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Glitter Girl and her tips for mixing patterned papers and other scrapbooking supplies

Glitter Girl Adventure 062: Mix and Match Materials class content ┬ę
This week Glitter Girl returns to an old question that comes up now and then: all about mixing patterns. Funny that Glitter Girl likes that topic, since it’s one of my favourites too! Okay, rubbish jokes aside, the Out of the Box adventure was one of the most popular episodes in 2012, and similar questions come up on the board quite often, so with a brand new order on my desk, this was a great time to revisit the idea of mixing products from a variety of collections and manufacturers with an up-to-date look at current lines and trends.

You can find all the supplies for this project here at Two Peas, and there are plenty of new things in the shop, of course, like all those lovely new papers, overlays, and embellishments from Allison Kreft’s new lines at Webster’s Pages.

And yes, that is a Hello Kitty bandage. It turns out Glitter Girl is not immune to cardboard cuts and packing up the studio for this week’s move was a bit treacherous. I hope it wasn’t too distracting! Clearly hand models are not allowed to pack their own homes when moving. Oh well: welcome to my real world, plasters and all!

scrapbook page by shimelle laine @
This January was the first time I had been to a Disney park since the grand opening of Epcot, so that would be long, long before I was a scrapbooker, or indeed holding a camera! Now I suddenly understand the entire Disney-related challenges brought to scrapbookers. I’ve heard about them for years but never really imagined them in full. I was only at Disneyland for a few hours really and have plenty of photos to scrapbook, but not really enough stories to fill a full separate album. And of course, I’ve now done the child-free version of Disney, and that’s a very different experience. I have come up with a few stories I want to tell that are more reflective (especially as I don’t think there are any photos from my childhood adventures at Disneyworld, so this is as good an opportunity as any to recall what memories I still have) but some are quite simple and everyday, like this particular page recounting how it was definitely worthwhile for non-morning-person me to get up and go to the park as soon as it opened, since we had very short queues and gorgeous blue skies – until around midday, when more people started to arrive and the haze of white rolled over in the sky. I’m still thinking about what I’ll do with the slightly less obvious photos from the day. Exactly what journaling might go with photos of the birds in the Enchanted Tiki Room? Yeah, I’m not quite sure either! We shall see.

Of course, Glitter Girl always challenges you to join in, and this time it’s to make your own mix of materials for your next page. Upload it to Two Peas to share it with us!

21 March 2013

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10 Comments for Glitter Girl and her tips for mixing patterned papers and other scrapbooking supplies

  1. Gina Ames Says:

    Oh my, did you really say moving? Again? I hope this is just re-arranging and not another new home already. (unless of course it is what you want!) Packing boxes is up near the top on my least favorite things list.

  2. Paula Says:

    Does Glitter Girl like Pink and turquoise or what!
    Lovely LO and love hearing about the process.

  3. Mary M. Says:

    This was a great adventure. I loved hearing how you brought together the different patterns.
    I would love to see what you do with that paper from the About a Boy collection from Echo Park. I just bought that collection for some childhood photos (I have two brothers) and that paper is awesome but I would love some ideas on how to use it!

  4. Robin Walston Says:

    Thanks for another great episode. My favorite product would be the pinwyheel punch. Very cute.

  5. Julie Jeavons Says:

    Good luck with your move. My favourite product is the wood shapes – super cute.

  6. Zahra Says:

    Another vote for the wood shapes!!! Love hearing/seeing the PP selection, thanks!

  7. Angela Womack Says:

    I am happy that you are going back to the place you never wanted to leave. Sounds like you are happy to go back aside from the packing and unpacking. I really liked all of the new goodies but if I have to pick one I think it would be the wood bubbles. Good luck with the move!

  8. Berta Says:

    Loved this week’s GG video. I have not moved in over 33 years! I can’t imagine having to move so often, but it sounds like you are moving back to a place you loved :) I have been to DL many times, I lived less than two miles away, yet never went to the enchanted tiki room?? No help here for scrapping those photos :)

  9. Garnetics Says:

    Dear Shimelle, I need to say that your articles are super awesome. I really hope that you will keep doing your amazing type of content.

  10. CaliCovers Says:

    hi Shimelle sound like a great move. i am happy i read your article. keep it up.

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