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More info on Monday, but...

scrapbook album cover
album cover created by Gertie

Gertie is zooming ahead with her album cover all ready to go!

More info on Scrap Your Day will be posted here and on UKScrappers on Monday. Everyone is welcome to play along.

In the meantime, I am sorting out some extra kits from recent events, if anyone feels like taking them off my hands. Just a few bits and pieces left to box and weigh up. It’s a pretty gloomy day out there so not such a bad one for a lazy morning and a computerish afternoon. Tonight we’re having dinner with the boss!

I do wonder if she’ll order a banana fritter for dessert.


PS: I’m closing the comments on this because I can’t offer kits for free as I don’t get them for free, and I don’t want anyone to comment here and have their heart broken!! There will be some shopping opportunities soon – we’re just working on making it all tick. Thank you so much for your support and trust me, I do wish I could send supplies to everyone, just for fun!

19 April 2008

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24 Comments for More info on Monday, but...

  1. Hannah Says:

    Oooh another project for me to take part in!

  2. Jenn Moody Says:

    I would gladly take these off your hands and even pay for the postage to the states!

  3. elizabeth Says:

    I would love any leftovers as well!!

  4. marianne Says:

    cheeky grin – have i reminded you lately how much you love me?

    Oh, you love me.

    Ok – well, you are able to put up with me for short periods of time – that’s gotta count for something? :)

    So if you mabe possibly did have anything possibly small enough to possibly not incurr a large cost on my part {though small cost is maybe possibly doable lol} i could maybe possibly like pick it up from london….possibly, maybe.

    No worries if not…’cos it isn’t like i am out of the last lot of stuff you gave me!

    much love, :)

  5. Hilary Jeanes Says:

    I’d like some too….

  6. Margaret Anne Clark Says:

    Please may I have a kit ? Just discovered your little piece of web world and feeling INSPIRED!! Thanks for your gentle pushes in the right direction! xx

  7. Julie G. Says:

    Could I have one of your kits please? I would just love one.

    Thanks, Julie

  8. Sandy Says:

    A kit would make my day – how do I get one, please?

  9. Jennie T. Says:

    Ooh, I’d love to help take some bits and pieces off your hands! :)
    Even if they’re all gone, I still think it’s a wonderful, giving thing to do!

  10. Olive Says:

    Thats a really nice offer Shimelle. I’d love some of your bits and pieces.

  11. Sarah Says:

    After getting a ‘Scrap Your Day’ kit from you which is fab, I’d love to get another kit from you!

  12. jane Says:

    I love all your classes I have done so far, would love some stash too, thanks for all the hard work Shimelle

  13. Tracey Says:

    An offer I just can’t refuse!! Would love to have some more stash!!

  14. Jak Says:

    yes please, how do we go about getting one.

    Gutted to have missed out on the CC kit

  15. Lisa N Says:

    Oooh, yes please.
    I would love one of your little kits, missed out on the last one. ~X

  16. willow spruce Says:

    I am SO miffed that i missed out on the scrap your day kit!!!!
    If you ever find one lurking about…give me a shout!!!:)

  17. lucy Says:

    Hi Shimelle. I’ve been following your blog for a while now and love your work. If you have a wee bit of stash left that you want shifted, I’d love it to come my way please! Will def do the scrap a day each month project – looking forward to it!

  18. Sue E Says:

    I would just adore one of your kits. How do we get one please?

    I check your blog each day for my daily dose of inspiration.

    I am really looking forward to 12 months of ‘scrap my day’, cant wait for 25th for it to begin.

  19. jo Says:

    shimelle, i would gladly take some bits off your hands! Loving your classes, and the once a month pages sound like a great thing (my book is almost made, i missed out on the kit!) i have enjoyed the christmas journal, and the no place like home is fab!

  20. Sally Loaer Says:

    Hi Shimelle
    Would be happy to take stuff off your hands – I missed the scrap your day kit, and we had a lost parcel for the last Cyber crop so this would make my day!!

  21. Madeline Says:

    I’ll take one of your kits too. Love your stuff

  22. Anita Says:

    Hi Shimelle , I would be interested in any kits as well !

    Anita x

  23. Ali Marshall Says:

    ooo,If youve any goodies spare Id love some please..
    Just let me know how much and i can p pal you..
    I missed out on ordering my scrap you day kit from you but have ordered the calendar..tho its on pre order I know I cant possibly wait for it to arrive so Im going to make my own..
    take care..

  24. Alison Green Says:

    If you’ve still got anything left over, please please please let me know – Missed out on the scrap your day kit but certainly don’t mind helping you clear out!!!
    Allycat x