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Scrapbooking Giveaway Day

scrapbooking giveaway day
plundered pages prize pack
This weekend, one commenter will win something pretty amazingly awesome…. a bespoke pack of Plundered Pages hand gathered by Julie Kirk of Notes on paper.

Plundered Pages kits is a range of original vintage and retro paper packs for use in papercrafts, scrapbooking, collage, art journaling and more. The prize this week is for you to have your own bespoke unique collection created to suit you and your life. There will never be another kit like it, because Julie will work her magic collecting perfect items just for you from her huge collection of:

  • old novels, text books, instructional books;
  • illustrated children’s books;
  • children’s dictionaries + annuals;
  • factual books;
  • vintage magazines and advertisements
  • collectors’ cards;
  • postage stamps;

You can see all of the plundered page kits currently for sale in Julie’s Etsy store and you can also read her inspirational blog to see what else she gets up to. Including making pretty things like this.
and this….

To enter, just leave a comment on this post describing what your dream plundered page kit would include.

Entries close at midnight Thursday UK time and the winner will be posted Friday evening, so be sure to check back to see if it’s your lucky day!

Good luck!

14 September 2012

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128 Comments for Scrapbooking Giveaway Day

  1. Joan Fowler Says:

    Holy cow. This a tough one. I love old text or dictionary pages. I’m also into old maps to put on travel pages or in mini albums. Along with that, how about train tickets, boarding passes, travel schedules. With the addition of two new grandchildren, I would also love pages from children’s books or things like flash cards or cartoon or comic book characters.

  2. tape Says:

    Vintage sheet music, pages from old novels and science textbooks, dictionary pages…

  3. Ruth S Says:

    I love the idea of Plundered Pages – mine would have a mix of crafty themed things… old sewing, stitchery and knitting images and text, also something for my inner (not so inner?) geek/ science-loving heart… and a good measure of nature-theme treats thrown in… dogs, birdies, botanicals, pandas(?)… Especially postage stamps with any of those themes ;)
    Thanks for the chance to win, Rx

  4. Sharon (Sherelm) Says:

    Old wrapping paper, cards, buttons that fell off last century, Little Golden books, I guess anything to get my early 1900s photos scrapped without an excuse!

  5. Mel Says:

    Eep! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve clicked through and nearly bought one of Julie’s gorgeous packs, just can’t quite justify it this month, waiting for payday… So what a fab prize! Thanks for the chance to win :)

    Me, I’d really like a pack on a storytelling theme :) Other than that, photography, maths, music, books, travel, hedgehogs, owls, school…. My interests are many and varied!!

  6. Fay Says:

    My 13 year old sister is just getting into art journalling so it would be fab to put a teenager pack together for her.

  7. JoanneG Says:

    My dream pack would include vintage sewing items old adverts, images, patterns button cards etc. I also like love travel so anything travel themed is good too,and I love dictionary paper too.

  8. Cheri Says:

    I could have a blast dreaming this up! My dream pack would include pages from “Fun with Dick and Jane” that I learned to read from in Kindergarten, sewing patterns, doilies, old maps, lots of postage stamps and postcards, vintage sheet music… Kind of sounds like everything but the kitchen sink!

  9. ScrappyBarb in VA Says:

    I can’t get enough of old maps. Swoon worthy. I also enjoy sheet music and dictionary pages. Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. Susan White Says:

    What a fabulous idea to give old things such a great new life! My dream kit would definitely include sheet music, dictionary pages, pages from childrens’ storybooks and flashcards. Anything that is repurposed and given new life is a good thing.

  11. judy in oz Says:

    I love looking at the Notes on Paper blog for Julie’s sense of humour, & have long admired the Plundered Pages LOs she has posted.
    My dream pack would include anything from the 50s & 60s – children’s books,school images, Beatles fan mags, fashion posters & ads, record labels, London & Paris bits & pieces (my dream destinations back then).
    I could then scrap some of my old photos with the ephemera (I wish I’d kept so much more than I did).

  12. Brenda B. Says:

    I would love a kit full of old dictionary pages, sheet music, maps, and children’s books.

  13. Amanda Christensen Says:

    Wow. My dream plundered pager kit would include some pages from vintage children’s books, a sewing pattern envelope or two, maybe a page from an illustrated dictionary in English or French, and a few retro adverts from old magazines. Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. MeganM. Says:

    What a cool idea! I’d love sheet music and maps. Dictionary paper would be awesome too. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  15. Gina Says:

    Wow, what a cool idea. My dream plundered pack would include children’s storybooks, vintage graphics, prints patterns & polka dots but I love florals too!

  16. Holly Says:

    I would love anything vintage travel….tickets, schedules, old postcards, old letters, old stamps….anything vintage.

    Thanks for this really unique chance!

  17. Rita Timmons Says:

    maps, dictionary paper and definitely old ledger paper!

  18. LisaE Says:

    Such a unique product for the paper crafting industry! My perfect package would include vintage dress patterns, maps, and lots of text.

  19. Lizzie Rhodes Says:

    Wow what a great giveaway :-)
    My dream plundered page kit would include things from my past, things that bring back good memories and things that show my interests. There would be beautiful illustrations from gardening and wildlife books, pages torn from Enid Blytons Famous five and the folk of the faraway tree books…
    Spot the dog and Thomas the tank engine elements to remind me of my children and pages from old 1980’s annuals to remind me of my own childhood (I loved Girl annual) or 70’s comics like Bunty and Twinkle as my Nanna used to buy me them, wow it would be amazing to see old pages from those as its been a while!!!
    I love old 50’s style advertisments for cleaning products so it would be very cool if they were in my dream kit, and I think English seaside humour postcards are the best!
    All this fantasy kit would be topped off with christmas stamps, because they are just the best stamps ever and I love using them in my ‘journal your xmas’ book as page accents every year when its the day of the ‘cards’ prompt :-))
    wow what a list! but I had great fun thinking of all the elements I’d like so thank you for putting all these new ideas in my head :-)))

  20. Megan Smith Says:

    Some old novels & text books would be awesome. Some in foreign languages would be super cool! Would love some old children’s illustration books and some vintage maps would be great!

  21. Melanie Q Says:

    Wow, thank you for sharing this etsy site, So Fun! My dream Plunder kit would include something like pieces from Steampunk, Gorgeous Graphics, Geometrics & Prints, “A Show of Strength”, & A Traveller’s Dreams, don’t know what that’d look like all together, but it sure would be fun!!!

  22. S Says:

    I think I’d enjoy something with pastels, pretty scripts, a French accent and a touch of whimsy. I have no idea how she’d go about that, but I’d love to see her try. What a fun giveway – so personalized!

  23. Rose Says:

    Oh what a great idea!

    My kit would have a lot of ’50s homemakery things. It would also have sheet music, text pages (maybe from a cookbook — and I can’t promise I wouldn’t try the recipes), and some christmas images.

  24. Ami Diekemper Says:

    This requires a bit of thought. But is fun to think of! I would love to see vintage sheet music, dictionary pages, vintage cookbook pages, vintage holiday or halloween images. I love old-style homemaker images (50’s betty crocker type stuff). I love old maps. Some items in french or italian would be lovely…whew! I believe that I am smiling right now as I am typing all of this!!! I love images from vintage children’s books (I try to remove some from my moms home, but she always catches me…lol). FUN!!!

  25. Lena K Says:

    This is so fun!
    I’d love a mix of music notes, vintage fashion ads, kittens, love/Valentine’s, and a little bit of travel =)

  26. Elizabeth Ashman Says:

    Thanks, Shimelle. I hadn’t seen Julie’s work before, and I am smitten. A Plundered Pages kit for me would have to include anything to do with old books, maps, photography, space and science fiction.

  27. Maureen Says:

    ooh! maps and children’s illustrated things, preferably boy, carnivals and music sheets and wow a little bit of everything!

  28. Natalie Leigh Says:

    Love the idea of Plundered Pages! My dream kit would include awesome California inspired images and maps, vintage textbook pages dealing with botany or zoology and some vintage national geographic style magazine pages.

  29. Donna Erickson Says:

    Would love to win these. Thank you!

  30. Kathy R Says:

    What a cool giveaway. My dream Plunder kit would include beach and nature images, vintage sheet music, childrens books (for my 3 grandkids), knitting, buttons, lace, doilies, dictionary and ledger papers and Christmas and Valentine images. Thanks so much for a chance to win.

  31. Carol Davis Says:

    What a great giveaway! I’d love vintage French newspapers, maps, really anything travel related. Also would love sewing related papers and holiday images (particularly Halloween and Christmas).

  32. abbeyviolet Says:

    Hmmm old maps, dictionary paper, ledger paper, maybe music pages or something vaguely lawyerly?

  33. Milissa M. Says:

    Wow! These kits are amazing! I love dictionary pages, my daughter is in choir so music pages would be good too. And maybe some ledger paper. I like brighter colors, but lately have been gravitating toward neutrals. What a wonderful opportunity!

  34. alison-lee Says:

    My dream kit would have to include anything to do with dogs especially spaniels!!!

  35. Emery Says:

    What a wonderful, fun idea! My dream kit would include maps, especially of London (where I used to live), Europe, and the Pacific Northwest of the US, stamps (esp from small European countries or hearts), things with hearts or pretty ironworking (like on gates in the UK), adverts from the 60’s and 70’s, perhaps sewing notions…

  36. Gunvor Says:

    What an awesome idea – I just love it! My dream kit would be in the colours of autumn and include old book pages, sheet music and vintage catlogue pages. Maybe some vintage photoes as well. And lace, ribbons and buttons.

  37. Dawn Cheshire Says:

    I scrap mainly photos of my young sons so anything from childrens books would suit. I also want to get into scrapping my wedding photos so maybe some wedding themed bits might inspire me! Love Julie’s work!

  38. Rachel Says:

    I’d love old comics and books to help me do boy pages for my father and father in law. So also old football programmes/ sporting posters to reflect their teenage years.What a great idea

  39. Sharon Kosch Says:

    I’d love anything with books, music, cats, or maps.

  40. Jessie Grey Says:

    Wow what a great idea! I have an old dictionary which had some pages coming out which I use whenever I need book pages, needless to say it has more missing pages now! I would love to use book pages from actual story books but I’m too scared so this would be great. I’m also just getting into old maps but to be honest I’d be happy with anything! xx

  41. sue Says:

    What an amazing idea.

    I was brought up on a farm but sadly all the photos from my childhood were stolen so I only have 3 treasured photos left. My dream kit would include vintage farm/gardening themed stuff which would enable me to journal the story of my childhood on the farm with my beloved grandparents. x

  42. jeannie Says:

    I love this idea – my favourites would be vintage sewing,gardening, birds and the seaside especially St. Ives and Cornwall – is that a bit too specific??? :)

  43. Julia Heald Says:

    I’ve always admired Julie’s plundered pages – I would go for a teen themed pack to give to my daughter for her scrapbooking :)

  44. Lynda Says:

    My pack would have to be typewriters and telephones.

  45. Joanne Says:

    Ooh exciting I would like maps purple and safari stuff for my ideal pack

  46. Pam Says:

    Plundered pages? Let’s see … maps, dictionaries, tickets, old children’s books, typewriters, telephones, sheet music … I could go on & on.

  47. Jimjams Says:

    I love Julie’s pages made from her plunderings … I think my dream one would have to include earthy tones and scientific bits and bobs to go with my mathematical brain!

  48. Natalie Says:

    oh wow, what an amazing idea!! the options are almost overwhelming! I read lots and lots of children’s novels, so I’d love to have those types of pages… I love Jane Austen, as well. I sew a lot, so old patterns would be awesome, too… My husband is a physicist (I was too, at one time), so old science text/diagrams would be awesome for projects about him.
    This is incredible! Thanks :)

  49. JenanTicks Says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff! That layout is amazing!

    My dream kit would include old camera adds, pages from dictionaries and old stamps from all around the world.

    Thank you for this opportunity! So inspiring as well!

  50. pepper Says:

    I would love to have tickets, dictionary pages, postage stamps and maps! Probably some childhood card games cards will be fun too :) Thanks for the awesome giveaway :D

  51. Debra Stember Says:

    i love line drawn illustrations and advertising

  52. Barb Says:

    What fabulous kits! I would love a Christmas theme to create layouts to frame for gift giving.

  53. Ginger Watson Says:

    I love old botanical drawings, medical texts with illustrations and old children’s books.

  54. chel Says:

    dress patterns, maps, anything water related, diagrams, day-to-day words, and ANYTHING garden related (especially this- I’m an obsessive gardener!)

  55. Lindsey Says:

    Oh my gosh! This is SO cool!!

    I would love a pack that included lots of vintage ledger paper, fun quotes and headlines, some travel themes, and some love/family themes! It would be great. Lots of soft colors. :)

  56. christy glass Says:

    When i was little my mom and granny would read to me from volume 1 from child craft. It was the children’s poem book. The illustrations were so very awesome. I read the same book to my son. It would be great to have pages like those, but i could never bring myself to tear even one out.

  57. Louise Says:

    I see Julie has created a disney pack and this would be perfect for my upcoming trip. You can just imagine how much time julie has put into these kits…each one is so perfect.

    Thanks for a chance to win a super pack x

  58. angela g a Says:

    Love this idea.

  59. Sacha Says:

    This is a wonderful idea! I could spend hours browsing through Julie’s etsy shop and blog. Thanks for the chance to win such a great giveaway!

  60. Linda Says:

    Wow this is an amazing giveaway I really hope I win it!! I’m not sure what I would want…probably dictionary pages, law book pages, Dr. Seuss book pages, map book pages of the US and sewing patterns…though I could think of tons more!!

  61. Fchild313 Says:

    I would love one with a mix of paper and fabric in a vintage tea party theme, maybe pics of Victorian ladies, tea cups, and some lace.

  62. Jacky S Says:

    I think I’d probably want beach/seaside related stuff.

  63. dogmatix Says:

    Oh my, I have been thinking about this for a while as I love Julies packs and I still can’t decide lol. I guess I have to look at what I like at the moment, so anything retro/vintage/80’s/90’s/cartoon/sci-fi……!!

  64. KateT Says:

    I love this idea!

    I think childrens books and cartoon pages would suit me!

    ** Kate **

  65. nicola Says:

    This is an amazing offer
    I would love an old travel themed pack with old maps, 1920s style railway travel ads, some ols style button cards ledger paper and pages from old travel books. I have lots of holiday pics to scrap and this would work wonderfully with them

  66. Sheryl Says:

    I’ve visited Julie’s store but never been able to decide what to buy! A pack perfectly tailored for me would be horse themed as it’s a project idea of mine to scrap my teenage horseriding photos. They are all a bit 70s, and inexpertly cropped (with scissors) so would really benefit from an extra touch of class!

  67. ~Lucy~ Says:

    So many time I look at the “ephemera” te packs & they are full of things that are very American, or completely alien to my life. I would love things relating to my life so 1970s childhood stuff & 1980s teenager type stuff, anything at all about Girl Guides, camping, historic buildings, food, day to day life basically things that would totally complement the sorts of photos I take now of my days out & favourite activities :)

  68. Debbie Green Says:

    What an incredible prize! Like many others I would love dictionary pages, maps & book pages. Also I love newspaper adverts for ladies fashions from any era,along with old fashioned lace and buttons. Thanks for the chance to win :)

  69. Cecilia Dilnot Smith Says:

    Anything that has to do with books and theatre and fashion.
    She had a lovely page where I found lots of lovely things.

  70. Rinda Says:

    I so want this, and I want a sports themed pack (especially baseball and soccer).

  71. Kathy Rohe Says:

    Oh my, decisions, decisions. Let’s see,anything with birds and of course some flowers and nature. Oh and some travel themed items. Thanks for asking!

  72. Penny Says:

    I’m a bit of a retro girl, childrens books, cookery,adventisments quirky and kitch.

  73. ronniedoll Says:

    I have a little boy, so I would love a kit filled with odds and ends suitable for boyish layouts.

  74. Cheri Says:

    Love this! Would like anything vintage cameras and photography.

  75. Christine Says:

    Love vintage valentines, children’s books and garden related. Cool giveaway.

  76. glee Says:

    old ledger paper, vintage sheet music and dictionary pages. bingo cards and little flash cards or playing cards. Would have to have some buttons, lace and ribbons, too of course!!

  77. PjP Says:

    My dream plundered page kit would include Victorian vintage Christmas images, particularly those of domestic animals and pets.

  78. Briana Says:

    My dream kit would include romantic styles and/or children themes, I love both of these in vintage. Thx for the chance to win

  79. Amber Says:

    Old little house book pages, dictionary pages, maps, travel guides. Little golden books.

  80. Kathy Says:

    Oooooh. What a wonderful prize! My dream package would include some 1950’s children’s books, some music and some ladies’ fashions from the 1920’s to 1950’s. Thanks for the chance to win!

  81. Charissa M Says:

    Oh wow .. what a prize! I would love things from children’s books, ladies fashion and science magazines/journals from the 1940s and 1950s!

  82. vicki Says:

    I think this is great! I would love to see a maps, cjildrens book pages, and something with animals….oh and some music pages.

  83. Catherine Says:

    I’d include vintage exercise charts, anatomy textbooks and science illustrations (especially with a space or mineral theme)!

  84. Dawn F. Says:

    What a cool prize pack! I think my dream pack would include themes of sewing and cooking (I love vintage cookbooks!), cute children’s book illustrations, some postage stamps, old textbooks-french, science, alittle math, maybe some map papers thrown in for good measure. This makes me want to plunder my own stash to see what I’ve got! Thanks for the chance.

  85. Christin Says:

    What neat stuff she has! I love all things book and word related. Also love dress patterns.

  86. Barb S Says:

    What a wonderful idea this is! I love all things literary and British history. Every time I have been to England it has been a historical feast. I loved seeing what Julie puts together. Thanks for sharing her work.

  87. Sharmon Says:

    I would love anything from old childrens book to advertisements from the 50’s….I was at a rummage sale last week and had two Ladies Home JOurnal type magazines from the 50’s in my hands but when I got home they were not in my bag….shucks I must have set them down while rummaging through other stuff! I love all of Julie’s stuff…I loved all her stuff in her shop!

  88. Lintsi Says:

    Oh wow, what a fun prize! My dream pack would have some book pages, some sewing related stuff (fabric, lace, pins…), old wrapping paper, children’s illustrations, maps. :)

  89. Robin Walston Says:

    I’d love to have the children’s books, children’s dictionaries and annuals and factual books.

  90. Anne F Says:

    Wow – my dream kit would include bits with travel, love, dictionary paper, literary book papers, fashion, crafts, owls, and bikes. But quite honestly, I have so many varied interests, I would love anything. Thanks so much!

  91. MaryAnn Says:

    travel related..postcards fropm far away, old newspaper clippings, vintage book papers etc Love it all!

  92. Anne E Says:

    Old Mathis text books would be my choice.

  93. Nikki Says:

    My choice would be old scifi…..dont suppose there is much of that to be had…..

  94. Rebecca @ Enjoy Life Says:

    Oh, I’d love vintage book pages, but from scientific textbooks!

  95. Debra Says:

    I would love Steampunk and old books, especially old sheet music. Thanks for this awesome chance.

  96. Bethany Becker Says:

    Awesome giveaway. I would love old novels and maps, dictionary pages and music pages. Thanks for the chance to win

  97. Anne-Liesse Says:

    Ooooh Goodness!! What fun. I would like my pages to include poetry and some hand-written looking text if possible.

  98. Jamie Hall Says:

    I would have old game pieces, doilies, pages from vintage children’s books, old shipping tags, receipts, corrugated cardboard pieces, felt, and clothing tags taken from old garments. Thanks for the chance!

  99. Nicole Says:

    FAvorite childhood books, primer pages, old tickets (possibly from the RAIL), maps and even some sheet music. Thanks for the chance to win!

  100. Lorie Says:

    Pages from some of my kids favorite books, some quotes from the books, some lace, and photos of my mom & dad reading with them. What a fabulous giveaway!! Thanks for the chance.

  101. Lori H Says:

    I’m into retro, shabby chic, a seamstress with artsy flair, purple is my favorite color and love mixing it w black. :)

  102. rach Says:

    My dream kit would include lots of seaside inspiration. Vintage and modern images with lots of blues, green and aqua. Thanks for the opportunity.

  103. Mandy McK Says:

    I would totally love a kit that would be quirky, strange and just a bit odd…. Adverts, illustrations with diagrams and pictures with people’s strange expressions. Odd captions too. Funny peculiar and wacky peculiar. Does that make any sense? Fab kits ;o}

  104. Jemima Says:

    I just went to Julie’s Etsy store & I love all of these Plundered Page Kits… Firstly, I’ll be shopping there when I need a variety of items so thanks so much for sharing this idea with us. Next, I’d love a kit that I could make delicious ATC’s with which would include ~ pages from an old novel/love story, a page from an illustrated children’s book for an example – Winnie the Pooh, an old torn page from an old dictionary, vintage page from magazine or advertisement – anything vintage (YEAH!), collector’s cards – they would look great in my old/new recipe box & love getting postage stamps. Thanks so much for this opportunity & thanks again for showing us a new idea :)

  105. Sharon Gubby Says:

    Wow! old postcards, travel tickets, theatre tickets, dance cards and illustrated children’s book pages.

    I’ve inherited lots of old sepia photos but can’t always find embelishments and papers to go with them. this would be great.

  106. Angie Says:

    Weeeell…I love Julie’s Etsy Shop and her take on things, and I certainly share her love of books! My perfect Plundered Pages would have to include lots of quotes and words, maps, old postcard and although probably a little un-related, anything to do with Grimm’s Fairy Tales! But that’s just me!!

  107. Angela Hathikhanavala Says:

    This is so cool! I’d love a mix of vintage ads, textbook pages (especially with charts or other graphics), maps, postage…oh, the list goes on and on….Thanks!!

  108. Maggie Greenwood Says:

    Buttons, maps, postcards and all things travel. Thank you for the chance to win.

  109. Ellie A. Says:

    First off am I the only one who know wants to walk about & use plundered all day? :) Now as what would be my dream page it would have to include vintage text,maps & old music paper and vintage photographs

  110. Krystyn Says:

    my dream plundered kit would include anything to do with travel and books!! Thank you!!

  111. Danielle Taylor Says:

    a kit full of vintage novel pages, sheets of music, and vintage fashion magazines or sewing patterns would be so much fun!

  112. Virginia Says:

    My dream plundered kit would include somewhat travel themed pages so I could use it for my trip to Italy next year! Oh, and some cool Italian type stuff! :)

  113. sarahp Says:

    My kit would be full of vintage childhood memories as i have some old black and white pics from a photo shoot of me as a child my late daddy took been waiting for just the right supplies..fingrrs crossed x

  114. Jenny McGee Says:

    Great giveaway, Thanks for the chance to win.

  115. Laur Says:

    I would love vintage camera instructional stuff. All things old camera for me.

  116. Susan Kopp Says:

    This stuff is amazing and would look just lovely on some of the heritage layouts I am working on. How did you all know I needed some of this for the finishing touches like old maps, text (maybe german),music would be great for scrapping the old USO shows.

  117. Antonia Says:

    Dictionary pages, old sewing/knitting/craft books, old cookery book pages, travel pages, anything in Latin – any of those would be brilliant!

  118. sandy g Says:

    I have a facination with old childrens books-but all old pages are interesting! Thanks:)

  119. Christine Says:

    My plundered page kit would consist of. A hand sewing machine, a knitting nancy, weaving loom. Peter and Jane books, Twinkle and Bunty magazine. I would have to include Andy Pandy, magic roundabout and Playschool. Wow, you can have real fun with this.

  120. Roseann Hoyle Says:

    I love old books and book pages, butterflies, buttons, old music prints and anything Marjolin Bastin.

  121. ScrapperCalin Says:

    Illuminated manuscripts, calligraphy handwritings, old books…just heaven!

  122. Lindsey Says:

    Rock pool pictures, gin and tonic references, green things, old pics of old weddings, ginger beer and boiled eggs. Super smashing great!

  123. catesbyK Says:

    These are fabulous! I would choose Shakespeare and storytelling and anything Autumnal. :)

  124. Gemma Says:

    My dream kit would include old novel pages, pages from foreign language texts, maps, maths grid paper and pattern making/sewing pattern instructions and pattern tissue

  125. Lori W Says:

    ooooh…fun giveaway! I love old book pages, especially children’s books, maps, and vintage magazines. Pretty much anything in that list up there! :)

  126. Mel H Says:

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one buying weird old books for the art inside…what a fun shop!

  127. Nikki Says:

    I am always combing through the bookshelves at my local thrift stores to find old, vintage paper ephemera! It’s amazing what you can find- this sounds awesome!

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