page but was the official start of my scrapbook journey.

  129. KathyL Says:

    Shimelle, congratulations on your nomination. I have taken a few of your classes and have enjoyed each one. I just recently found time to start scrapping again and did a page of one of my son’s baseball teams. It felt so good to get back into it again. I love the page just because it made me realize how much I missed scrapping.

  130. Tina M Says:

    I recently completed a page about my daughter’s silly “cheesy” smile/snarl.

  131. Tammy Jackson Says:

    An old layout – but one of my favorites because of the subject matter…Family…

  132. Lori M Says:

    My favorite scrapbook pages are the ones from my son’s baby book! He’s two now, and it makes me smile every time I look back at how tiny he was.

  133. meagan Says:

    Congrats by the way. A page I love: It’s a page I made actually a number of years ago, back when my husband and I were dating, it was a summer page from a camping trip

  134. Michele Says:

    Congratulations Shimelle! I have met you once, at a scrapbooking class/demo that you did for a group of ladies in Overland Park at a church. I believe we were the Scrappin’ Babes back then. One of my favorite layouts stems from that group when we decided to make a scrapbook about ourselves. It was a circle journal/page swap hybrid project that resulted in a book of memories of my favorite scrapbooking friends. We each had to make a page of ourselves and it was such a fun project.

  135. Amy Coose Says:

    Congrats, Shimelle! Very well deserved! I recently made a sb page about why I scrapbook that I just love.

  136. Danielle Watt Says:

    Congrats Shimelle!! I recently did a page about my younger brother, talking about how proud I am of him and his graduating from Purdue University, the great job he has landed, and how I know that GREAT THINGS AWAIT him, due to his hard work and intelligence!

  137. Mikia Says:

    I’m working on pages from our recent trip to Switzerland. I’m doing it totally digital and I’m having a lot of fun with it.

  138. AndreaWiebe Says:

    Congratulations Shimelle!!! You are amazing :)

    Most of my scrapbook pages have lots of layers, journaling and buttons :)

  139. Beth Says:

    A recent page I love is a two page layout of lots of the little details from my cousin’s wedding.

  140. Pam Meeks Says:

    congrats on MISA! one of my favorite pages was one I did “talking” to my daughter – letting her know how much I love her and why I love her – sometimes teens do not hear you and this is one way that she can listen when she is in the mood…

  141. Erin Says:

    Congratulations on MISA! You are very deserving of this honor! My most recent layout was one of my 3 year old daughter from our vacation this summer. It highlighted her cute pronunciation of “mosquito” (smaquito).

  142. Nadine Says:

    congrats shimelle! <3

    I love this page I made for my friend. even though it was my first attempt at making sb pages and had no workshops/class experience, I loved how it turned out ^^

  143. JillT Says:

    One favorite is a page that I journaled some comments that the subject (1-yr-old) was “saying” about what she was doing in the pics. It was a birthday spread and each comment was written on a candle. Don’t feel like my pages in general “stand out” but I still love this one

  144. CJ Says:

    Congratulations on your award! I have enjoyed poking around your blog and will spend more time as I can…love it!

    As for a scrapbook page, mostly I have done digital pages in the past few years…but I did create a minibook album recently from old cds…focus was my granddaughter’s recent pics (she just turned 4) many about her dancing…and it came out too cute for words…even the males in the family enjoyed looking through it all and not just for the pictures…but the tactile experience too, so it made me realize how much I do miss about creating paper pages! I haven’t posted any pictures of it yet though…

  145. Leanne Inkpen Says:

    Firstly big congrats! Wooo Yeah.

    Well being a new mum, my scrapping kinda stopped for a while – but I am now back in the groove and thank you SHim for your love your pictures calss – it has been a big help and kickstarting my mojo. My recent fave page hhhmmmmm One of Maxwell’s toy friends. I love it – as I am trying to not only record Maxwell but the things around him, just like I do with my life! xx

  146. Kelly T. Says:

    Love your work. Would love to take one of your classes. Off to check them out. Congrats! One of my fav sb pages is one I did early on, it’s a one pic of my 3 yr old and his eye are just electric blue. I placed all kinds of words around the pic to frame it. Love it!

  147. Keianna Says:

    3 years ago I did a layout about not having a baby and my reasons why. Just the internal struggle. As of this year, we are no longer childless, but I am glad that I captured my before feelings. I have taken a class from you before and really enjoyed it. You deserve the honor.

  148. Melissa Aguiar Says:

    Congrats! You are all so inspiring! TY for a chance to win! I love to scrapbook and have since around 2002 or so started digital scrapping and fell in love with it so much! One of my fav recent layouts I made is of my little girl. Here is the link.

    I loved being so artistic with it. TY!

  149. JennieB Says:

    Congratulations! Your work is new to me and it’s just beautiful.

  150. Tammy Eberhard Says:

    congratulations on being named one of the MIS in 2010! a well deserved honour.
    last night I did a scrapbook page capturing how much my daughter has grown in 11 years! so fun to see the changes.

  151. Amy P. Says:

    Congrats!! One scrapbook page I love that I created is of my little boy smiling at 6 months. He is sitting up and you can see all those little fat rolls. I makes me smile everytime I look at it.

  152. Irene Fitzpatrick Says:

    I’m just enjoying doing some layouts of my recent holiday in the Cotswolds, using the ideas and sketches from ‘Love your pictures,Love your pages’. Well done, once again Shimelle for the nomination! I always enjoy your classes!!!

  153. tammy k Says:

    I did this one for my mom for mother’s day. I love the layout, and have mixed feelings about the picture…where my mom isn’t smiling…she hardly ever smiled in pictures, and has now been diagnosed with severe depression…but she loved this when I framed it and gave it to her.

  154. Lizzie Says:

    Ha! Love the very first pages, Shimelle. Of course, you weren’t really doing it “wrong” – just your way… but I do agree that the way “Scrapbookers” now make pages is more varied and pretty.. probably more fun too!
    I liked your Why I Scrapbook video and the “What if The Boy Scrapbooked” – they were just as good this time round too!
    It’s so lovely that you were involved in the Ella project. I will have to get a cop of that e-book…
    Thanks for the Giveaway prize opportunity.

  155. charmi Says:

    I was first introduced to scrapbooking when one day i accidently walked into Michaels ! From there I collected my first few vellum pages & some coordinating cardstock & stickers and made my first scrapbook album for my husband as our 1st yr anniversary gift and to this day he cherishes that album the most !! Its our favourite..nothing pretty just and our favourite stories !! :)
    Congrats on your recognition !! Well deserved :)

  156. Wendy Says:

    Last night I made a page about my oldest son. He is entering into teenagedom and I wanted to express my feelings to him about his changing into a young man.

  157. Heather Robertson Says:

    one of my favorite pages is of my daughter smiling. I just love how everything came together, the turquoise and dark blue with pops of yellow, the design, everything. It just lifts my heart everytime I look at it

  158. Deena Sinclair Says:

    I recently did several Halloween pages—3 years worth! Guess it helped to save them all for one time—had all the embellishments, paper, and spooky stuff out at one time! One of the positives of procrastination!!

  159. MicheleC Says:

    I scrapped some pics of my kitty sitting on a wall enjoying the sun. ;o)

  160. Kristin O. Says:

    Yahoo for you!!
    My favorite page is one I did recently but the photo is years old. It is a photo of my two big boys as very little boys reading a Spiderman book together. Just thinking about those boys and that book makes me feel all mushy inside!!

  161. Patti M Says:

    Love your work! Gee, haven’t made pages in a long long time. Mostly little gift albums which are so much fun to make and give. Last page was my oldest daughter’s school pages. Her before and after (first day of school and last day of school). I love the contrast in the photos. The two photos side by side shows how much she has grown and matured in one school year.
    It’s my fav!

  162. Carolyn Says:

    One of my favorite layouts is of my granddaughter at the beach. She is so beautiful.

  163. Lola Says:

    Oh, I think my favorite page is one I just completed for you Love Your Photos, Love Your Pages class…the first one I did and probably my best ever (that is not saying much as I only have a handful under my belt not counting JYC ’09). It showcases the day 3 prompt of “3 is a magic number”. I used some of my favorite summer icons. You can view it here: And just so you know…I think the $$ I’ve spent on your two classes has been the best investment in my creativity! Thanks so much for being a pioneer in online scrapping classes—your nomination is well deserved!

  164. beulahmom Says:

    Congratulations! I made ABC Books for 2 of my granddaughters and the layouts I did in those books are just some of my most favorite ones. My favorite of the favorites is one that shows my granddaughter showing off all of her “boo-boos” and bandaids that she put all over her legs. So sweet.

  165. Andrea Friebus Says:

    Last night I created a layout using outtake photos from our Christmas card photo shoot.

  166. L. Barker Says:

    Since I’m not the greatest photographer, I love it when I “accidentally” get a shot worth scrapbooking. One of these was my Dad walking away from me w/my granddson. They had their arms around ea other & were in earnest conversation. I scrapped it w/a background of a giant redwood tree trunk sawed off showing all the tree rings & an old clock face. My journaling reflected the importance of 1 generation passing on to the next and the love between the 2. Dad’s gone now & I cherish that page!

  167. karen young Says:

    I have been working on scrapping my photos from my trip to Europe in May. We went to the Cotswolds which I absolutely LOVED and every time I look at my pages of that place I want to jump right back into the pictures. It was a really special trip.

  168. Becky Dunnell Says:

    one page i did recently was for a sketch challenge at the LSS — i have it posted on my blog — i used the july jenni bowlin kit & photos from my recent trip to yellowstone.

  169. Veronica B. Says:

    i made a page about how much i love my kids’ eyes…all shades from liquid chocolate, to hazel green to hazel tan to light blue…who’d have thought from brown eyed mom and dad. :-) vb

  170. Katherine M Says:

    Congratulations! I made a scrapbook page about my kids and their Grandpa sitting on the back up generator tractor several years ago that is one of my favorite layouts – I love the connections made in the layout.

  171. goldnuggt Says:

    I just made a double page layout about our trip to the demolition derby. The page had 12 pictures including, but not limited to cars, vans, 3-D glasses, fireworks, spectrum of color as seen through 3-D glasses, family and even an ultralight. Fun page about a fun memory with our kids!

  172. Cathy K. Says:

    My favorite page is about a phone call, not a picture on it, just lot’s of journaling about something that was upsetting at the time, but looking back on it, rather comical too.

  173. Michelle910 Says:

    My favorite pages are normally about my kids but lately I’ve made a few pages all about me…and I’m starting to like it!!

  174. AdrianaG. Says:

    A page I remember is one that I did for my oldest son’s 5th birthday album featuring all the guests (his friends) like in a film strip.

  175. Teresa Says:

    I would say a page for my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. If I had not done it there are stories about them I might have not known.

  176. SuzanneS Says:

    I think my favourite LO so far is one I did about my friend. I filled it with all the things that remind me of her and our times together. And of course it had to be in her favourite colour, purple!

  177. Robyn F Says:

    I just made a comparison spread this week featuring my son at 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. How quickly they grow.

  178. Vernell Says:

    Congratulations Shimelle!! One of my recent favorite pages is one that I did using a photo that I took in when I went home to Barbados last December. I used a mix of really old paper with some more recent embellishments. Here’s a link – Island Paradise.

  179. Kirsty Smith Says:

    I’ve just finished a LO with loads of hidden journalling – the first time I’ve ever done that as normally I like everyone to be able to see and read the story. But this time, the story was so long (all about a disastrous road trip) that it simply wouldn’t fit on a page. As it’s quite an amusing anecdote to look back on, I wanted to have it all written down and so I used an envelope to contain it. A first for me, but hopefully the first of many!!!

  180. Florence M. Says:

    Bravo for your award, you deserve it. Your Blog is wonderful and tanks for your amazing inspiration.

  181. Cheryl Allen Says:

    Congratulations on your award!
    I’m so glad I did a page about every month my daughter was pregnant. She won’t be having any more children so I can look back.

  182. SandyB Says:

    Congratulations! I just scrapped aout my pregnancy with the obligatory photo of the pregnancy test.

  183. Patsy Says:

    Congratulations. One of my recent favorite layouts is about how I hated the idea of a blog for my youngest daughter but how I learned to love it. Haven’t posted the layout anywhere yet.

  184. PaulaPerk Says:

    Since I am always a little behind, I just scrapbooked 2009 Halloween. It’s cute and the best part- only ONE 2-page spread (I tend to take too many photos and want to scrap them all. Thanks for the chance to win and congrats on the nomination.

  185. Tammy Says:

    I recently did a page about my son graduating from high school! I can’t believe he’s that old already!!

  186. Stef Says:

    Congratulations on your well-deserved nomination – what an honor! One of my favorite layouts is an older one I did of my first daughter with her first pigtails – she was younger then than my third daughter is now, but I remember thinking how big she was. And she’s laying on my dog that has since passed away, so it brings an extra smile to my face to look at it.

  187. Vivian Says:

    I made a page with a collage of 9 photos of my newest grandson. He smiles ALL the time…until you get a camera out. It was a lot of hard work and patience, but 9 photos later, I finally got it! It is one of my favorite pages to date.

  188. Caroline Davis Says:

    Congrats, Shimelle! I totally concur with their decision. :)

    Last scrapbook page completed: a layout about my how my daughter reacted to being bitten by the family dog. I was at work, and she was too hesitant to call me because she wasn’t sure it was “an emergency”. (It was!)

    But happier layouts are ways in which I can talk about my children’s good traits and tell a good story to back it up.

  189. Crystal Says:

    Congrats on this award – you are such an inspiration to me every time I visit your blog. I would love to take a class from you!

    I had to go back into my archives and I was reminded of why I love SBing again! Thanks for the prompt :) I love the pages that my link shows because they are memories of very good times and they also remind me that I can be creative, which kind of always amazes me!

    Thanks for wonderful giveaways!

  190. Carmen Says:

    I am looking forward to going back through the comments and checking out the linked layouts and ideas. How like you, Shimelle, to have us post about favorite projects — always keeping us learning and inspired. :) No wonder you won the award!! :) Congratulations. I have been getting back into scrapbooking over the last couple of months, after doing almost nothing for a year — not coincidentally, during my pregnancy and the first few sleep-deprived, anxiety-ridden months of new parenthood. The layout I’m working on right now is a scraplift — my first real scraplift ever, after 13 years, for an on-line challenge — in which I’m focusing on one of my daughter’s personality traits. She’s our “Miss Congeniality”. :)

  191. Sharolyn Says:

    This is one of my early favorties, it’s the first time I used stamping along w/ scarpbooking…

  192. Janel Says:

    Congrats Shimelle! A page I love is one w/o pictures.(gasp!I know!) It is a drawing I found this spring of a turkey dress that my daughter designed last November. I scanned it in and printed a copy. It is a very simple 6×12 pg but it makes me smile everytime I look at it.

  193. Angel Says:

    I’ve done a page of my daughter entitled “Brown-eyed Girl” and the photo is a close-up of her beautiful eyes. Definitely one of my favs.

  194. Alysse Says:

    I am loving your “Love your pictures, love your pages” class right now and getting to know you for the first time. It’s seems it’s a well-deserved honor you’ve been given. A recent page I did was me rock climbing. I’m pretty proud of that day and pretty proud of the banner I made on the page.

  195. Norma Says:

    Congrats to you! Which page to talk (well, write!) about? My most recent page was a layout of Christmas through the years for my late mother’s album. It brought back many wonderful memories.

  196. kathy Says:

    my favorite layout is my next one! Seriously , I just finished redoing my wedding album for our 25th wedding anniversary and now am going to start on a wedding album for my mother who found love a 2nd time after 9 years of being a widow. She and her new hubby are so cute—I am going to love creating a lasting memory for their “old age.” (She is 74 and he is 82)

  197. VEn Says:

    I created a page about me – never done that before and that made me want to create more and in the process know myself deeper.

  198. nitasha Says:

    Congrats on your award!!!
    Recently, I made a LO about me and it felt good! Like most mom’s most of my LOs are about my kiddos or family events, but this time it was all about me!

  199. Verbena Says:

    I did a page about my 96 year old Mother called “Sweet and Sassy” – both of which she is!

  200. Sinead Says:

    Have been following your blog for ages now and you really deserve the nomination! Well done:) The last scrapbook layout I did was about my holidays in sunny Lanzarote.

  201. Robin Says:

    I created a page with brads, flowers, old patterned paper about my daughter’s birth while taking Something for Almost Nothing—I love how it turned out! That class was so much fun. Also, congratulations on MISA!!

  202. Dawn F. Says:

    Congratulations and thanks for the chance at these great products. My favorite page is actually a mini book I made about my two boys and the blessing they are to us.

  203. Julie Jeavons Says:

    Congratulations on the nomination. I’m so enjoying the Love Your Pictures, Love Your Pages course. One of my favourite pages is a 2 pager I did of a day in Central Park with my family. If the link works you can see it here:!/photo.php?pid=519960&id=1612112877

  204. Nelle Says:

    As it’s Friday night, the first one came to mind is a layout I did of my Friday night pasta & glass of red wine!

  205. carol in seattle :) Says:

    So nice to “meet” you Shimelle. I’ve been hearing about you for a long time, but never really explored your site. I can’t wait to find out more about you!

    One of my favorite pages is this: “:” It’s one of the first pages I did when I started scrapping. And I still love it!

  206. Cathy Says:

    Well done Shimelle! This the last scrapbook page I made – for once we are all looking at the camera…

  207. Angie U Says:

    I recently made a page about my son and his girlfriend.

  208. rkokes Says:

    my last page was a challenge to use punches. I used a circle punch to make banners, a template for misting on the page, and even punched the photo into three circles. Very different than anything I have ever done before-that’s what makes challenges so great!

  209. Jen M Says:

    My most recent page was about “sisters” – featuring my almost 4 year old and 16 month old daughters. I hope they will appreciate the bond they’ve shared since they were little. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  210. LauraM Says:

    I love scrapping all types of pages but my favorite are when I catch my son smiling or laughing.

  211. Alison Carlson Says:

    Love your blog Shimelle! One of my favorite pages that I have made is about my yard during the summer.

  212. Candy B. Says:

    Congrats! I think it is hard work to be creative..and you deserve recognition! A page I love has my son at the summit of a mountain he climbed with his boy scout friends. I made a tissue paper mountain in the background on blue paper and surrounded the photo with a cut out circle. Bordering the circle were the words “At the Top”. A small map at the bottom showed where the mountain was. He’ll never forget that trip.

  213. Marian Says:

    I have just recently completed a page that I just loved. At first I was putting the papers together and wasn’t sure about them but I was determined to use what I had. By the time I finished the layout it all came together and now it’s one of my favorite layouts!

  214. Zoe Says:

    My friend and I had a challenge to scrap this picture of us and another friend from our single girl days. It’s one of my favourite pictures and we scrapped it very differently. Here’s my page

  215. Helen Says:

    Congratulations on the award! You deserve it! My favourite page is usually the one I have just finished making!

  216. digiSara Says:

    Congrats Shimelle! One of my first pages is one of my favourites of our trip to Venice – I used a photo as the background paper but modified it in Photoshop to have a painting-like quality, and then had photos overlaid on top. It brings back so many memories in one page!

  217. Amy Lynne Says:

    My favorite page is a recent one I made of my daughter in googles, with a “watercolored” type background. The colors make me very happy. :)

  218. Amy Says:

    I just made a page last night about my daughter at 8 months…she’s 2 now, so I’m trying to “finish” her first year album! LOL! Thanks for the chance, Shimelle. Love your stuff! Congrats!
    Amy in CA

  219. rebecca (mamabee) Says:

    My kiddo is 3 years old and as a SAHM I spend all day with him… but I feel like I’m always missing things that I want to remember… what he eats daily, plays with, reads… so I’ve been trying to do more favorite pages and also more every day events things… these are some of my favorite pages.

  220. Marilyn Quinn Says:

    Congratulations on being selected MISA. I am new to your site but I loved your video.

  221. Jennifer Larson Says:

    I am working on a page my son initiated—he wanted me to do a page about what he loves. It’s a list of sixteen things, including every map of Disneyworld. Hysterical.

  222. TracyW Says:

    Congratulations on the award Shimelle, you are incredibly inspirational to me, just love your classes and enthusiasm.
    The most recent page I scrapped was actually for my Everyone Has A Story Album and was about my name (yes, still slowly working through the prompts!).

  223. CindyC Says:

    Congratulations! I made a LO about my dad after he passed (12/2003). I used foamcore and cut out windows so I could include some memorabilia.

  224. sandra m. Says:

    One of my fave pages was for my son’s 2009 football season. before i really noticed how “hot” banners were (winter CHA) i had taken some tags, cut them into triangles, put a letter on each one spelling football and strung them across the top of my page with twine. I NEVER predict trends, nor do I have much of an eye for color—usually a “scraplifter”, but this one came out of no where and It actually turned out really cute. My letters were punched out from leather look reminisce cardstock so they looked like football material.

  225. Sandie Says:

    A favourite page is of my granddaughter Ivy, aged 3. Over the allotment she found some chive flowers thrown onto the compost heap. She made a beautiful bouquet of them and was so proud of her find!

  226. Becca Says:

    Congratulations on this honor! I love your Why I scrapbook video…a friend shared it with me when you first posted it.

    I recently made this page about my childhood rocking horse!

  227. Patti Says:

    My most favorite pages are actually a mini-book I’m in the midst of making about my oldest daughter, who died in 1995. It’s a way of expressing my love for her eve though she isn’t here to receive it. It’s scrap therapy.

  228. Natalie Says:

    Congrats Shimelle! I’ve been so busy with work lately that when I made 3 pages at my friends birthday crop, I was so chuffed with myself. I made a page of one of my gorgeous nephews after he’d been in his Nanny’s pool, he is so adorable and the papers looked very cool with the pictures.

  229. MichelleR Says:

    The last page I made was one about our trip with friends to Vegas last year. It was fun remembering the crazy stuff that happened.

  230. Laura Says:

    The last layout I made features two pictures of my family’s dog from when I was a teenager and how much she meant to me.

  231. Mom Cheryl Says:

    The last scrapbook page that I was really happy with was a visit to Seaworld to see Shamu. It was a 12 × 12 layout and it had just the right elements/colours. I wrote around the edge of the page which is something I don’t normally do. Fun!

  232. Roberta Says:

    My favorite page is the first one I made digitally about myself being creative.

  233. Deb Long Says:

    I just made a page about our new dog, Cassie, that shows all the pics of us picking her up from the shelter transport!

  234. Amy Stackhouse Says:

    My favorite scrapbook page at the moment is a look at how ordinary the year 2009 was. It’s a shame that 2010 has brought us so many changes. I’d give anything for ordinary right about now.

  235. Melissa L. Says:

    Such a cool giveaway, and congratulations on being selected, Shimelle. :)

    I’ve been doing a lot of pages lately, but the one that springs to mind was part of a class I just took, and it was all about sneaking away from a busy day for a good cup of coffee at Starbucks. I used coffee-themed paper and made journaling blocks out of a faux coffee ring on lined pp, made with watered down brown paint. I totally loved it!

  236. Daphne Says:

    I made a yellow scrapbook page in Shimelles last class “something from almost nothing” with hundreds of bits and pieces! I still love that one!

  237. Jean Schmuker Says:

    My favorite page is one I did a few years ago about making changes in my life.

  238. kathy Says:

    haven’t made a page in too long, bt one of my faves is one of my kids with their best friends, a brother sister duo from down the street.Everyone was playing dress-up and it really shows where they were at that age. Made an identical one for each of their albums.

  239. christy a Says:

    Congrats! A recent scrapbook page I made is one from a lazy summer, sprinkler day with a photo I captured of my daughter. I used a green background, unusual for me, and some pretty details -even hiding the journaling and stitching for the first time on a sewing machine. “

  240. Sandy Says:

    Yay! congratulations to you! I love your creations =) My favorite layout is one I made when my daughter was 3 years old. She would always tell me that she can’t wait to be 9. She just turned 9 last week and I just cried looking bsck on this layout…a great reminder to cherish every moment.

  241. Abi Says:

    Hi Shimelle. Congratualtions on your award. You should be so proud. It was very well deserved. My favourite layout is one I did recently from a sketch about me and my boyfriend. I kept to a really simple colour scheme and used four square pictures, which was a first for me! x

  242. Canay Says:

    Right now I am scrapping a page about my daughter’s engagement. The page is laid out on my table but I haven’t started gluing anything down yet.

  243. Pam Says:

    My favorite scrapbook pages is a sequence of shots from the day my daughter gave birth to her daughter (my first grandchild). I was so blessed to be able to be present for the whole experience.

  244. Carla Says:

    I’ve been making scrapbook pages with my 3 and 5 year old boys the last couple of weeks. It’s been fun to watch what THEY want on their pages. Congrats!

  245. Barb M Says:

    I scrapped yesterday for the first time in a month. I was a page of the cherry blossom festival from when we lived in Japan. I just felt so nice to craft! Thanks for a chance to win!

  246. S Russell Says:


    My favorite scrapbook is of our trip to New York. I had the most fun doing it. It was like taking the trip all over again.

  247. Linda Says:

    I enjoyed reading about your journey…it brought back a lot of memories of my own, albeit mine is even longer. It made me smile to think about it. I have recently scrapped a memorable trip to Chicago with my daughters and husband!

  248. kim m. Says:

    Congrats! I recently made a page of our trip to Chicago. Love that town!

  249. Margaret McGarry Says:

    I made a page about “ravioli salad,” my favorite dish from my favorite restaurant (half way around the world from me now). It’s just a big picture of my plate from one time I was there… looking at it makes me salivate.

  250. Kristina Says:

    Wow you website is awesome!!! My favorite recent page is a digi page I just did of my son when he was born!!!

  251. {vicki} Says:


    One of my faorite scrap pages is one I did recently titled “silly”….my son was making a silly face—-I used quite a few techniques on the page like—-distressing, using a tag, layering several elements, stamping, ….things I don’t normally do but glad I did—-I love it!

  252. Tagyn Says:

    I am working on a soccer page for my daughter right now that is making me smile a lot remembering the season and how much fun the kids had!!!
    Congrats on the award!

  253. laura Says:

    A recent page that I made is about something cute my daughter said about wanting to dream about princesses instead of bad things. I included a picture of her with a cloud filled with princesses. It was fun and if I didn’t make the page I definitely would have forgtotten that she had said that.

  254. shellie Says:

    congratulations!!! your layouts are beautiful!

    hmmm…a layout i made was of my son. it was my first time using clipping masks. i moved things around a lot and had to finish it the next day because it was late. i’m still a newbie and it’s not the best but i put alot of time into it.

    i realized how very time-consuming scrapping can be but i love it!!

  255. Lesley Says:

    I have two favourite page layouts that I have recently completed. The first is of the two men in my life. My husband Adam and my brother Richard at the Moto GP. The second is a layout showing my wedding bouquet and the reason why I chose yellow and cream roses. My Mom (who is now longer with us)had them as her bouquet, so in memory of my Mom I had the same

  256. abby Says:


    One of my favorite layouts was one I did just of me and my dh. So many of my layouts are kid layouts, but this one used BG sultry papers and lace and ruffles and the title was about “Real Love Stories.” I should probably pull it out and frame it. ;)

  257. Christine Says:

    I can’t stop doing pages with elephants! The recent ones in London and I tried to photograph as many as possible – love ‘em! :-)

  258. Lori F Says:

    A layout I’ve made is of both my daughters. It’s the layout I do every year doing an interview for my oldest & my youngest one showing her likes & dislikes.

  259. Carolyn Says:

    I recently did a LOL of my husband – the first one totally devoted to him. I have more “in my head” – now I just have to put the ideas to paper.

  260. Dondi Murdock Says:

    Some pages just go together so easily. Others take much more time. I think my favorite is always the one I just finished. I also love to see the ones with family that are the oldest.

  261. tape Says:

    I’ve recently made two pages about myself – go me! If I win, I’ll show them to you. ;)

  262. HeatherC Says:

    One of my favorite pages is called Dad’s Barbershop and is of my husband cutting the kids hair on the back deck — just love the photos and the simple design

  263. amy Says:

    i just recently organized my pages/scrapbooks b/c for a while i was just sticking them in a protector and i was AMAZED by the shear amount i’ve scrapbooked! i don’t know that i can pick one particular layout, but the ones about my middle son who just turned 5 are pretty hilarious ~ he’s quite a character and i’m so glad i scrapped those stories that i likely would have forgotten!

  264. Jerri Silman Says:

    My favorite page is one that I made in a Big Picture Scrapbooking class about my 5 year old turning 5. It’s a very simple layout but it says a lot.

  265. Melinda King Wilson Says:

    Congrats Girl! You deserve this great honor!
    My most memorable recent layout was a two pager that I completed where both my son and I had on bandages at the same time. I had hand surgery and he had a car wreck that caused him to have 25 staples in his head. We joked about needing a little sympathy in the house.

  266. Antoinette Says:

    Hey there, I am a student in your current “LYP” class and absolutely adore it :-) Congrats and wishing you many more successful years influencing us!
    The most recent page I made was with journaling spots for my husband to list his Top 5 fav songs he’s been listening to this year :-) What a fun way to get him involved don’t you think?

  267. Deb L Says:

    One of my favorite LOs is a 2 pager I did of my son when he turned 18. I love the colors, and all the photos of him and his friends. It makes me smile every time I look at i. :)

  268. Jill D Says:

    I was just organizing all of my layouts from the last 6 months and my favorite was the all white page I did with a picture of my son in a mud puddle. It was titled, “My mother never let me wear white and now I know why”. Even though I LOVE color, I love it because it connects me and parenting to my son, and it’s funny like me.

  269. Renee T. (italgal on BPS) Says:

    SO happy to have discovered you! Can’t wait to poke around more. In addition to my own scrapbooking, I do scrapbooking for others as a side job. I just finished doing a page about a High School Homecoming dance for one of my clients, in her son’s High School Album, which I have been hired to complete.

  270. Dianne Lemay Says:

    It is hard to pick just one page. But my favorite pages are of my travels, especially one from last Christmas in the Carribean. Looking at my daughters and husband tanned and relaxed makes me smile.

  271. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    I recently did an 8×8 page that I love (I dont like a lot of my pages!) I had worked on it for a while, challenging myself to keep some negative space, but it wasnt working. Then I made one vital change and it all came together instantly. I simply put the 8×8 page, with distressed edges, onto the bottom corner of a contrasting 12×12 cardstock and it was SO much better. I love it now!

  272. Lyn Meadows Says:

    Congratulations Shimelle. Your pages are always awesome. My favourite page is a page of family bloopers as we are all getting ready for a group photo. It always makes me smile as we must have taken at least 50 photos to get the 1 good shot.

  273. Julie Says:

    One page from my travels to Japan. I took pictures of all the fun/cute signs I saw.

  274. Nancy M Says:

    Enjoyed exploring your website… I just made a layout about going to the BonJovi concert in May – love him!

  275. arimacias Says:

    i just finished a 2 pager about my daughter’s last day in school:)

  276. Dawn Cheshire Says:

    My favourite page has to be a recent one of my baby son, playing on a rocking ladybird, I used papers I wouldn’t usually and a sketch and it turned out to be one of my favourites.
    Congratulations on the award

  277. Samantha L Says:

    I finished a page for my trip to New York City of all the different neighborhoods. I love that about NYC!

  278. Christina L Says:

    I recently got a Bazzill In Stichz kit and decided to use it on a layout while at a crop. I had no idea how time-intense all that stitching was going to be! But it turned out to be one of my favorite layouts and I actually had it framed for our family room.

  279. Christine Says:

    Congratualations! My favorite LO is about my daughters (most of my LO’s are). They’re autistic, and didn’t really speak until they were almost four. The LO is about how long I waited to hear them call me “mommy” and the long journey getting there.

  280. Kathy Durr Says:

    Favorite pages are of my family

  281. Trish Says:

    Congrats Shimelle! I love your blog.
    One of my favorite pages that I’ve completed lately is a page of my son at his son’s birth. It was very emotional for him and for me and I really wanted that to show on the page.

  282. abbey Says:

    Congratulations! My favorite of late is a grid layout with close of of my baby daughter’s features (eyes, nose, mouth, etc..)

  283. Suz Says:

    I so enjoyed your post… the trip down memory lane was great. I’m a longtime scrapper and have many a cringe worthy page in my albums too but what I’ve found is those are the ones my sons love the best because they are what they remember from their childhood as they pulled the books out and looked at them… so we see the mistakes and lack of creativity and they just see the memory. I’ll still make the effort to be the best I can be and something I’m pleased with… I just finished a page about my childhood with a few 5 yr old photos

  284. Lindsay Says:

    One of my favorite layouts was one that I did of my daughter in her winter hat. I mimicked the hat colors and textures and added clear acrylic snowflakes for the season. It turned out super cute!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  285. Donna C Says:

    Well, my most recent page was one I started over a year ago and decided that it was time to finish. Boy it felt good! It was about one of the events of our summer holidays 3 years ago.

  286. Christina Clouse Says:

    I’m actually contemplating many pages right now, as I’m about to get down to another minbook project. It’s going to be about my best friend’s wedding. Good times.

  287. Tracie Says:

    One of my favorite lo’s was one that I actually won first place for many years ago. It’s a picture of me holding my newborn son with the words “You Won’t Remember…I Will Never Forget”. I have it framed in my scraproom and I still get teary whenever I look at it.

  288. Nora Latip Says:

    Hi Shimelle! Congrats on being nominated – fabulous and you totally deserve it of course LOL Anyhoots, I recently scrapped a photo of my boy when he turned 8months. I loved the faraway look he had! Here’s a photo of the LO

    Used paint and went with the flow literally hehe hugs and good luck to all!

  289. Alexa Gill Says:

    One of my favourite pages so far this year is this one Love List Because it captured some of the things that were important to me at the time. That’s why I scrapbook, to capture moments and remind me of things i might have otherwise forgotten about.

  290. erinm Says:

    A page I made recently is one of my brother & his wife & 2 boys. Even though my SIL scraps a bit, I like to do pages of their family once in a while too. Thinking about starting an album to give to my mom.cvx v

  291. Cathy Pascual Says:

    I’m thinking of one page that I made recently. The digital elements were gorgeous and I used a close-up photo of my daughter. Not a special occasion just a page about a moment captured on film. Those are my favorite kinds of pages.

  292. Corinne L Says:

    A page I made recently was about one of our new girls (well new to us) – Blondie the Highland cow!

  293. Brenda Weaver Says:

    One of the most recent pages I made was one for the class- Love your photos, love your pages. It’s an enlarged photo I took recently of my daughter and her favorite little cousin. It makes me smile because it shows them how they really are. They love each other so much. You can see it here if you’d like.

  294. EvaT Says:

    You sure influenced me! :)
    I was just thinking back to your workshop at CAR2 and completed a LO yesterday being inspired by your “just do it” attitude in scrapping.
    YOu know, NO measuring ;) I made a rather grungy LO with a few recycled packaging elements as background (spiffed up with glimmer mist:) and stapeled 9 small pictures on there.
    It was done FAST and I am pleased peachy about it.

  295. KATHY NICHOLS Says:

    Thanks ! My favorite pages are ones of the grandkids!

  296. Laura D Says:

    One of my favorite layouts is of the airshow we went to a couple of years ago and used a photo of the Blue Angels as the background. The project I am most proud of is the Project 365 I did last year.

  297. Bernadette Says:

    HI Shimelle! Congrats on being chosen – totally deserved!
    One of my fave Los is this one…
    I LOVE clipping masks, and you have no idea how many are layered up on this page to get this effect, LOL!!! Plus it’s my DD1 who, now she’s 13, doesn’t let me get too many photos…this was an enormous zoom in on her from the beach!!!
    Thank you for the chance of winning something, and I’m looking forward to starting Learn Something New again this year…but in digi!!
    Bernie x

  298. Smeepee Says:

    Well done Shimelle – a much deserved honour!

    My favourite page ever is one I did of my (now) husband. He’s laughing at a comic he’s reading on the computer, and I did it as part of a UKScrappers challenge. I hadn’t scrapbooked in ages, and thought I’d lost my mojo – but just a few basic papers and some embossing powder, and layered it all up. And I ended up loving it. It’s all black, white and red (a colour scheme I love but am rarely able to pull off), and I just adore the piccie of my hubby!

  299. Claire Viney Says:

    Wow congratulations Shimelle! You totally deserve it xxxx
    My fave layout is one about my recent weight loss with before and after photos. I detail my journey to lose a stone and a half. I think I love it so much because I am very proud of what I have achieved!
    Thanks for the chance of winning some fabulous prizes xxxx

  300. Jo Says:

    Congratulations Shimelle and can’t say how much I enjoyed reading about The Boy!
    One of my favourite LOs is here and it’s a favourite because I did it for a friend who didn’t get scrapbooking. There was a definate wow factor when I gave it to her and although she didn’t start scrapping she loves looking at the papers and embelishments I get and I have to show her every LO I do now

  301. Dena ZS Says:

    My favorite pages are the ones I made with my Tweets” in a class I took. It was so much fun doing the pages in a variety of ways. My favorite one was about three young mothers (One was my daughter) standing at a park with their cell phones.

  302. Sharon Kantanie Says:

    My favorite layout is one I did for my sister’s birthday. Ironically she isn’t in the pictures, as she was taking them with her new camera. Add the irony of that to the cuteness of a three year old figuring HE can make a wish on each cupcake, and you have a cute layout.

  303. Bernice J Says:

    I make an album each year for ourselves and one for each of our two children. One of the most comical scrapbook pages I ever made was with a photo of my husband and son. They were playing with the vegetables at the dinner table. One had a small carrot hanging out of each nostril, the other had several “teeth” made from celery sticks. The look of glee on both their faces makes me smile even now!

  304. Laura Says:

    One of my recent favorites was of my young great niece (18 mos) getting reacquainted with her father after he’d been gone to boot campe for many weeks. She was shy at first and then she was all over him. I love capturing the emotion of the moment and preserving them.

  305. Andrea Greene Says:

    One page I recently finished was a zoomed in collage of photos that makes one almost life size picture of my infant son. Congratulations to you!

  306. Valerie O. Says:

    I love this page: I love what I did with the twine and I love scrapbooking in a grid (would love to win a spot in Maggie’s class!)

  307. Christine H Says:

    One of my favorite pages is a picture of the inside of a pumpkin…guts,seeds. The great part is my husband took the pic (and lots more) for me because I couldn’t be home when they carved the pumpkins that year. He knew I would want the pic of those guts. And he choose great lighting. It’s enough to make a girl cry. :o)_

  308. AMYLUCIMAR Says:

    a page i did recently was actually a two page spread where i put our ticket stubs from movies and events from 2009. my husband was deployed to Iraq and then 6 months later i was deployed to Korea and so you can see the time gap but you can also see where we picked up where we left off when we got back. (two weeks apart in fact!) i love looking at all the things we did together. thanks for sharing all your inspiring ideas with us and thanks for the chance to win. you are definitely an amazing influence and deserve every bit of that award!!!

  309. susan inouye Says:

    I am working on a custom guest book for a wedding using her engagement photos. It is just alot little bits and pieces also using fabrics and textile ideas and textures as well as stitchery.

  310. Steph Says:

    I love the give aways. Right now I’m happy with a layout I did of a rose garden using pix taken with the hipstamatic app on my iPhone!

  311. Catherine Christina Says:

    My niece just turned 3 on the 3rd. For her birthday, she bobbed for apples. I enlarged her photo to 12×8 and used cardstock and shape punches to decorate. While the page was simple- I LOVE it!
    Congrats on the nomination, what a wonderful honor.

  312. emily (justem) Says:

    I recently made a layout that I love…made my own polka dots using of mismatched paper and my mini circle punch. Super fun. :)

    And I couldn’t get my comment to post at ALL in Firefox…crazy.

  313. TracyM Says:

    Congratulations on your nomination Shimelle – it is well deserved!!!
    My favourite page is is actually a set of pages – my 1st ever scrapbook and I’m making it for my SIL to celebrate her 60th birthday. It has so many different techniques that I am learning along the way, all the more special for the family photos in it :)
    Thankyou for the chance to win!

  314. Amelia Says:

    I scrapped a page about my son loving and playing with his 3 boy cousins. I am so thankful for that relationship and want to remember it forever! Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  315. Rhonda Z Says:

    I scrapped a page with pictures of my daughter going up the stairs for a big slide at a park. It was a great picture – a little barefoot girl and a BIG slide.

  316. Julie Says:

    I made a scrapbook page with lots of red on it the other day – not my usual style but it was fun. It was with a picture of a stop sign that had the word “don’t” above it and “believin’” below it. Now I have that song in my head!

  317. AnnieB Says:

    I made a page using a picture taken around 1955 of my mom and my brother. I’ve been so intimated by my old family photos, and it felt wonderful to finally get the courage to just make a page.

  318. Heather Says:

    I made a page for my grandmother after she passed away. It includes pictures of her from childhood to present day, her obituary, and words that describe her. My Mom saw it and was really moved, so it is very special to me.
    Congrats on your win!!!

  319. tencraftyfingers Says:

    I have a lot of favs and some not so favorite ones. But this album which is full of my memories BEFORE I became a mother is definitely a top 10 pick, especially the cover layout.

  320. Lynda Says:

    I think each of my newest layouts is my new favorite, but I did one last year of my oldest dd where I converted the photo to b&w that still remains one of my all time favorites. Thank you for the chance to win!

  321. Patty N Says:

    I made a page for Cathy Z’s Design Your Life class about how my son can’t wait each fall for his new textbooks. (Yeah, he’s strange) I really liked how it turned out! Congrats to you, and thanks for the giveaway chance!

  322. MandyKay Says:

    One of the layouts I love is one of 3 eggs that were all double yokers. I did a double LO, of the eggs before during and after cooking into scrambled eggs.

  323. Dawn Pettit Says:

    Congratualations Shimelle, the award is well deserved. You are definitely a big influence on my scrapbooking, not being very artistic you still make me realise that if my layouts differ from other peoples thats ok Scrapbooking is down to personal style. One of my favourite layouts contains two pictures of little girls about the same age both in the same pose holding an umberella and appear to be dressed alike, the pictures are of my daughter and myself and were probably taken 26 years apart but are remarkably similar.

  324. Sarah Says:

    Congrats! My most recent page was really a mini-book. Two of my group of friends are in Thailand and I made them a little mini-book of the 4th of July BBQ the rest of us had. We miss them tons – I hope that they will see that in the little book.

  325. Mary Beth Says:

    Lots of scrapbook pages IN MY HEAD…not many on paper yet…..!!!

  326. Leauriy Says:

    The last page that i scrapped was for BPS’/Compendium Tickle Monster Contest, entitled “Playing Catch”

  327. Tina Says:

    I just did a layout about the sweetness of 2 sisters sharing a smoothie. I used a watercolor paper that looked like a smoothie. I just love it!

  328. Heidi Says:

    Congratulations on the recognition!

    The last page I created was a page about my childhood. I enjoyed doing that.

  329. CarrieP Says:

    I have never made a page yet. My passion is cards and mini albums, my favorite album is one of all our family Christmas card photos. Love the memories the photos bring.

  330. Bev Says:

    My first scrapbook page was a bit of a disaster. I’m happy to say I’ve improved since then.

  331. Teresa Says:

    One of my favorite layouts is a group family picture from Halloween. The theme was Ghost Town and I made the layout into a Wanted Poster, printed the photo in sepia tones and tore and inked the edges.

  332. marianne Says:

    I made this layout recently using a color challenge.
    I didn’t use a photo on it…only a vintage postcard that prompted me to journal about family vacations when I was a child. I mainly scrap 12×12 but for pages that are just for entries in a journal..I do an 8.5×11 landscape. This just wasn’t done back in the days gone by! I spent quite a chunk of time reading your story on your blog about“back then”. I started scrapping in 1998 also and I have been a fan from the beginning! Congrats on the honor of MIS!

  333. Robin Says:

    My most favorite recent page is about my daughter’s mmody hair -Curly vs. Straight

  334. Dora Says:

    Hiya! Looking forward to LSNED in September – my very first online class ever! The last layout I made, on Tuesday, was of my kids at the state fair last year. There were some shots of my son, then 14 months old, climbing the animal pens to try to get closer that we thought were pretty funny! Since the fair comes up again in a few weeks, I thought it would get me in the mood. HERE are the photos – I don’t have my camera here to photograph the pages I made. My husband was recently sent to the US Gulf Coast with the Coast Guard to work on the oil spill clean up, so we (my 3 babies and I) moved in with Mom until he returns. I don’t have my regular set up here, so I am just trying to make do! Congrats on your prize – you have a unique voice and style. Keep up the good work! Dora :)

  335. Cynthia B. Says:

    Congratulations, Shimelle! A well-deserved honor!
    As for a page I’ve made…I scrapped a layout about my daughter’s love of reading. I titled it “True Story”, and it has pictures of her reading while walking home from the bus stop. She’s the kind of child you have to tell, “Put down the book, and go play with you friends!” Of course…there are worse problems to have. She loves loves loves to read, and I love that part of her.

  336. LisaZ Says:

    I just recently completed a page with a kit that has been in my stash for about as long as I’ve been scrapbooking. It was one of the first ‘kits’ I ever purchased from the many monthly kit clubs that are offered. I love the page because it’s of my son enjoying his first ‘snow day’ of the school year. He was so excited to use his snowpants and his new snowball maker that Santa gave him! The joy on his face made me smile. Glad I could capture that moment in time for both of us.

  337. MelissaC Says:

    Mine is less a page than an album, my Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life from Cathy Zielske’s CKU class. The “only” album I’ve ever finished, but it means so much to me, a perfectly captured slice of life.

  338. Megan Says:

    I made a super cute page about my nephew using the new basics collection from basic gray, and PAINT!, and some fun chipboard letters! Love it!

  339. Kelly Adams Says:

    Congrats on the MISA, Shimelle! One of my favorite pages has a photo of my mom and I getting ready to set off on a road trip. Every time I look at that page, I’m reminded of how excited we were to be taking that trip together.

  340. Kelly Says:

    Congrats Shimelle.
    A scrapbook page that I really love is one where I praised my oldest daughter for how she helped her Dad while I was away for the weekend. Too often, I neglect to speak the good things I appreciate about her…now she can read about it every time she looks at her album.

  341. Julie, momto7 Says:

    I am working on pages for my oldest son’s 5th birthday…which was 2 years ago. He looks so little in his pictures. Scrapping keeps me grounded as to how fast time flies.

  342. Danette Munn Says:

    I made a page to remember a great man a dear friend that the world lost not to long ago. Most people did not know him but those who did where very blessed and honored to have him in thier lives. He live a long and wonderful life, even playing baseball with the Yankies and with such others like Babe Ruth. We worked together and he is what made my job something to look forward to each morning. It was my favorite layout that I have ever done and the most meaningful one as of yet.

  343. WinnieH Says:

    Congratulations Shimelle! You are definitely a worthy winner. I want to tell you about a scrapbook page that I made a couple of months ago. It was the UKS CC weekend and I was feeling particularly mojo-less all weekend. I created a page for one of the classes and thought it the worst page of the whole weekend! To my absolute surprise, that page ended up winning the class!!! I learned a valuable lesson that weekend in that the way I view my creations may not necessarily be the way others view my creations. We’re all individual and we all have our individual ways of scrapping. Keep up the excellent work! Thanks heaps too for the freebie and discount code! xxx

  344. Kathy Says:

    KathyChen: Congrats on your award! Your ideas are so unique and inspiring. A recent page I did is of the generations and how my kids are like me and my husband and how we’re like our (grand)parents.

  345. Diane S. Says:

    Congrats on your award…I page that I treasure is one of my husband when my son was a newborn. I did 5 different photos of them in my sons first two weeks of them sleeping together…they were ALWAYs in the same position of each other. They slept alike. too cut..

  346. Stacy Says:

    Congrats on the award … I usually scrapbook my kids. Love them!!

  347. wendy high Says:

    How fun!!! This is actually a page from your class that I took earlier this year…This is Why… I love this LO because I love looking at sunsets and it was just a great picture I couldn’t pass up when we were driving to dinner one night! Thanks for the chance Shimelle!!!

  348. Carmel Says:

    A favourite Lo of mine features an unusaul but, to me, stunning photo of my DD when she was very little and in the bath. She had just had water poured all over her head and the look on her face and the wet hair are amazing – in B&W too!

  349. Laurie Weaver Says:

    One of my all time favorites is a layout about my daughter’s first experience in the snow. We live in Texas but I took her home to Michigan for Christmas when she was only 10 months home. I just like the how the layout looks. What I find funny is that I knew nothing about design; I just stuck things down, but I really like the layout. It’s one of my favorites.

  350. Jamie Solorio Says:

    Here is my latest page, thought it was cute and glad to share with everybody.

    Congrats to you, and thanks for the chance to win.

  351. Jean D Says:

    My favourite of my latest pages is one about 21 things I want to remember about my younger son who was turning 21.

  352. Melissa Rhodes Says:

    I just the p365 layouts I am doing! So fun to see our year at a glance!

  353. Valerie Bishop Says:

    I was just recently thinking about my very first layout I did and though it’s very silly looking now full of cheesy cartoony pp and stickers, I wouldn’t change a thing about it. It showcases a picture of my daughter asleep with her beloved pooh bear that she’s slept with since birth – in the picture she’s 9!! My dd is 15 now and still has that threadbare pooh bear, but I’ll always have the thoughts and memories of it recorded for her and her future generations! And it shows just how far I have progressed since I began scrapbooking…LOL. Congratulations on your nomination – it is so well-deserved!!

  354. Immi Says:

    The layout I most recently did was a digital layout of my brand-new grandson. I’m a newbie to all-digital, but I’m having fun playing around.

  355. Judith Aitken Says:

    Well done on your accolade Shimelle. Well-deserved.

    My favourite pages are of my grandchildren. I’m up late trying to finish a flap book for my grandson who was 2 yesterday. My favourite page was one I did at a class at my local crop. Lots of distressing a pizza box background and splashing paint around and featuring my grandson.

  356. Wanda Jorgensen Says:

    Congrats on being named one of the most influential scrappers!

    Loved your video about why you scrapbook—very creative.

  357. robindiane Says:

    Congrats on the honor! One of my favorite layouts is one with my daughter and dog looking at the glass door. It brings back memories of when she was a baby!

  358. Traci Severson Says:

    congrats on your award…

    one of my favorite layouts is of my son where I used a variety of his photos from school and covered chipboard that had round cuts outs and used those at peeps so the photos would show through and did a nice self thought up quote….it’s my absolute fav!

  359. Nicole Gray Says:

    It’s not so much a page as an album. One year I called my mom up and said I am in california for come training and have the weekend off would you like to meet me at Disneyland? Well she did and we had a lot of fun. I made her an album and mailed it to her for Christmas.

  360. sue Says:

    congrats on your recognition!!

    one of my favorite pages is a very simple one with my son looking out the window.. it’s very simple and it was just using a new technique from a class i was taking.. but he looked so thoughtful and sweet.. how it reminds me that time is just wizzing by.

  361. Olivia Says:

    Congratulations on the award Shimelle, it’s well deserved.
    Love your style of scrapping & that snippet of the 10 things I’m loving right now looks great :)

  362. Kim Says:

    Congrats to you Shimelle…:)
    One of my favorite layouts sits on a stand in my office and is titled “Cinderelly”. As a stay at home mom of three I often feel much like Cinderella and lighten the load by singing a little song. I made the page with a lovely blurry image of myself (haha) and a little crystal crown embellishment. It reminds me not to let the chores get me down! Thanks for the contest…

  363. Jackie C Says:

    My favourite LO is called ‘Welcome Deisy’ and features my new friend, a 6 yr old Cocker spaniel who I recently rehomed.

  364. Betheroo Says:

    My favorite layout right now is one I did featuring the house that my brother and sister-in-law lived in for 22 years. So many happy memories associated with that place. They are moving about 3 hours away from me and I will miss them!

    Congrats on being selected MIS!

  365. Mariana Says:

    Congrats on the award!! I’m currently taking your “Love your pictures” class and loving it!! Thanks for all the inspiration…
    One very important page for me is the one I made for my grandpa who passed away a couple of years ago. I loved making it as a way of telling the world a lot of things I should have told him. I guess that’s part of the whole scrapbooking prcess, right? feeling good about yourself and making yourself feel better. Oh, well…

  366. Michelle M. Says:

    The last layout Ive completed was of oir recent trip to Harry Potter world in Orlando-it makes me smile :)

  367. Cathy Doerr Says:

    Cangratulations Shimelle! I recently scrapbooked about our kitchen remodel we started in 2007 and still is not entirely finished.

  368. Kathy Says:

    One of my favorite pages that I have done was from last summer- totally out of the box for me! I love the colors and when I went to my sister’s last summer, the jacaranda trees were in full bloom and beautiful. I had forgotten how pretty they were- Here’s a link

  369. Rhadonda Says:

    It has been a while but i started learning digital in January and took Jessica Sprague class and i love the few digital pages i have done so far about my family. Thanks! Congrats!

  370. Amy Says:

    I made this layout last night actually… My (almost) 4 year old broke his arm 2 weeks ago. You would never ever tell. I love it because I think I actually captured how his Bounce hasn’t left him even though his arm’s in a bright orange cast. (He broke both bones in his left forearm at a mall playground…)

  371. Maryellen Says:

    I take almost all the photos so I’m in very few photos myself. However, I have a photo with my daughter on her first mother’s day…she was four months old. It’s taken at the Central park zoo and without any planning our clothing and coloring just complement the lovely spring day. She’s was a beautiful baby and the photo just capture her beautiful spirit and my joy with her. And, the page came out nice, too.

  372. Tammy W. Says:

    My favorite scrapbook page is one that is of my two kids and I taking a trip to our local arboretum. My son has called this place the ‘tree park’ since he was little. I was able to capture some great pics this day of just the three of us using my favorite color combos of pink/green/choc brown on my pages.

  373. Colleen Flathers Says:

    I have been working on scrapbooking my oldest daughters Cheerleading pictures from the past two years. So excited because I am about 2 pages away from being caught up until the next Basketball season.

  374. J. J. Says:

    My husband passed away in February and one of my favorite pages is of he and my daughter at Seaworld. I took the photo from the back and they were looking over a bridge. Priceless.

  375. DanelleB Says:

    My favorite is always the one I just finished, and today I completed one on my 20th wedding anniversary that we just celebrated in April.

  376. Rosann Says:

    Congrats on this honor. I am looking forward to browsing your page this evening. One of my fave pics of one I did just recently where I took a plain piece of cardstock and turned it into a faux vintage paper using misting sprays, distress inks and a distresser. I used a photo of my parent’s wedding 40 years ago…yes 40.

  377. Ellen Says:

    I made a page telling a long, convoluted family story- when I was a teenager (1967), my mother was pregnant and had twins that she gave up for adoption- she was a widow and had 5 other kids. I only figured it out, confirmed the story and told my sibs about 10 years ago (my Mom died in 1977). Anyway- I felt the story needed to be written down. I am hoping that someday I will get to meet the twins- but hasn’t happened yet!

  378. Pam K. Says:

    The last scrapbook page I created was of a HUGE sandcastle my son and his friends made at the beach. What fun!

  379. JoLynn Says:

    Shimelle! I am so glad for the MISA tour. I truly had missed you in the world of scrapping somehow. I just sat and had a good belly laugh at your post and its links. Congratulations on your award.

    This layout is my favorite page. I did it as part of Cathy Zielske’s Design Your Life class, and it remains one that makes me sigh and laugh and not wish to redo it ever. It catches my son, “Brudder,” as he was in the little blue eyes of his sibling.

  380. Brandi Says:

    I love a “mirror mirror on the wall “ page I did of my daughter at 2 different ages looking at herself in the mirror – as a baby and at two in gymnastics.
    She was so interested in her reflection!

  381. Kim K. Says:

    Two of my favorite “simple” layouts were created right after I learned how to do grids/collages in Picasa. One has some great fireworks shots, and the other is a group of photos taken at a New Years get together. Love the simplicity of them both…and the fact that I could fit more pictures on the layout! See here:

  382. Karlene Says:

    I scrapbooked a page of my niece, a photo for each of her nine years.

  383. DeniseNoe Says:

    I made a page about my sons “quirky ears” that turn red when he gets too warm! It’s my fav!

  384. Cindy d Says:

    I’m new to your blog. I really appreciate your introduction links… I’ve enjoyed getting to know more about your style and philosophy (and peeking at your early LOs). Congrats on MISA.

  385. Susan M Says:

    One of my favorite layouts is of my daughter at one. It’s a simple layout but the journaling (which is usually hard for me) just flowed from my heart to the pen. I still cry when I read it.

  386. Carla Says:

    The that I remember and cherish the most is one that woke me up at 3am. I got up and scrap a pic of my scrap table. It told the story of why I scrap and how I got into it. It was just one of those that comes to you and you can’t do anything else until you get it down on paper.

  387. Barb in AK Says:

    Congrats on your nomination! What a wonderful feeling, eh?
    I recently completed a layout for Stacy Julian’s LOM class. It was about my dog, Zet, who had to be put down Jan ’09. It took a while before I was ready to do it, but when I completed it for the class, I felt at peace.

  388. Jen Cox Says:

    Congrats! My recent page that I adore is one of my husband on the slip n slide — I entitled it Playing with the Boys b/c of the song and b/c I love how he gets down and really plays with our two sons. YOu can see the page here:

  389. Lisa S. Says:

    I love the last page I made. Photo, cardstocks and letter stickers—that’s all. But the photo was great—picture of some lego droid-like creatures that my middle kid had made. Such a simple layout, but I loved it.

  390. Susan Hanna Says:

    At our family reunion last summer, one of the cousin-in-laws brought us all duck-bill whistles. I scrapped photos of various family members (all ADULTS) with duck-bill whistles in our mouths and titled it “Birds of a Feather”

  391. Manda Says:

    Congrats to you!! A page I recently scrapped included my whole family, husband and two kiddos…summer time fun!

  392. Lulu Flood Says:

    Congratulations! I love my DLOs and as they’re usually of my kids, the most recent is current favourite – it features 6 photos, bunting, clouds, fresh zesty colours and pinwheels ;)

  393. Karen Walker Says:

    I just finished a scrapbook about our trip to California in March. While we were there we went to Disneyland with our two adult kids and our son-in-law. One of my favorite pages is with a goofy photo of my daughter trying on a princess hat as a “Princess for Life” next to a photo of two little girls on the tram with their Mouse Ears and pink veils trailing below them as “Princesses in Training.” I had the perfect papers for the layout and was really pleased with how it came out!

  394. Christine Ousley Says:

    Congrats on you being picked for the Top Ten. It’s very well deserved. I have loved your blog for awhile and really appreciate the inspiration that you constantly give. One of my favorite pages is one that I did of my whole family. It’s actually the only photo I have of everyone together and so I really tried to make it exactly right. Thanks for the chance to win. I have throughly enjoyed this week with Ella Publishing.
    xoxo, Christine

  395. Liz Oram Says:

    One of the pages I love is super simple…with a dandylion made out of feathers!!

  396. Lisa Olson Says:

    I just finished helping my mom create some heritage pages, finally getting her to do the journaling to go with those old photographs!

  397. LindaRu Says:

    Congratulations Shimelle!! I’d have to say one of the best pages I made recently was an “old” picture of my sister & I when we went on a family vacation back in 1979. What memories it brought back just looking @ it. Now I have a cherised memory to share with everyone in the family.

  398. lee i Says:

    Congratulations, I love your site. Thanks to Ella I discovered a new source of inspiration. My favorite layout would be the layout about my son which I did when I started scrapbooking in 2007. I was quite afraid to share my work with anyone as I was just learning scrapbooking then. But I posted it in an online gallery and it won a prize. It also received a lot of comments which inspired me to scrap and share more of my stories.

  399. BSE Says:

    I just finished my first Shutterfly album for a family reunion. Each page is special, but, when combined into an album, will give our family lots of fond memories.

  400. Theresa Says:

    Congrats! My current favorite page is one about my daughter turning six.

  401. Heather Says:

    So nice to “meet” you through Ella – Congrats!

  402. Billie Kretzschmar Says:

    No pages yet. Still in the process of collecting some stuff

  403. Amber Says:

    I love your classes I think I have taken 5 or so now and might have to pick up an older one with the discount. I think my most memorable page was using Junkitz and a kit from my now no longer kit club. It was in one of the first kit club ads in Simple Scrapbooks and probably the closest I will ever get to being published. Thing is 5 years later I still love the bright colors and the design of the layout so I must have done something right.

  404. Courtney Says:

    Congratulations on your award! I am currently working on few layouts of our recent vacation to the beach.

  405. Bonnie Says:

    Congratulations !!! So well deserved Shimelle. I have loved taking your classes, they make us think, and that’s a good thing !!! My favourite page right now is that where I made a comparsion of my daughter and her Great-Grandma.

  406. Sammie Says:

    I made a scrapbook page lately showing all the toys that my sons play with that were my husband’s when he was a kid. I think it is a special story and I’m glad it is recorded.

  407. Heather Vo Says:

    Congratulations! I’m a new blog follower thanks to Ella. I’m enjoying browsing around! A recent page that I made that I love is of two photos my two year old took of my husband and me. It was so cool to see the world through his eyes!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  408. Jane Says:

    I did a matching set of layouts on a weekend my family had away a couple of years ago. I was thrilled with how these simple and clean pages came out and they have become personal favourites.

  409. Yulika Says:

    I made a rainbow page using 2 vallet photos of my niece. It is simple but look very good. I love this page.

  410. Lauren Says:

    Ahh Shimelle you truly deserve this! I’ve always thought you were fabulous, and my most recent page that I am loving was inspired by You! From an old Journal Your Christmas page!!

    Congrats, and thanks for the chance to win.

  411. Lisa J Says:

    Congratulations Shimelle!
    A favourite page of mine was from a trip to New York with my husband after a wonderful, full day of shopping. As we made it back to our hotel he had me take ALL the bags & snapped a photo of me with a gleeful smile. I then thought it would be funny to get a picture of him with all the bags & a look of horror. The page with the photos is great & reminds me of the wonderful trip we had & also all the fun we have being playful together.
    Cheers :)

  412. ConnieC Says:

    One of my favorite recent pages is an Easter hunt page of my husband. He loves to wear a large straw hat. And this year he hide an egg on the brim, to see how long it took our friend’s kids to find it.

    And congrats to you. I love taking your classes, since I can do them at my own pace.

  413. Courtney Says:

    Congratulations! The latest page I’ve done is currently my favorite. It is about the special relationship my husband and new baby girl have. I used pictures from the first time he held her in the hospital. It’s so sweet!

  414. Kirsten Says:

    Congratulations, again, Shimelle – yay for you! and me? a favorite page I’ve done used a Tara Whitney picture of me and my daughter. I wrote from my heart. Need to do that more…

  415. Lisa Henderson Says:

    Congratulations! Recently, on of the pages I’m most proud of is the title page for the album I’m currently working on. I used the itty bitty preview photos to create my layout, and I love it!

  416. Therese Says:

    Congrats on your award. A favorite page of mine is my grandsons first Halloween. For some reason the colors make me smile everytime I see it.

  417. Jody Says:

    I can’t tell you about a page I have made, but the page I want to make. I usually only scrap my DH and my vacations, but his recent health scare made me realize how important it is to scrapbook the rest of our lives. I can’t wait to make a page about how much I love him.

  418. Katrina F Says:

    I have done a layout about my wonderful pet cichlid Tex. He died yesterday after being my companion for almost 10 years.*

  419. Traci Says:

    The first time I ever did a speed scrap I ended up making my favorite page. It was bright and colorful with hand doodles and a repeating image of my daughter laughing with abandon. I actually won the speed scrap on my first try. Won’t forget that layout.

  420. Bethany Engstrom Says:

    I just made a really cute page describing how my nine month old daughter is the sweetest, happiest baby ever! It’s going to be so wonderful to look back on this page in the future!

  421. NancyLee Says:

    Here’s a link to the page I am posting for you Shimmelle. It was an attempt to show creativity but you won’t beleive the time and hardwork I spent to finish this page. It was one of the first ones I’ve done and among those first ones, was the one of my favorites of all. Not just bec it was my wedding photo but bec I was crazy over these papers of SEI at the time and all the creativity I put into it. Would you believe I still have a complete collection of this paper untouched? Thank you Shimelle for the great influence and inspiration you installed in my new found growing hobby of pretty papers and pretty pictures. I love, love your last class and you deserve all the love this world can give.

  422. JenRay Says:

    Today I am working on a 2-page LO of my own design. Usually I start with a sketch or scraplift a design from someone else, because I found I spent too much time pushing things around. But I had nine photos and some pretty new Basic Grey that I wanted to use, and I came up with my own design. The page is called , “Work it, cutie!” and it is all about my 2-year-old dd hamming it up for the camera, looking like she is a pro in the modeling world! Pretty fun stuff!

  423. Liz Says:

    Congratulations Shimelle!

  424. Abbie Says:

    I did a page with a terrible, awful, out-of-focus picture of my husband looking admiringly at his newborn son. I turned the photo to b&w and suddenly the picture seemed to focus in just a bit on the two of them. The layout – white with only a title – is called “everything else melts away”. perfect.

  425. Jill Broyles Says:

    Congrats. I have loved meeting new people on this blog hop week. My favorite page is a beach page of our children (ages 2 & 5) falling off a raft, getting drenched in the ocean and then crawling up on the beach crying. They are the moments we love to laughat. Thanks for the chance to win.

  426. Kary Nelson Says:

    The page that came immediately to mind is one featuring a wonderful photo of my parents and four kids in a big group hug. The photograph makes the page, and it is a fairly simple design to allow that photo to shine, but it always puts a smile on my face.

    And many congratulations, Shimelle—you’ve certainly been a great influence on me.

  427. EBPitcher Says:

    I don’t scrap as much as I should, but the last page I actually finished came out better than I expected. it was an ode to my son and his teaddy bear.

  428. cathy Says:

    Congratulations, Shimelle! The page I’m currently working on is about my mother’s 80th birthday celebration.

  429. quinna Says:

    I made a page of that was of 5 generations of women on my Mom’s side. Incredible

  430. Samantha Says:

    I need a jump start to scrap again, but had a blast playing with Technique Tuesday at the Manchester CKC and made some gorgeous pages. However, for some reason, the one I want to tell you about is an old one, maybe 2003? It’s pictures of my daughter playing at the playground and I hand-drew the title to resemble playground equipment. The N was a slide, etc.

  431. Tiffany Sherman Says:

    My fav scrap page is actually the photo paper quilt I did in your class at ScrapBowl in… 2007??

  432. Beth Says:

    Everyone says that my older daughter looks like her dad. I think she does but so does my youngest daughter. No one agrees. One day she put on my glasses and I took a pic. Wow. She looked like her dad when he was a kid. I cropped a photo of him in elementary school and tha pic I took of her. I call it Mini He. Now peeps believe! It makes me laugh each time I see it.

  433. Bunnyfreak Says:

    I love scrapping my feather babies. This page makes me happy just to look at it.

  434. Katie Says:

    The last page I made is also the laayout with the most honest and gutwrenching journaling I have ever done that I had to slip it under the photos – urged on by a challenge at BPS – about my dad and mom and how their issues with $ has affected me now. And it was also one I wanted to look current with new stuff not old stuff as I learn to try new ways of creating layout designs from all these great internet sites.

  435. Meagan Says:

    Congrats on the recognition! One of my favorite pages I made recently was about my Grandma.

  436. Beth Says:

    Your video is perfect. Just wonderful.

  437. Annie T Says:

    Of course I love scrapping about my son, but my favourite page is one I did about how/why I got my first tattoo. Can’t wait to make a page about my next tattoo, but I don’t know what it will be! Congrats on the recognition, Shimelle.

  438. Dar Says:

    I scrapped photos from our reunion with our son who had just graduated from Marine Corps Boot Camp. Those photos show a transformation that words cannot express. (Though I did include some.) Thanks for the chance to win a great prize.

  439. Sandra T Says:

    I am working on a two page LO from a visit to a butterfly house. I got so many good butterfly pics that I’m having trouble fitting them all on a two page spread. I decided I’m going to have to shrink all the pics and reprint them to enable me to put so many pictures on two pages and still have them look good. I have to find a way to print these now that I have cropped them.

  440. Marcy Says:

    Congratulations on your nomination. I really like the page I did of my grandchildren at Halloween

  441. Karyn A. Says:


    A page about our trip to Gettysburg…my three boys looking over the battlefield…

  442. Lola Says:

    I always like the layout I’m working on the best. Not working on much right now.

  443. Joni Kix Says:

    Congratulations! My favorite page has two photos on it. The first one is my son an me when he was three. The second is the same pose 10 years later. It’s title is “in a blink of an eye.”

  444. Eileen M Says:

    Cngrats on your award! I have been working on some pages from a family vacation and they have been very fun!

  445. eisbeckers Says:

    Congrats to you. I am impressed by your philosophy. One of my favorite pages is called “Kneehighs and swim diapers” and has extracted pictures of my son with said articles adorning his sweet 18-month self against a fantasy background with a tree and a bird. I love it!

  446. Denise Says:

    The last page I made was one of my niece and my DD. It shows the vast difference in their ages and just how fast childhood goes by. It is in a blink of any eye. That’s why I scrap. To preserve these blinks. :)

  447. Cheryl Says:

    My favorite scrapbook page has pictures of my brother taken throughout the summer we traveled around the US after he graduated high school. Precious times.

  448. Valerie Williams Says:

    I just did a page of my grandaughter with her horse at 4H It was fun to do something other than a card for a change.

  449. Suzanne Says:

    The best page I made this week was a collage of friends from the past and current. It was amazing to see the women who has influenced and walked through my life.

  450. Christina T Says:

    I did a “Then and now” of our family from 2005 and 2010 (based on a layout from Camp Scrap at BPS). So many things change over just 5 year! Love your pages-thanks so much for the chance to win!

  451. Ginger Says:

    Congratulations, You are awesome. My page that I happen to be working on right now is a photo of my dh and I at our sons wedding. I am surprised how old opps I mean mature we look. My challenge with the page is to make us look fresher and younger. Any suggestions? Anyway, I am seriously still trying to win
    A spot in the Photography Workshop from Maggie Holmes. Sure would love it.

  452. Trish Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! The latest page was of 2 of my granddaughters jumping on their trampoline – with the cheekiest grins on their faces!!

  453. Debbie Linton Says:

    Congratulations! One of my recent scrap pages was a one-page layout with an 8×10 picture of my parents on their first date in 1955. They had the picture taken at a carnival. It looked like they were sitting on a moon. I’m going to bling it up and frame it for them.

  454. Vicki Wilson Says:

    My favorite page is of my husband and I in 1972 – so young and happy.

  455. Sophie Says:

    Congratulations, you definitely are one of the most influential scrapbookers on the planet. I love the layout I did yesterday about my cat titled “I See You.” It features the same picture repeated three times. Here is a link:
    Thanks for the giveaways! :D

  456. Jacqueline Says:

    Congrats Shimelle! My latest work isn’t a page but a shutterfly book which I consider to still be scrapbooking. Thanks for the opportunity!

  457. Michelle P. Says:

    One of my favorite layout is a 2 picture layout including me pregant and my baby girl for the other taken at the same place at the same time exactly one year after. It is very special to me because I thought my family was complete after 3 boys and years down the road, we decided to try just in case and :) got a girl! Love everymoments being a mommy.

  458. Dee Cummins Says:

    One of my favorite pages is for the birth of my granddaughter. The biggest picture is of her and her mom seeing each other for the first time. Smaller pictures are of my son holding her up for us to see and of her getting weighed and measured in the nursery. The last picture is her asleep in that little striped hospital cap. What a lovely day to capture! Also, I finally get to use pink flowers after having three sons!!!
    Congrats Shimelle! I love your classes.

  459. rebecca keppel Says:

    I recently did a layout about my husband and daughter and their similarities. Sometimes I joke about how they both drive me nutty, but when I wrote it down I realized their similarities are also why I love them.

  460. Stephanie T Says:

    Love your blog, Shimelle. One of my favorite pages is an 8×8 layout with one 4×6 photo of my third son. He’s not smiling, but the look on his face is just incredible—his eyes seem to be looking at me from the page.

  461. Laci Says:

    I just made and posted 2 pages on my blog. I actually used Maggie Holmes as my inpiration as she’s my FAVORITE scrapbooker of all time! Laci ______ link:

  462. Kristie Maynard Says:

    Here is a link to a layout I made recently, it is of my kids on Halloween 1992, they were 2 1/2 yo and 2 1/2 months old. I don’t think it is one of my best, but it is my most recent.

  463. Cathi Mewhinney Says:

    My favorite layout is of my oldest daughter on her wedding day – all the flowers and other decorations I made from paper scraps and punches and/or scissors. I was relatively new to scrapbooking, but love the way it came out.

  464. Vanessa Gooch Says:

    Congratulations on your nomination! I am working on a layout of my two beautiful kiddos that I just took. I love the picture, but need to figure out what to do with the rest of it. It has been a while since I scrapped and it shows! :o)

  465. Kasandra Mathieson Says:

    Shimelle….this is so fun! As soon as you asked for our favourite page, I quickly thought of one I did that I scraplifted,lol. It’s titled “It’s not just who you are, but whose you are!” and I have pictures of everyone I belong to! I still love it…..

  466. elizaBeth B. Says:

    Congrats on your award! A layout of my wonderful man and his funny faces.

  467. Olivia Larsen Says:

    My most recent is a scraplift from CK magazine. I love Jen Jockish’s style, and the LO I created includes some of my beloved papers and pictures of my sweet boy. His face says it all…

  468. willimena Says:

    Most recent layout was of my Dad – I had difficulty because what I wanted to say seemed too personal for others to read also. Thus it is still a work in progress

  469. Marie Says:

    Congrats. I definately want to check out your classes. I didn’t know about you…but I will now. The layout I remember most is one I did about my niece and a haircut given to her by her dad. The haircut was the biggest disaster ever! I felt bad though cause she cried when she saw it. I did win a layout contest with it though.

  470. Sonja Says:

    Well done and keep it up.
    This is a link to a post with my favourite pages I have done recently.

  471. Katy Says:

    There was a photo of myself and 2 university friends that inspired me to start scrapbooking, but it was a year after I started before I actually did. I didn’t think I could do it justice before but your classes inspired me to just do it!

  472. Kate Anne Says:

    The maiden page was of when I first met my BF. It may be super simple and I cringe when I see it, but it has lots of meaning for the both of us.

  473. Deb Alexander Says:

    Haven’t visited here before so I’m off to check it out. My most favourite page right now is one I did of my daughter’s favourite shoes that are so worn. I’ve had to throw them out but haven’t had the heart to tell her yet. It was very simple but just perfect for the story.

  474. Steph Baxter Says:

    I’m a bit sad just now because my favourite scrapbook page I have made is of her sister and her boyfriend…and they broke up yesterday :(

  475. Zakirah Says:

    The page that I made recently talks about my life journey, titled “Life is a Gift”. It’s a digital page. It’s focused on journaling, and filled with embellishments around the page. I’d love to share the link to the page here, but I’m writing away from home on my iPod, and I don’t want to miss the chance to win, lol.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  476. Kirsti Says:

    First of all well done on your achievement Shimelle…well deserved!!!
    I have to say that this is one of my favourite LOs as my lovely little daughter took the pictures of herself…lol..xox

  477. emy Says:

    Congratulations Shimelle. One of my favourite recent pages is one based on a sketch from the LYPLYP clas called “Next top model” where my 3 year old looks like she’s trying out a supermodel pose. I even managed to get a Zoolander quote into my journalling!

  478. VéroniqueR Says:

    One of my favorite page is one with a photography of my dad and my youngest nephew.
    There is so much love shows in this photography, I did not need to add a lot of scrapgoodies to decorate the page : A few hearts and a title : “the art of beeing grandfather”.
    This page really has a timless atmosphere

  479. Charlotte Johansen (CharlieDK) Says:

    Lovely page and fun stories you share – I remember your name way back till when I started my scrap shopping in a UK shop no longer in business. The page I love a lot is an old page I made where I tell the story of my DD wearing a dress that used to belong to my mothers doll. My mum was born in 1913 and on the photo she sits with my DD at age 2 – she was such a tiny tot – being a preemie baby – and everyone called her Gran’s dolly. Page is here “

  480. doverdi Says:

    Congrats Shimelle! One of my favorite pages is one that I did on my memories of my parents favorite fragrances. My father passed away in the early 70’s when I was quite young but even today I can smell his aftershave.

  481. Charlotte Johansen (CharlieDK) Says:

    Not sure above link worked – here is the page

  482. Anne T. Says:

    An older page I made featured this really extreme close up picture of my cat’s face. He is all black with amazing green eyes and the picture just captures him so well. I used a green cardstock background to bring out his eyes. Titled the page “purrsonality” with a sticker I had that just seemed fitting. Hand wrote my journaling which is my least favorite part. The cat is 16 now, but I love that I will have this page to treasure when he is no longer with me.

  483. Gypsy Says:

    One of my favourite pages I made years ago was Titled “I want to be a 50’s Housewife” It didn’t have any photos just some very cool retro graphics and a retro inspired design. As well as a large amount of journally about why I would love to be a 50’s housewife. :-)

  484. Bren Renouf Says:

    I hope this counts as it’s technically a day late in the UK but it came as part of Shimelle’s Saturday class prompt!

    My favourite layout is one of when my daughters were quite small and we were staying in Orlando. They are playing around in the water at Blizzard Beach. I love looking back some 15 years and seeing them so wide eyed with wonderment at all the Disney stuff they saw that holiday!

  485. Elisa L Says:

    One of my favorite scrapbook layouts is one done of my daughter’s baptism – a celebration of love, family and blessing. Thanks for the chance!

  486. zizazzi Says:

    Congrat for the nomination and thanks for the rak .. here is one of the lastest LO I made .. a very simple one .. but I just Love this moment of my little boy discover the sea for the first time ..
    thanks again for the chance.. I cross my fingers

  487. Nicky Says:

    I am very new to scrapboooking but have got so many ideas for pages that I want to do and will be doing so soon. I did however make a mini-scrapbook as a present for my children’s great grandmas 90th Birthday. One of my most favourite pages was of my son covered in mud after playing in it in the garden. Link:

  488. Nikki Says:

    Congratulations! I’ve been a long time fan and follower of your blog. You have a style that I love! A favorite l/o of mine is my two boys dyeing easter eggs…Love the beautiful bright colors and the great looks on their faces!

  489. Cheryl Says:

    Sad to say I haven’t done any actual scrapbooking in about a year. The last pages I have done were included in a gift to a friend on her graduation day. I’m so itching to get back at it though. :)

  490. alissa Says:

    i recently scrapped a page about my love of lilacs and vintage mason jars.
    i think it was a challenge on your blog just before class started!
    thanks for all the inspiration, shim.
    and, congrats on this most derserved award! :)

  491. Beth Says:

    I enjoy looking over my scrapbook pages and realizing how much my style has changed over the years – of course it helps with all the new product that is available. Even though some of my first pages were very plain, I think they look good. But, then I look at pages I create now, and it is hard to believe the same person did them.
    What fun it has been.

  492. Karen G Says:

    I made a scrapbook page with my toilet and wastebastet. Why because where the wastebasket is sybolizes the compromises my husband and I make in order for our marriage to be so great.
    Karen G

  493. Sally Says:

    As my style evolves I change my mind about what I like but this page about our middle daughter is one of my recent favs. I made it when taking part in the Something for Almost Nothing Class

  494. lesley Oman Says:

    congrats Shimelle! what a fantastic nomination.
    ive recently made a scrapbook page about the story of me picking my wedding dress, even though i got married over three years ago, it just felt right to do a page now. Because of that, it felt so right that i wasnt just scrapping it because i had to, i scrapped it because i wanted to preserve the story.

  495. margaret Says:

    I’ve been working on digital pages from my trip to Japan in April, 2010. I didn’t think that I was really going to like “doing digi”, but for these photos in particular I’m LOVING IT!!!

  496. teajenny Says:

    Well done, Shimelle!!
    One of my favourite ever pages was a black and white 12 * 12 Lo of my favourite song “You Raise Me Up” and Iused my own photos of Whistler mountain and the Irish sea to illustrate it – and even better you chose it as one of your LOs of the week! Wow…

  497. Sarah Hollins Says:

    Congratulations Shimelle!

    I’ll tell you about the page I’m working on right now “30 things before I’m 30” – Have made a big list of everything I want to achieve in the next 3 years, so I’m going to make it all pretty so it’s offical, then I HAVE to do them!

  498. Keitha Says:

    Congrats Shimelle, on the well-deserved MISA Award!
    While shopping recently, my daughter & I saw an inflatable island and knew we had to buy it for our cousins’ cottage. I posted the page I made showing the entire family enjoying it on my blog here:

  499. Clair Says:

    Such a well deserved award for a most inspirational lady. I’ve always admired your spirit of sharing – so thank you!

    My most favourite page is one without any photographs – I like the focus on the journalling, on the thought and emotion. It makes it so personal to me.

  500. Karen Says:

    My favoutite scrapbook page, is one I made quite early on in my scrapbooking journey. It was simple in style and content and was titled “Generations”.

    I had found an old sepia picture of my nan from when she was about 20. So I took a picture of my mum and another of me and I made a layout of all three of us, showing the three generations.

    The layout isn’t world-class, it’d not even that special in style. Certainly no cutting edge techniques or products… and no pretty paper. Just three photos and some hidden journaling… of the two women that mean the most to my life.

  501. Anne Says:

    As much as I love playing with new “arty” techniques, one of my favourite ever pages was one I did in a very simple style, using a beautiful piece of patterned paper which I couldn’t bear to ruin, so I left it to shine in all it’s glory! There’s a lesson in there somewhere – sometimes less really is more!

  502. Selena Says:

    The last page I scrapped was of a fun day on the cruise I took in January—what fun!!!

  503. grannymike Says:

    Congratulations on this wonderful honor. I don’t have one particular page to tell you about, but shortly after my mom died in 2004, I first tried my hand at digital scrapping. She had left behind a book of childhood (and later) memories. I collected what family pictures I could find (great-greats as well) and put together a family history. The scrapping was simple, but the memories are great. Thanks for the chance to win such a nice prize.

  504. Sarah Chambers Says:

    I am running a bit behind with the LYPLYP class, but am still thoroughly enjoying doing it when i get the chance! I made this page using a sketch from prompt 4 as well as the idea of taking a still life photo to match up with an action type scene. I would never have thought of doing it that way! Now when i look at this LO though i will see in years to come not only how happy Lyric is to have her shoes put on, but also exactly what those well-loved, scuffed shoesies looked like! Thank you!!

    Here’s a link to my blog post with the pictures on:

  505. Kim Wilson Says:

    Congrats Shimelle, I love your online classes.
    My last LO was photos taken last summer of my DD ‘helping’ daddy cut the grass with her toy lawnmower.

  506. Deena F. Says:

    One of my favorites is of my daughter…I originally designed it for Graceful Bee which is no longer around sadly…but I enlarged a picture of my daughter’s face and let it be the focal point of the page..added a little bit of ribbon and wire and a hand cut title “She’s our Brown Eyed Girl”…

  507. Tee/sweetandsour Says:

    Does anyone remember the “magnetic” sticky photo albums? Well, ALL of my childhood photos used them. I pulled them all off a few years ago and am slowly scrapbooking them. I find old original photos difficult to scrap. I don’t have time to scan them so I scrap originals. The last page I scrapped were photos on my first birthday in my hometown. In the background you can see landmarks of the town and it’s changed so much. It was definitely fun to use “retro” inspired papers :-)

  508. Sally Says:

    The 1st page I ever made used photos of my brother aged 4ish dressed up in my wonderwoman costume, I used the title wonderboy which is the title of a Tenacious D song (and more in keeping with my bros music taste now he’s in his 20s!!), I love those pics as they make me laugh and love the bright colours of the page! I have never shown it to my brother as I’m sure he would be embaressed, but maybe I will one day…..

    Well done Shimelle x

  509. choon bin wee Says:

    congras shimelle :)

    Recently, I completed 20 scrapbbok pages for my friend’s wedding albmn….very satisfying :)

    choon bin wee

  510. crystalangel Says:

    One of my fav pages I scrapped was one where my son was laying in my lap and my hand was on his curly head (the curls are gone now) and I wrote about holding onto this day knowing it would be gone all too soon…I was right

  511. NancyLee Says:

    Hi Shim, just went to go shopping for “Go to Press” and followed the shopping cart but it led me to Two Peas website. It didn’t accept the cupon code. Any suggestion please. I just posted my little story about my page yesterday so this is just a question on the cupon.

  512. Jennifer Alfonso Says:

    I just recently purchased Ella’s “Eight is Enough” ebook. After reading, I immediately was inspired to scrap! Here are my layouts on my blog

    Have a great weekend!

  513. Brenda T Says:

    Congratulations on you award Shimelle. My fav page is one from my Here There & Everywhere class that I am STILL working on.

  514. Rita Says:

    One of my favorite pages was one that I did for my sister’s 60th birthday album including a favorite old picture of the two of us along with an updated picture. I planned a family album for her where EVERYONE in the family (guys and children included) did a page for her….45 of us! She’s single and has always done so much for all of us, including taking care of my mom who is 82. She was thrilled!

  515. Arlene Says:

    My favorite pages include my grandchildren and flowers. I just finished a page with a deep purple clematis climbing on a trellis. I accented it with a precut flower and white pearl button. It’s simple – yet striking! Have a great day!

  516. Christine Crowson Says:

    Firstly congratulations Shimelle.My fav page, is a B&W photo of the flower girl at my daughters wedding. I did the whole page in whites. I love it.

  517. sofiqislam Says:

    Haven’t visited here before so I’m off to check it out. My most favourite page right now is one I did of my daughter’s favourite shoes that are so worn. I’ve had to throw them out but haven’t had the heart to tell her yet. It was very simple but just perfect for the story.

  518. sofiqislam Says:

    A favourite Lo of mine features an unusaul but, to me, stunning photo of my DD when she was very little and in the bath. She had just had water poured all over her head and the look on her face and the wet hair are amazing – in B&W too!

  519. jara mcconnell Says:

    I made a scrapbook layout for a friend. Her grandaughter was very ill. IK thought if I made her a bright and sunny scrapbook full of positive vibes it might help her focus on the brightside rather than the gloomy hospital room. It was full of spots to journal and places for her to put photos. It was a pre-made book so I had to make simple for a non scrapbooker! But I think I was able to make it feel happy. Thank for a chance to win. I love seeing all your work and ideas!

  520. north face sale Says:

    fabulous — it’s what will make this entire idea work. A few years ago I taught a workshop called The Reasons Why, with a quick presentation about why we scrapbook before we made a 6×6 minibook together

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