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25 Days of Scrapbooking Titles and Journaling: a Challenge for July

25 Days of Scrapbooking Titles and Journaling: a Challenge for July 2017

After a month of sharing scrapbooking snapshots and then a big holiday weekend for many, here’s something to keep you going through July! This month we’re starting on Friday, the 7th, and sharing 25 days of scrapbooking words – titles and journaling on our pages.

You are welcome to share scrapbook pages past and present or a mix of both! This is not meant to drive you crazy making a new page every day. Sometimes reviewing an album we haven’t looked at for a while will spark ideas just as much as something completely new, so I love the balance that comes in looking at what others are posting along with what you might be making and what you have made over the years.

This challenge is primarily on Instagram: you can follow me there if you like, and we use the hashtag #scrapbookingismysuperpower. If Instagram isn’t your thing and you’d prefer Facebook, you can also join in there! I post each day on my own page (click the ‘follow’ button if we’re not already friends) as well as the sharing group Scrapbook like a Superhero. You’re welcome to join in anywhere that feels best to you!

And now, for the twenty-five days of topics! Share your interpretation of these, with a focus on the words of your pages.

scrapbook page by Kirsty Smith
page with plenty of words by Kirsty Smith.

7. oh happy day

a personal favourite title of mine for all the types of photos that are filled with joy! So we start with something simple. Feel free to use these exact words in your title or journaling or to select another happy wording of your choice.

8. a single word

just one word for the title on your page – what will it be? No other rules apply today!

9. sing a song

find inspiration for your title or your journaling in a song! You can use one line or all the lyrics, whatever you like.

10. something big

make your title BIG! Use big monogram stickers perhaps, or paint it with a big brush, or cut something special, but make your title bigger than usual for a big impact.

11. something small

and now take it the other way – small letters, small title, maybe it won’t even be hugely noticeable as a title. Keep it to a small sentiment today, which might also give you more room for additional photos or extended journaling.

scrapbook page by Meghann Andrew
Stacked title by Meghann Andrew.

12. something stacked

this is one of my favourite types of titles! Take all your words and stack them vertically, so you spell them with stickers or chipboard or stamps, one or two words per line, over several lines. It’s perfect for those sticker sheets that only have enough letters for one or two words as well.

13. something tall

be it stickers, stamps, handwriting, or cut out, what changes when you make your letters taller than they are wide? (They don’t have to be super tall across the page – but an alphabet like Fitzgerald or similar styles lets you add far more letters in the same page space as a blockier font!)

14. something simple

easy-peasy. Here’s a quick one to keep you on track today – just share a title or journaling that keeps things simple.

15. something said

let your story come directly from someone you know: share a title or journaling that spells out something funny or memorable you don’t want to forget. Perfect for wobbly toddler speak or hilarious grown-up moments of losing the word on the tip of your tongue.

scrapbook page by Missy Whidden
lots of colour from Missy Whidden.

16. so much colour

no plain black or white letter stickers today! Pull out a rainbow of colour for your title or your writing and share what you’ve used from stickers to inks to pens to paper.

17. puntastic

you know you want to love a pun. Go on, we won’t punish you.

18. repetition

stuck for a title? Repetition is the easiest way to link your title and journaling and make it look like you always had a master plan! Something as simple as ‘I Remember…’ can be your title and then start of three or more sentences in your journaling. Start with whatever you want, but say it a few times and up your impact.

19. alliteration

truly not just something useful in high school English class. Pick words with the same starting sounds for a title that just seems practically perfect!

20. how poetic

don’t feel blocked into paragraphs and traditional sentences for your journaling. Use a poem of your own composition or one you’ve always loved by another writer. Don’t overthink this challenge – you could write a haiku or a list poem and it still counts as channeling your inner Shakespeare!

21. change one word

take a well-known phrase and change just one word: it’s why ‘happy unbirthday’ works so well! ‘I just want a cup gallon of coffee.’ ‘Lions and tigers and bears caterpillars, oh my!’

22. scrapbook standbys

there’s a reason why we see some words on plenty of products – they are pretty universal and useful! Things like documented, memories, remember, adventure, photographed, captured and others along those lines can apply to pretty much any photo, so it’s all in how you make it your own.

23. then & now

put two photos from different times together and title it ‘then & now’ – it’s that simple!

24. good times

I remember Amy Tan telling a story from her early days of scrapping when she’d done about ten pages all with the title ‘good times’ because it applied to so many of her photos that she didn’t even notice until she saw them in her album. I love it – so let’s all do a ‘good times’ title today!

25. a lesson learned

here’s your wording for today: a lesson learned (or learnt, depending on your background)! What might that lesson be? It can be something big or little – perfect for falling over on a bike right up to showing up to a wedding in the same dress as two other friends (when you weren’t bridesmaids).

26. a beautiful view

scrap something scenic today, and find a way to compose a beautiful title from the words a beautiful view!

27. much-loved quotation

choose your words from someone else today, like a line from a favourite film or a noteworthy speech. If you get stuck, the internet is definitely your friend for finding quotations, but it may deliver so many that you have trouble choosing just one.

scrapbook page by wilna furstenberg
a letter in the journaling by Wilna Furstenberg.

28. an open letter

a combination of title and journaling, an open letter is just a letter that’s there on your page to be read. Use ‘Dear ______’ as your title, and the letter itself as the journaling. It could be a letter to a person with a photo of them, or it could be something bordering on sarcastic, like an open letter to the car that splashed your favourite shoes as you walked down the path.

29. a mix up

as much as I love letter stickers, the moment when it becomes difficult to spell a whole word with what’s left on the sheet. Get a little more love from those letters by making your title from a mix of several different letter styles!

30. good advice

this one can be used for scrapping advice given to you or advice you would give to someone else. Use ‘good advice’ or some variation as your title and the advice itself as your journaling, and it will all fit together beautifully.

31. keeping it real

and let’s end with something a bit realistic. Every day isn’t the best day ever, no matter how many stamps and stickers we own to say as much. What moment is in your album that simply wasn’t the best? Share it with us today!

05 July 2017

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  1. Kathy W Says:

    I love this “project”, but for those of us who don’t use either Facebook OR Instagram, a lot of the fun is lost. I don’t know if there’s a solution to that (other than signing up for social media outlets that I don’t want or need), but…..

  2. Val Says:

    Oh this is such a fabulous challenge :D I love a good challenge. I also just want to say a BIG thankyou for all that you do for us scrappers. It doesn’t go un-noticed or un-appreciated <3

  3. Lisa Zepponi Says:

    Wonderful!! THanks for sharing this “challenge”!! I look forward to it!!

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