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Scrapbooking Giveaway Day

scrapbooking giveaway day
through the kaleidoscope pass

This week I’m excited to give away a place on an amazing new workshop all about something fabulous: colour.

Through the Kaleidoscope is a new self-paced workshop from Amy Heller. Almost every time Amy adds a scrapbook page to her gallery, I gasp in delight. I love the way she designs with a brilliant eye for detail. In my Hitchhiker’s Guide workshop, one of the videos shows my process in taking inspiration from a page Amy made and using her design in my own style… and it’s one of my very favourite layouts this year. I’m excited to be taking this workshop myself, because I know I want to see all that goodness from fifty brand new layouts and Amy’s insight into using colour, with her professional background in graphic design and art direction.

This new workshop includes five chapters, each with a printable PDF and a video. She’s also included flip card and colour wheel printables to keep on your desk while scrapping. Since this workshop is self-paced, you can access all the materials as soon as you sign up and you can work on them in any order and at any pace you fancy. There’s also a private message board to share your work and chat with Amy and the other participants.

The workshop is available for purchase here, and if you’re the winner of this week’s giveaway and you’re already signed up, no problem – you’ll receive a full refund or you can gift the workshop to a friend if you prefer.

To enter, leave a comment on this post including a colour combination you love. Easy! Please include your Two Peas username so the workshop can be added to your account promptly. Entries close at midnight Thursday UK time and the winner will be posted Friday evening, so be sure to check back to see if it’s your lucky day!

Good luck!

Have a lovely weekend!

scrapbooking giveaway winner
winner of camera stap

Congratulations to Ann, who wins the stylish camera strap from last Friday’s giveaway.

Ann, please email me (shimelle at gmail dot com) with your address.

There’s a new giveaway every Friday night, so check back next week for another chance to win just by leaving a comment.

18 May 2012

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284 Comments for Scrapbooking Giveaway Day

  1. furrypig Says:

    ooh I was just reading about this class and thought it sounded fab thanks for the opportunity to win it xxx

  2. Ginny Says:

    I’ve been using a lot of aqua and yellow and grey lately. I’m ncstamper at 2peas.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    I love the green & blue combination, but I need this class to get out of that rut! Thanks for the chance to win! My 2peas name is ‘sillypea’

  4. Alinor Says:

    This looks like a cool workshop! My favorite color combo is aqua, light green and brown!

  5. Fifi-T Says:

    I’d love to have a better use of colour so this class looks amazing

  6. Kathy R Says:

    I just saw this class advertised on 2 Peas. I love Amy’s layouts too, so I’d love to take this class. I love aqua and red, aqua and yellow, aqua and brown…I really love aqua. Thanks for a chance to win.

  7. Teresa S. Says:

    Neat workshop! My favorite color combo right now is yellow, white, and grey. My 2peas name is “Steel City Fan”

  8. Rinda Says:

    Looks like a fabulous workshop – thanks for the chance to win!

  9. MeganM. Says:

    LOVE Amy Heller! And I love using lots of color in my layouts. This workshop looks like lots of fun. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  10. Andrea R. Says:

    I’ve been loving yellow and bright pink lately. This class looks AMAZING!


  11. Beth Says:

    This workshop looks amazing! I would love to learn from Amy. My favorite color combination is red, white and black. I love the stark contrasts!

  12. Jeannie Says:

    Wow this looks like a fabulous class and I LOVE Amy Heller! I don’t exactly have a fav color combo. It’s basically my photos and the papers I would like to scrap with. I do tend to go with at least 3 colors in my layouts.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    2peas: cutiephinphin

  13. marie Says:

    The class looks awesome. Currently I seem to be using a lot of muted colours. Cream, pale pink and pale aqua seem to be cropping up a lot on my pages. Would love a chance to take part in this class. Marie (Mariek76)

  14. Leanne Edwards Says:

    Fave colours! Hot pink, orange, purple and lime green!! Oh and at the mo anything with grey!!!

  15. tape Says:

    Kraft + white + red (tape)

  16. Angela Dawes Says:

    I love colour – this looks like a fabulous workshop opportunity, my favourite colour combo is pale pink, duck egg blue, dark brown & neutral cream to bring it all together.

  17. brittany Says:

    I love gray, blue, and yellow together! Such a popular color combo right now, but I can’t help loving it!

  18. val Says:

    Pink, teal, white and sometimes some silver thrown in. My craft room is done in these colors and I love it!
    username at two peas is valechula
    This calss sounds real fun!

  19. sozzee Says:

    Turqouise and red are my very fave colour combo.

  20. Tríona Says:

    I adore teal and red! Everything must be teal and red! My pages are getting a little boring :) I need a class ;) (username at twopeas is Triona)

  21. Nicole K Says:

    WOW! This is awesome. I love purple and silver…

    Gothamgal is my 2peasname.

  22. Tríona Says:

    Sozzee, snap!

  23. Katrina Says:

    Even the teeny thumbnail previews for this class look beautiful! My favorite color combinations are neutrals+brights. I love using a kraft or grey base on my layouts and then layering them up with lots of bright pinks, limes, aquas, yellows, and oranges. My TwoPeas user ID is katebroccoli. :)

  24. Lianne Dawson Says:

    I saw the message about this class it looks awesome

  25. Mary M. Says:

    Oooh, this workshop sounds so great! My favorite color combo is purple with green. My Two Peas name is MissMaryBridget.

  26. kat Says:

    oh yay! looks like a super fun class!

  27. Joanne Says:

    Turquoise and pink – well pretty much anything with turquoise in. I just love it.

  28. Jane Says:

    Spotted some purple and orange pansies while out walking today and discovered I really liked this unusual combination. My two peas name is PurpleJet.

  29. DeAnna Yaritz Says:

    My favorite color combo is black, red, white and grey :)

  30. rebecca a Says:

    This looks like a cool workshop. I am in love with anything bright pink and bright green, right now!


  31. Alison Kirk Says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win – lemon with grey, taupe, navy or really anything with lemon :)

  32. Sharon Meakin Says:

    Oooh, how fantastic. I really need some help with getting colour combos right. But, I did watch the film ‘Hugo’ recently, and noticed it’s exclusively filmed in teal, antique gold and brown, and thought it was a lovely colour trio, so I think I’ll give that a go. I’m scmeakin on twopeas.

  33. Gemma* Says:

    Yellow, pink and grey :)

  34. ~SugarJenDay Says:

    I adore color, so it’s hard to say that I pick specific color combinations as it is to say I tend to lean toward complementary schemes. I do love to use aqua with just about anything!

  35. ruth tacoma Says:

    Right now I’m loving coral, teal & fuschia.

  36. Seanna Says:

    Hmmm…I think one of the color combos I really dig is a rich, slightly-darker than-true-red and cream.

  37. Cathy Says:

    I’m loving aqua and tangerine!

  38. Gerry Glowacki Says:

    Right now I’m all about the yellow and turquoise and grey. Love it!

  39. Sarah Says:

    This looks like a fun class. My favourite colours are anything involving purple. I’ve been drawn to pink a lot lately too! (purplerara)

  40. Anso Says:

    I love green, pink and white. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  41. Marina Mendes Says:

    I love acqua, pink and yellow. My user name at Two Peas – marinachiaradia

  42. orange Says:

    anything with orange…but I love
    orange and green
    orange and yellow
    orange and gray
    orange and….

  43. Alicia Says:

    Oooh how exciting! Thanks for this wonderful giveaway! The 3 colours I tend to use most often together are browns, pink and olive green. My 2peas username is Scrappingbliss. Xxx

  44. Selenaintx Says:

    Turquoise and orange are my happy colors right now! Sounds like a great class!!

  45. Mari Says:

    Awesome workshop, Pick me :)

  46. Ragnhild Says:

    I really like teal, yellow and grey.

  47. Chelsea Says:

    What a FUN class, my fave color combos are royal blue and purple and turquoise and most anything!

  48. Sabina Says:

    This workshop is great!!! I won’t miss it!! Thanks for the chance to win it… my favorite colour combination is turquoise, shocking pink and acid green ;-))

  49. Sandra Says:

    Turquoise, cream and green are always a winning combo for me and I probably use it too much! This workshop looks fantastic I love Amy Heller’s work.

  50. Katie Says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! My favourite colour combo at the moment is aqua, orange and white. My username is md1.

  51. Kelly S Says:

    There are so many color combos that I love! My current favorite is teal and orange.

  52. Nora Says:

    I love gray+any pop of color:D Lately I’ve been really fond of the trendy yellow+teal (especially mixed with gray) <3

  53. Jill T. Says:

    I’m 1ScraptasticMomma on two peas. I love color!!!! I think one of my current faves is yellow and grey with either HOT pink or aqua.

  54. carol in seattle :) Says:

    I’m loving aqua, yellow, and grey still!

    giraffemom :)

  55. Bev Barton Says:

    One of my favorite pages that I have recently done has cream, gray and yellow.
    My twopeas name is: Bevie Pearl

  56. sandie Says:

    Thanks for this lovely chance. I’m into bright colours right now and would choose orange and blue!
    My twopeas name is: artysan

  57. Rachel Says:

    This class sounds really interesting. Look forward to taking it soon

  58. Jennifer Says:

    That class sounds awesome! My favorite color combo right now is grey and yellow. jchilds

  59. Diane Says:

    Wow, another great class offered by Two Peas, thanks for the chance to win!

  60. Kelly Shults Says:

    This class looks so interesting! I am a total class junkie these days! My favorite color combination is probably aqua, yellow, and grey. kellyshults

  61. Madeline Says:

    Pink, green and cream. Username is: MrsS

  62. Hilary Says:

    Gosh, I like so many color combos, it’s hard to choose! For my scrapbook pages, I love aqua with many colors! Thanks for the chance to win!

  63. April W Says:

    So fun! Grey and yellow are being loved by me right now. :)

  64. mary Says:

    My favorite color combination changes by season. Right now I really enjoy purple, yellow, and coral.

  65. Sue Althouse Says:

    I signed up for the class already, but would love to win! A favorite color combo is red, white, and turquoise. I am midwestgirl60 at Two Peas.

  66. Fiona Lally Says:

    For me at the moment I’m enjoying the colour combo of turquoise, yellow, white, grey with a touch of lilac thrown in…..

  67. Melinda King Wilson Says:

    Awesome sounding class!
    My favorite color combo right now is lime green and aqua.

  68. J3SS1C4 Says:

    This class looks amazing! My favorite colour combo at the moment is aqua and yellow, with grey. My username is J3SS1C4. Goodluck everyone!!

  69. Kelly Says:

    I’m loving all things blue and yellow right now.

  70. jengd Says:

    I love blue with almost anything- red, green, purple, other blues, kraft… (jengd)

  71. Kristen :-) Says:

    My favorite combo right now is a green and blue – both in a bright palette :-) What a great opportunity to win! Thank you! I’m forensic77 on 2peas.

  72. Anissa Says:

    My new favorite color combination is turquiose and yellow. This workshop looks amazing.

  73. Cheryl Leong Says:

    Wow! I love red and turquoise!

    cheryl131091 at yahoo dot com

  74. lisa Says:

    I’m all about grey and pink lately. Weird part is, I don’t like pink….weird

  75. Bethany Becker Says:

    I love the color combo of green and brown! And occasionally pink and brown, but I hate pink!

  76. senoritascrapper Says:

    Turquoise yellow, and orange. So excited about thus workshop. Senoritascrapper at 2peas

  77. Liz S Says:

    Thanks for the chance to win- this class looks great! Not as awesome as yours of course though. :) Colour combos- having just had a baby girl, I’m going with pink and green. Usually with white as well.

  78. Robin W. Says:

    This class would be fun to win! Right now I’m liking oranges and yellows; I guess it has to do with flowers blooming and such. 4corners at 2peas—Thanks for the chance to win!

  79. Linda Says:

    My favorite color combo is pink & lime!! My two peas username is lasteve1. I hope I win!!

  80. Sue S Says:

    My cave color combo comes from the afghan I am crocheting right now – black, pink, white and gray. Thanks for the chance, I was just looking at this tonight! User name: lafemmeknitkita

  81. Jule H Says:

    I adore using green with either purple or pink, but am finding that when I use colour combos from ColourQ website, my projects always look great!

  82. Backs shay Says:

    At the moment I love yellow and all that match with it, gray, aqua, orange-red…
    I am yelppuppy!

  83. Adel Says:

    I still love the color combo I chose for my wedding twenty years ago- yellow and blue.

  84. Sue Bone Says:

    Aqua and red on a light grey or kraft base.

  85. Nina Says:

    This class would be just perfect for my future studies! Maybe I should sign up just in case it isn’t my lucky day next week…. :) I just love yellow, gray and aqua, and mixed together they make something heavenly :) oh yes, and my username is ninarsku. Thanks for the chance!

  86. Chriss Says:

    This class looks great! Thanks for the chance to win. 2peas username: Paperclips29

  87. alison-lee Says:

    Fave colour combos at the moment are grey and yellow!

  88. Lina Says:

    I would absolutely love to win that workshop. It sounds awesome. Thanks so much for the chance to win. A favorite color combination these days is grey and yellow and whatever third color suits my photos, allthough pink has a tendency to creep in more than others. My 2peas name is aurora_in_a_bag

  89. Dulce Silva Says:

    My favorite color combo on the moment is aqua with yellow or pink. Thanks for the chance to win this amazing class!

  90. Omallia Says:

    Thanks for that great giveaway! I would love to win that workshop since I’m always unsatisfied with my color combos :-)

  91. Denise Says:

    Another Fab giveaway, love !ove, love it

  92. Margareta from Paper Pile Kitten's Blog Says:

    My favorite combo today is pink & grey. My 2peas name is paperpilekitten. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  93. stephanie kaye Says:

    i adore fuscia and much fun!

  94. Dawn Cheshire Says:

    My favourite has got to be teal and yellow, so bright and summery and reminds me of my wedding!
    2pea’s name is Mrs Cheshire

  95. Little Nat Says:

    This class looks great and I love Amy’s work so thanks for the chance to win!

    A colour combo I love is yellow, green and blue! So bright and cheerful!

  96. Little Nat Says:

    This class looks great and I love Amy’s work so thanks for the chance to win!

    A colour combo I love is yellow, green and blue! So bright and cheerful!

  97. Jacky S Says:

    My favourite is probably lime green and brown….though teal and brown is pretty good as well.

  98. Lynsey Says:

    Wow what a great giveaway Shimelle! My favourite colour combo is pink and aqua I just love them together! Thanks so much for the chance to win.
    Hugs Lynsey x

  99. pepper Says:

    I like grey and pink together, with blue and yellow is good too! I’m not good with colour combinations , I would love to learn stuff from this workshop! Thanks for the chance!
    2peas user: pepper tan

  100. Joanne Says:

    I could do with a workshop to get me kick started again. I love pale pink pistachio and chocolate brown mmmm

  101. Daphne Says:

    Great give away! My favourite colour combination is green, pink and white!

  102. Liz Says:

    Hi Shimelle
    Love your classes.My favourite colours are pink and chocolate as i can get away with a little pink on my sons pages and then pint it up for my girls and still have flow.

  103. Julie Jeavons Says:

    Now I hope this doesn’t make me a total scrapbook geek, but last year i analysed my pages to find my ‘hard to’ colour (black btw) and found that blue was my most used colour. I think it is lush with pops of bright yellow.

  104. Angela Says:

    There are so many fabulous colour combinations to choose from…..some brilliant ones already mentioned on here. I used to love ‘sludge’ colours but have ‘brightened up’ considerably lately…to even include pinks & yellows!!
    2Ps name is Dolphie

  105. Jennie Says:

    This class sounds amazing! All that colour would make anyone a happy winner :) I love to combine soft blues with happy green and teal.

    My name at 2peas is jenandtricks.

  106. Jessica N. Says:

    I was actually just checking out this class today and thought it sounded great, but I just don’t have the $ right now to sign up. My favorite color combo is yellow & grey— I’m just stuck on it!! lol Yellow is my #1 fave color… It makes me so happy!!! :) Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome Giveaway!! My 2Peas SN is “YellowSunshine”.

  107. Katherinel Says:

    Wow! Another great class from 2peas. Would love to win a spot in this fab class. My recent favorite color combo is yellow, pink and purple, which just says happy sweet summer to me. My 2peasname is bckwml.

  108. Kirsty Says:

    I’m loving different browns together with a touch of pink.

  109. Debbie Wilby Says:

    Wow what an amazing class! My recent favourite is aqua blue and orange! Just keep taking all these photos that will fit in with this pairing!

  110. jo Says:

    My fave colour combo has to be teal and brown – goes with all the photos I have of my boys!

  111. Kim Says:

    I love yellow and blue together. Thanks for the chance to win! Twopeas user KCygan

  112. Allie.Duckienz Says:

    Wow, looks great! I so love colour!
    2Peas name is Duckienz

  113. Alison Says:

    I love blue and orange at the moment!
    Alison xx

  114. Sharmon Says:

    Thanks, I LOve color!! I especially love blue but on layouts I love red! tpgirl@2peas.

  115. Anamaria Says:

    thanks for the opportunity to win this workshop. Blue and grey has been the combo that I have used a couple of times lately.

  116. Rebecca Lovell Says:

    This looks like an awesome workshop – thank you so much for the chance to win a spot!! I love the combination of grey and yellow.

  117. Antonia Says:

    Wow! That workshop looks lush! My favourite colour combination is burnt orange and blue because it makes me think of the Mediterranean even on the greyest of English days. My 2Peas username is AntoniaSH.

  118. Nienke Says:

    Yum, that workshop looks amazing! My favourite colour combination is still yellow with grey, but I think this workhop has loads of new ideas to try out! My username is molletjenien

  119. Jean_H Says:

    A colour combo I love is the classic black, white and red. Though I’m being drawn to the trendy yellow and grey!
    This workshop sounds awesome! Thanks for the chance to win a seat :)

  120. Tootles1108 Says:

    My color combo is orange, teal, and lime green! My 2Peas name is Tootles0416. Shimmelle, I love your layouts! I ordered the packet for the NSD 2012 and am working my way through it. If you love Amy’s work, I can’t wait to get started.

  121. Ellen Says:

    Owh, this is my weak point :). I always find it hard to combine colors.

    The colors I like the most together is green, light blue and little!

  122. Jenny McGee Says:

    Looks like a great class. My Two Peas ID is mcgeechs. Thanks.

  123. Sissel Says:

    Thank you for this chance, I would love to learn more about colours. Right now I’m thinking of shades of blue with white and/or kraft (or maybe grey? It certainly seems like I do need to take this class….) Username simsel

  124. Anne-Liesse Ankeny Says:

    I am loving grey, yellow, and pink right now, although grey and anything goes, too.

  125. Janicke borges Moreno Says:

    My two peas username is janick31. Thanks for this great opportunity!

  126. Janicke borges Moreno Says:

    My two peas username is janick31. Thanks for this great opportunity!

  127. Patricia F. Says:

    Thanks so much for the chance! My two peas name is momm and I love red/white/blue! It’s my favorite combo!

  128. PjP Says:

    This spring I’m really liking grey & yellow in combination with either teal or coral.

  129. Sharon W. Says:

    I love pink and green together but lately it seems I’m on an orange kick for my scrapbooking. Orange, blue and brown have been showing up a lot in my pages.

  130. Diana Says:

    Any thing bright and bold… Especially red, and blue

  131. Sharon Hunt Says:

    I would love to take a color class! This year I’ve gravitated toward brighter colors than in the past. I’m loving all the teal and yellow combinations…especially with gray toned backgrounds. The yellow/orange combinations on Kraft have also been a favorite especially now that it’s warming up down south!
    twopeas name: hunt8

  132. jacki l Says:

    this sounds exciting! i’ve never taken a 2 peas class before. my fave colours just now are duck egg blue with pinks and pale greens ..just right for spring.

  133. Mel Says:

    My favorite color combinations are the ones that feel like autumn, my favorite season. Rust, orange, brown, with a touch of gold. Autumn Leaves was the theme of my wedding, so those colors are even more special to me.

    I also love light blue with bright green and a little white thrown in for balance.

    That workshop looks awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!

    LaLa Pea

  134. Judy S Says:

    A new favorite color combination for me is blue and orange. I never did like orange very well until having grandsons, using a lot of blue, and realizing how well orange goes with blue!

  135. Laur Says:

    Kraft, black and yellow. I know an old combo, but just catching on here.


  136. Lynn Darda Says:

    Blue & green, must be the Pisces in me! I would love to win this class, always inspired by Amy’s layouts when I see them in magazines.

  137. Wendy Goodman Says:

    My favorite color combo is orange and turquoise. It is great for summer photos!

  138. LisaE Says:

    Definitely a color girl here! 2P’s LisaEDesign Thx for the chance!

  139. Helen Says:

    I love colour, but one of my favourite combos is duck egg, chocolate and cream. My twopeasname is grocerslady. Looks a fab class!

  140. kazoulis Says:

    It should be interesting class. Now I like aqua -yellow – gray combos, it’s fresh and bright.

  141. Rachel Says:

    Turquoise and chocolate brown or sometimes a lighter aqua and yellow. My 2 peas name is Rachel2512.
    Thanks for the chance to win

  142. heather Says:

    Turquoise & pink with white is my have combination. Sounds like a great workshop :-) username is hevbell

  143. jen Says:

    Super fun! I love teal & orange – our wedding colors from almost a year ago. :)

  144. Catherine Says:

    I love grey and coral! My TwoPeas username is catherinekshu. Thanks for the giveaway :-)

  145. Silvia Says:

    turquoise and yellow

    best wishes

  146. Lindsey Says:

    i love orange and hot pink! i just love colours in general, except beige. yuk.

  147. Lise Says:

    My favorite combo : mint, gold and pink. Thanks for the giveaway.

  148. Melissa Says:

    I love aqua, pink, and green together!

  149. Sue Says:

    My all time favourite color combo is turquoise with chocolate brown – awesome.
    This class sounds great – I need to break out of my mould of only using papers from the same collection.

  150. nicola Says:

    nicolaC, I love blues browns and greens mostly as most of my photos for scrappig are outside

  151. Dee Dee Says:

    I have much to learn about designing a page. Color is just one of my challenges :)
    2 peas name: Stampergirl

  152. Johanna Says:

    Right now I love aqua, pink and lime on white.
    Class sounds like fun!!

  153. Bernadette Says:

    I love soft colors right now. I’d like to learn more about how to use colors on my layouts. Thanks for the chance to win! My 2peas name is scrap2010.

  154. Deborah Says:

    I love the color combo of pink and green!Would love to take this class. Don’t know if I have a 2peas user name. I sign on as dstardrive.

  155. laurie danielle Says:

    I love lime green, purple, and teal. I’m danielle_the_bee at two peas!

  156. Amy Myers Says:

    Awesome prize! My favorite color combo is hot pink and lime green with another bright color tossed in (aqua, purple, maybe orange) on Kraft paper.

    I’m lilacgal at Two Peas.

  157. helen salthouse Says:

    Whilst I too have fallen for the aqua thing, and indeed the aqua/grey/yellow thing, I am still very fond of the orange/red thing, however out of fashion it may become ! It’s not even deliberate – its loudness just calls to me :D

  158. Julie Mowen Says:

    What a fun workshop… new favorite color combo is, yellow, grey and aqua.. Thanks for the opportunity to win. I’m Grannascraps over at two peas.

  159. Linda C Johnson Says:

    I like blue and yellow. And Kaleidoscope looks like a great class.

  160. Chipper Says:

    While my fav colour is torquoise, my fav combo is blue and brown. I would love to find a way of using torquoise more.

  161. Claire t Says:

    I was just reading about this class and thinking I could probably do with that! My favourite combination is anything and grey currently.

  162. Connie Says:

    My go-to combo has been blue and brown for a long time. Lately yellow and blue have been calling me as well.
    I would love the chance to do more with colors in this class!

  163. Ruth Says:

    currently i love aqua white and either pink or red. so pretty together

  164. Carol Says:

    Thanks Shimelle for this chance to win Amy’s class! I like this combination: blue, purple, and green. My user name at 2Peas is seawest.

  165. Viji Says:

    I would love to win this! It will be my first class ever, when it comes to scrapping! My favorite combo…don’t know but I love bright summery colors! My 2p’s name is vgumparthi. This will help me add color to everything around me :)

  166. Leslie Says:

    My favourite combination at the moment is Apple Green and Pale blues – I know the old addage about Blue and Green but I think it works well with my photos! I know I could be more adventurous sometimes with colour so would love to win a place on this class. (TwoPeas name is ScrappinLeslie)

  167. Julia Says:

    I love so many combinations but an absolute favourite is red and aqua :)

  168. Fiona Says:

    My favourite combination is aqua and pink! Very girly! Amy’s class looks great. Pea name is Fi21.

  169. Michele Says:

    Great opportunity. Thanks. They always said blue and green should never be seen but I love the color combination.

  170. Tutteli Says:

    I love a combo of yellow+red+orange at the moment. It’s been a long winter here and i am in need of color therapy :)
    2peas: tutteli

  171. Amity Knight Says:

    Blue and yellow is a combo I love.
    sithlady82 is my two peas name. Thanks for the opportunity to win too.

  172. Charlotte Says:

    Any combo of summer bright colours, especially chartreuse and hot pink! 2 peas name is charlotte41 thanks! xx

  173. Dawn Says:

    I love anything with kraft-especially aqua, yellow, anything with pink. Thanks for the chance-my 2Ps name is dfinley

  174. marie-eve Says:

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    I love light colors, grey and pink are my favorite!
    2peas username : Marie-Eve17

  175. Emy Says:

    My favourite colour combination is always rainbow

  176. dogmatix Says:

    I seem to be all about the different shades of browns at the moment although I like using pastel shades as well, in particular pinks and blues.
    2pea: dogmatix

  177. Melinda T Says:

    I love colors, but usually stick to neutrals when scrapping! My fave color combo at the moment is grey, blue and yellow. My Two Peas name is melt003.

  178. Miriam Prantner Says:

    This sounds like a great class! One of my current favorite combos is blue and brown. Thanks for the chance to win!

  179. Jil Larson Says:

    My favorite color combination lately is blue and orange, but I love all colors and am grateful the chance to win a place in this class. I’m jil at 2Peas.

  180. klaul Says:

    Sounds like an awesome class. Think I know what ‘ll be spending some of my next paycheck on! :)

  181. Cindy England Says:

    Fab class – I love colour! Recently I’ve become fascinated by orange, especially for clothing. My favourite colour combo currently is turquoise and red.

    2peas name: cengland


  182. Jennifer Grace Says:

    Ooh, I want to win, I want to win, I want to win! I love Amy’s style. And I love colour! Thanks for the chance to win. At Two Peas I’m jennifergrace.

  183. glee Says:

    so many colors; so little time. My ultimate fave is turquoise w/anyothercolor.
    But, lately I’ve been wanting to try the yellow/white/gray combos I keep seeing.

  184. Rebecca H. Says:

    Looks like a super fun workshop. I am currently loving aqua with just about any other color! On 2peas I am scrappin-geek. Thanks for the giveaway!

  185. Lena K Says:

    I love aqua, yellow an gray! my favorite combo right now =)

  186. Lena K Says:

    oops…forgot my 2peas name lena

  187. maria eliza coutinho brass Says:

    I would love to win this!

  188. Marian Says:

    My favorite combo is yellow and bright pink.

  189. hayley fretwell Says:

    Hi Shimelle, Great Giveaway choice as would love the opportunity to expand my colour combinations. I mainly use Green and pink or Brown Cream and blue. Fancy trying something as vibrant as Amy’s style. Hope I’m lucky with this one, my 2Ps username is Jonhasci-fi! xx

  190. Aimee Moen Says:

    My favorite color combo is Pink and Brown with a bit of teal. Peas name is aimmister.

  191. Talia Says:

    My favourite colour combo is the peacock colours- blue, green and purple!!

    My 2peas username is sunshinetalia

  192. Janet Femmer Says:

    My current favorite color combo is grey, teal and yellow. However, my favorite color combo changes frequently.

  193. Malin/malwa Says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! My favourite colour combo is – anything bright with something else as bright. ;) (And my username at 2Peas is malwa.)

  194. Cecilia Dilnot Smith Says:

    I want to learn new things all the time, it’s so much fun!
    My fav colors are turquoise and pink.
    My username is cissids.

  195. CoCo Says:

    I heart aqua, red and white (or duckegg, as my kitchen is called!) but thanks to your recent online crop I have also grown to love yellow and grey combis too. Thanks for the chance!

  196. Song Says:

    Emm favourite colour combs are dependant on what I’m doing – in the garden I’ll mix magenta and orange with green – really love the zing but I wouldn’t have the confidence to wear it! I stick to greens and brown with the odd purple thrown in for fun :) On scraping anything goes – it really depends on my mood – the palette is so varied why restrict it!

  197. Marsha F Says:

    My favorite color combo is brown & turquoise.
    2peas name: marshatf

  198. Shonie Says:

    My favorite colors are bright ones so the combos I like best are bright teal and pink or yellow. Thanks for the chance to win!

  199. Azimuth Says:

    I love all colours, but favour the bright and clean just now. I guess something like turquoise&pink or blue and orange. probably will have changed my mind by tomorrow though! :D

  200. Danielle Watt Says:

    Aqua, yellow and grey is my fav color combo these days!! Thanks for the chance at a spot in Amy’s class! UserName: DanielleWatt

  201. Mel H Says:

    I love aquamarine and peach…with a little grey or silver thrown in.

  202. Maureen Says:

    Right now I really love grey, yellow and a shade of light blue or aqua. I’d love to take this workshop! My 2Ps username is cant_stop_the_beat

  203. Shelli Snyder Says:

    I love to use navy, aqua and orange together!!! it seems odd but it grows on you after a while!!!

  204. Shelli Snyder Says:

    I love to use navy, aqua and orange together!!! it seems odd but it grows on you after a while!!!
    ShelliLS is my 2peas name

    sorry i posted twice i forgot my 2peas name in the 1st one.

  205. Ally White Says:

    I would so looove to win a spot in this class! I love taking scrapbooking classes and learning something new. And with Amy teaching…how can you go wrong :)

  206. Ashley Horton Says:

    This sounds like an amazing class. It is hard to pick one fav color combo…so I will go with pink, orange, & yellow! My Two Peas screen name: ashleyhorton010675

  207. Bernadette Says:

    I love grey, yellow and aqua right now. My 2peas name is scrap2010.

  208. Kathleen Says:

    Awesome giveaway! My favourite colour combination.. I have many, but right now I just love turquoise with everything, especially turquoise – yellow – kraft.

  209. margie visnick Says:

    I love aqua, kraft, and red together!

  210. Mariangeles_Spain Says:

    I love B&W with red :)

  211. Neelu Says:

    Red and Black is one of my favourite combos :)


  212. Paula Says:

    I’m lovin’ turquoise & yellow – happy colors! Thanks for the chance to win the class – I would love taking it.

  213. heidi fuqua Says:

    I love blue and yellow combinations. The blue relaxes me and well yellow gives me some inspiration.

  214. AmieQ Says:

    Currently I’m scrapping with a new favorite combination of gray and teal with a splash of red or yellow or what ever is fitting for the page. But I’m constantly in search for using a combination of purple, yellow and gray.

  215. Jan Says:

    Oh, I want to win! I love gray and teal with some pink

  216. Brenda Says:

    Ohh this really looks like a class I would love! Thanks for giving a chance at a spac! My favorite combo right now is turquoise and brown. I would not normally have put them together but I am wearing it today and I love it! I am iamsuperb on two peas!

  217. Catherine A Says:

    Oh my, this class is just what I need. I’ve never been comfortable with playing with colors (colours). I’d love to be brave and bold! Thank you for the chance. 2 peas name is hdn4dbch

  218. Judith Says:

    One of my favourite combinations is lilac and sunshine yellow. However I love all the aqua/teal colours around just now. It goes really well with pale pink or yellow.
    Sounds like an awesome class.

  219. claireliz Says:

    This class looks amazing, thanks for the chance to win. My favourite colour combinations at the moment are hot pink, turquoise & brown/kraft & maybe a little cream.
    If I’m lucky enough to win my 2peas user name is Claireliz.

  220. julie Wan Says:

    fabulous looking class thank you for the giveaway, fingers crossed. Still love kraft and red :o)

  221. Kimberly Says:

    Hm. I need this class. I tend to stick with neutrals quite often. I do like colour, but I can’t ever seem to get things to look right.
    My TwoPeas name is lil_kim_003.
    Thanks for the AWESOME giveaway!

  222. Michele D Says:

    My 2peas name is MicheleD_utah. One color combo I love is white/grey/pink.

  223. Bethany Says:

    Right now its teal/yellow/grey. my 2peas name is brmartin

  224. Susan Watanabe Says:

    Aqua seems to be my favorite color right now…especially the aqua/yellow combos. Also am fond of lavender. scrapnt720

  225. Shari Says:

    Who wouldnt want a free class?? 2Peas thesnowwhite

  226. Shari Says:

    Oops…forgot the color combo. I have always lvoed red and turqouise!!!

  227. Karen O Says:

    I am always digging turquoises, aquas an blues in general. I have been particularly enjoying the turquoise/aqua and yellow trend lately – it is such a fun and happy color combo :)

  228. Cheryl T. Says:

    Teal and gray is my fave right now. I’d love to win this class! 2peas: cting

  229. SandraA Says:

    Sounds great! I’d love to add more color to my LOs. I tend to use a lot of black and red.

    TwoPeas: Lita

  230. Kerstie Says:

    Yellow and grey for me! But a workshop to set me off would be just the job! 2Peas: Kerstie1967 x x

  231. Breeze Says:

    Right now I love this color combo
    yellow grey and blue! TwoPeas breezestg

  232. Wendy B. Says:

    My favorite color combo right now is yellow and aqua. TwoPeas: wendy612

  233. Lauren Says:

    Favorite color combo? right now, I am staring at black and red and turquoise on my desk. Outside of my comfort zone, but fun!
    Thanks for the chance Shimelle!
    2Peas: LaurenElliott

  234. Kim Thomas Says:

    Oh, Shimelle, I’d love to win a spot in this class. It looks great. I love her use of color. Thank you so much for the chance to win. Oh, and I am raeraesma ontwo peas. Take care. :)

  235. Trisha Noland Says:

    My favorite color combo right now is teal and red!! Thanks for all the inspiration!
    2peas: mom2nattan

  236. Stephanie B Says:

    Looks like a great workshop, I’d love to win it!

  237. Debs Says:

    So right Shimelle…we can all use a clor fix :)

  238. Sue Says:

    at present I am drawn to aqua, yellow and orange. I would love to learn more about colour.

  239. shara jones Says:

    Love your blog, Shimelle. Would equally love a chance to win this class.

  240. DonnaL Says:

    At the moment, I seem to be really loving any color combo with yellow in it; yellow/gray, yellow/orange, yellow/blue/white, you get the idea. I’d love to win a spot in this class. Thanks, Shimelle!

  241. Sharmon Says:

    I love blues, but I did your challenge earlier this year of the grey and yellow combo and I loved it!tpgirl@2peas

  242. Debi Says:

    my fav colors are blue and green, the colors of the island waters.

  243. Amber Says:

    I think this sounds like a great class. Right now I am loving neutrals with yellow. Yellow has always been my favorite color but not my favorite color to scrap with.

  244. Patlyn Says:

    My favorite color combination is teal and green. Thanks for a chance in this class.

  245. Madeline Fox Says:

    Would love to win this! My favorite color combo would be anything with turquoise…possibly a little magenta and yellow.

  246. Nancy McM Says:

    Favorite color combo is kraft, hot pink, orange {like dunkin donuts}. Thanks for the chance

  247. Pam Says:

    Thanks for a chance to win – I have been eying this class! I can’t resist the red white and blue combo! It always looks so sharp! My Pea name is pam9363.

  248. marianne Says:

    I am loving gray, yellow and turquiose.

    scrapnatya/ 2peas name

  249. Fran Spooner Says:

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  250. Nathalie O Says:

    Would love to win this class. My favorite color combo is turquoise, orange, & white

  251. Janet N Says:

    A color combination I’m liking lately is pink and orange, very summery. jsnobl

  252. Dana Moore Says:

    Thank you so very much for this opportunity – I would so enjoy this class. ( Two Peas Username is nenotime )

  253. Chris Says:

    I often feel color challenged when trying to mix patterned papers. Sounds like a great class! ckettel

  254. Sheryl Says:

    “My” colors right now are teal, yellow, black and grey-Love ‘em
    My 2peas name is Lucky4853

  255. Alison B. Says:

    I like Amy’s layouts very much and was considering taking her class (and yours). I’ve never taken an online scrapbooking class before. I hope I win a free one, so I can see for myself what they’re like. My favorite color combo lately is pink and turquoise.

  256. Alison B. Says:

    Forgot to say my twopeas name, Alibee

  257. Lucy Says:

    Amazing class, would love to win! I love any combo with pink in the mix, and particularly loving all the teal, yellow and grey papers that are on trend at the moment! Username is Legoluce

  258. Cheri Vallery Says:

    my go to colors right grey and yellow with a splash of red or teal thrown in .. CheriVall

  259. Fran Says:

    This looks like fun. Yellow, any shade. So cheery. Farmwoman@2Peas

  260. Ruth G Says:

    I love denim blue and yellow or yellow and grey together. Thanks so much for the chance to win a spot in this amazing class! ~~meredemaison

  261. Stephanie Christ Says:

    I don’t really have a color combo, I am stuck doing themed pages so I usually go with colors that match either the photos or the theme of the photos. blah. I need help. lol

  262. scrappin cowgirl Says:

    Love the classes at Two Peas and I would love to win a class. These classes have changed my style and provide so much inspiration!

  263. Glenna Says:

    I love using teal and Tan together. OK-Scrapper at Two Peas.

  264. Anne F Says:

    I am loving yellow and teal/aqua together right now. Would love to win a spot in this class. Sounds amazing! Thanks so much for the giveaway. I’m sassiescrapper on 2peas.

  265. Meghann Andrew Says:

    Right now I am loving teal, red and yellow! Thanks, Shimelle!

  266. Kim A. Says:

    Teal or turquoise + any other color!
    2Ps name = sunshinestate

  267. Therese Says:

    2Ps name = tsangelini
    Favorite color combo right now with summer coming is turquoise, yellow with a bit of hot pink. Lovely giveaway!!!

  268. Denise Bryant Says:

    Hot pink and orange! Amy’s class sounds fab!
    DenisePeaB is my 2 Peas name.

  269. Nikki Says:

    Right now I’m loving aqua and orange together. I’m “CraftyNikki” on 2Peas. Thanks for the chance to win!

  270. Corynn Says:

    Standbys are Kraft/White/Cream, Red/Kraft/Black/White, and Orange/Blue/White. I am also loving the aqua/grey/yellow combo that is really trendy now. Of course, I’ll always love to add a ledger or grid paper to any of them!

    I adore Amy’s work, and would love to learn from her!

    My 2peas name is corynn

    Thank you!

  271. Mariana Ferreira Says:

    I love this giveaway! Should be an amazing class…
    My favorite color combo right now is yellow and teal. So pretty!
    mari_silva at two peas

  272. Tamekia Says:

    My fav color combo is B&W. But it’s really a cheat cause it looks great with so many other colors.

  273. Kate aka stinkydudette Says:

    I’m still using the teal and yellow, gray ad yellow combo! Haha.. Thanks for the chance to win!

  274. marynbtol Says:

    I love any shade of aqua blue with any shade of lime-yellow green, plus a hint of brown never hurts.

  275. itzel Says:

    Purple is always my way to go

  276. Courtney Says:

    My favorite color combo is purple and green lately. It’s a nice way to sneak some purple onto boy pages! 2peas:bestcee

  277. Ann Marie Says:

    OH.HOW.COOL!!! I would so love this workshop, I’ve been eyeing it, but no funds. The sneaks are just so droolworthy and I love love LOVE lots of big bold colors, seems like a very fun class!!

  278. Ann Marie Says:

    OH.HOW.COOL!!! I would so love this workshop, I’ve been eyeing it, but no funds. The sneaks are just so droolworthy and I love love LOVE lots of big bold colors, seems like a very fun class!! ETA: one of my faves: aqua/red/white and a little yellow.

  279. Jamie Hensley Says:

    Color me happy if I were the winner of this class! I have really been loving teal,orange,and yellow lately.

    JamieH—pea name

  280. Dianne Jordan Says:

    Class looks awesome. My favorite colors seem to be anything soft and muted right now. Pinks, aquas, yellows, soft gray, etc

  281. Susanne Says:

    The class seems awesome, I think I really need to take it. I have trouble combining colours and mostly use white cardstock, one sheet of patterned paper and black or white letter. I’m a real coward when it comes to mixing and matching. My 2peas name is suswic.

  282. Rachel Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful workshop.

    Right now I am loving yellow, grey, and teal. I think that is what I am planning for the gender neutral nursery I need to get started on!

    I’m RachH on 2peas

  283. Joy Gissing Says:

    I have enrolled in this class and am super excited to get going. My favourite combo colour is Kraft and Black.

  284. Elicia Says:

    I am no good at putting colors together! I stick with something neutral with a pop of color like grey with aqua. I need this class! :)

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