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Scrapbooking with even more photos

scrapbooking with more photos // scrapbook page by kirsty smith

A girl after my own heart: Kirsty Smith loves globes, journaling, and finding ways to include even more photos on her scrapbook pages without losing the fun of layered embellishments. I hope you enjoy her project today just as much as I do!

All the birthday talk around here lately is great timing for me as I have just turned twenty-nine. Each time I celebrate a birthday, I like to look back on the past year and think about the highlights, the things that I have loved and the changes that have happened in my life. And then I scrapbook it! When I thought about it, being twenty-eight was a pretty big year, and I realised I had so much I wanted to include. But I also wanted to be able to use all the pictures I wanted, and say everything I wanted to while still keeping my page relevant to my style scrapbooking: using layers, white space and little details.

So today I’m going to share a way to include lots of photos and journaling in a layout without making it seem overcrowded.

To do this, we’re going to use a divided page protector to act like one half of a double page spread. I personally prefer to work on single 12 by 12 layouts, and using a pocket page to be the other half gives me the opportunity to include more photos without the need to design a full double spread.

scrapbooking with more photos // scrapbook page by kirsty smith

Let’s start with the 12 by 12 page. I chose a single photo to be featured and used it as the inspiration for my colour scheme as I loved the beautiful blue of the sky. I paired the picture with a vellum envelope, stacking the two in a column on the page, and structured the rest of the design around this. To emphasise the vertical construction of the design, I used a Shimelle stencil to add a background of little hearts. However, I wanted it to be a subtle effect, so rather than inking or painting over the stencil, I used a pencil to produce an outline. The result is delicate but helps to anchor the rest of the design.

scrapbooking with more photos // scrapbook page by kirsty smith

Next comes the detail and the layers. I love to use vellum envelopes as they offer a sneak peak of the goodies inside. In this instance, I used leftover scraps of some of the Starshine papers to punch out little circles of confetti in yellows, blues and greens. I filled the envelope and sealed it.

I love all the little die cuts in the Starshine collection as they are just perfect for adding little layers of detail. I pulled out any that fit my colour scheme and stacked them up with a paperclip, topping the layers with a globe cut from patterned paper. I like to ink the edges of papers and die cuts as I think it helps to add definition to the different layers, and using different elements such as transparent die cuts will add texture.

scrapbooking with more photos // scrapbook page by kirsty smith

I felt the page needed a little something else however, so I hand-cut a title inside square frame, to echo the photo. I placed this over my picture, and I like how this tied the theme of adventure and exploring through the embellishments and into the title. That’s how I like to think of the last year; as an adventure!

scrapbooking with more photos // scrapbook page by kirsty smith

scrapbooking with more photos // scrapbook page by kirsty smith

With the page coming together, it was time to write my journaling. I had a lot to say, even though I was just drawing together a few highlights. I used a little journaling pad to pen my thoughts and to write as much as I wanted. Once finished, I put the sheets into a little stack and slid them behind the vellum envelope. As the envelope was full of confetti and sealed, I couldn’t put them in the envelope, but by sticking the vellum down on only 3 sides, it effectively makes a secret pocket where I can conceal as much journaling as I like without affecting the appearance of my page. I also like that if you look closely, you can see a hint of writing just peeping through.

To finish off, I added a splash or two of ink, and some of the lovely little puffy stickers from the Starshine collection.

scrapbooking with more photos // scrapbook page by kirsty smith

Now comes the time to turn this into a double pager! I filled a divided page protector with photos that I wanted to feature. Any size photos can work for this – just fill the pockets! Equally, a 12 by 12 page protector will work just as well if you stick your pictures to a sheet of cardstock to keep them in place.

scrapbooking with more photos // scrapbook page by kirsty smith

I used 4 by 4 photos with a white border to match the picture and frame on my page. Having repeating elements in your photo page is a great way to tie the two together and create a sense of cohesion. Finally, I used a transparency featuring the word ‘adventure’ as an overlay, with a couple of pops of embellishment to link back to the scrapbook page.

scrapbooking with more photos // scrapbook page by kirsty smith

And there we have it: an almost-double-page-spread featuring ten photos and log journaling…and you’d never know it! I hope this idea will help you to incorporate more into your pages.

15 April 2016

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8 Comments for Scrapbooking with even more photos

  1. Stef Says:

    What a beautiful spread. I need to really try doing this. I really like the combination of a traditional and a PP layout.

  2. Lisa Zepponi Says:

    I like the 4×4 divided page protector and the consistent look of 4×4 photos from the Lo to the DPP. Nice job! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Renee Says:

    Love the layouts- it all looks so gorgeous and fun!!

  4. Youngmi Says:

    I love how much you were able to fit into this layout without overcrowding it! And I’m impressed by how well your embellishments mimic the tones Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    LOVE the idea of the overlay!

  6. Queen Mary Says:

    What a lovely layout and a lovely idea!

  7. Gab Says:

    Really fantastic page. That pic you used by itself is stunning!

  8. serena Gedlaman Says:

    one of my all time favourite layouts!