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Gardeners' Digest :: Scrapbooking News from the Garden Girls (April 2012)

Gardeners' Digest :: Scrapbooking News from the Garden Girls
scrapbook page
If you just found your way here courtesy of the lovely Miss Wendy Sue, then greetings! Today is Gardeners’ Digest day, our monthly round-up of things from the Garden Girls.

Up first, a little look at a layout I’ve been discussing with the Hitchhikers on their message board!

scrapbook page by shannon tidwell
This project from Shannon Tidwell has really been inspiring me lately with its use of stamps, bright colours and all that glitter. She shares her steps for this process in this video from the Memory Keeping Mondays series.

You can find further details on this project here and more of Shannon’s work on her blog, in her page gallery or in her brand new workshop.

scrapbooking supplies
This month, my order was made from just a few manufacturers because I liked quite a bit in each collection. These five items are on their way to me now… die-cut and transparency set from BasicGrey’s What’s Up collection, Hib Fab patterned paper from BasicGrey’s PB&J collection, this crazy-bold yellow chevron overlay from Hambly Screen Prints, map-print Thickers and wooden hearts and arrows, both by Studio Calico.

But how about something you can win? Today you can win Shannon Tidwell’s brand new workshop Sassy Scrapbooking by leaving a comment on this post, sharing one thing from the entire world that has inspired you in some way over the last month. Easy! Entries close next Thursday night and the winner will be posted on Friday.

Your next stop is Lisa Truesdell, so get hopping over to the world of Gluestick Girl!

Gardeners' Digest :: Scrapbooking News from the Garden Girls
Gardeners’ Digest is a monthly update from the Garden Girls, the design team at Two Peas in a Bucket. To keep up with the Garden Girls throughout the month, check out the garden gallery, find us on Twitter or subscribe to all our blogs with just a couple clicks.

22 April 2012

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130 Comments for Gardeners' Digest :: Scrapbooking News from the Garden Girls (April 2012)

  1. Sharon S Says:

    Shimelle, you are the envy of everyone here when you ‘need’ to order all the latest stash for your work!!

  2. Candy Says:

    ‘cbee’ here and I saw a layout with teal and peach that was to die for and it had layers of punched borders. Thanks for your great ideas on new products!

  3. Mariangeles_Spain Says:

    In the last month I’ve been inspired by the Hitchhikers workshop, the Glitter Girl videos and your online weekend event :)

    Love giveaways!! mariangeles_spain

  4. Ali Says:

    I’ve been totally inspired by the gorgeous colours of spring in the bluebell woods. The fresh green, the deep blue, the fluffy white clouds and the dull grey bark – I can feel a layout coming on!

  5. Cathy Says:

    My new sewing machine is inspiring me to be creative! It just arrived Friday and my head is spinning with ideas!

  6. sozzee Says:

    All the fantastic things people are doing with Project Life – MAZZIN!! x

  7. cjb Says:

    I’ve been inspired by the Glitter Girl videos & the color blocking I’m seeing in magazines.

  8. Jenny McGee Says:

    I have been inspired by songs this week. Thanks for a chance to win Sassy Scrapbooking class, it sounds awesome.

  9. Jennifer Says:

    Great pages & love your picks! Would love a seat in class! My username is: sillypea

  10. Janicke Says:

    Thanks for this opportunity Shimelle. In the last month Glitter Girl videos and your youtube channel have inspired me. Have a happy Sunday!

  11. Moira OReilly Says:

    Happy Sunday all! I have had quite an inpiring month. First up, it was my little sister’s 50th birthday and she wanted a “virtual” trip to the Bahamas (she and my BIL had spent their 40th bdays sailing around many of the islands as part of their one year sabbatical). So with the flat decorated, the meals and cocktails planned, an album to do …. my inspiration was travel, the Caribbean blue and birthdays in general. Then of course, I took Shimelle’s hitchhikers workshop, participated a little in last weekend’s crop and signed on for the Pretty paper workshop. Have a great day all

  12. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    Love your picks! THose map letters by Thickers are outrageously COOL! Love them!

  13. Patricia F. Says:

    You’ve inspired me Shimelle!I’ve been working my way through the challenges you offered with your crop and your ideas are fun and inspiring! Thanks for the chance at the class- peaname: momm

  14. Kelly Shults Says:

    I would say the Online Crop you just hosted last weekend as inspired me the most lately! I have created at least 10 layouts in the past week and a half. Thanks :)

  15. Angela Gray Says:

    Looking through older photos (from school) and remembering all those stories that I could scrap.

  16. Julie Says:

    Shimelle, I totally have been inspired by last weekends posts and challenges, and loud pattern paper. I’m NOT going to be afraid anymore….:)

  17. kazoulis Says:

    I have been inspired by a new pack of paper. I opened and just wanted to use it=)

  18. Kelly Says:

    I was inspired by last weekend’s post about “rubbish” photos, so this week I’ve been scrapping lots of old, badly colored, or just plain badly composed photos. Getting the stories in my albums and not worrying about the quality of the photos.

  19. Isa Says:

    My first bookbinding workshop, I finally know what I want to be when I grow up! :) (I’m 30!)

  20. Sandra Says:

    Well I have been inspired by your very own online crop. It has made me do more scrapping in a week then I would have ever done!

  21. Debra E Says:

    I was (am) insanely inspired by last weekends challenges. I did more scrapping last week than I have in quite awhile.

  22. Natalie G Says:

    Last weekend’s online crop – I never scrap as much as I do during one of the those weekends!

  23. Sudha Says:

    Find myself inspired everyday by Ali’s pick a word for the year — I picked “Do” and it has helped me move forward through many challenges this month without being frozen in apprehension.

  24. Dawn Cheshire Says:

    I’ve been inspired by new stash from Ally Pally!

  25. Marie-Eve Says:

    I’ve been inspired by so many people and things!!
    I would say my girls et True scrap.

  26. tape Says:

    A masking workshop yesterday :)

  27. Marsha F Says:

    I have been inspired by all the beautiful Spring flowers that are blooming now! Thanks for the chance to win!

  28. Siobhan Fry Says:

    I have to say Shimelle that over the last month you have been my biggest inspiration to actually look at photos, write up my stories, dive into my stash pile and get scrapping!

  29. marianne Says:

    That LO is awesome!
    SCRAPNATYA/ 2peas name

  30. Rachel Says:

    Just love those map print thickers, very inspiring.Thanks

  31. ann Says:

    no contest, pinterest inspires me daily! From Scrapbook pages, dinner, and a new hairstyle! username – norcha
    thanks for the chance to win!

  32. Rochelle O Says:

    I always get inspired by going on 2 Peas. Such great talent there!

  33. Andrea R. Says:

    The blooming flowers and their bright colors have been very inspiring to me lately.


  34. Kathy R Says:

    I just ordered those Studio Calico veneers too. Love them. Thanks for a chance to win Shannon’s class. Miss Kathy

  35. Angela Hathikhanavala Says:

    My goodness but that’s a fun layout!
    this month I’ve been inspired by food. and spring. and other things, too!

  36. Bethany Becker Says:

    I love your sneak peek! I have been inspired by spring.

  37. Patricia Says:

    This month I’ve been inspired by my day at Ally Pally, the weekend workshop and a trip to Bath which has provided a batch of lovely photos I’m itching to get scrapped – using all the ideas I’ve got from Shimelle’s posts.

  38. Helen Says:

    I’ve been inspired by wanting to get funny family sayings recorded into the scrapbooks. When the kids are old with families of their own, I don’t want them to forget how our funny sayings and traditions came to be. Thanks for the chance to win a spot in the class!

  39. Ginny Says:

    I’m ncstamper at 2peas. I’ve been inspired by some unfinished projects this month. I finished one and am halfway through another. Seeing visible progress keeps me inspired.

  40. lori r Says:

    oh how fun!!!!! Pick me:)
    ‘Lori R

  41. Ellie A. Says:

    For me it’s been the love of the game from my Boys (Baseball) The way they give themselves to it heart & soul & see the joy in their faces reminds me to dream big myself & love what I do as well. Thanks for the chance.

  42. Shannon H. Says:

    This week I have been inspired by the ocean surrounding Okinawa- so many shades of blue and green. I need to find some vellum in different blue shades to recreate on a layout! Thanks for the chance to win! pebbles831

  43. Jamie Hensley Says:

    Shimelle, I have been so inspired by your Glitter Girl videos and other classes that I have dived into finishing a couple of huge travel albums. I would love to win a spot in Shannon’s class.


  44. Marina Mendes Says:

    I have been inspired by the flowers in my garden! Colors and good smell brought me ideas to scrap lively!

  45. Jeannie Says:

    Love your choices and I’m definitely loving the up, up away from BG. I’ve been watching Hitchhiker’s guide to scrapbooking and that has inspired me a lot on my layouts, my process, my papers.

    Would love to win a spot in the class. Thanks for the chance.

    2peas: cutiephinphin

  46. Laur Says:

    Sunshine is inspiring me of late! Months of cold snow and rain are over….here comes the sun. However, I will be excited when the snow returns too. Just not yet.

  47. Bunnyfreak Says:

    All the flowers in bloom inspire me.

  48. amy Says:

    I’ve been inspired by all the videos posted recently and all of the lovely product showing up in the local stores. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  49. Jaime Says:

    I get inspiration every time I go to church or bible study!!!

  50. Fleur Smith Says:

    I would love to win a spot in the class! I have been inspired by the spring flowers this month :)

  51. julie e Says:

    I’ve discovered “misting” Its so much fun! Now I need lots of colors . . . .


  52. Sabrina Aziz-Bahaman Says:

    I hope this doesn’t embarrass you, but I what inspired me last month was you. I blush just typing this. Hehe. You have this persona that comes across even through the screen and the way you give tips and pointers feels like scrapping with a friend with some SERIOUS MOJO.

    Thank you for the chance! :)

    username: vixendeity

  53. Jenny Gilbert Says:

    I’m always so inspired by YOU! I read, reread, watch, bookmark, and make lists of ideas that you share in hopes of actually getting some scrapping done one of these days!
    (lynnbob at 2P’s)

  54. Danielle Says:

    I’ve been inspired by these 2: the amazing Danielle LaPorte & the twitter feed of The Daily Love. Thanks!

  55. Marilyn Nimmo Says:

    What has inspired me? The creativity on the many blogs I follow; Tim Holtz’s online class; and the creativity my LSS owner shares.
    2 peas username: memory artist

  56. AllisonLP Says:

    Studio Calico wood veneers are my faves right now! They make me want to scrapbook just so I can use them – beautiful pieces that I’ve use on all my layouts since I got them! Thanks for the chance to win Lisa’s class!

  57. Miriam Prantner Says:

    Sunshine and spring weather has been inspiring me lately (except that today was pretty rainy….) Thanks for the chance to win! 2peas: mprantner

  58. Chipper Says:

    I found your last online crop very inspirational. It was wonderful to see how each person interpreted the same challenge. The variety was amazing! Thanks jetsettingchipper :-)

  59. Lynsey Says:

    my grandchildren inspire me every day,they make me so happy and bring real joy into my life.Lynsey_nolan

  60. Stephanie Christ Says:

    I’ve been really inspired by the Glitter Girl challenges! They have really kept me going. I also go to the 4×6 photo love anytime I get stuck. Thanks a bunch Shimelle!

  61. Nelmarie Says:

    Pinterest has been inspired me
    all over this month, just great and different ideas!!!

  62. J3SS1C4 Says:

    The colours on that layout are awesome! I’ve been inspired by so much lately! My biggest inspiration though, would be a new blog that I discovered a few weeks back, I’m so doing her 26 projects idea when I turn 26 in a couple of months… I’m already coming up with ideas and looking around for a few more of what I want to do over the year.

  63. katkat Says:

    I’ve been inspired by what I’ve learned in the new online class “a cut above” from Jennifer and Kristina lately! :) My peasname is bckwml. Thanks for a chance to win.

  64. Mollie Says:

    Your online crop completely inspired me! I created more in that weekend than I have in the past 4 years!

  65. Bernadette Says:

    I got my Silhouette Cameo this week so I’ve been inspired by all the wonderful Silhouette layouts I saw on Pinterest or 2peas. Thanks for the chance to win!

  66. Debra Piercey Says:

    I am not sucking up I promise, but this last month I have been inspired by your Scrapbooking Weekend challenges. I was able to complete 10 layouts! I’m also loving Glitter Girl and the Hitchhikers Guide to Scrapbooking.

  67. Fiona Says:

    I was inspired by some really juicy plump strawberries so I made a page with my daughter wearing a strawberry print jumper and used the Dear Lizzy papers! twopeas name Fi21. :)

  68. Machelle Nelson Says:

    I was inspired by the green foothills, the deep blue & purple mountains and gray clouds on a recent trip towards the Sierra Nevadas! Thanks for a chance to win! ~machellenelson6 at 2Peas

  69. Cheryl T Says:

    Taking online classes has really inspired me lately. I signed up for Tim’s Creative Chemistry and A Cut Above lately. They are great classes! I would love to continue to be inspired!

  70. SheriE. Says:

    I just finished my True Scrap week-end. I still need to catch up on some videos and begin to absorb all I saw and learned.

  71. karennarelle Says:

    I have been thinking of my Nan lately. She is inspiring me to be more present and just generally more grateful, just like she was.

  72. Pepper Says:

    Love the new products, especially wooden veneers!! Thanks for the chance to win a spot in the class!
    Username : Pepper Tan

  73. Tammy Ozuna Says:

    Inspirations, so much inspiration is all around me, but I gotta say, the most recent inspiration was found in in using grey ink to stamp on kraft paper to alter some up-cycled containers. I took the grey & kraft colors to make 3 coordinating containers. Loving them and will be blogging them this week. Looking forward to your next video, Glitter Girl!

  74. Sarah Says:

    I’ve been inspired by my lovely new Silhouette Cameo to actually make paper things again instead of all digi. It’s been fun! Thanks :)

  75. Lucy Says:

    I’ve been inspired by my new supplies I got at Ally Pally last weekend, combined with all the challenges from the online weekend! I made about 7 layouts in one week which is a first in a very long time for me. Very inspired to keep it up!

  76. Sharon Meakin Says:

    Hi Shimelle
    Another great opportunity. I’ve been inspired by lots this month…your crop weekend (I did 5 layouts, which is more than I do in a month, normally!); the ‘and now for something completely different challenge’ on UKS with the A4 photos; but (and this one is bizarre), the colour palette in the film ‘Hugo’ is amazing, and I’ve been inspired to use them in a layout (the whole film is largely gold, brown and teal).
    Thanks again for the opportunity!

  77. Sharmon Says:

    Two inspirations this month…all the great challenges at 2peas and my 13 yo daughter is now trying to beat me at the challenges at 2peas. tpgirl

  78. Madeleine Says:

    Spring has finally arrived!!! All the blooming trees have inspired my work.

  79. kim jones Says:

    A new blog i found marc & angel hack life. Love their posts….they have me thinking deeper than just the day to day stuff.

  80. Christina Collins Says:

    The beautiful weather!
    It’s been inspiring me to work with brighter, more ‘warm’ colors. I’ve even broken down and have finally started to scrapbook our wedding photos. (We’ve been married for almost 6 years if that tells you anything)!

  81. Deborah Says:

    Hi Shimelle. I’m a huge fan of 2pea’s videos! They always inspire me. Especially glitter girl-my fave. I hope this series continues for a long, long time. Thanks for making it and sharing your talent.

  82. Lisa C. Says:

    My mom’s beautiful flower garden inspires me!! Shannon’s class looks wonderful! Thanks for the chance!

  83. Marlies Gordon Says:

    I have been experiencing a scrappers block lately, but after our Easter holiday to Broome for some much needed r&r and watching glitter girls video on A or B, I had oodles of inspiration (and a lot of new photographs from the holiday) so much so, that I actually started AND finished 2 pages today. Thanx for your fantastic videos, you saved my hobby today…..

  84. April W Says:

    So fun! In looooove with the wood veneer hearts on your list. :) something that has inspired me lately are the gorgeous Spring colors!

    Thanks for the chance to win! (scrappingmommyof2 @ Two Peas)

  85. Jane Says:

    Shimelle, I have to confess that you are my greatest inspiration! I really love your videos, very well put together, clear and to the point. I love your designs which have helped me get over my fear of patterned paper. Thanks and keep inspiring.

  86. Jen Cuthbertson Says:

    I just took a layout class taught by Kelly Purkey and it was fabulous!! So inspiring!!

  87. Debs Says:

    I was given a gift…a little hand made book to write down my “gratitudes” …all month I have been writing 5 daily gratitudes which inspire me to appreciate my world everyday.

  88. Fifi-T Says:

    this class looks great, so much inspiration

  89. Nora Says:

    Oh, is it ok to say you? I’ve been really inspired by your blog and especially Glitter Girl videos lately!:) Also I’ve been inspired by longer days and more light after a dark winter.

    PS: 2peasname is noraraaum

  90. conniemelancon Says:

    I have been inspired by the blogs I follow and my grandkids! Thanks for a chance to win.

  91. mary myers Says:

    My inspiration has come from Shimelle’s video posts and also from my friend, Kathy. She, also being inspired by Shimelle, actually used her inspiration to create three beautiful scrapbook pages that she shared with me! I always count on those two sources to inspire me!! :)

  92. Felicia W Says:

    I have been totally inspired by the Glitter Girl and Memory Keeping Mondays videos on 2peas. Every week, two brilliant online classes.

  93. Megan Smith Says:

    Great sneaks! I have been inspired by my baby boy Liam!

  94. Loni Says:

    Well, not to be a brown-noser, but your crop from last week has inspired me! I haven’t been able to submit anything or work on near as many challenges as I wanted -long story short, I’m very proud of 2 particular LOs that I got done last week. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  95. Claire t Says:

    Easy answer was your weekend of challenges. I scrapped at least four layouts based on your challenges and a couple of others that started there and morphed into something else. Thanks so much for all the inspiration.

  96. Ruth Says:

    i really love seeing what your buying shimelle, i cant wait to see it on a page too!

  97. jan Says:

    Would love to win this class! Thanks for sharing!

  98. Melinda T Says:

    Sounds like a fun class, I sure can use sassy in my scrapping! One thing that has inspired me this month would be receiving notes from my daughter! She’s in kindergarten and is learning how to spell and working on her penmanship. Its great to see what she’s thinking and how she’s learning and processing everything. And even though my penmanship is messy and illegible at times, she’ making me want to write instead of type on my layouts! I also love adding her notes to our project life!

  99. Diane Alberts Says:

    Would love to win Shannon’s class;).


  100. Backs shay Says:

    I really love 2peas monthly roundup and looking forward to it every month. Keep up the great work! (yelppuppy)

  101. Lauren Says:

    I have been so inspired by MaryAnn Moss lately and her blog, she posts the most amazing stuff!
    Thanks for the chance.

  102. Audra Says:

    Awesome inspiration. My kids inspire me everyday! My pea name is wrightaud. Thanks!

  103. EK Says:

    What a sweet giveaway! My inspiration? My dear friend, Pam, and my daughters! Thanks for the chance to win. username: EK_White

  104. Anne Essex Says:

    The photos I took on a weekend trip to Woburn Abbey are my current inspiration.

  105. Jane Says:

    I’ve been inspired by people actually writing comments about my challenge entries. It’s made me realise how important it is to add comments myself it gives the receiver such a buzz!

  106. Sparklin Says:

    Would love to win a spot in Shannons class! Love her style!

    One thing that inspired me over the last month was a mural in a court house I visited for work :-)

  107. Debi Says:

    Spring has defiantly inspired me this month. I love all of the beautiful colors, and the wonderful smell of all the flowers in the air. The air smells so sweet this time of the year. Also, I like the newest of everything around me. Everywhere you look you can see the new birth of nature, and the promise that brings. Thanks for the great giveaway, I enjoy all of the garden girl’s classes.

  108. Flo Says:

    Enjoyed the video. Thanks for the giveaway, sweetideas

  109. Daphne Says:

    Cherry Tree Blossoms! Just love their colour!

  110. Ally White Says:

    I am totally inspired by Pinterest. I spend way too much time on there :) Everytime i go on there i think, “Ooo, i have to make that!”

  111. Michele Says:

    Thanks for a chance to win! tpeas-butterfly247
    michelesscrapycreations35 at yahoo dot com

  112. Sonia Says:

    My recent travels to India has inspired me. I had to print some pix quickly to scrap.

  113. Marina Haddad Says:

    Anything that I see from Amy Tan inspires me, and makes me think a lot…
    Thanks for the chance.
    2peas username: marininha

  114. S. Patterson Says:

    I saw a LO by Amy Heller recently and I can’t get it out of my mind. My latest LO’s have all been influenced by it in some way.

  115. Julie Jeavons Says:

    My inspiration hasn’t manifested into anything I’ve made yet, but it is going to. There is an amazing piece of art in the reception of an office I visit in Coventry. A photo of a reservoir and then given texture with hexagons and pentagons. Itching to get started on creating something.

  116. Bethany Engstrom Says:

    Spring is definitely inspiring me right now!

  117. Jill Says:

    hmmm, what has inspired me this month? I would have to say flowers! Spring has sprung, sunk, and now is trying to spring again! I love the first flowers of Spring!!


  118. Louise Says:

    your blog is my biggest source of inspiration. When i have a moment i scroll through your posts. There is always something to inspires me.

    Fantastic giveaway..thank you x

  119. tracy annunziato Says:

    I’ve been inspired by two things this month.
    The first was my mums 60th birthday, we had a family trip to Chester Zoo, getting together with my brothers and (even cuter) getting our kids together which is rare as we all live in different parts of Britain. That wonderful day out was followed by an extremely successful surprise party, for which I scrapped old pictures of mum throughout her life. She was so surprised!
    The second thing that has inspired me is my friend Ann. She is swimming 2.5km tomorrow and is doing a night hike next month both for charity. She has made me determined to do something this year that is completely selfless and will make a difference in someones life who needs it.
    I love both Mum and Ann very muchly xxx

  120. sewa elf Says:

    Very nice, thanks for sharing.

  121. Ari Says:

    A huge inspiration for me this month was attending the Creating Keepsakes convention in New Hampshire; it was my first convention experience and I learned so much!

  122. joanne Says:

    My inspiration this month was your class on UK scrappers. I especially loved using a larger picture than normal so definitely tried something different for me. Thanks Jo

  123. Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy Says:

    How fun! The new baby boy in my tummy and his powerful kicks are inspiring me lately. What a joyful feeling!

  124. Marian Says:

    I get inspired by the free classes at 2peas!

    2p name= Charminggirl

  125. Dawn F. Says:

    I’ve been watching your videos over and over and get something new each time. I have loved Shannon’s video with the jar layout as well.

  126. denise Says:

    My mom has inspired me to not give up or give in no matter what. I am worth something.

  127. Ants Says:

    My little boy has lost his first two baby teeth this week! This has been my inspiration to scrap his new smiles, as well as his old ones…

  128. carol in seattle :) Says:

    I’m still crazy inspired by True Scrap 3! Great classes by fantastic teachers!

  129. Karen Poirier-Brode (Ladydoc) Says:

    My family are my inspiration. I learned more about you from True Scrap3, Shimelle. I’m definitely a fan!

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