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Early Bird Info!

Thank you for your interest in my 2023 Album Mindset class. This is a class coming soon and I have not yet published all the details. If you would like to go ahead and sign up before those details, you can do that here. Please understand there is no pressure to do so and you will be able to sign up at the same price once the details are published!

The starter course is $15 USD and each month’s videos will be $5, with those being published as soon as I have finished those entries so it won’t be published on a set date every month or anything like that. You’ll be able to add each month individually once it is ready or if you would like to sign up all in one go, you can do that here and I will not charge for November or December. January and February are already covered, so that means the price for all the months is $40USD, meaning a total of $55 for the whole year’s album content. PLEASE understand if you choose the $55 option that this is not being updated at a certain time each month. ONLY sign up for the $55 if you are cool with seeing these things as they come together in real life time scales, and otherwise just add each month for the $5 once it is live and ready, okay? I don’t want anyone upset that it’s not all ready at the same time each month. It won’t be! :)

Okay, $15 for the starter class covering philosophy, my process, and all the February pages:

Or $55 for the starter class PLUS all the monthly updates for 2023:

Any questions, email me: Also email me if your PayPal address is not where you want to receive emails from me.

Thanks so much and we’ll talk more soon!

17 March 2018

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