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Scrapbooking Giveaway Day

scrapbooking giveaway day
This weekend, I am really excited to be able to offer a handmade bag from Lucky Cann. The beautiful ‘Aster’ bag comes in stylish teal and is brilliantly functional, with a myriad of pockets and compartments. Perfect for containing all your notebooks and treasures, just don’t forget where your mobile phone is!

Ann from Lucky Cann describes her bags as “designed for women who lead a busy, on the go and diverse lifestyle.” She was inspired to launch Luckycann to fill a gap in the market after many
shopping missions: “I couldn’t find bags to meet my needs as a designer,
wife and mom of two young, active children. My bags are stylish, elegant, durable, functional and washable.”

To enter, just leave a comment on this post describing the most unusual thing you have found in your handbag!

Entries close at midnight Thursday UK time and the winner will be posted Friday evening, so be sure to check back to see if it’s your lucky day!

Good luck!

scrapbooking giveaway winner

Congratulations to Anne-Liesse, who wins a place on Lisa Truesdell’s new class Divide and Conquer. We will be in contact with you with your prize details.

There’s a new giveaway every Friday night, so check back next week for another chance to win just by leaving a comment.

22 June 2012

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316 Comments for Scrapbooking Giveaway Day


    With a toddler in the house it’s always something new to find in my handbag, the weirdest would have to be a grater, even got a nice scratch down the back of my hand from fishing in my handbag without looking!

  2. Little Nat Says:

    I once found a sock in my handbag… A mans sock. It turned out that my friend’s young daughter had taken it out of her mum’s washing basket and put it in my handbag. We never worked out why but she was only 14 months old at the time so that may have something to do with it….

  3. Carol W. Says:


  4. Jill T. Says:

    I’m a true bag hoarder… but this one might just cure me… or enable me… or well… Pick Me!

  5. Brenna Says:

    With 2 little girls under 3 I am always finding interesting things in my purse ;) Today I pulled out a birthday candle and a toothbrush!

  6. Liz Says:

    I once found a cream egg at the bottom of my bag, probably not that unusual but it was not even easter time,how long it had escaped my attention I will never know.Needles to say it was time for a new bag!

  7. Julie Says:

    What a cute bag! The craziest thing I’ve found in my bag was a candle….from a candle show I guess.

  8. Meghan Says:

    The most unusual thing I have found in my purse is a very old receipt that I had been looking for for a long time! This is a pretty amazing giveaway! Thanks for the chance.

  9. Linda Says:

    as a mother of three boys under 6 there often are “treasures” in my handbag, like pine cones, rusty nails, snail shells, stones, sea shells etc. even if i think some of the finds are crazy the boys never seem to…

  10. Caitlin Gray Says:

    I find random toys that my baby has hidden in my bag. :)

  11. Louise B Says:

    The most unusual thing in my bag is money! haha. My daughter is always trying to empty my purse for me.

  12. April W Says:

    How gorgeous!! Let’s see…something unusual in my purse. How about my daughter’s SOCKS…dirty ones. That was fun, lol!

  13. Ragnhild Says:

    Usually earings I have forgotten that I put there…

  14. Audrey S. Says:

    I’ve carried a measuring tape around for many months!

  15. dogmatix Says:

    I have found old zip heads, paper clips, scraps of paper, glitter, pen lids, etc…..nothing unusual for us I grant you, but my husband and work colleagues just look at me with that ‘wt…!’ face whenever I empty my bag lol….my answer usually begins and ends with…‘I can use that in a project’…!!!!

  16. Gwen L. Says:

    Ooh… I just adore her bags!!! I would just love one!

  17. Christa Allgood Says:

    That bag is beautiful!! I once found a dried up french fry in my purse….no telling how long it’s been there!!

  18. Mary M. Says:

    Unlike a lot of the commenters, I don’t have kids, so I never get “surprises” in my bag! =) Probably the strangest thing I carry in my bag (that I put there) is a wallet-sized copy of the periodic table. You never know when you might need to know the atomic weight of molybdenum! =P

  19. Avital Says:

    My handbag is chockfull of stuff – books, smashbook, journals, magazines, Kindle [yes, as well as physical books], pens, mints, gum, nail polish, mirror, lip balm, lip gloss, reading glasses, sunglasses, etc… What’s unusual is what is often not in it – my cellphone and keys…

  20. Katrina Says:

    I love the color of that bag! Most recently, I found an orange dinosaur, a small racecar, and box of raisins in my purse. Not terribly unusual considering the fact that I have two young children who love to leave surprises in my bag, but amusing nonetheless (unless you are an impatient cashier waiting for me to find my wallet amongst these items – then maybe not so much).

  21. Jan Says:

    My dogs bag of poo very carefully enclosed in plastic

  22. Talia Says:

    Most unusual thing I’ve found in my handbag- cutlery!

  23. Christine Babcock Says:

    The most unusual thing I have found are little toys from my 2 boys, a pair of socks, and candy because it never lasts long enough to make it to my purse.

  24. Dulce Silva Says:

    Oh my gosh, I have so much unusual stuff on my bags – i just put all on that – that the thing I really do not carry is money.

  25. Cathy Says:

    I always find old gum at the bottom of my bag – never been chewed, but no one wants to chew it now!

  26. Marlies Says:

    Hi Shimelle, let me start by saying: LOVE your STUFF !!! I was in a bit of a rudd with my scrapbooking and then I discovered you. I’m back on track now and have already filled two albums in the last 2 months, thank you so much for all your tips and great ideas. For my handbag, I am in the same boat as Ann; never found that perfect bag, so my stuff usually moves between my pockets, my daughters school bag and a plastic bag from the supermarket so I’d love to try the Lucky Cann. Love the colour and it looks like a great size too. Keep up the great work… Oh and almost forgot, weirdest thing in my bag: a dead butterfly wrapped in a tissue…. (don’t even ask hahaha)

  27. Cheryl T. Says:

    Teal is absolutely my fave colour right now. I guess raisins, candies (that come undone from their wrappers & I’m not usually that messy), a clean toothpick that jabs into the skin under your finger nail, phone charger, 2 sets of headphones and allergy medication in pill form.

  28. Maria Says:

    Beautiful handbag!!! The most unusual thing I found in my purse was tea bags!!!! I forgot them inside!!! :)

  29. jengd Says:

    I actually rarely use handbags because I can never find anything I like. That means either I know exactly what’s in it because I only put it together in the past day or two, or I find all kinds of things I’d forgotten about (full Altoids tins, phone numbers I’d been looking for, Boy’s missing toy, etc.) because they’d been in it so long while it just hung after a single use.

  30. Roxane F. Says:

    A dog toy. He must of dropped it in my purse one day. I love these bags! Thanks for a chance to win!

  31. Alicia Says:

    Ooh how perfect! I’m in the transition stage of moving back to a handbag from a nappy bag. The problem is there just aren’t that many bags that cater for the drink bottles, snacks & spare clothes for 3 little cherubs & then my own necessities! Thanks for the opportunity!

  32. LisaE Says:

    Looks like a fantastic bag!

  33. Bethany Becker Says:

    The most unusual thing I have found in my handbag would be my cat’s toy mice and gum out of its wrapper. Thanks for the chance to win!

  34. MaryAnn Says:

    Well in my bag in the past I found baby soothers, cookies, but I’m a grandmother now so imagine my surprise when I found a granola bar in my purse just last week. Don’t know where it came from…probably stashed from my 3 yr old grandson.He gets hungry in the car.
    Love the Bag size and colour gorgeous.

  35. Steph VR Says:

    I love my handbags. I never seem to find any forgotten money in there – bummer!

  36. Quinna Says:

    I found a very old bagle minus the cream cheese. It was pretty gross!

  37. Robin Says:

    I once found a small bird in my handbag! We were at my daughter’s softball games and it must have ‘flown’ in?! I reached in to get a tissue and out it flew!


  38. Cyndee K. Says:

    Lovely bag! I’ve been known to find rocks, seeds & pinecones that my children have stashed in my purse – for safe-keeping…

  39. DonnaM. Says:

    Loving that bag for sure! The color is so perfect! Wierdest thing I’ve ever pulled out of my bag was a jar of ladybugs that my son had put in there! He got them from his preschool teacher and didn’t feel like carrying them so of course it went into mommys purse! (of course we let them go as soon as I found them!!!) I felt pretty lucky that day! Thanks Shimelle

  40. Stephanie Says:

    I am a mom of two littles, a nursing student and I volunteer at a hospital. This bag would be great to hold all my various “tools”.

  41. Carol Hinrichsen Says:

    I love the bag… The colour… Everything!! I’m mother of three boys, and they always collected stuff and put in my bag… My oldest want to recycled everthing so he saved things in my bag! Like leaves, little branch of tree, all kind of plastic stuff…. The twins only saved toys, cars, batmans and of course food, chocolates and cookies…

  42. Jacqui Durham Says:

    So I went through my bag and the most unusual thing I found was a set of keys for a house I moved out of 2 years ago. Why do I still have them?????

  43. glee Says:

    all time favorite color. Looks like a great and useful bag. thanks for the chance Shim!

  44. Fiona Says:

    I would love a new bag and they look so practical but super stylish!!!

  45. Sharis Says:

    I love bags! The most unusual thins I have found in my bag is a tape measure. Just in case I need measure a cool something I need to buy for the house.

  46. Kristin Says:

    The weirdest thing I ever found in the bottom of my purse was the smooshy gel stuff and sprinkles that had leaked out of a water wienie toy… ugh! Thanks for the chance to win a gorgeous Luckycann bag!

  47. Becca P. Says:

    I LOVE this purse!

  48. Wendy B. Says:

    Love the purse! And the color is awesome. The weirdest thing I found in my purse was a drinking glass. We took my mom out for Mother’s Day brunch and when I went to get my purse it was heavier then when I brought it in. Everyone at the table just stared at me and started laughing. Never found out who put it in there.

  49. Sammie Says:

    I have 3 young kids, so I find lots of snacks, diapers, used kleenex, toys, etc. I can’t think of anything too strange though…

  50. marybeth i Says:

    I have found some interesting things in my bag but the most interesting was an open can of Sprite that spilled all over everything thanks to my Dd – 7 years old at the time. LOVE this bag.

  51. Joyce Says:

    Luv the bag! The most unusual thing I found in my bag was salt packets and a french fry, thanks to my kids. :)

  52. Shirley K Says:

    Haven’t found anything weird yet – mostly things I forgot I had in there, like a fork (that broke while in my bag!)

  53. Linda Says:

    I would love to win, it’s very cute! I haven’t found weird things in my bag though, I guess I find things that other people might consider to be weird, but they are normal to me! lol :)

  54. Maya Says:

    Oh boy, what a timing! I just got my new DSLR camera today and I need a bag!!
    My beg is a mess of random stuff, receipts, notes, little toys for my son… Last summer a bottle of sunscreen leaked inside my bag and ate away some of the plastic coating of my cellphone… :)

  55. Jessica Says:

    I LOVE this! :)

  56. Kristin Says:

    Oh my goodness. That bag is divine. Once when cleaning out my purse I found seven, yes seven, ballpoint pens. Seven plain old ballpoint pens. Just kept tossing them in, I guess. I think two is reasonable, but seven…come on!

  57. alison-lee Says:

    It would have to be pens! I seem to collect them and at the moment have about six in my bag!!!

  58. Sue Bone Says:

    My handbag is fairly tidy, but I did find a credit card receipt from a garage for £12,500 this week. Definitely not mine.

    Love the colour of the bag.

  59. Bec Kilgore Says:

    A gecko. I am the mom of two sons.

  60. Merja Kainulainen (Merkku) Says:

    I think the most unusual thing in my bag was a bottle with our dogs urine. I was taking her to a veterinary.

  61. Amy Says:

    I love the teal bag! The most unusual thing I’ve found wasn’t that unusual – my husbands wallet. He always feels as though my purse is an extension of his pockets.

  62. Else Says:

    This bag looks like the perfect solution to carry everything with you you want. Thank you for the opportunity to win. As for the most unusual thing?? I do not really have anything to contribute.

  63. Sharon Kosch Says:

    Just today I found popcorn in my purse from the movies earlier this week. Evidently I was really scarfing it down.

  64. Suzan Tiemroth-ZAVALA Says:

    Beautiful bag! Nothing unusual-but my daughter’s purse is famous for how heavy it is…she’s got one of EVERYTHING in it. Whatever I ask for, she has it.

  65. Kat Says:

    Glitter & Pink Lego!

    I did a little gasp & an oooh when I saw the bag, it’s lush!

    Have a fab day all xx

  66. Jules Says:

    A mouse! Not sure if one of our cats had dropped it in, or if it had crawled in to hide, but it certainly gave me a shock when I opened my bag to see it staring up at me! I managed to safely release it in the garden, and i’ve never left my bag on the floor overnight since!

  67. Gina Ames Says:

    That is an adorable bag, love the teal color! :)

  68. Jaime Says:

    Oh my, I just adore that bag!!!1 As a mom of 2 boys I find things like leaves, sticks, rocks, “treasures” (bottle caps, etc), and hot wheels. But the most unusual things have to be rolly pollies (little bugs)!!!!

  69. sheena Says:

    The most unusual thing I found recently in my bag was currency from 3 different countries when I was trying to find change for a car park machine!!

  70. Emma Says:

    This bag is gorgeous! I need it in my life.
    Ok, the strangest thing found in my bag.. Teaspoons! I take them to work to eat my lunch with, and one day realised I had none in my kitchen drawer.. A quick rummage through several of my handbags and the entire collection was found!

  71. kate Says:

    Crackers to help with the morning sickness at the moment….they are often found broken at the bottom!

  72. Elaine Jarvis Says:

    When my boys were little I was always finding beach pebbles, bits of seaweed, cuttle fish and sometimes dried worms in the bottom of my bag. Should have got them in front of the television instead of taking them out!!!

  73. Beccy Says:

    drool that bag is gorgeous….many unusual things have been found in my bag…TV remote being an odd but regular feature :)

  74. Margot/NZ Says:

    When our son was small I would find stones and rocks and sometimes twigs in my handbag. Now he’s grown up my bag is much more predictable – I do carry a tape measure as one of the other commenters does, just in case I have to measure something!

  75. naomi Says:

    I’m a Teaching Assistant so end up with lots of things in my pockets that then end up in my bag. Currently I have some marbles, lego and batteries – none of which are mine !!

    And that bag – WOW!!

  76. Lynda Says:

    Three sets of earphones…I have a knack for forgetting them when I travel, and so will buy another set in the airport terminal…and another, and another…

  77. Jen Says:

    These are gorgeous! I think I found a new bag I must have. Imagine that :)

  78. Sabrina Aziz-Bahaman Says:

    A teat, enough said!

  79. Cecilia Dilnot Smith Says:

    I reallyy need a new bag and that one looks lovely. Since I have to young daughters I find lots of weird things in my bag all the time, like stones, flowers and other things that shouldn’t be in my bag.

  80. Pepper Says:

    The bag is beautiful! Love the colour!

    Oh, most unusual thing? Guess what? ANTS!! There is once when i leave a pack of sweets in my bag for too long and it attracted some ants, and I even brought them to the school! GOSH, unforgetable experience =.=

    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  81. Anso Says:

    I’ve not really found anything that unusual. But for something that shouldn’t be in the bag… Sand from the beach :)

  82. Riikka Kovasin Says:

    I have found stones, pine cone and sticks – my daughters have placed their treasures in my handbag :D

  83. Judy S Says:

    Not the most unusual but the most exciting thing I have found recently in my purse is a $100 bill that someone gave me to buy something for them – I did buy the item for them but forgot the money zippered in a small compartment!

  84. KimMJ Says:

    My cat Abby Izzy loves to run around the house with her little sponge soccer balls in her mouth and drop them everywhere. While trying to find my wallet at the grocery store I found 2 of these little cat toys at the bottom of my purse.

    Love that bag! Thanx for the chance to win!

  85. Jackie Says:

    I always carry a ‘home made’ first aid kit in my bag – you never know when you’ll need Arnica, a plaster or a pair of scissors!! Thanks x*_

  86. Amy Says:

    Gorgeous bag and in one of my fave colours too. :)

    I once found a packet of out of date mints in my bag…..two years out of date! :O

  87. Linda321 Says:

    About 30 years ago I rode a motorbike that was a bit temperamental, so I had a spark plug spanner and spark plug in my handbag for the quick change of spark plugs!!! LOve the bag:)

  88. Patlyn Says:

    Star Wars Lego people are always popping up in my purse per the handiwork of my energetic grandson.

  89. Iliana Says:

    I have found brown recluse spider bite powder.

  90. mariclaudi Says:

    I found a baby shoe in my purse -just one shoe and my baby was already a year old!

  91. Lynsey Says:

    This bag is gorgeous! I love all the pockets.
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    Hugs Lynsey x

  92. pidgen Says:

    A crochet hook .. which is normal for me, but not for most people! lol. {Oh and dental floss!} Thanks for the chance to win such a lovely bag!

  93. Carol G Says:

    My kids are grown, so I don’t have many unusual finds in my bag. I have found a piece of popcorn after going to the movie. Thanks for the chance to win.

  94. Char Says:

    Toy cars. My boys are always handing me one.

  95. Ashley Says:

    Tons and tons of trash! Where does it all come from?

  96. tape Says:

    I’d lost my wristwatch and had been looking for it all over my workplace. When I got home, I opened my bag and it was there!

  97. Karen Says:

    Boxing gloves and the weird thing is that they are mine! That teal bag is to die for!!!

  98. Christina Collins Says:

    So lovely!
    Teal is my absolute favorite color and the design of the purse looks so flexible. As a mom and student…I need that in my life!
    This is going to sound completely gross but the weirdest thing I’ve ever found in my purse was a dirty diaper….LOL!
    It wasn’t a number twosie or anything. Just a little pee pee diaper wrapped up neatly. I am guessing that my husband stuck it in my purse after he changed our daughter as opposed to leaving it in the car to sit and stew. Gross!

  99. ruth tacoma Says:

    I tissue filled with glacier sediment that I took home to show my little nephew. :)

  100. Dianne Jordan Says:

    Beautiful bag! I can’t think of anything unusual but my kids know they can always find gum in my purse.

  101. scrapbooker1030 Says:

    a pacifer and my youngest is 5, but is your their baby dolls. :)


  102. Lisa Fritzler Says:

    I wouldn’t say I’ve found anything weird. But I have had a mysterious black marks on my hand everytime I out my hand in my purse. Turns out the lid came off of my mascara and got all over everything. Time for a new purse.

  103. Shelley Burkett Says:

    I LOVE the bag! My purse was stolen a couple of months ago, so I have no idea who has it or what is in it at the moment – it is probably in a ditch somewhere :(

  104. Gail Says:

    *The bag looks fantastic! I’m a busy lady and could use it just like the others….most unusual item found in my purse a dried up dandylion flower given to me by my grandson :)

  105. Dawn Says:

    What a beautiful bag! There is usually alot of things stuffed into my bag by my kids – rocks, flowers, hair ties, small toys, snacks-you name it and it’s been there.

  106. Leslie Says:

    Love the bag. Strangest thing must be stones from the beach. Unfortunately I didn’t find them for two months after my son put them in there, so had a very heavy bag for a while!

  107. orange gearle Says:

    Love the bag! All of the unusual things that I find have something to do with my 2 year old! Pacifiers, rocks, dead weeds, you name it!

  108. Kat Says:

    love the bag! The strangest thing I found in my bag would be a squashed hard boiled egg. I forgot I put it in there for a snack one day and found it 2 weeks later.

  109. Jennifer VanEenoo Says:

    I don’t usually find unusual things in my bags but sometimes I will find something that has been lost for AGES. My gym back is huge and has lots of pockets. I love it when I find a stray $20 (but that’s rare.) Usually its something like a bill that is overdue… :)

  110. Rjoseann Hoyle Says:

    Living with a fisherman, it’s no wonder I found a lure. Luckily I didn’t get “hooked”.

  111. Jamie D Says:

    Recently I found a video game manual in my purse. My hubby wanted me to carry it for him so he could read it while we were out but he never told me he was putting it in there.

  112. Louise Says:

    oh wow a beautiful bag and all those compartments. How lovely to be in with a chance of winning one – thank you xx

    I found a very very very shriveled up apple at the bottom of my bag once. If left much longer it would have become a raisin!!

  113. Amanda Says:

    wow that is a super great bag. i once found my kittens curled up in mine i almost didn’t have the heart to kick them out but i really needed to go to work. lol

  114. JillT Says:

    (I see that my twin posted so hope there’s a way to tell the difference when I win :) LOVE the turquoise!

  115. Joanna Shirey Says:

    Old baby food / baby snacks… Yuck! Love this bag!

  116. Paula Says:

    Loving the posts, especially Glitter Girl, whoever she is! ;-) The most unusual thing I found in my handbag was a kitten! He’d snuck his way in and fell asleep. Good job I discovered he was there before leaving the house. I wonder if the gorgeous Lucky Cann handbags have a kitty compartment? LOL!

  117. margie visnick Says:

    most unusual thing ever found in my handbag-hot cocoa packs? Maybe?No-I put a jar of homemade pizza sauce in it once, lol!

  118. Theresa Says:

    Love this bag!!! I have everything in my bag, including oyster crackers!

  119. Gina Says:

    Rocks. My 4yr old son put them in there for his rock collection. No wonder it was so heavy! Beautiful bag!

  120. rinda Says:

    I found lipstick – which wasn’t mine!

  121. jo Says:

    What a gorgeous bag – just my colour. I usually find about half a dozen teaspoons in the bottom of my bag – the noise of the clattering together normally alerts me to their presence. (I take a clean spoon to work most days to eat my yoghurt!)

  122. Mandy Szeto Says:

    awesome bag!

  123. jane Says:

    a spider, definitely not something I was looking for!!

  124. Dee Cummins Says:

    Beautiful bag! My Granddaughter put her favorite wooden frog drum in my purse and I found it when I got home!

  125. shilo Says:

    I am in love with this bag…so so cute…AND functional….unusual thing in my bag…hmmm….i don’t think I’ve yet to have anything out of the ordinary in there…but I’m sure once I have kids…that will all change

  126. connie melancon Says:

    Love that teal! Most unusual thing I find in my handbag is cookies, chips and toys from the grandkids.

  127. Lorna Ellis Says:

    AS a crafter, teacher and a mum of a toddler I find all sorts of weird things in my bag. Half eaten packets of raisins, toys, buttons, herma glue, red pens, board pens – always a real mess. This bag would be great to get me organised and I adore the colour.

  128. Melinda King Wilson Says:

    My sons were always putting their toy cars in my purse. I was cleaning out my closet last year and found one in an old purse that had been there over 10 years.

  129. Katherine Sutton Says:

    Love it and that is my favourite colour too :) I find all sorts of things in my bag mostly sweets and sweet wrappers and if I’m lucky money :D

  130. nikki Says:

    I remember, as a child, finding 13 combs in my mum’s handbag!

  131. Angela Gray Says:

    Very old to-do lists – still to be done!

  132. GilmaH Says:

    Believe it or not one time i found a dirty diaper in my bag, what can i say life is very hectic with a 22 month old on the run, i just completly forgot until i could smell it late at night, lol

  133. Sherrie Tozer Says:

    I can’t usually find anything in my handbag at all – everyone seems to chuck stuff in! Once when I was work looking in my bag for my keys I found the home phone in there! I love this bag by the way and I think I need it in my life! xx

  134. elina Says:

    Once I had one shoe in my bag. Only one. The other one was in my friends bag. :)

  135. Kat Says:

    I haven’t used handbags until about 2 years ago – more a rucksack person, but that bag looks just FAB! And with my twins it’s just perfect!! :)

    The most unusual item in my handbag was a teething ring I think (although not unusual for us!!) I put in there instead of the twins’ changing bag!!

  136. heather Says:

    what a gorgeous bag! love it! nothing too unusual in my bags but no kids which seems to be what leads to the random articles! I have been known to have a stanley knife in my work bag on occasion if I’ve left work with it in my pocket

  137. Elina Says:

    Whenever I’m shopping with my 4 year old son, he asks me to store his little cars in my handbag until we get back to the car. Every now and then it happens that they get forgotten and I carry them around for days :)

  138. Rebecca @ Enjoy Life Says:

    A barbie shirt. And I don’t even have kids! :)

  139. Karla Says:

    What a great bag! What makes something in your purse unusual? I find all kinds of things in there! LOL

  140. Sandy G Says:

    What a fab bag, and such a lush colour, too. The most unusual thing I’ve ever found is an eyeball (from a doll, I work in a school) stuck in a chewy sweet!

  141. maryellen Says:

    I’ve found lots of odd stuff. Once won a prize for having an eyelash curler in my purse. How a about a screwdriver. It was in a mini-set with other small tools.

  142. rt in Ga Says:

    What a beautiful handbag! Something unusual I found in my purse – the incredible hulk.

  143. Ruth Says:

    What an awesome bag

  144. Kristin Says:

    What an awesome bag! Thanks for the chance. I am always pulling unusual things out my bag that find there way in with two young girls…probably the sequined hair pieces from a recital.

  145. Eadaoin Says:

    I’m a big fan of practical bags (aren’t all photographers?!) and these are super pretty. :) Winning!

    Weirdest thing I’ve found was my friend Lisa’s kitten. After a visit to her apartment I was at the ATM on the way home and found Sparkle waking up in my handbag! (I brought him home safe, but it was tempting!!) :-)

  146. AllisonLP Says:

    One day I got to work and reached into my bag for my phone when I felt an unfamiliar shape. I pulled it out, and it was a toy figure of a fire fighter. I put it on the shelf in my cube, and it’s still there to this day!

  147. Kelly Shults Says:

    I use to find random toys that my kids would throw in there. Not so much anymore, as they have pretty much outgrown toys. Now I find things missing…. like money! LOL!

  148. Christine Conides Says:

    I had a little green bottle of bubbles with a monkey cap in my bag for a while. I think it was from some kid’s birthday party or something.

  149. Janice Says:

    Finding just the right bag is hard! Too often I’ll have what I want in my mind, but can never see it in stores! Once I’ve bought a new bag for work, and found the magnetic part of my Blackberry picking up a bunch of pins from the bottom of my bag! That was a close one!

  150. Kristen Says:

    The most unusual thing-my daughter’s retainer when she was in middle school wrapped in a napkin. Lovely bag.

  151. Amy Says:

    Wow super cute bag! Ok I will admit I have “found” french fries in my purse – one night my hubby and I went out for dinner and I snuck out a few of my french fries (wrapped in a napkin and placed in my purse) for my dog back home. I guess a napkin isn’t the best way to transport them as a few days later I did find one at the bottom of my purse – oops!

  152. Linsey Says:

    I usually don’t have ‘unusual’ things in my bag, but my husband thinks it is weird that I keep a mini gorilla pod tri-pod in my purse. I can’t say I’ve found an occasion to use it very often, but I am so used to it being there now, that when I need it, I know right where to look.

  153. Luz Maria Martin del Campo Says:

    All kinds of dried food and stuff from my kids!

  154. Kimberly Beasley Says:

    As a teacher, crafter, theater person, and general all around scatter brain- I have found some crazy things in my purse- tools like monkey wrenches and screwdrivers are normal for me, as is a sewing kit and at least 2 reading books. The strangest thing had to be the time I was cleaning out an old purse, unzipped a compartment and a furry thing rolled out at me. It turned out to be some hair extensions that I took out after a show before going out with the cast- but I had forgotten about them. Scared me to death!

  155. Connie Says:

    Just last week I found a half eaten brownie folded up in a napkin.

  156. Janicke borges Moreno Says:

    Love the bag. I guess the weirdest thing in my handbag would have to be Thomas the train underwear for my 2 year old. he’s not fully potty trained so i always carry an extra pair just in case. I love this bag! Pick me pick me! Thanks :-)

  157. HeidiY Says:

    Cute bags on the site! My bags are always full of ‘stuff’, so there is always something unusual in there, especially with 2 kids putting something in it…

  158. Krissa L. Says:

    I would have to say that the weirdest thing I’ve found in my purse was my tooth. I had a cap fall off while out, so I put it my purse. After a long holiday weekend I was deffinetly surprised to find it at the bottom of my bag.

    Best thing to find is always my husbands wallet. :))

    Love the bag,BTW.!!

  159. sue taylor Says:

    When my son was 2 he was stung by a wasp and had a terrible reaction so I started carrying special cream in my bag, some 31 years later after tidy out my bag I found I was still carrying that same tube of cream. Suspect it may have been out of date by then, I must have been transferring it to new bags all that time LOL.

  160. Claire t Says:

    A half eaten pot of salad that had slipped to the bottom and disappeared under all the nappies, wipes, changes of clothes etc for my daughter. Fortunately I remembered I had put it in my bag a couple if days later or else who knows how long it could have stayed or what life forms would have started colonising! Gorgeous prize!

  161. Diane Says:

    There are often some strange things in my handbag. These days it’s more “normal” I guess; you usually find a Tupperware container or two with my lunch including (proper) cutlery. Socks are also in there on a regular basis.

  162. Hazel Says:

    A screwdriver – must have taken it somewhere to do a job and then fogotten about it!

  163. Katharine hart Says:

    The weirdest thing in my bag at the moment is the pig, elephant and duck keyrings, a pack of Thomas the tank engine cards, and a nemo light up fish, my son is twenty now, but I do work with children in a SEN school and often come home with odd things , thanks for chance to win.

  164. Ellen Says:

    Once I freaked out, because there was a big ugly scary Earwig in my handbag!! I didn’t know what to do. After a while I just turned my handbag. Everything fell out my handbag even my phone! I was glad that the Earwig also fell and that I could scare away the unwanted guest with a shoe :-).

  165. so.Creative Says:

    oh my goodness! Need that bag, pick me!!! I’ve already found one my BabySon shoes^^ too cute!

  166. Sharon S Says:

    The most unusual thing I’ve found in my handbag was a small round pebble put in by my 3 year old. It’s still there!!

  167. Donna B. Says:

    Love the bag. I sure could use it! The strangest thing i have found? Well having 5 grandbabies under 6 years old, that would range from rocks to little ponies lol

  168. Erin Says:

    These bags are gorgeous and I have been looking for a new bag since the one I’m using isn’t working for carrying around my camera all the time. The mist unusual thing I have found is an assortment of items from a birthday party goody bag that my daughter didn’t want to play with. She took what she wanted and put the rest in my bag!

  169. Debbie Green Says:

    Love the bag, just what I need! The most unusual thing in my handbag would be an uneaten Kitkat-I take one to work occasionaly but they don’t normally hang around for long!

  170. Louise Says:

    I am usually putting strange things in my handbag for just incase situations. I have had toothbrush and toothpaste in there, even a razor. But the one thing I did find in there was after christmas last year. It was a letter from my youngest brother (7 years old) saying how much he loved me visiting him. I live interstate while I study at university here in Australia and I miss my family terribly. The letter made me happy and sad at the same time.

  171. Kerstie Says:

    A salt cellar from the restaurent we had visited the night before …… X

  172. Karen Kellenberger Says:

    What a fun bag! The most unusual thing I found recently was a french fry. My youngest is 11 years old, so I’m not really sure how it got in my purse, but it showed up after she and I had a lunch date.

  173. Beverly Says:

    I sure could use that bag…I lost a camera SD memory card in my weekend purse. I found it a month later with all my Key West pictures on it.

  174. Sandy W Says:

    What a wonderful design! I have not carried a bag since 1983 and this is exactly the bag I am waiting for! I have, however, found some pretty silly things in my pockets over the years. Once I found a diamond engagement ring that I found in a parking lot, put in the coin pocket of my jeans, and forgot about. It went through the laundry and came out sparkling. Thanks for the chance to win.

  175. heidi Says:

    When my son was younger, I noticed that my bag was starting to smell. After some digging in a very discrete pocket, I found rotten/moldy food. I threw it away (gagging all the way to the trashcan) and washed the bag, but the scent never left the bag — haven’t used it since… also haven’t let anyone put left over food in my bag either ;)

  176. julie Wan Says:

    One of my cats has a thing for red marabou feather boas, a few weeks ago, in a meeting, i went to pull out my notes from my bag and out popped a one of Travis’s well sucked red boas. Most embarrassing

  177. Liz Says:

    I’m always picking up postcards, receipts, business cards and the like for my project life (or scrapbooking in general). I recently found a cute book of matches in my handbag that I had picked up at a restaurant, only to open them to find they were in fact 4 chilli seeds!! I couldn’t miss this oppurtunity so my recent handbag finds are now growing nicely in the potting shed…

  178. Jana Says:

    I don’t know how unusual this really is but I once found a pack of Heinz Tomato Ketchup in one of my handbags… but what I found even more unusual was the fact that it had been in there for quite some time and it didn’t break and spill! I’d really LOVE to win a handbag with many more compartments to store some ketchup in. haha! :)

  179. Janet Lebeau Says:

    This would be so awesome to use on my cruise to Italy! Thank you so much for the chance to win it! Let me see the oddest thing I have found in my bag would have to be some old cookies that I had forgotten were there!

  180. rach Says:

    What a beautiful bag. I’ve been looking for a new one, thanks for the chance to win one. Diolch yn Fawr.

  181. Jennifer in Kentucky Says:

    We adopted a puppy three years ago and I found the little guy asleep in my giant tote bag on my bed. My daughter said that he crawled in there and she thought it was the perfect place for his nap…I told her I was glad I didn’t take him to the grocery with me!

  182. J3SS1C4 Says:

    Super cute bag!! I once found m&m’s loose in my bag… I don’t remember having them, but there they were, about half a dozen in there…

  183. Catherine A Says:

    I once found a small zipper pocket full of sand. ?? Then my daughter remembered she wanted to keep some sand from our trip to Hawaii. Surprised we made it through airport security.

  184. Sandra Says:

    I found a stray Percy Pig at the bottom of my bag one day. I’m not sure how long he had been lurking there – but did or didn’t I eat him?!

  185. NancyLee Says:

    My silver earrings that I’ve searched all over after a long time? That fab bag is to die for! Thanks, Shim, have a great weekend!

  186. LadyKatkin Says:

    I have wedding cake in there right now! (It’s actually 50th Anniversary cake. Too tired to eat it at the party, which was last night.) Happy weekend everyone!

  187. Susan @ A Slice of My Life Says:

    What a beautiful bag and all those lovely pockets! Very nice design. When my girls were young, it was anyone’s guess what I would find. Now that my bag is my own, I guess the most unusual thing I find is fistfulls of pens at the very bottom. I love to write and must throw a new pen in with my journal each time I leave the house!

  188. Brenda Says:

    When I was teaching I had a bag for my school stuff, which I used to leave in the hallway ready for the next day. One morning in the staff room I noticed a strange smell and discovered it was coming from my bag. When I emptied it I found a partly-decayed mouse in the bottom that one of my cats had kindly left me as a present. Needless to say I flung the bag straight into the school skip!

  189. Madeleine Says:

    Very nice bag! Thanks for chance to win it!

  190. Anski Says:

    Lovely bag! I once found a plastic ketchupbag in my bag. :D

  191. kazoulis Says:

    I’d love to find a piece of cake in my bag=) Though sometimes I have pastry there and sometimes it’s a pair of shoes for my dancing class.

  192. Jane Says:

    I threw my bag in the washing machine last Fall and my Son must have put some sunflower seeds in there – the bag was hung up to dry for a few days and when I went to use it again, the seeds had started to sprout!!

    Love this bag – the Teal colour is stunning!

  193. Nicola Girdlestone Says:

    Love this bag. The most unusual thing I have found in my handbag is a gerbil. DD had taken her 2 gerbils out of their cage for a run on the lounge floor in those plastic football things. My handbag was on the floor. After a while DD noticed that one of the balls had opened and the gerbil was gone. We searched everywhere for it, but couldn’t find it. The only place we hadn’t looked was my bag. I picked it up and looked in and there he was chewing on a packet of polos. Just glad I found it before I went to work, LOL.

  194. scrappin cowgirl Says:

    I found my big leatherman in my bag – handy, but I needed it for other things and I couldn’t remember where it was. It ended up I had both my mini and large leatherman. Love that bag, especially the color.

  195. Karen {p} Says:

    Love the bag … the most unusual thing I’ve found in my bag is a golf tee! (Unusual b/c I don’t often play golf)

  196. Jacqui Godfrey Says:

    Wow that bag is gorgeous. I have found a lot of weird and wonderful things in my hand bag. I found a plastic frog which i think may have come from a christmas cracker (i found it half way through the year) i have found a tiny plastic spoon, coffee beans and today i found a nit comb. Sometimes im scared to look through my bag lol

  197. Siobhan Fry Says:

    I found an ambulance man in there once – one of my son’s toys lol!!

  198. Marcy Says:

    The weirdest thing I ever found in my bag was a plastic shamrock necklace from St. Patricks day celebrations.

  199. Juel Says:

    I don’t think Ihave really ever found something unusual but I have found 6 pens!

  200. Scrappin Annie Says:

    I have a special bag I take camping, and when I was cleaning it out a few weeks ago (while camping) I found a mummified frog …hmmmm.

  201. Nicki R Says:

    The strangest thing I’ve found in my bag was the tv remote instead of my phone :-)

  202. Madeline Says:

    My strangest thins was a dead bee, thankfully it was dead

  203. Melina Says:

    Shampoo!!! but off the bottle, it wasn’t a nice feeling when i put my hand inside the purse.

  204. Helen Says:

    I once found a rubber stamp of a squirrel in the bottom of my purse! I really don’t remember how it got there, but if you could see my purse, you wouldn’t be surprised to find it either.

  205. Janet Says:

    Wow, what an awesome bag, and awesome color! Thanks for the chance to win this beauty!! The wildest thing I’ve found is a car wash…a travel playlet my son snuck into my (obviously) too big bag one day.

  206. Marian Says:

    That bag is awesome. thanks for the chance to win.

  207. Emme Says:

    Oohh!! Cute!! Thank you for a chance!!

  208. Kelly Says:

    Oh that bag is awesome! I found a wooden food item from my kid’s kitchen set once. Since I had no idea how it got in there it was a little weird to find instead of my phone.

  209. Peta Says:

    My young nephew loves to grab any small items from my bedroom and I find them all over the house, including my handbag.

  210. Tina Cloer Says:

    I always have crazy stuff in my purse. Most recently, I found a dried up half eaten PB&J sandwich. Thankfully my sweet son put it in a ziploc when he saved it for later in my purse.

  211. Kathy R Says:

    The strangest thing I found in my purse was 2 crab knives that I’d forgotten from the previous summer. Obviously I’d taken them to a crab feast and forgot to take them out when we got home. Great purse!

  212. Debra E Says:

    Gorgeous bag!

  213. Joanna Jerome Says:

    Lovely bag! It’s been years since I found something odd in my bag….I actually carry very little in my purse. Thanks for the chance to win.

  214. ~SugarJenDay Says:

    The most unusual thing ever discovered in my handbag was a packet of cheese. My children and I had been stranded at the grocery one summer (of course just after we had purchased a weeks worth of food) by a dead battery in our van. We had found a grassy spot to eat some of the simpler foods while waiting for our dashing prince (Daddy) to rescue us. Unfortunately he arrived just as we had decided to eat the ice cream. I had placed the cheese in my purse as we walked back to the van and found it several days later.

  215. Lena K Says:

    I once found a shoe-horn in my bag. Yes, the thing that helps you put on tight shoes. I never even use those so it being there was completely surprising.

  216. Jen D Says:

    The bag is just perfect. The most unusual thing I found in my hand bag must be the bag of rocks and shells that my daughter collected at the beach. I thought, “Wow my purse feels so heavy. There has to be rocks in here.” The funny thing is that there were.

  217. quietangelsb Says:

    what a very awesome giveaway. The oddest thing that I’ve found are dog treats that I carried around for months!

  218. Chriss Says:

    What a gorgeous bag! The strangest thing I ever had in my bag was a baby bunny. He hopped right in!

  219. rossana Says:

    what a beautiful bag!!! :)

  220. KateT Says:

    That bag looks great and I’d love to win one. My handbag is always holding surprises as with 3 children there’s often items stuffed into my hand on a dayout that I shove in there without looking. Days later I’m looking for something of mine and I discover Spiderman or Darth Vader!!

    ** Kate **

  221. Leah Says:

    I’d LOVE to win a new handbag – being in a new city and unemployed means I can’t afford a handbag so pockets are sufficing right now. The most unusual thing I have ever found in my handbag was a squirrel! We were in Hyde Park and I had my back turned…and the little fulla got right in there trying to eat some stray crumbs. Cheeky!

  222. vero the sahm Says:

    This bag is so marvellous !!! beautiful and useful pockets ! The most strange thing I could find in my handbag was ONE earring ! only one… and not mine !!!! I’ve never known which was this earring !

  223. KarenW Says:

    My handbag is so full and disorganised the surprise is that I manage to find anything at all!

  224. Gem Says:

    What a gorgeous bag! At the moment I have all sorts of baby toys in my bag, oh and lots of baby wipes!

  225. Carol Says:

    Most unusual thing in my purse… would have to be the little toy lantern from sonic happy meal!

  226. Michele Says:

    most unusual thing would be whatever my two toddlers would put in.. lol i have learn to look before leaving the house I have find small blocks, ball, clothes, even books in there. thanks for a chance!

  227. tori Says:

    Wow! I LOVE this bag. What a great giveaway, thank you. The most unusual thing I have found in my bag? Hmmm, probably my daughter’s first tooth, wrapped in tissue and hidden hastily! Thanks for the chance.

  228. Marie Says:

    I’ve been on a lifelong quest for the perfect handbag. Not too big/not too small. Enough pockets. The right colour. So far it has eluded me though (at least that’s what I tell my DH when I buy another one!).
    As a Mum of 2 there are reqularly weird things in my bag. The strangest??? Take your pick from half eaten custard creams, tangerine skin, furry raisins, small plastic toys (last time an action man knife and one barbie shoe). Its a plethora of child related weirdness in there!


  229. Camcas Says:

    A Lego dearth vader key ring …put in by one of my sons!!

  230. CoCo Says:

    I’ve found both the home phone and TV remote in my handbag at different times and there’s always multiple pens, hair grips, tissues and memory sticks. Just in case! (of what I’m not sure!) Great giveaway – love the colour of that bag.

  231. thisisthecraftyone Says:

    Hey, what a brilliant giveaway! And a GORGEOUS bag! I just had a look to see what strange things I’m carrying around at the moment, and found a vanilla scented candle, some cross-stitch materials (needle, thread, fabric, pattern) and a handful of assorted beads, amongst the usual. Quite strange, but then I’m always working on something crafty!

  232. j Says:

    I once found a potato – my broody beagle was busy nesting. Thanks for the chance to win such a gorgeous bag.

  233. val Says:

    This spring when cleaning out my purse to move to another I found driftwood and rocks from the beach we visited on our honeymoon last november!

  234. Lillian T Says:

    Recently, I found melted chocolate in my purse. That’s not unusual, but at the time it was humorous…This purse is very cute!

  235. Mila Says:

    Love all of your layouts and videos!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  236. Heather Lusk Says:

    The bag is beautiful. I haven’t found anything in my purse that unusual yet but it’s always cool when you find cash that has been stashed in an unused pocket.

  237. Stephanie C Says:

    This is not the strangest thing but at one point my Son’s Thomas sunglasses were in my purse. Each time I went to grab my glasses I’d grab his. Made me laugh everytime I did it. :)

  238. Cindy England Says:

    OMG, great bag! Seeing as I cycle everywhere, anything I buy potentially gets stuffed into my handbag. ;)

  239. Mel Says:

    Eep! Oh my, those bags are gorgeous :) Thanks for the chance to win!

    The most unusual thing I ever found in my handbag was one of our pet mice… He’d been running up and down my sleeve and then dropped down into my bag, which was by my feet. Luckily I found him straight away! There was another occasion when both mice went up my sleeve, went to sleep by my elbow, and I forgot they were there – until they woke up while I was in church…. They were called Benjy and Frankie, by the way. Gotta love a literary reference :)

  240. Mayoreo Says:

    Makes me sort of glad that I got soaked to the bone at the parade and didn’t make it out there. Sounds like a bad scene to say the least.

  241. gemma Says:

    With a 3 year old I find that he sneaks the most unusual things for me to take with us on outings, most recently was an old bolt his grandad had given him from his garage, lovely and oily, just what you want in your handbag!

  242. Danielle Says:

    I’ve never really found anything unusual…hmmm…boring answer I know…Thanks!

  243. Jockscrap Says:

    I have a black pepper addiction so always carry a black pepper mill in my handbag in case I go out for lunch. I have several so I am never without one even if I change handbags.

  244. Laura C - Michigan Says:

    Most unusual? Probably ANTS!!!! I left my purse on the ground at a picnic and they helped themselves to my purse space!

  245. Meshell H. Says:

    My sweet baby boy (he’s 21 now) captured a ladybug and wrapped it in a tissue for me. Suprise! lol__

  246. Christine Leonhart Says:

    Wow, what a great bag!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Greetings from Germany and have a nice day!

  247. Sheri Says:

    This has to be the cutest bag I have seen in forever!!!!

  248. Gina Says:

    I put my hand in the front pocket of my bag and brought it out dripping with coloured gunk! It turned out I had left my grandsons wax crayons loose in the pocket and laid my bag down on the adapter for my laptop which gets quite hot. It was a shock I can tell you.

  249. Angela Dawes Says:

    A beautiful bag, that colour is gorgeous! I think it would be a toy car as my son is always leaving them in my bag from his visits to grandmas.

  250. Breeze Says:

    What a beautiful bag! I would love something more organized and functional as everything in my bags falls to the bottom of an endless pit lol Thanks for the chance to win!

  251. Yeva Says:

    The most unusual thing I have found in my handbag lately has to be baby food, spoons and dipper (clean ones * wink *), don’t we have dipper bags for that? lol. I guess its a day in a life of a mom on the go. Thanks for the chance to win!

  252. Dawn Cheshire Says:

    The most unusual thing I find in my bag is my keys! They don’t fit in my bag unless it’s just been sorted out and is empty so usually live clipped to the strap except when I’m in a rush and then they could be anywhere!

  253. Iska Says:

    Unusual to whom – I am a mom afterall. but I will never forget reaching in to get a parking validation for a donor and pulling out a pair of batman underware.

  254. Kathy Rohe Says:

    I think the craziest thing I have found in my bag was a tiny plastic frog I bought in Costa Rica and then forgot. When I emptied the bag to give to Goodwill I found the frog and relived a magical week in a wonderful place.

  255. Bonnie Says:

    The most unusual thing I found in my bag was MONEY! Quelle suprise :)

  256. Carolyn Mason Says:

    I found a weed, sorry a flower my Grandson picked just for me!

  257. Aimee Ryan Says:

    Gorgeous bag :) I think the weirdest thing I’ve found in my bag must be a haribo ring!

  258. Teresa Says:

    Oh what a beautiful bag! I have been running through stores trying to find a bag like this… Thank you for the chance!

  259. Milissa M. Says:

    The most random thing I have ever found in my bag was a shoe (from my daughter) – just a single shoe.

  260. Alicia Says:

    Since having my children I’ve discovered that nothing seems unusual to have in my bag (screwdriver, leaves, dead flowers, shells etc). Thanks for the opportunity to win this gorgeous bag!

  261. Lori H Says:

    Your bags r a must hav for someone like me and many others just like me I’m SO sure!! Hmm the most unusual thing I hav found in my purse would b finding nothing because it is usually filled w EVERTHING. If u need it, it’s in there and it’s time for a new roomy purse to fill with my wares!!!!

  262. Keri-An Says:

    Gorgeous bag! My fav colour too!! I don’t so much find unusual things in my bags as just LOTS of things – a friend of my sister tells me my handbags are like Mary Poppins’!

  263. Ginny Says:

    Well just today I looked in my bag & my 10 year old put her back up comfy flip flops in it. The weirdest thing would probably be rocks, she is a rock collector. That is always fun to find, nice & heavy :)

  264. benessi Says:

    my little son definitely puts interesting things in my purse: toy cars, balls, funky little trinkets he treasures. also strange to others but not me at all, knitting needles ;-)

  265. Natalie G. Says:

    Not sure where everyone leaves their purses to get such interesting things put into them… Mine is kept out of reach of my girls otherwise they take everything out and I find my things all over the house rather than finding odd things in it! Cute bag btw would love to win!

  266. Michaela F. Says:

    I found a small plastic screw with a little hole. My daughter used to whistle on it.
    Love that bag with lots of space for more curiosities!

  267. Amy Says:

    I once found a baby girls sock in my bag….strange as i have 2 little boys! Never did find who it belonged to..

  268. Amy Myers Says:

    That is a gorgeous bag!! I’m a mom of a three year old. She’s constantly putting things in my purse. One day at school I reached in to get my sunglasses for recess duty and pulled out her Rapunzel flip flops!

  269. Sara Andrews Says:

    Let’s see…I found a toddler’s fork in my purse. What’s worse is it stayed in there for months!! Poking me repeatedly.

  270. Beatriz K. Says:

    LOL it’s been fun just reading everyones posts! Unlike the majority here I dont have kids yet so the most unsual thing I think it was an opened foundation that made all my bag inside beige. Not fun!

  271. Cristina Says:

    love this! i found my son’s tiny stuffed penguin in a pocket which had been “lost” for over a year! xoxo

  272. Kirsty Says:

    I once found a pen in my bag that was advertising a certain performance enhancement/assistance drug for men! No idea where I would have acquired it! And unfortunately I found it when a friend asked if I had a pen they could borrow… oh the shame! Haha. x

  273. LizPryz Says:

    Like many of the other moms here, you never know!!! My little guy turns ONE tomorrow and these days it seems like I find Cheerios EVERYWHERE. My bag being no exception! LOL!!

  274. Cathy Says:

    Love this bag! The most unusual thing? 3 pairs of clean underwear for my 3 year old as we were potty training. Apparently I just kept putting new clean ones in there not realizing I already had some in there. The best part? I was cleaning out my bag at work on my desk and my boss walking in to a few pairs of Toy Story underoos sitting on my desk….

  275. Carol Says:

    What fun reading through these posts! My most recent unusual thing in my purse was a wrapped chocolate that had melted all over ~ what a mess! Needless to way, a new, beautiful, stylish, functional, teal handbag would be wonderful.

  276. Jingle Says:

    Hmmm…that would be rusty screws and other metal bits I find on the sidewalk! LOL! I use them in my art, but often forget and find them later in my purse! jinglesells at gmail dot com

  277. Gabrielle Says:

    Ok dont laugh but the funniest thing I ever found in my purse was…..are you ready….a pair of underwear. I had my purse by the laundry basket and I guess it fell in. LOL!!!

  278. Marygail Says:

    The weirdest thing that I’ve found buried in my usually big purse is a mini sewing kit. I know I must have put it in there at some point to do…something! lol but I totally forgot what.

  279. Kathy (kathyb) Says:

    A ‘helicopter’ seed off a sycamore tree! My youngest is fascinated by them and loves to spin them, so whenever he finds one it goes in my bag! I love the teal colour. Thanks for the chance to enter the giveaway. Looking forward to seeing your guest SC gallery.

  280. Nathalie Green Says:

    I don’t have any children yet, so I don’t tend to have surprises in there… But I guess what my husband would say is unusual is that I carry so much stuff in it! I try to cover for every eventuality, and I always carry my kindle and sometimes a paperback too, plus my phone, camera, diary etc… It weighs a ton lol
    That bag looks amazing by the way, perfect for me to organise my many items ;)

  281. tutteli Says:

    What a lovely bag!
    Latest surprise was a two to three days old banana.. I took some snack with me to work but forgot it..

  282. Ann Says:

    I’ve found my husband’s glasses in my purse before, I guess he accidentally dropped them in. I guess that’s not so strange. :)
    That bag is beautiful! I hope I win!

  283. TiaraHelen Says:

    I change bags nearly every day so it’s more likely to missing important things, but there are often a lot of crumbs. Hope I win, that teal bag is delicious.

  284. bee Says:

    I use to find treasure maps in my bag, courtesy of my super creative niece. =)

  285. Nicole Says:

    I would have to say the weirdest thing I have ever found in my purse was a worm, the kicker was it was 2 weeks ago. My middle daughter has this fascination with worms now, but we have at least made her keep them OUTSIDE, in the dirt. Thanks for the chance to win!

  286. Nora Says:

    I remember once in my backpack I used for school, I found an umbrella. Not really unusual, but I had been looking for that particular umbrella for like 4 weeks, and I had looked for it in the backpack at least twice. I’m such a mess..^^ After getting a dog I always find poopy bags (empty ofc!!) in my purse.. always nice if I’m in a fancy restaurant or something and a poopy bag falls out when I’m trying to get my wallet:P

  287. Melanie S Says:

    With 3 kids you’ll never know what you’ll find in my purse. I think the funniest is when my son (2 or 3 at that time) wanted a “cracker” for some reason he thought I had on in my purse only to find out it was a dog treat. He was so upset he couldn’t have it.

  288. Carole Says:

    Just adore that bag thanks for the chance to win it – the most unusual thing I have found in my purse is my daughters’ honor roll pin – we had been looking for a while then to my surprise and a little prick on my finger it was in the bottom of my bag !!

  289. Laura Says:

    I was a cheer leading coach so I always had a spare cheer bloomer in a size or two. Inevitably at an away game when the girls change, someone would screech that she forgot her bloomers. Sometimes I forgot to take them out of y purse

  290. sandi m Says:

    My purse is a bottomless pit. A recent find was some spinach and cheese pinwheels (wrapped in a paper towel) from a baby shower over a week ago. My daughter brought them home and failed to remove them from my purse. Can we just say the stink is what gave them away – ugh! Thanks for the giveaway, I would love to win this great purse.

  291. Anja Says:

    What a great bag. Hope to win :)
    We have euros in Germany since 2001 or so and one day a few years ago I found a 10-DM-note, our old money. So curious :)
    Yours Anja

  292. Judith Says:

    My favourite and small sissors… Probably they dropt from the table at a crop into my handbag! Only when i bought new ones a few weeks later, i found them!

  293. Monica Jordan Says:

    Ohhh WoW !!! What a Awesome give a way!! When my Son lost his first tooth I was so happy to play the tooth fairy Wooo Hooo!! I went into his room picked up his first little tooth then I went to my handbag digging around for some change… I looked high and low for his tooth to pick up and save I was just about to give up when I went to change my handbag out. Yeappperss you guessed his lil tooth was at the bottom just hanging out. LoL!
    Thanks so much !! I Love Love LOVE your Blog!!
    Good Luck Everyone !!


  294. Lisa Says:

    The most unusual thing, but probably the most cutest I have found in my handbag is my dogs favourite toy. She goes through phases of carrying it around in her mouth like a real pup when it’s a pink fluffy, squeaky bone. Lord knows how it got in there but it still makes me smile.

  295. Jen Says:

    Once (when rooting through my bag for a pen during a meeting with people much more important than myself) I pulled my hand out with said pen to fine it was actually a tampon with bits of crisp, fluff and a slightly melted chocolate button stuck on it. Nice. I then proceeded to discuss matters relating to the organisational development of my department… :-)

    Awesone giveaway and I too looooooove your blog!

  296. Jeannie Says:

    Lovely bag – it fits the criteria for any bag I buy and that is – will the DSLR and a spare lens fit in there? Strangest things I repeatedly find are shells and seaglass – I never could resist collecting them since I was a little girl.

  297. Simi Says:

    Beautiful handbag!!! The most unusual thing I found in my purse was nail polish that i bought 3 months ago and totally forgot about it! :) It’s a nice color, therefore i am wearing it right now :D

  298. Maggie Greenwood Says:

    I love teal, what a fab giveaway! Thanks for the chance.

  299. Caro_frenchy Says:

    wow that bag is just wonderful I love it !! The blue one is my favorite. Thanks so much Shimelle to give us a chance to with this bag !!

  300. Caro_frenchy Says:

    oops I clicked too quickly
    the most bizarre thing I found in my bag was a red seed that my godchild put in my bag in secret while I was in Mexico traveling and visiting them, the thing is I found the seed 3 months later !!! That seed had travelled with me insite Mexico for 8 weeks and then crossed the Atlantic to England ! and also to France for a while !!

  301. ConnieC Says:

    I found chewing gum that my cat had licked the papers off after opening the package. I chew spearmint and it’s related to catnip. I have learned to keep my purse closed so he can chew my gum.

  302. Melanie R Says:

    Being a working mom, I never quite know what I will pull out of my bag…Could be a pacifier, some buttons from an event at work, crayons, sparkly hair clips or even a cat toy. :) Thanks for the chance to win this bag – I love the color! :)

  303. Debs Says:

    Teal…take me back to the 1970’s…awesome!

  304. Itzel Says:

    The most unusual thing probably is my Tajin bottle, it’s a mexican seasoning chili powder I carry everywhere during summer time since I’m always eating mango or passion fruit sorbet, I love to sprinkle some on top, Yummmmm!!

  305. k Says:

    Once I found my dog’s squeaky rubber toy in my bag.K

  306. Nancy McM Says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever had anything unusual, just yucky – like a tube of handcream opening up, or a lipgloss melting. Thanks for the chance to win :)

  307. Sherry Bishop Says:

    I absolutely LOVE the BAG!!!! Its amazing how talented some crafters can be to come up with such beautiful things. I guess the strangest thing I found was a pair of plastic vampire teeth. My kids were never a vampire on Halloween so not sure how it go there.

  308. Candace Says:

    Wow, what a beautiful bag! I’d have to say the most unusual thing I’ve found in my bag is also there on purpose – an ice hockey puck! My best friend gave it to me at a game this season, and I always keep it with me to keep him near to me! :-)

  309. Laur Says:

    I am a Mom, so my purse is a “Magic Purse”. I have the ability to pull out snacks,crayons, paper, pen and even a dinosaur of late. Just wish it had my keys in it on some days!

  310. Jimjams Says:

    Oh love that bag – my colour too :o)
    Strangest thing in my handbag – a bag of my Mum’s dog’s “debris” collected on a walk but with no bins in sight. Luckily it didn’t split before I remembered it was there and got rid of it properly!!!

  311. Jane Says:

    Unusual – leftover biscuits from coffee, not so unusual but often unexpected as I’ve usually forgotten about them.

  312. Jennifer Mackie Says:

    Probably the most unusual was a phone – not so unusual I hear you cry, except this was my landline handset! I must have got distracted by my toddler, and shoved it into my handbag while on ‘autopilot’. Love the colour and the practicality of the bag, keeping everything crossed!!

  313. Eva Says:

    That is just the teal beauty that is still missing in my collection! Thanks for the giveaway!!!
    Eva from Germany

  314. Katharina Says:

    Oh, what a wonderfull bag! My own handbag is a little like Mary Poppins ones; you can find all things you need (or not to need), from lipstick and hairbrush to a handmade smashbook, something to eat, a saltshaker and a torchlight.
    I think this one is large enough for all this things I need ;-)
    Many Greetings from cloudy Northern Germany

  315. Gia Thompson Says:

    This is an awesome idea, especially for us travel ladies with children.

  316. Janet N Says:

    I’m kind of picky about handbags, but this one looks really great. Most unusual thing I find is probably corded earplugs. I forget I have a pair hanging around my neck when I leave work, then have to take them off and stuff in my bag when someone asks about my unusual “necklace.”

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