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Notes from a Monday

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When I left home on Sunday morning, there were thousands of people arriving in our little corner of the world to run the London marathon. I was catching a train in the other direction to get to Alexandra Palace to stamp trees, birds, hedgehogs, polka dots and bunting on tiny pieces of paper all day, which is far more my type of activity. Though we did start to realise that standing still for the same amount of time as it takes to run twenty-six miles is not easy either, but we all made it through and managed to sell a few sets of woodgrain and cakes and woodland creatures along the way. All good fun. And lots of lovely people who said hello! It’s lovely to see a friendly face during the day.

Today I’ve at least had the luxury of sitting down a while…first to pack kits for a little something special from UKScrappers, then for dinner, then to watch Dr Strangelove (The Boy had never seen it and has been strangely obsessed with it lately) and knit a new rug. I collected all sorts of chunky wools when I started knitting, before I learned the important rule that jumpers knit in fat wool look even more fat when you’re wearing them…so I have made many chunky scarves and now I’m thinking the rug is the new answer. The floor doesn’t mind if it looks a bit extra thick around the edges.

The little something special from UKScrappers goes on sale here tomorrow morning at 7am, so do stop by in the morning if you fancy knowing a little more!

And thank you for all the lovely wedding stories…this week has a lot of real stuff happening, and then it will practically be around the corner. My goodness!


14 April 2008

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3 Comments for Notes from a Monday

  1. marianne Says:

    Well…I can let Max know the date – then if you get cold feet and leave the boy at the alter with the florist, he can be waiting with an oreo milkshake – that i think he mentions to me around every other day in drama. LOL.
    :) :) :)

  2. Sarah Says:

    Hello Shimelle. Great to meet you at AP….thanks for being so welcoming :)

  3. Says:

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