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Scrapbooking Giveaway Day

scrapbooking giveaway day
Dolls and Day dreams
This weekend, one commenter will win a cute Panda Plushie Pattern from Dolls and Daydreams.

Sarah Hanson is a UK girl living in the US. She designs patterns for plushies that are just gorgeous, and her store is bursting with cute doll and critter patterns that are sure to delight!
The more I read about Sarah, the more I like her and her work.

“I specialize in Fun & Easy Step by Step Photo Tutorial Patterns so that even a beginner sewer will be able to make dolls and softies just like mine!

When I was a little girl my Nanna taught me to sew & my first project was a little rag doll – I was in love! But when I brought a store doll pattern I was shocked at how hard it was to understand and so unhappy with my finished friend. So I kept creating my own doll & softie designs for my friends & family.

My life took an interesting turn after I organized a charity doll drive for the children of Haiti. I designed and offered an easy free doll pattern and the response was amazing. We collected over 500 dolls for the children and have since continued to collect, make & send out 1000’s to children in need all over the world. Through this wonderful work I received so many kind comments and requests for more designs and patterns and thus Dolls And Daydreams was born.”

You can become a fan of her facebook page here.

To enter, just leave a comment on this post describing your most treasured toy, childhood or adulthood!

Entries close at midnight Thursday UK time and the winner will be posted Friday evening, so be sure to check back to see if it’s your lucky day!

Good luck!

scrapbooking giveaway winner
peanutoak winner

Congratulations to Sabrina, who wins the two kitchen prints from Peanutoak.

Sabrina, please email me (shimelle at gmail dot com) with your address.

There’s a new giveaway every Friday night, so check back next week for another chance to win just by leaving a comment.

27 July 2012

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131 Comments for Scrapbooking Giveaway Day

  1. Jesse Says:

    My most treasured toys had to be my carebear collection! I had so many, I still remember how upset I was when I had to give them away!

  2. Kristy Says:

    I had a stuffed rabbit that wound up and played music. I still have him actually. :) He has big eyes and floral print ears. Thanks for the giveaway! LOVE Dolls & Daydreams!

  3. Jessica Holton Says:

    Eeek Hope this is the right place to comment I’d love to win Sarah’s pattern she makes such amazing patterns! My favorite toy is a doll that my grandma traded an afghan for when I was a baby. This doll is so amazing and over 30 years old now and still looks great and has an amazing yellow vintage(now) dress and huge hand embroidered eyes. I’m thrilled that we actually found a very similar doll at a craft show two years ago so now my little girl has her very own dolly like mom’s. I love using Sarah’s patterns and my little girl also has a little cute school girl that she helped pick out fabrics for. PS hope this is open to the US too ;)

  4. Kelli Says:

    My Most treasured toys were my Dolls I had so many and I still have a lot of them for my girls :) and making many more of them using dolls and daydreams patterns!

  5. Tiffany Says:

    My 2 favorite toys as a child were my bear bear and my hugabunch!!! Loved them Thank you for the giveaway!!

  6. Cortney Palmatier Says:

    My most treasured toy would be a stuffed bear. My son recorded his voice and it says “I love you mommy”. He gave it to me when I was grieving after I had lost his brother

  7. Olivia Says:

    My most treasured toys as a child were my dolls. I used to help my grandmother sew and make toys and raggedy ann and andy dolls for crafts shows. I now am doing it myself with a little bit of a spin. I adore D&Ds patterns.

  8. Karen Criggall Says:

    My treasured toy was and is as i still have it aged 39, a furry goldfish. I was at a fair when i was 6 and loved this furry goldfish, it took my dad about 20 goes on darts board game to win it at the fair for me. It is so cute and i absolutely loved and still love it now and it brings back all happy memories :)

  9. Erin Says:

    My absolute favourite toy was a giant Wrinkles dog I called Rumpole, I got him when I was about 5 and he is now in my 2 year old sons room. I love him!

  10. Crystal Says:

    My favorite toy when I was little was a tattered old teddy bear that couldn’t have. Osted more than $5. He was cheap and ugly but my grandmother gave him to me. I’m 35 years old and I still have him though he has been repaired in several places:)

  11. Becky Says:

    My most treasured toy is a rag doll that my Granny made for me when I was about 10 years old. She’s beautiful and has inspired me to collect and make my own rag dolls. I’m still looking for that pattern though so that I can make my own

  12. Lisa Says:

    My most treasured toy is my 1mtr pink haired soft doll, she was as big as me when my parents got her for me. She was a present to me when I was sick with the measles. I would give her cordial to drink too! My doll ended up with drink stains from the red & green cordial :)

  13. Brianna Says:

    My most cherished toy is the stuffed panda my boyfriend got me from build-a-bear for out first anniversary(we have been together over 5 years now!). But I absolutely LOVE pandas and have a bunch of them, so winning this and creating my own would be an awesome addition to my collection!!!

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  14. tape Says:

    Mine as a baby was a ragdoll named Öppö – I wasn’t really talking yet when I got her but apparently I said something like ‘öppö’ whenever I wanted her!

  15. Nicki F Says:

    My favourite toy was my doll “collette” I got her in a pram for my 1st xmas and I still have them both 37 (ouch) years later. My Mum used to sew and knit for my baby doll over the years and she had quite a collection of clothes.

  16. Emma Says:

    My favorite toy was/is a plush cookie monster :)
    I have had him since I was a little baby and I still have him in my bedroom at 29!

  17. Sabrina Lewis Says:

    My most treasured toy as a child was my raggedy ann and raggedy andy dolls. I loved those darn dolls so much! I came across them last month while I was unpacking from our move. They were in a box that I hadn’t touched in years that had lots of childhood items in them. You can tell I took them everywhere!

  18. Julie Anderson Says:

    My all time favourite doll was my black Cabbage Patch doll which my sister got me when I was 9. Her name is Jasmine & I have since passed her down to my niece. She is gorgeous!!

  19. Tammy Church Says:

    My favorite as a child was my raggedy ann rag doll, my mother had her made just for me. She was 3 feet tall and could wear my clothes.. I just loved that doll.

  20. melanie cantu Says:

    Hi!! Oh how I would love to win this sweet little doll!! I have a collection of rag dolls that sit on a shelp above my scrap table. Of coarse they all help me! :) But this little baby would br perfect for my new grand daughter!! Due to be born by C section tomorrow!! My daughters first!! My first grand baby! would be so perfect!! Blessings, and thanks so much for all you do :)

  21. Sue Alg Says:

    My favorite is a bear, which I still have. Not sure, but I’m been told it is a Stieff Bear. It is jointed and used to make the sound of what I think sounded like a cow. It has been much loved and does show it.

  22. Nicole Says:

    Love Sarah and her passionate love for doll making and creative gorgeous patterns. Crossing my fingers fb fan!*

  23. Sally Says:

    My favourite toy when I was young was my Strawberry Shortcake doll that blew kisses. It was taken away from me for a while thinking i was allergic to the scent. Devastating at the time. But i got it back. My daughter now plays with her :-)

  24. Skooks Says:

    My most favorite when I was a kid, hands down, was my dolly. She didn’t even have a proper name. I just dragged her around and called her “my beautiful dolly”. Nowadays my favorites are all of my toy sewing machines. :)

  25. Tina Says:

    My most treasured toy is my teddy bear he was given to me when I was born and this year we celebrate turning 39 together. I still have him, though he has been stitched up a few times. He even came to America with me on holiday when I was 15

  26. ana paula waaijenberg Says:

    We have these children books in Brazil where the girl lives in a farm with her Gramma. She has a rag-doll that is alive. My father gave me one when I was about 4. I’ve never been a doll kind of girl (hated Barbies) but I love that shaggy little one until today. She is called “Emilia, a boneca-gente”

  27. Michele Henson Says:

    My favorite childhood toy was a Raggedy Ann doll I got when I was small

  28. Marygail Says:

    The panda is just too adorable. Would love to win one for my 2 year old!

  29. GilmaH Says:

    For a birthday i got a brown stuffed bear to this day he is so very special; I’ve passed it on to my baby boy =)

  30. Karla Says:

    What a great story, and an adorable panda! I still have my favorite rag doll from when I was little :)

  31. Amanda Says:

    If it’s not to late… My favorite was a stuffed boy doll that was dressed as a clown. I got him when I was little while staying in the hospital. I named him “Buster” and I still have him 20+ years later. I love Sarah’s patterns and would love to receive this one.

  32. Katie Scott Says:

    I loved the Fisher Price Little People & my mom saved them & my kids play with them now!

  33. Quinna Says:

    I have a bear that I have slept with for 36 years. It is quit woren but well loved.

  34. Debbie Wilby Says:

    Love the plushie – would love to have a go at making one!! My favourite toy was a Tiny Tears doll that I was given when my sister was born! She was my baby and I still have her sat on the bed in my craft room! My mum and nan made clothes for her and she went everywhere with me for years! I think I managed to knit some scarves for her but that was about it then!

  35. Penny Says:

    My Mum made me a new soft toy every Christmas it was left on the top of my stocking for me to open when I woke at 4am and go back to sleep cuddling so I have a whole host of special toys. I am keeping the tradition going and this panda would be just the thing for my twin daughters christmas toy this year.

  36. Sabrina Aziz-Bahaman Says:

    Thank you sooo much Shimelle! Sooo excited, yay!! Very nicely coincides with my own Studio Calico beach giveaway! LOL

  37. amy Says:

    my most treasured toy was a cabbage patch doll called kristen. i still have her!

  38. Sabrina Aziz-Bahaman Says:

    By the way, my favourite has always been Minnie Mouse – I literally took her EVERYWHERE and you’d be surprised (and horrified) to know that I only outgrew her when I was 16 years old! Yepp.

  39. hannah Says:

    i have 3 girls ages 6yrs,5yrs and 9months and i have just found sarah’s patterns as i’m quit new to sewing i always knitted bu now i love makeing things for my girls i made sarah’s tag owl for my baby which she really loves and i have just got a doll pattern by sarah for my 5yr old but i know my yr old would truely love the panda pattern as she loves pandas hopefully going to be makeing some fo our local pre-school aswell. i still have my first bear that my nan made me although she is a bit tatty from all the love over the years she is still my most prized tilly bear and i hope that in years to come my girls will love what i make for them as much as they do now :o) x

  40. Sabrina Says:

    My favorite as a child was my Diddle.

  41. Maxi Says:

    My favourite, then and now, (aside from hubby, obviously!) is a simple squishy called Squeezy. My cousin in Australia had one the same, with hers called Humpty!
    Cute patterns!

  42. Kerry Bruce Says:

    My most loved doll when I was little was a rag doll called Victoria that my mum made, years later she made one for each of my three girls. One of my daughters collects plush Panda’s and would be absolutely thrilled if I could win this one of Sarah’s for her as it is so unique and cute.

  43. Lynda Says:

    I was a Barbie girl. My most cherished doll, though, was a small, lavender-skinned, long-haired doll with green eyes that lit up and flashed when you gently shook her. It was a surprise from my mother :)

  44. Julie Diaz Says:

    What a beautiful doll. If i win it I have a special person to give it to. I work with abused children and would love to give it as a present. Thanks for the chance!

  45. angela g a Says:

    My favorite lovie has to be my teddy bear from childhood. My mom saved it and it is now in my daughter’s room for her to love.

  46. Laur Says:

    My Aunt made me a dall that looked like me. It went to the hospital with me when I got my tonsils out. Loved it.

  47. Tiffany Schumaker Says:

    I would love to win, that is an awesome panda pattern :)

  48. Mel Says:

    That is super cute – thanks for the chance to win :)

    Me, I had a toy rabbit called – um – Bunny…. I wasn’t big on original names at the time, as Big Ted, Mousey and Dog Dog can testify!

  49. Caro_frenchy Says:

    what a nice Panda, I love it !! It makes me think of my sister whose nickname is panda (because of her non waterproof mascara and tears).
    My most treasured toy is a blue teddy bear that I have since I was born, it was given to me by my godfather and it has been everywhere with me (followed me in every single travels), been squished by my hugs, and soaked with my tears ! He as been so far my most faithful friend, and kept all my secrets !

  50. Jennie Says:

    My favourite toy now is a teddy called Duncan that my now husband gave me on our first Christmas together. My childhood favourite was a handmade bunny in a dinner jacket that my Granny and Grandad’s neighbour gave me. My little girl Matilda is 21 months and I am really getting into making her toys. My favourite so far is the owl I made for her 1st birthday. I love the panda and will be checking out Sarah’s other work. xxx

  51. Raven Says:

    My most treasured toy was probably my cabbage patch dolls. I loved those t hings! Now I enjoy watching my own little girl play with her favorites.

  52. kim corona Says:

    my favorite doll was Barbie i got my first one with case and clothes at christmas when i was 5 in 1966 and still love Barbie i would love to win this for my One year old Granddaughter I love this;]

  53. Lisa H Says:

    My most special toy was a doll named Baby. She cried if you squeezed her. I’d get so mad at anyone who made her cry!

  54. Alison B. Says:

    My favorite toys my mom made for me was a blue bear It was one those preprinted animals that came on a sheet of cotton fabric, you just cut it out, sewed it up and stuffed it. That bear got me through many tough times all the way through college til I was married. Now my hubbie takes Blue’s place.

  55. Michelle Says:

    My most treasured toy from my childhood is a plush Winnie the Pooh. When I was older and sorting my toys and donating them, I could never part with Pooh. I still have him til this day! He is well loved and a bit worn but I still love him.

  56. Krystal Says:

    I still have my beanie babies from my grandma! She used to get us a beanie baby for each holiday and our birthdays. It was something we collected together. Now that she is no longer with us, they are my way of remembering her. :)

  57. Bek Says:

    My Pop gave me a Lion called Leo. He was my best friend from the moment we laid eyes on each other. He was orange and yellow and had the kindest eyes. He had a pull string and used to talk to me. He always shared my secrets and told me “ Your braver than a lion”. <3

  58. Lianne K W Says:

    My most precious toy is a large doll with vintage cord dress & pinny completely hand made by my god mothers mum. I can’t remember exactly when I was given her but I remember her from very very young. A few years ago her ‘maid style’ hat went missing and I was gutted!… Still am!
    I’d love this panda pattern to create gorgeous bears for my LO’s to treasure

  59. Sam Gibson Says:

    My most treasured toy as a child was my “My Child” doll that my mum bought me when I was 7. I loved her red hair and gorgeous little face. She was unfortunately lost during a move in my late teens, but I was lucky enough to find one just like her a couple of years ago, so it is one of my most treasured items now :)

  60. Nicole Says:

    My first doll was CPk which I still have. Now I have two little girls who love dolls. My oldest is now getting into the animal dolls and my lil one loves cute girlie peanut size dolls. Love Sarah’s dolls she comes up with amazing patterns

  61. Natasha Says:

    My most treasured toy is a bear my aunt gave me when I was six weeks old and in the hospital. The doctors thought I might die but God did a miracle and I completely recovered. The doctors could not explain medically why I began to get better. I still have the bear and when I see it it reminds me of what a gift life is.

  62. Helen Says:

    My favourite doll when I was little was a doll with gorgeous curly hair, red and white striped legs and a lovely Black Velvet dress. I have a daughter and three nieces and I would love to start Doll Making. I live in Scotland, Uk so hope I am eligible for this competition, good luck everybody :-)

  63. Teri Piver Says:

    My most treasured toys are my Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy dolls. They are about 45 years old!

  64. Elaine Macleod Says:

    …it’s hard to choose a most treasured toy…if I had to choose,however, it would have to be my big ginger/White bear, Tooby! He gave good cuddles!

  65. Mel wakelin Says:

    My most treasured toy is a well kinda not a toy it’s a Winnie the pooh watch with a brown leather strap which I have now gave my eldest daughter x

  66. Janice Says:

    My fav toy would have to be micky bun. A handmade rabbit made from an old blanket and stuffed with old tights.( long before ce certificate and other safety things) he had the softest pompom tail ever until my mum washed him in the sink and his tail disappeared down the plug hole. I still have him now a little threadbare but still loveable.

  67. Laura Says:

    My grandad brought me a dog golf club head for my second Christmas from that day on ‘goggy’ and me went every where together, now my little 2 year old girl has him in a little bed my dad carved her from wood.

  68. Marilyn Lopez Says:

    When my cousin Andrew was born I was 4 years old. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t take him home. My Mom bought me a clown stuffed doll in a grocery store. He became Andy Doll, my most treasured toy.

  69. NoeleneVitale Says:

    My fav toy was a tiny china tea set. I still have it. Made lots of tea for dollies too :)

  70. JulieFrog Says:

    My favourite toy has to be a cuddly Tigger, given to me by DH well before we were even engaged! He sleeps on our bed and even comes on holiday with us!

  71. lamina @ do a bit Says:

    My most treasure toy is “blue ted” He’s a bit funny looking with his crazy orange eyes and a bit worse for wear these day but I still love hime to bits and so does my son… I am so glad he’s has a new play mate to hang out with now… I only hope he survives the riggers of a 3 year old… but at least “blue ted” is having fun! :)

    Love dolls and daydreams :)

  72. Pauline camp Says:

    My Nanna used to knit Mickey and Minnie mouse teddies. They were quite big and all us grand kids were given one… She was so clever and made each one with love.. Poor Minnie was dragged everywhere :)

  73. AmyLynn Silva Says:

    I used to have a stuffed Kangaroo named Kanga! I brought her everywhere with me. It even had a spot for the little Joey. So cute! I love dolls & daydreams patterns and would love to win, thanks for the opportunity!

  74. Annmaree Biggs Says:

    I loved my big stuffed bear, it was huge and bigger than me when I first got it. I could hardly carry it around. I was sad when it fell apart and my mum told me it was going to get better and the dolls hospital. It was a very sad little girl until my treasured bear was back in my arms all fixed. I still wonder whatever happened to him 40 years later. Would love to still have him.

  75. Carol Anderson Says:

    I have a teddy Bear my daddy gave me for Christmas one year when I was little & he couldn’t be home. That is something I will cherish forever.

  76. Kara Says:

    My most treasured was a mickey mouse that my nan crochet for me when I was 2. 30 years later and now my kids are playing with him xx.

  77. Monique Says:

    As a little girl I got a Simba soft toy for Christmas one year, needless to say I got very attached to Simba and he didn’t leave my sight :) Still have him to this day and I passed him down to my daughter.

  78. Meaghen Fahey Says:

    my fav toy way a little elephant, it went from cradle all the way through a flood and finally to uni and now i am married it still has pride of place on my bed

  79. papgena Says:

    My favourite toy was a fabric clown, I still have it and give it to my daughter!
    Hope I win! I love sarah’s designs! Thanks for the chance!

  80. Julia Says:

    Oh how I would love to win this for my daughter! Her nick name is Alexandra Giant Panda and she loves all things panda! And of course I have scrapped about it here
    Fingers crossed!

  81. Melissa C Says:

    I had a softie pink duck that i cuddled every night when i was little and still have i couldnt bear to chuck away thanx for the chance to win

  82. Sandie Jarrell Says:

    I had a stuffed lion that my Grandfather bought me. I loved that lion and have looked for another one since i’ve become an adult but no such luck…Awww the memories =)*___

  83. Erin A Says:

    My most treasured toy as a child is a stuffed brown bear, I still have it, with it’s hole in his foot, and wearing a baby shirt that I once wore.

  84. Gill Says:

    I had a knitted mouse with a long yellow tale! My mum made him for me!

  85. Gin Says:

    My most treasured childhood toy was an orange polyester bear that my uncle gave me when I left Italy as an 8 year old. 25 years later, I still have him!

  86. Jayme Says:

    My most treasured toy was a stuffed elephant named “Tasha” I never went anywhere without her,and even when her head started to detach,my mother stitched her back together. I only wish I knew what happened to her. I would have loved to have passed her down to my daughter. :)

  87. Geraldine Says:

    I just love Sarah’s patterns, and made them for my babies. I have made dolls for 45 years and I love them all like children, Even throw I don’t know where they all are now. I just found out on my 60th birthday, that my nice (now 45) secretly dreamed of having one of my two headed dolls when she was little. It made me sad knowing I didn’t make her one. I make them and give them away. Dolls do make children happy and feel loved, boy or girl. I loved all my dolls.

  88. Jo-Ann G Says:

    What a cute panda! My treasured toys was a large panda teddy bear. I still have him today looking a little worse for wear. Also a holly hobbie sewing machine, that sadly was lost during a house move, I wish I still had it to hand over to my girls.

  89. Brigitte Says:

    My most treasured item is my stuffed rabbit I won when I was 6 years old. I still have it 35 years later. She’s worn but well loved. I’d love to win the panda pattern.

  90. Garilyn Says:

    As a child, I would say my doll “My Friend, Mandy” was a favorite. Then also the stuffed bear that my friend gave me!

  91. Jeannine H Says:

    Love that beautiful Panda. I also love the idea of making a doll for a child in Haiti. I am going to look into this. My favorite toy is a bear which belonged to my beloved godmother, who passed away a couple of years ago. I hug it everyday and think of her.

  92. Jane Says:

    I absolutely love Sarah’s site. Fun!!!!
    My favorite doll was a very stiff, tall walking doll – my aunt bought me when I was at a supermarket. We had a man get it from the very
    tippity top shelf. I thought that was so very
    special. This had to be about 56 years ago!!
    Wow!! I love that Panda!

  93. Ann Says:

    My favorite toy was probably my Care Bear stuffed toy my mom made for me. :)

  94. Melody Martin Says:

    I still have my most treasured doll, a Horsman Baby Buttercup. :)

  95. Kelli Says:

    My rag doll Patty!! She is still my best friend!!!

  96. Bronwen Says:

    My favourite toy was my bear Bertha. I loved her! My mum made her for me when I was just one, and the story goes that she hadn’t yet stitched on the eyes or embroidered the face, and gave her to me to cuddle, and I wouldn’t give her back! So Bertha had no eyes or facial features other than her nose. When I was older, I thought about adding some, but I realised that then, she just wouldn’t be Bertha!

  97. Bree Says:

    My favorite toy as a child was my grandmothers doll flopsy she was wonderful to hug!

  98. sarah Says:

    My favorite toy as a child was ‘Michelle’ the skunk lol she was off that kids movie Once upon a forest :) I still have her to this day :) xx

  99. Kris Says:

    My favourite Toy was a “Mr Doo Bee” Which has been past down to my eldest Daughter

  100. Amy N Says:

    My favorite “childhood” toy is actually still my favorite. His name is spot and he is 35 yrs old. A little – ok a lot – rough around the edges. He is a stuffed dog :)

  101. Dona Reynolds Says:

    My favorite was a doll my grandmother made me!

  102. Sibelle Sousa Says:

    Hi! In my childhood doll was, actually little duck in ceramic, so cute who decorates my house and my mother always asked to take care….

  103. Sandra Says:

    I had a “blankie”. Apparently i used to stand under the clothesline crying when it needed to be washed.

  104. Gail Says:

    I don’t remember a treasured toy as a child but my daughter had a teddy bear named Teddy, go figure. When she was about 5 the summer before she went to kindergarden, she lost Teddy at the airport in Nashville, TN. When she graduated from college, she became a flight attendant. I told her she only did that so she could look for Teddy in airports across the USA and around the world.

  105. Jessica Says:

    I absolutely love her patterns! My favorite childhood toy was actually a panda. My grandmother got me a giant stuffed panda and I will forever remember it as my very first teddy. He was so special to me.

  106. KAREN LINDSAY Says:

    hi my most fav toy was a dump truck and i would love for some one to make a good dump truck pattern for me as i think a lot of mums would buy for the son’s in there family
    hope i win…hehehe

  107. Tammie Harris Says:

    My favorite toy growing up would have to be Rainbow Brite! I wish there was more toys like her! Now that there is Netflix, I get to share that love with my daughters as we watch the movie!!

  108. Dian Says:

    My fav toys was a big yellow doll, My mum bought it for me before she went to hospital for a surgery when I was nine & she never went home. I cherish that doll until it went missing when we move to Australia.

  109. heather Says:

    My favourite toy when i was young was a icecream doll and i used to take her everywhere, unfortunately when i was twelve our house burn’t down and lost everything.. But i always remember that doll and if i still had her ,she would be something that i would have passed on to my daughter .As i know she would have loved her as much as i did..

  110. valerie Says:

    I hade a handmade mouse with long legs and arms and that was my fav until i was 10yrs old :)
    I have the witch pattern from her and i loved to make it..

  111. Claire Tubb Says:

    I had a battered little teddy that went everywhere with me. He was mended multiple times by both my Grandmother and Nanna (including a head reattachment after too many tight cuddles) so is still a treasured little teddy now that I am in my 30s!

  112. Joanne Brooks Says:

    My favourite toy(s) as ayoungster was my ‘Boy Bubby and Girl Bubby’, two dolls handmade by my mum, from Terry-toweling fabric, with felt eyes and wool hair. Of course, the girl was pink and the boy, blue of course!! :-)

  113. Kylie Figliomeni Says:

    I love Sarah’s patterns, I am addicted.
    My favourite childhood toy would have to be my strawberry shortcake…I no longer have her because I thought she could do everything with me, even swim, and well her strawberry scent went mouldy and we had to throw her out.
    Still makes me sad now and I am 36. lol so sad.

  114. Sharon Goff Says:

    My fave toy was my Honey Monster ;-) Hope to win this fabulous pattern ty x

  115. elaine hendriks Says:

    would love to win this panda pattern it is so cute my fav toy as a kid was a doll that was as big as i was i still have it today although its legs are taped to the body otherwise it falls apart due to broken plastic on the joints . have a picture of the doll and myself prior to flying to australia in 1980

  116. Mirja Says:

    My favorite toy was the doll my mom made for me!

  117. DebbieH Says:

    I’m 35 years old and still have a little pink elephant that my grandmother bought before my father even met my mother, with the thought that she would give it to her first grand-daughter. In the end, I was her only grand-daughter :)

  118. Gigi Says:

    My BooBoo Bear (from the yogi Bear cartoon) was my favorite, and my Chatty Baby!!! I do love all of Dolls&Daydreams patterns and own a coupke of them, the Monkey is my grandaughters favorite toy right now, even though she’s almost 15!

  119. Gizem Can Says:

    My most treasured toy is undoubtedly my teddy bear which is made from my mother when i was a little girl. <3 I have that teddy bear since i was 5. So it means a lot to me. :) I’m fixing him every time if he needs some sewing. He became old but he is precious for me forever. And i’ll take care of him all of my life, because he did the same thing for me in my childhood.^^ If i’m so far away from my home without him, i feel still lonely in my bed like a little girl and can’t sleep… ^^ Love my teddy! <3 Have a nice day!

  120. Gina DeMoura Says:

    I love DollsandDaydreams patterns. Sarah is amazing. I don’t have this one so I would LOVE to win it! ;)

  121. Phyllis Carlock Says:

    I so enjoy your dolls. I make dolls myself, but haven’t gotten pas the Raggidy Ann style dolls. Thank you for your inspiration.

  122. Amanda Says:

    My most treasured toy is a care bear that my mother made for me.

  123. Carol Smith Says:

    my most treasured childhood toy was my panda bear named ted which got handed own to my daughter who loved him just as much we shared so many seceret now i would love to make a panda to share secert with my grandbaby

  124. pegg Says:

    My treasured childhood toy is my teddy bear name Plushie. He was my comfort through my worst times and my companion in my best times!

  125. Lotti Says:

    In have very fond memories of my treehouse!

  126. JLVerde Says:

    My most treasured childhood toy are the two crocheted animals (a pink elephant and a crazy blue owl) made by my grandmothers (one from each).

    I also adore the camoflauge brotosaurus my sister made me in high school hom ec (she was shocked I still have it).

  127. Heidi G Says:

    My most cherished toy from childhood was my black rubber baby doll. She was so cute and soft. I have been looking for one on ebay for years, but so far have not had any luck. Mine was chewed up by my friend’s dog about 10 yrs ago.

  128. Melanie Martin Says:

    My favorite childhood toy was my carebears. I could never have too many and each one of them meant something special to me. I wish my girls appreciated toys like I did when I was there age. Times have sure changed.

  129. Tiffany Says:

    This is a hard one…I gues my favourite toy would have to have been Barbie. I must have about 200 of them and I loved making them clothes, costumes. Giving life to my imagination through this doll was wonderful. I am a little jealouse of the great items Barbie has now but am proud to say I was making my dolls into fairies and mermaids before you could store buy them. :)

  130. Krista Says:

    My favorite stuffed toy was a raccoon and her baby. The baby had Velcro on her tummy and the momma had it on her back so the baby could take a ride! Loved it.

  131. Sonya Marquis Says:

    I had a giant orange and green rabbit whose name was Carrots. Looking back at pictures he was not the prettiest cuddly toy but I absolutely adored him and he had to go everywhere with us. I even made him his own passport.

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