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Spin the colour wheel

colour combination for scrapbooking

Today is all about the magic (or science) behind the colour wheel! Something fun to get the day started? Go here to spin the colour wheel then leave a comment here describing the colour combo you loved! You can even take a screenshot and share it with us. (Click here for instructions on taking a screenshot if you don’t know how.) That’s my spin above.

Coming up later today:
...going from a spin of the wheel to finished project
...cracking the colour wheel

Have a fabulously colourful day!


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03 June 2009

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15 Comments for Spin the colour wheel

  1. mary Says:

    Hi! what a great link! ...and I’ve had my laptop for almost two years and never knew about “print screen” – thanks! my favorite color combo (I tried about a hundred) is this blue/green/purple one – I like how the three colors go together, but they’re also distinct; and the blue shows up well as text on both primary colors.

  2. Emma Says:

    Hey :) Loving this whole colour theme, I just adore colour! I’ll have my ‘favourite colour’ page done by next week and I’ll post a link, but for now, heres the colour combo I chose. Just feeling I need a bit of brightness this dull morning after yesterdays glorious weather :)

  3. Kathy Rogers Says:

    Love these colours, first spin as well.!

  4. Louise Says:

    Hey that’s brilliant, the colour wheel and the screen dump widget. Its always the simplest things isn’t it

  5. DawnMcD Says:

    What a fun little ap! I chose this result because it had a mellow summer feel with just a little pop of yellow. I like the cooler greens with the warmer yellow.

  6. Lis Lambertsen Says:

    Oooh – I like this!!

  7. Lynn Says:

    Love this idea, I’ve learnt something new today re the screenshot facility! See my blog entry for today here.

  8. Scrappycarrie Says:

    Enjoyed spinning the colour wheel and have today discovered what the PRTSC SYSRQ key is for on my laptop:)

    I have a question though ladies, how did you include the colour wheel result with your comment?

  9. Lynn Says:

    Great fun and I can’t wait to make something with the results from my spin! Please feel free to check out today’s entry here

  10. Ann Freeman Says:

    What a superb and fun idea – wasted hours today playing!! (well it felt like hours!!)
    Mine is on my blog

  11. Joy Says:

    Loved this! I saved the “wheel” as a favorite to spin when I need a little inspiration!

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