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Scrapbooking Process Video :: Right Now

Right Now selfie scrapbook page with process video @

I’m so grateful for the positive response to new things here, and seeing the first few layouts for this week’s scrapbook a selfie challenge pop up on Facebook made me grin from ear to ear. (Don’t forget to link them up at the end of yesterday’s post so everyone can see!) Today it’s my turn, and this video has been a long while coming – it’s the page I made right around my birthday, which isn’t itself a problem until you realise my birthday was in October. Oh well!

Right Now selfie scrapbook page with process video @

I’ve always used a selfie of just myself for this page in the past but at the last minute I was happier including someone small in the photo as well. For those who initially balked at the idea of scrapbooking a self portrait, maybe that would help! Take a picture with your child, parent, significant other, pet, some random guy on the street… whatever makes it feel right for you!

This is an As It Happens video, so unlike Glitter Girl, I’m a bit extra rambly and indecisive, but it gets there in the end. I do as little editing as possible in the As It Happens episodes so you can see everything in pretty much real time and the only thing I plan before I start filming is some of the supplies I will use and the photo!

Right Now selfie scrapbook page with process video @

Speaking of supplies, this one features mostly things from my True Stories collection, which is hard for me to admit is basically a year old now. We released it in January 2015 but it didn’t ship until later in the spring, so I guess there’s a technicality if you have too much of it on your desk! It hasn’t been there a year, I promise! I’ve added some buttons over there on the right to online shops who carry my products, and you can still find True Stories if you see something you missed before but fancy now. In fact, it will probably be on sale. (Disclosure: Those boxes are affiliate links, which makes it possible to pay guest artists for the work they share here.)

There’s still plenty of time to snap a selfie and scrapbook it, so put on that lip gloss you save for special occasions, stand next to a window for beautiful light, and look up to the camera. Then get cutting and pasting and all things scrappy!

01 February 2016

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12 Comments for Scrapbooking Process Video :: Right Now

  1. Cyndi Says:

    I like to ink my cut up pieces of paper too. Like you said, it gives the edge a finished look. No you are not rambling. To me you are working thru your process. I’d like to think the solid adhesive would work just as good as, or better, than the dot adhesive because it’s what I’ve been using for years without any problems. And no, cannot see the coffee cup in the recycle bin. My screen is to small. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Keep it real. I’ve got the true stories paper pad. Must stop hoarding it. You truly made it shine in the video. Thanks for all you do!

  2. Alison Day Says:

    Love your ramblings! Helps bring clarity to your thought process behind each decision. :) Every time I watch one of your Right Now layouts come together I think “I’ve really got to start making these” and then I don’t. sigh. Maybe this year? :) Thanks for another fun video!

  3. Natalie (QSOgirl) Says:

    I love this idea for a birthday tradition. I’ve done one, perhaps two, layouts like this in the past, and I meant to do one on my last birthday (I even took a photo!) but I didn’t. Inspired by this video, I am going to mark it on my calendar this year! “write some journaling about RIGHT NOW! take a photo!” so that I can start/restart a tradition for myself.

    …and now I want to go scrapbook TODAY a selfie for this week’s challenge… We’ll see if I can steal some time! :)

  4. Lisa H Says:

    I agree! The ramblings are fun! Love this page and the idea of a Right Now type layout. I do them from time to time but not specifically for each birthday – brain is now whirring!

  5. maria Says:

    Thank you for showing us your “birthday page”. I’m another one who loves to hear you thinking out loud.
    Your photo is beautiful – you really look like you could be Wonder Boy’s big sister. Maria

  6. glee stormont Says:

    Inconceivably, your son is making you younger. You look about 12 in that selfie!!

  7. Carrie Anderson Says:

    I looooove when you ramble! I learn from your thought process. I’m just such a huge fan of your videos and pages! You’re making me actually use all the pretty stuff I’ve juat been collecting

  8. judith Says:

    I love this photo. You look like his big sister in this photo. Such radiant joy coming through. This might be one of my favs.

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    I looooove when you ramble! I learn from your thought process. I’m just such a huge fan of your videos and pages! You’re making me actually use all the pretty stuff I’ve juat been collecting

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