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Remind me: what is this scrapbooking thing I do?

scrapbook page by shimelle laine @

All good things must come to an end, and with that, I am back to work. It is mostly every cliche in the book, from phoning in a few times a day to see if things are going well (often yes, but sometimes no, including being very glad I am self-employed when I had to collect a burning up version of Wonder Boy early on his first day without me) to that mix of it seems like he was born two weeks ago and at the same time it seems he has been here a very many years indeed. I’m not sure I have anything new to add to the greater realm of words written on motherhood for the entire world and instead I just record my own meandering thoughts in my scrapbooks. Because when I try to remember what I do for a living, I think that was it. Something about recording meandering thoughts. Something about stories. Something about pretty paper.

scrapbook page by shimelle laine @

Taking a proper maternity leave has been an interesting adventure. I see a few friends with babies the same age a couple times a week and I am only the second of the group to head back to work, and truthfully I continued to do what I could do during nap times, and for that I can just say that getting a collection finished for CHA was entirely at the sacrifice of tidying up the toys, but we all seem to have made it through. Taking a year (or nearly a year) is a very normal practice for maternity leave in this neck of the woods but I know there are so many places where it just isn’t possible and while the Facebook requests for new videos and classes were so kind, I have no regrets about taking this time to just find our feet as a family of three and to spend so much time with that lovely little boy who turns one next month.

scrapbook page by shimelle laine @

Of course, I had all sorts of ideas in those early weeks that I’d be able to just keep right on scrapbooking because my baby would love to go to bed early or take long naps in the afternoon or whatever else I imagined. Of course that was entirely wrong, and instead I had a few instances of ‘if I buy it, I will scrapbook’ that I had to clear away to even find my desk this morning. I have a hunch my next few dozen pages will have a real mix of supplies new and old because now pretty much everything feels new to me, having done so little cutting and pasting over these past months.

On this page, that includes Crate Paper’s Notes and Things, Pebbles’ Jen Hadfield collection, some Amy Tangerine Plus One stickers, October Afternoon letters and some Dear Lizzy 5th and Frolic. And one single sticker from my own collection, up there in the corner.

scrapbook page by shimelle laine @

When I was teaching, there was always much discussion of the ‘work/life balance’ that was so difficult to find and I’m sure this new one will take a little time to feel right, but at the moment I feel happy that we’ve found a good balance on paper, at least, so I can work and he can play but I don’t have to feel like I’m boring him by trying to get work done and I can still have some full days without looking at my desk so we can do amazing things like realising that my ten month old can basically swim better than I can at this point and being treated to near-hourly tambourine recitals.

All that to really just say ‘Hi. I had a baby and now I’m going back to work and it is really nice to see you again. Can we scrapbook now?’

09 March 2015

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71 Comments for Remind me: what is this scrapbooking thing I do?

  1. Melinda Sweetman Says:

    Its so nice to see you back Shimelle, have missed you!! I can’t believe Wonder Boy is already 10 months old. I think every parent that survives the first year deserves a bravery award!! Enjoy your scrappy time when you can indulge and continue enjoying those little moments with your little family of 3 xx

  2. Berta Says:

    Glad to have you back, I hope you find a good balance between work and wonder boy. Can’t wait to see more scrappy goodness from you.

  3. Vicky Says:

    So happy to have you back, well done taking the time to enjoy your baby ‘cause they grow so fast.
    Love your new collection !

  4. Misty Murphy Says:

    Well we missed you while you were gone but I know how very important that family time is. Very much looking forward to more from you as you make your way back into the scrapping world.

  5. Lisa H Says:

    So lovely to see you back. :-) Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us! what a fabulous back to work page. You’ve been sorely missed!

  6. janice Says:

    yes I have missed you and your love for patterned papers and photo style you have made me dig out papers and learn combinations bring back a video each week please

  7. Dawn Cheshire Says:

    Great to have you back. Well done for taking the time to get to know wonder boy and to adjust. Look forward to seeing the things you manage to create in your work time xx

  8. kirsty A Says:

    welcome back! You have been missed but I completely respect your proper maternity leave. You do for a living what the rest of us do for a hobby and that must make it different. Soo looking forward to seeing Wonder Boy on your pages

  9. VIRGINIA Says:

    So lovely to see you back again and glad you managed some proper time with your baby – nothing finer and now everything will feel positive and new and fresh – keeping the balance is difficult (mines now 14 but it’s still a balancing act). Hope you continue to manage it and looking forward to more of your blog posts!

  10. Andrea Jones Says:

    Why, yes, yes we can scrapbook – Welcome back! I hope your babymoon was everything you ever hoped it could be:)

  11. Anna Bradshaw Says:

    Had a completely hectic return from vacation week and reading your voice suddenly gave me such a happy, stress free moment of looking-forward ness that I just had to say
    Thanks, So Much. You’re Lovely as Usual…

  12. Mariangeles Says:

    Welcome back!
    Almost a year already?! Wow!

  13. JeanD Says:

    Glad to have you back. I have really missed your videos but you will never regret having that special time with your little man and hubby, time passes too quickly.

  14. Gab Says:

    Welcome back Shimelle! I’m so glad you were able to take this time off to spend with your family.
    Do you have big plans for WB’s first birthday??

  15. Angie challis Says:

    Welcome back that year went quick next you will be telling us wonder boy is off to school x

  16. Tamara Says:

    Oh hi, yes we can scrapbook. I am so excited to see what you have coming up. So happy for you that you took an appropriate maternity leave, I loved having my babies in Canada where that much time was well like you said expected. (Much different than those I now work with in the USA.) So much fun and worth every moment.

  17. Margie Visnick Says:

    We are so happy to have you back! And, Happy birthday to the little man!Of course it was right for you to spend as much time as possible with Wonder Boy, and learning how to adjust as a family.

  18. Nancy Jo Says:

    I would love to do some more scrapbooking with you! I can’t even count how many times I have re-watched Glitter Girl and Sketch to Scrapbook page videos during the last year. While I am truly happy for you in your new role as mother I am also excited to see you come back to share some scrapping with us. Have missed you so much!

  19. linda Says:

    lovely to hear from you and so happy you have found a sort of balance and feeling good… I had soooo much trouble adjusting and figuring out how to get things done with the time I had and not feeling guilty when there was childcare available… it’s just all a huge new adventure, being a mom! my boy is now 2 years old and I realize that there is no right or wrong way to do it… we all just have to find what works for us! wishing you the best!

  20. Crystal Says:

    Welcome back, Shimelle!! I was so glad to see a post from you this morning. And such a lovely start back!! This layout is lovely, I can’t wait to see more.

  21. Kirsten Says:

    I’m sorry your mat leave is over :( I remember having a sense of sadness, loss, when I headed back to work because that special time was so beautiful. A bit of a chapter closing. But somehow the kids continued to thrive as I worked. Little boogers ;)
    OTOH, I am so excited to see you back!!!

  22. Vickie Lee Says:

    Woo Hoo – so excited to receive a post from you! It is hard to believe that Wonder Boy is almost 1. Time does fly. So happy for your family and look forward to what you have in store for us. Really missed you!

  23. Dorothy Flora Says:

    So glad to get my “Shimelle fix” again. Missed you but so happy for you and your lovely family. Welcome Back!

  24. Kelly Says:

    Glad you’re back to scrapbooking! Don’t worry we’ve been holding down the fort while you’ve been away.

  25. Julianna Says:

    glad to have you back but also thrilled you got to enjoy all the time with wonder boy that you’ve had (and sounds like a great plan going forward, too). my little guy just turned 1 and while I’ve been back at work for a while now, I’m only just getting back into scrapbooking – can’t wait for your inspiration as I dive back in!!

  26. maria s Says:

    Oh what a wonderful way to start the week – a post from you! Yes, the last year has gone by quickly; it is so hard to believe that Wonder Boy is almost a year old. And what a beautiful young fellow he is! Thank you for taking time to include us in your adventure. I have to admit that I was wondering if my “stalking” of your site was getting a little creepy! So glad you’re back Shimelle. Maria

  27. simplypearl Says:

    welcome back shimelle! you’ve been missed… but there is nothing like your first baby. and how wonderful that you got to take all this time to be with your family. can’t wait to see what’s to come.

  28. Peggy Collins Says:

    Oh, gosh! So happy that you had the opportunity for the time with WB and so, so happy you are back! Hope the transition is smooth and can’t wait to see what you do with all of us!

  29. Isa Stubblefield Says:

    Welcome back! I bet it’s so hard to be away from your little one! Wish we had 10 months of maternity leave here in the states! And yes, I am ready to scrapbook, I already pre-ordered your entire new collection!

  30. Tracy Says:

    Shimelle, welcome back. I can say with experience “for such a time as this”. You will never regret the time you spend with him. We too were blessed to have you online and in videos, we miss your inspiration. With that, I was able to get away and scrapbook last weekend, and was so excited to be able to use The Shimelle Collection to scrapbook a weekend in Phoenix. We love your creativity and pretty paper!

  31. Granny Rose Says:

    I am glad you are back but I really understand that you needed time with Wonder Boy. I took time off work with my daughter back in the day. Welcome back!

  32. Aroha Barlow Says:

    Welcome back like many others I have missed your videos and blog posts but I know how important family time is as I loved taking the time when my daughter came to just be a mum..
    I can’t wait to see more inspiration from you xoxo

  33. Cynthia Larson Says:

    welcome back! you have been missed! wish I could have had nearly a year for maternity leave. I am glad you were able to get that long. you really do need all of that time just to figure things out. Cant wait to see what scrappy goodness is to come!

  34. Therese Says:

    Welcome Back!! Love your collections – can’t wait to see more ideas from you. Enjoy that sweet boy every minute that you can!

  35. Benessi Says:

    I’m glad you could take a decent maternity leave and now it’s great to have you back!

  36. smcl Says:

    Welcome back! Wishing you an easy transition to this next phase in life. I am so happy that are back!

  37. tmholley Says:

    Welcome back, so happy to see you! You’ve been missed.

  38. Stokely Says:

    Welcome back! Time flies so fast, and kids grow even faster, it’s great to be able to spend time with your kid:)

  39. Kristen Binder Says:

    Shimelle I missed you so much. I have been watching all of your old videos over and over. I am glad you’re back, please upload some new content :)<3

  40. Ruth Gauss Says:

    So nice to hear from you! I know well the challenges of mixing motherhood and career. I applaud you for working through your need to scrapbook (career) and the needs of your family! It’s not easy to do. Enjoy this journey! There’s so much to love!!!!

  41. Carol West Says:

    Oh, yes, Shimelle, we would all like very much to scrapbook along with you! As you can see by all these comments, we’ve all been faithful chums checking in just to see…wondering if, just maybe, she can come out and play today.

  42. Jacky S Says:

    Lovely to see you.

  43. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    Welcome Back!! You have been missed but we are so thankful you had time to spend with Wonderboy! I can’t wait to see all the fun pictures of Wonderboy you will put in your layouts!

  44. Sandy Lewis Says:

    Hi – I had a baby (or two) many years ago in a country that gives one 3 months for “baby time”. I’m so very happy for you to have the time to bond with your beautiful boy. I will watch and scrap with you any time you post. No stress – no demands – no worries. Good to see you.

  45. Kate Says:

    Take as much time as you can and treasure every moment because it flies by. I’ve just been prom dress shopping for my baby girl who’s now 16! Glad to see you back.

  46. Daphne Wuenn Rihm Says:

    Welcome back Shimelle! Glad to see you scrapping again after your well deserved break! As I also had to take some time off scrapping (but due to total different (and some sad) reasons), I try to find my way back now. Having not really been into all the new collections during the last 18 months, I have the feeling that it will probably take some time to catch up with the pretty paper! So, let’s start, right? x

  47. stitching lady Says:

    Yeah! You’re back. We’ve missed you but loved the glimpses of Wonder Boy. So glad you had time with him. I’m sure you’ll never regret it.

  48. Krystal Says:

    Welcome back! How lovely that you had that time with your little boy that can never be replaced and never be taken away either. Each season of their precious lives is a gift – something we hope to capture with our scrapbooking. Enjoy the process and make sure to give yourself some grace as you manage this next step. I am so looking forward to what you create again!

  49. Michelle Says:

    Welcome Back Shimelle! I know it’s hard to be a working Mom, but I hope it makes it a little easier that you have lots of people who are happy to “see” you! And as a Mom of 3 boys I can’t wait to see what you will create in the world of BOY scrapbooking!

  50. Kristin A. Says:

    Yay, so glad you are back! AND so glad you got to take time to focus (as solely as possible) on your little guy. It’s so great to “hear” your voice again!

  51. Joanne Hunt Says:

    Welcome back my dear. You have been missed.

  52. Lynsey Says:

    So pleased to see you back but so glad you had a lovely time off with your little man. Love your layout! x

  53. Amy Myers Says:

    Welcome back! It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already. While you’ve been greatly missed, it’s been nice knowing it has been for such a good reason. Wonder Boy is precious. I can’t wait to see what lovely things you will create and inspire in us. Welcome back!

  54. Gina Says:

    So happy to see an email that you had a new post up on your blog. Love what you’ve written and happy to have you back. Of course you were missed but so glad that you’ve been able to spend time with your adorable baby boy. He’s always first priority! Excited to see what you’ve been thinking of!

  55. Cindy Says:

    WELCOME BACK SHIMELLE! You look great and happy in these photos; and what a cutie pie you’re holding!! :)

  56. Tammie Says:

    Of course there are a million ‘SO GLAD YOUR BACK’ messages – you have been missed! I was just thinking other day about Wonder Boy turning 1! Oh my!!! I can’t wait to see all those layouts using ‘older’ supplies, it will surely make me start using mine more. Welcome Home.

  57. teri Says:

    Bummer, you’re back to work. Yay!You’re back to work.

  58. Andrea Says:

    Welcome back! So glad you had a wonderful maternity leave

  59. Cori Says:

    Welcome back. So happy that you were able to take a real maternity leave with Wonder Boy.

  60. Kim Thomas Says:

    Welcome back to our little world, Shimelle! It’s nice to have you back. You’ll be in a happy place to have the best of both worlds. Take care, Kim :)

  61. Karla Says:

    Right there with you! I have a 5 month old and my table is full of ‘if I buy it, I will scrapbook’ supplies! lol

  62. Alicia Says:

    Two Peas went away…you went away…I have been on hiatus from scrapping too. So happy you had this time with your little man – it is the best for sure- also glad you’re back with us.

  63. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    Great to see you back! Doesn’t the time just go on warp speed when you become a mum!?

  64. Jennifer Grace Says:

    Lovely to see you back in the world of pretty paper Shimelle! I can’t wait to see what you make with your stored-up-supplies! x

  65. Kimberly Kett Says:

    LOVE this!! so many great things going on!!

  66. JO SOWERBY Says:

    How lovely to see you back and what a great idea to take maternity leave like loads of other women. It certainy enables you to enjoy your baby and come back with a new outlook. Wonder Boy is nearly 1? Blimey that went fast.
    Jo xx

  67. Natalie (QSOgirl) Says:

    Welcome back!! It’s wonderful to see your posts popping up in my feed again. I am so glad that you had a wonderful time with your sweet boy, and I hope that you continue to find just the right balance for you both. I have been saving up your posts like I save the best chocolates in an assortment for last :) So that I can savor them! :)

  68. Julia Heald Says:

    So pleased you are back! You have been missed :) maternity leave is so fleeting isn’t it? Make the most of every moment as one day you turn around and find they are 16!!

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  70. Beth Says:

    Congratulations on your bundle of joy. My sweet baby boy is 14 months old so are babies are not that far apart and I can totally relate to everything that you just said. So glad that you are back!

  71. Bruce Says:

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