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How do you store your paper scraps and off-cuts?

how do you store your paper scraps and off-cuts
storing scraps of scrapbooking papers
Some of the questions that come up in the comments here make me giggle. This is one of them. How do you store your paper scraps? Or rather it is usually How do you organise your paper scraps? and that makes me giggle because there is no organisation of the scraps here. They live in a basket. All mixed together. No rhyme nor reason to size, shape, colour, pattern or collection.

The basket isn’t something special to scrapbooking. It was something I picked up at a department store a few years back without knowing what it would become because I had a few extra pounds on a gift card that was nearly to expire but I didn’t want to spend lots more on something expensive just because I had a few extra pounds of credit. I saw baskets marked down to three to five pounds, and figured there would be something in my flat that could be stored here. At first it was the mail, but that idea was abandoned because it was too easy to just stack it up and not deal with it. Then it became magazines, but I didn’t like not being able to see the spines to go straight to the issue I wanted. And then I went into crazy deadline mode on a project, which is this funny little world I enter when it hits me that I have umpteen million layouts I need to make in the next forty-eight to seventy-two hours and I better not do anything except breathe and scrapbook, and sometimes the breathing is optional. (I realise these conditions sound a little extreme, but it truly is something I do about three times a year and at that amount, it is something that makes me thrive and I do some of my favourite work in those conditions… but any more than three times a year and I think I might develop some serious issues in not being able to cope with life! Know your limits, right?) Suffice to say I am not very interested in tidying up between every single project in this sort of time frame, so I brought the basket to my table and at the end of every project, I swept all the scraps left on the table into the basket for instant clean up.

After about twenty pages and one conquered deadline, I realised this basket had all the makings for plenty of layouts and I could instantly see all sorts of colour and pattern combinations appearing that inspired me to make more things. Ever since, this basket has been my one and only storage system for paper scraps and off-cuts. Everything just gets thrown in there together and I start the majority of my pages by choosing a few things from the basket then mixing with full sheets as backgrounds and so forth.

When the basket gets too full to be able to flip through the papers easily, I take out a big section from the back and spread it all over the table. I pull out any lost favourites that I really must have and the rest goes into a bag that I donate to the hospital crafting club. Presto: basket back to useable again and bonus of kids getting to craft with plenty of pretty paper without their parents having to worry about something so trivial as buying craft supplies.

So that’s my system – if you can call it that! Some scrappers have highly organised systems and that works far better for them. I’ve learned that if I file it away, I’m less likely to use it than if I see it there in the basket. I also find the basket is a great way to create easy page kits if I’m going to plan out an album or scrap away from home. I just dump about half the basket on the table and start making groups of papers. Each group becomes the beginnings of a page and I pop them in page protectors to be combined with whatever else is needed for each page and then it’s easy to make those pages and I know I’m getting good use from all my paper scraps! It encourages me to try new colour combinations and to mix manufacturers and design styles I might not have put together otherwise.

Your turn… what do you do with your paper scraps? Do you use them? Store them? Sort them? File them? Give them away? Leave a comment and share your answer!

15 April 2012

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91 Comments for How do you store your paper scraps and off-cuts?

  1. KateT Says:

    Suspended files for coloured card scraps and then scraps of patterned paper go back in the collection they belong to otherwise I would forget them and start cutting into full sheets again.

    ** Kate **

  2. helen salthouse Says:

    Yes, I have a basket. It’s a nice squidgy one and it sits under my desk. There’s also a 12×12 bag in there so that I can lift the whole thing out, go ‘hmmmm’, and put it back again. I should say, however, that these are small scraps, generally used for cards or accents on pages. The larger scraps – half or quarter sheets, go back in the relevant drawer, and if I still have papers from that collection then I will put quite small scraps back in, as I’m more likely to pick them out and use them on a page when I’ve already selected papers from the same collection.

  3. Jane Says:

    I store my papers and scraps roughly by colour in 12×12 boxes, one box for whole sheets & one for scraps for each colour. I’m not very good at using scraps though, nothing quite like a whole sheet of paper. I’m exactly the same with fabric, always saving the offcuts but preferring to use the whole piece. Maybe the more random basket idea would help me use my scraps.

  4. Daphne Says:

    A while ago my scraps lived in a clear box, but this was going to full and I sorted them out; now they are sorted by colour and each live in an A4 drawer (The scraps which are bigger than A4 are cut down to fit): the reds/yellows/pinks/oranges, the blues/greens, the browns/creams/blacks and the colourful ones!

  5. Blair Mirth Says:

    I have a tub of old scraps I need to go through. But usually if it is small it goes into a little bowl. If they are larger -[depending on whether I am in a scrapping moof and I leave them on the table in a pile] they go on a file box or if they are 6×6 size in my little draws full of stuff I pretty much try to use on every layout. I want to get a nice b0x plastic container but my cat often sneaks in or my dog comes and has a snack on half my scraps.

  6. Sharon Says:

    I recently purchased a “Scrapbox” armoir type chest, which is amazing. Inside there are tons of 12×12 soft drawers that can be pulled in and out.
    In one of them live my scraps. I used to save them in ziplocks plastic bags, and then realized I couldn’t see what I had, especially as Shimelle said “Old favorites.” So now I find myself using more of these papers.
    I also did a math thing one night (in bed, where I “do” a lot of layouts) and realized that if a sheet of paper cost me $1, everytime I threw away 1/4 of the paper I was throwing away a quarter. That was all I needed to know I can’t afford to throw dollars of scraps out constantly.

  7. tape Says:

    I keep my scraps with papers from the same collection as long as possible because then they get used… Small scraps and cardstock scraps go in an accordion file folder sorted by colour, but I pick things from there way too seldom. I can’t leave my scrap stuff visible because I don’t have a dedicated scraproom and space is an issue so the file folder is good in that way. But really it’s where my scraps go to die, lol!

  8. Sharon Meakin Says:

    I have a box of scraps, which I used to completely ignore until I did Hitchhiker’s Guide to scrapbooking, and now I actually look at them occasionally. I have to admit it’s not my first port of call, but at least I do think about looking in it sometimes. I’m going to go to it for the challenge of using three collections from this crop.

  9. Chriss Says:

    I pretty much only have scraps. When I get a pretty new sheet of patterned paper I cut it down to 8.5×11 and file it in my ‘background sheets’ magazine holder (the exception is when the paper has a direction, then the entire sheet goes into the scraps section).

    The leftovers get put into 12×12 open top plastic bags by colour. I have red, pink, orange, yellow, greens, olives, aqua/blue-green, blue, brown, white/grey/black, and a multi-coloured for anything that doesn’t have an obvious colour family. I have a second bag of each of these colours that holds my cardstock.

    When I create a layout, if I want a full sheet of patterned paper I pull from the magazine holder, everything else comes out of the scrap bags. I scrap by colour so this really works for me.

    I used to keep everything as full sheets, but I was afraid to cut into them. Since I now cut them up as soon as they enter the house so I feel free to use the sheets however I want. I guess it is also an advantage to the 8.5×11 size.

    I keep lots of different sizes of scraps since I love die cut titles. If bits get too small I pop them into a container for my kids to use (but often pull bits out to use, too… I’m a ‘use the stuff on the desk’ type of scrapper)

  10. Liz Says:

    I used to store my scrap papers in a hanging file, but then I found that I would forget that they were there and end up not using them. Then I heard Shimelle talking about her scrap basket, so I sorted out an old bread basket that we never use and put that on my desk, filled it with all my scraps and now this is the first place I look. My card I keep in a hanging file and for some reason, I have always looked there first for the odd off-cut. I am not sure why it is that this has worked for card but not for paper.

  11. Scrapdolly Says:

    I have 6 box files – all prettied up with papers and labels ont he spines – for most of the scraps. There is one for cream/brown/grey and black card, one each for papers for blues, green, pinks and purples, brights, naturals,
    I thenhave a paper tray where scraps go as soon as I have finished a page and then once every couple of weeks I file the scraps in their right boxes. And I truly do use the scraps – a lot!

  12. kirsty A Says:

    Great story. I do a similar thing. BUT… how do you then manage to remember the names of all the manufacturers so you can source then when you publish?

  13. Dawn Says:

    I love reading all of ways people keep their scraps. After taking Shimelle’s Creative Stash Diving class, I chop up alot of my papers, use them then the true scraps get put in a 12×12 Iris box. I sift through that for cards and smaller projects. My kids go through it for their little craft projects. It works for me.

  14. Little Nat Says:

    My scraps are stored in a cut out file box from Ikea! It’s about half full because I only started saving the scraps in the last couple of years and I’m a pretty slow scrapper! I do try to use something from there on each page so it’s not too out of control!

  15. LisaE Says:

    I keep all my paper and cardstock in 12×12 Sterlite drawers that can be pulled out. Scraps stay with the collection – one or two per drawer until there is very little left then they go to drawers by color.

  16. ruth Says:

    I’m currently in a state of flux. I used to save everything, then never used it, so I switched to saving it sorted by colour. I still never used it, I just didnt think about it until i was done with the page. For a long time I have been storing them with the collection, I try not to only buy single sheets with no matching things, so that I can make several layouts with matching stuff. Inspired by Shimelle’s videos, particularly from hitchhikers guide, I have started a 12×12 plastic box with scraps from my layouts. Especially when I am running low on matching papers from a collection, i just toss the whole lot in there. So far it is a bit fun, but I am still getting used to using it, and it may get plonked into the donation box at any moment….

  17. Sparklin Says:

    Haven’t been scrapping for too long, so don’t have that many scraps. I keep smaller ones in an envelope and bigger ones in page protectors sorted by colour:-)

  18. Moira OReilly Says:

    I have tried a few ways to store my scraps but basically I am one of the “if I don’t see it, I don’t use it, I collect it” :)… So now, I use a 12X12 clear storage box for the big scraps and a smaller clear “tupperware” type container for the small scraps that are more for cardmaking, or for making small embellishments. My scraps are now loved LOL

  19. Natalie Says:

    I have two boxes for my scraps. It used to be just one clear 12×12 plastic case (Iris brand), but since I do some hand-cut paper illustrations (and PhD ornaments) that require solid cardstock only, I decided to separate my scraps into two boxes. The patterns remained in the plastic box. The solid cardstock scraps now live in (and are overflowing out of) a cardboard pizza-style box that some scrapbook supplies were shipped in (I used to use this box for misting until it go too full!). I’d have another plastic case, but it won’t fit in the drawer.

  20. Loni Says:

    I love how you keep your scraps in sight so you use them! I also like how Natalie (who posted above) organizes by solid and pattern. Interesting.
    I sort by color groups (pastel, primary . . .) – but I’m being persuaded to try something new ;)

  21. Monica Says:

    I sort my scraps by color in drawers. When I’m creating a page I find myself thinking, “I need a strip of orange here” and then I dig until I find one I like. You can see more about my paper storage at

  22. Cathie Says:

    I have 2 scrap baskets. 1 is for larger pieces and the second is for the tinier scraps of my absolute favourite papers that I must use to the very last inch. I don’t mind picking through things to find something that works. And as Shimelle, pointed out, it’s a great way to discover new combos and inspiration.

  23. Nikki Says:

    I have a bottom drawer in my studio where I toss my scraps. When a layout calls for scraps, I go to my drawer and startin pulling out what I need!

  24. Sherry C Says:

    In decorative file folders, slid into open bins so I have EASY access to them. Cardstock is sorted by color, pp is sorted by neautral/masculine or feminine.

  25. Mel Says:

    Inspired by you, Shimelle, I started keeping my scraps in a basket—and oh, there are lots of them!—and I find I’m using them more than I ever did before. I like being able to put together papers from different collections that work really well together, and the scraps are getting used. Have I mentioned there are lots of them? :)

  26. Terri Torrez Says:

    For a long time I stored all my scraps by color with the whole sheets in vertical Cropper Hopper containers. Then I realized I never used them, so I stopped saving all but the largest scraps. Last year I took a class with Tami Morrison about making journal cards from scraps of paper that you use and love (as opposed to buying journal cards that don’t match anything you have.) I needed a place to store these scraps so I found a shallow box that sits in the narrow space on top of my below-counter shelves. It’s within easy reach. I still only really save favorite papers plus scraps of white and kraft cardstock so it never gets too full.

  27. marianne Says:

    I was just thinking about my scraps yesterday. I have a pile on my desk from the layouts I have been doing and they are still there because they are lovely and I want to use every bit of them up! I keep my most current scraps in a 2 gallon ziplock bag. I go through them when making cards and bookmarks or for accents on pages. I can get very inspired by looking through my scraps and often challenge myself to only use scraps on a project. When the bag is full, I recycle the ones I don’t love. I have done major purges through the years. It’s okay to let your scraps go!

  28. Lynda Says:

    I sort my scraps by color (even my pattern papers) & store them in an accordion file. I don’t like this though because I have to pull ALL of the scraps out just to see what I have, especially the smaller pieces that are always stuck at the bottom of the file. You’ve now inspired me to look for what I now want to try. I found some clear 12 X 12 Art Bin boxes that are 2 in. deep. They are unfortunately $10 ea. I think I’ll keep looking!

  29. Patricia F. Says:

    I have two places where I keep my scraps! One is in a 12 × 12 plastic bag and they are in there in no particular order, just when I’m done they go in. I tend to use those purposefully like when I remember I have this piece that would be perfect I’ll go digging through the bag. The other is right in the corner of my work space. I work on a lapboard and along the edge I keep small strips, small squares, little embellishments that I cut out of paper and other small portions there so when I’m scrapping they can easily be incorporated into my pages. It’s come in handy to have them at hand as I find myself reaching towards those small little pieces to add that extra touch to my page.

  30. Allie.Duckienz Says:

    I have two sets of small clear 5 drawer units sorted by colour. It is usually for papers that are less than half a sheet. Anything bigger goes in my larger colour storage. if I come across anything I love it goes in my ‘product I am loving right now’ tray.

  31. Helen Overton Says:

    I am in the process of reorganising my scraps and papers. I’ve already sorted my paper collections into kits, and I plan to my scraps into these kits too. I always note the name of the paper and the manufacturer on the reverse of each scrap because when I blog my layouts I like to list the supplier info.

  32. Jean Marmo Says:

    I have two tubs – one for solid color scraps and the other for pattern papers. Once a year or so I go through them and throw away pieces that are too small, bent, etc.

  33. Sharon S Says:

    My scraps are in a 12×12 box all in together. My scraps of coloured card are stored in clear bags in colour groups, so they make it easier to match with papers. I regularly take the scraps box along with a pile of 12×12 cardstock to make some ‘starting points’ pages from Shimelles blog either to a crop or just sat in front of the TV!

  34. Emma Says:

    Mine are kept in a pizza box that a kit came in, but I go through it every so often to add bit and pieces to page kits. When I’m done making a page with a kit, the scraps will go back in the box to be reused in another kit, and so on until the scrap is too small – then it’ll go into the recycling!

  35. Cynthia Says:

    I keep larger sized bits from my patterned paper in a 12×12 plastic envelope—the expanding kind. For smaller pieces I have an expandable accordion file—each pocket contains a separate color, with patterned paper by itself. I tend to use bits quite a lot. I always go there first when I need a small sized piece and so it never gets too full. With smaller pieces that really aren’t useful anymore, I use them to die cut shapes that then go into different art-type journals. I only throw away the tiniest bits that way.

  36. Sabine Says:

    Wow, I was quite surprised to see that your scrap-basket is a REAL basket! I always thought it is something else… don’t know exactly what, maybe a place on a shelf or a box or something … but the basket looks very nice and it is just perfect! I often store my scraps together with the rest of the collection in a 12×12 plastic zipper bag. But it is all a bit messy and I often have problems to find what I’m searching for. And it is not a good storage solution when you want to combine the different collections. Maybe I’ll have to look for a nice basket, too! :-))

  37. Andrea Says:

    I usually put my bigger scraps back in the collection it came from. If it didn’t come from a collection, it goes in a box to be made into die cuts. All of my little pieces go in my drawer sorted by size. If it is a tiny scrap of paper, I immediately turn it into an embellishment…a flower, a medallion or something, then stick it in my embellishment drawer. I will sit for 2-3 hours with a stack of scraps turning them into flowers or other things so they will get used. Then when I start scrapping, I have ready made embellishments.

  38. Melissa Says:

    I sort my scraps by color & store in page protectors right beside the chair I sit in while I craft. I blogged about it here:

  39. Melanie Says:

    PP scraps go into a pizza box and solids go into folders by color.

  40. Tammy Says:

    I have a great system for cardstock scraps that really works for me. I posted about it here:

    I have one 12×12 page protector assigned to each color. They are stored together in a plastic container that is wide enough to add the page proctors vertically. I sort and purge anytime I have a hard time sliding a page protector back in the container.

    This container is near my work station and I reach for my scraps constantly.

    But I’ve never come up with a good way to sort my pattern paper. I store my pp by mfg and I’ve tried doing that for scraps too, but it’s not working. I’ve tried putting scraps back with the mfg in the file with 12×12 sheets and that didn’t work. Now that I’m moving soon, I’m going to try sorting them by color in 12×12 Sterilite drawers. But I’ll be interested to read how others are doing it – maybe I’ll get some better ideas!

  41. LouiseI Says:

    I have my scraps stored by colour in 12×12 plastic bags at the back of my paper storage. I have bags for red/pink, blue/green, brown/cream, black/white and multicoloured. But I’m another ‘if I don’t see it, I don’t use it’ scrapper so I probably need to change that up a bit!

  42. Jodi Says:

    I have a set of drawers right next to me and the top one is for larger scraps. The smaller bits kept getting lost amongst the big bits so I added a tray on top of the drawers for them. Now I barely have any scraps because I use them instead of making more.

  43. gina ponce Says:

    I have a drawer that I put them in my room. Once it gets full i will invite my 8 year niece, who also scrapbooks, and she and i will take my punches and punch them or she will use them to scrapbook. we have tons of fun doing this.. it’s our own special aunt/niece time.. <3

  44. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    Shimelle, you actually gave me the idea to keep “scraps” separate from my colored pp/cs. I have 2 hanging files in the front of my rolling file folder house; one is for PP scraps 6×12 or less; 2nd for borders/die cuts, stamped images, etc. I also have a rectangle rubbermaid 2 c. container that holds little pieces, i.e. to make a quick banner or journaling card or test an ink on, that sits on my craft table. I dump this once a month?, when I change my seasonal table cloth.

  45. fafuna Says:

    Love these posts!!! Thank you so much for all these tips. :) I keep my paper scraps in a small colored metal bucket. I sort them into two groups: warm colors and cool colors, and then each group faces another side of the bucket. :)

  46. Mary M. Says:

    If there is still a considerable amount of the paper intact, I will put it back with its collection (since I mostly sort and look for papers by collection). Anything that has gotten down to a good die-cutting size goes into a clear plastic box on my desk. I should really check that box more often though! =)

  47. brittany Says:

    It depends on how big the scrap is, if i want to use the paper again, and if i have another sheet of it. a lot of the time if i dont use it soon after i will throw it away. i dont have much room for my scrap supplies and if i dont use my cut up pieces of paper i will forget about them also.

  48. Chipper Says:

    This is one area where I haven’t found what works for me yet :-) But there are lots of good ideas here that I might just experiment with. One thing is for certain (with me anyway) if it isn’t within easy reach, I won’t use it!

  49. Megan Smith Says:

    Yes – I use my scraps and make a point to use at least one piece of scrap paper on each layout in card. I will almost ALWAYS go to my scraps first before slicing into a fresh piece of paper. My small scraps are housed in a photo box organized by ROYGBIV then neutrals. Larger scraps are paper-clipped together with other large scraps that coordinate and then are filed in a Crop Hopper vertical file. The photo box has never gotten full. When the Crop Hopper file gets full, I pull out the scraps, spread the coordinating piles on the floor and vow to use up enough of those piles to make the whole stack manageable again. I find card-making is a fabulous way to use up scraps and I never have used a brand new sheet of paper on a card.

  50. Jacky S Says:

    I just have 2 boxes….one for plain scraps and one for decorative papers. The scraps from kits or paper pads are kept with their ‘parents’ for ease of use.

  51. debbie clark Says:

    I have sorted by color. Now I have them in a 12×12 plastic bag so I can see them and can grab and use. I am also getting better about getting rid of them quicker if I don’t use them.

  52. Sharis Says:

    I store my scraps in a small decorative suitcase. The kind you display; not the kind you travel with. The scraps are thrown in the suitcase together with no organization. Mostly, they just sit in there and I forget about them. However, with this class I have been re-discovering them and you know what? There are some cool things in there! Ha. (;

  53. jen Says:

    I’ve taken to throwing away the small scraps. I used to keep them all, and realized I never used them. If they’re bigger than 6×6”, I store them by color or product line.

  54. Jennie Says:

    I hardly ever throw away anything, I can’t help it. Any little scrap is useful for something. I like to combine small scraps and use them as backgrounds for cards or make tags for gifts, or small accents on layouts. Or I use them when I sketch an idea. Or use them to make handmade embellishments!
    I used to sort my scraps. Completely crazy! I could never find what I wanted anyway, that way. Now I have a big box where I just toss everything and then I rummage around in it as I scrap. I find that unless it’s a whole background sheet I am after, I more often use materials from my box of scraps than anything else. I just keep finding goodies in there! And it makes me think outside of the box (ironically).
    However, lately, I realize that I often go diggin’ in there looking for a specific scrap from a favourite paper, so I’m thinking about putting together some small paper kits for myself, that I can just grab when I’m making something quick or going to a crop, or for using when I do your Starting Points. Could be interesting to see if I’d be able to put some kits together on my own, I’ve never tried it.

  55. Kirsteen Says:

    I store my papers by collection so any scraps just go back into that collections bag. I’m yet to use an entire collection!

  56. KellyB Says:

    Currently my scraps get grouped by color and put in the sterlite drawers that I have. I like your idea about the basket and having the scraps be out. I think that I am going to go through all of the drawers and pull out my favorites.. and then put the rest in the bin of papers that I let my girls craft with!

  57. Ali Says:

    In a basket on my desk to start with, or in a bag at a crop. Every so often I sort them into larger than 4 × 6 which go into 12×12 bags by colour, 4 × 6 or smaller which go in a photo album from paperchase also by colour, then I have a little business card holder also from paperchase which I use for tiny scraps, also sorted by colour which are so useful for a little punchie or ticket or journalling note – but I only keep scraps that I like and think I will use eventually – and I do!

  58. abbeyviolet Says:

    Many remain with a given month’s SC kit, but I also have a small bin with some off cuts on my desk and a few more stored by color or with recent pages. A hodge podge, I hope to move towards your method soon!

  59. Debbie P Says:

    For the longest time I had a binder with page protectors in it. And my large scraps of patterned paper were seperated by color inside each protector. But I found I wasn’t using my scraps like I should. Then I saw how Shimelle does it, just mixed all in a box, so I did that. And I have to say I’m more inspired. Who would have thought!

  60. Amanda Says:

    I have a pizza box where I throw my scraps. The original idea was that they would stay there until I put them in an expanding file, sorted by colour, BUT I found that I use the bits in the box much more than the bits in the file. Just recently I added a smaller box so anything smaller than about 8×8 goes in there and the bigger bits still go in the pizza box.

  61. Alison Says:

    I have a big box for the larger offcuts, and a little one, in which I keep all the smaller pieces which are handy fir cards and embellishments… I have also started punching butterflies, flowers etc out of many of my smaller scraps, which I keep in another box (I like boxes!!)
    Alison xx

  62. furrypig Says:

    I have one of those folders with clear pocket pages and have divided all my scraps into patterns and colours… in theory…in reality it is overflowing with all the different sized pieces! Recently since the pretty paper class I made some of my own paper kits and I store the scraps with the kit as it all matches!

  63. Pepper Says:

    Thanks shimelle for the great tip of putting all the scraps together. For me , i store it in one of the cropper hopper paper holder, those file like ones. I also have some plastic sheets that hold strips of scraps. However they are generally all over my scraproom, so i need a better ‘organising system’ Thanks for all the tips ladies :)

  64. Sinead Says:

    I have a big, super messy box where all the scraps go, totally unsorted! I love your idea of a basket though Shimelle, that would mean I could actually see and therefore use more of my scraps:) x

  65. Claire t Says:

    Mostly I work within kits from my kit club. While the kit is in use the scraps stay in the crop bag the kit is stored in. Once the kit is finished with the small bits may be discarded or shared with my daughter.
    Larger scraps go into my Project Life box to be used with that project.

  66. Lorraine Says:

    I have a basket for scrap cardstock and one for scrap patterned paper.

  67. tilla Says:

    I sorted out my scraps yesterday ! As much as I admire the basket idea, I am sure my kids would raid it constantly ! So I have folders for each colour, and sorted into plain & patterned – now only to use them or donate them

  68. Shelly Says:

    Thanks to you Shimelle, in a 12×12 box right next to my work space. They no longer get lost, they get used.

  69. Christina Collins Says:

    My scraps are not at all organized! I use the 12×12 project holders (that you can get from Michaels) to hold all of my scraps. I just thrown them in there with I’m done. They are not sorted in anyway. I go through them when I am starting a new project – just to see if there are any scrap pieces of paper that may work with the full sheets I’m playing around with.

  70. margie visnick Says:

    I store mine by color in a divided paper organizer.

  71. Siobhan Fry Says:

    I have a 12×12 box where I keep all my scraps, it’s so full I could scrap hundreds of layouts from there with just a plain cardstock background. I often go in there before I will allow myself to cut into a new sheet of patterned paper, I love thrying to match the scraps of older papers with newer stuff :)

  72. Linsey Says:

    I have an office style letter tray on my desk to hold them as I work. Once it gets full, I have a file box (a box sized for file folders) in my closet with 12×12 clear envelopes that I got at Michael’s. I have one envelope for each color group and two for patterned paper – one of scraps of paper I love or have a project in mind for and one for scraps of patterned paper that is nice, bit I won’t be a bit upset if it gets used by anyone who may come over to scrap.

  73. Briel Says:

    I have a plastic divided folder where I throw all scraps. They are in general categories, like “dots” “florals” “stripes”. This works okay. I like Shimelle’s approach, and may adapt it. It gives a way to get rid of older supplies as well. I started card making to use up scraps, and now I have 6×6 paper pads for cardmaking!

  74. TrayChic Says:

    I stored my scraps by color in a file-storage bin for many years, but I was never inspired to use my stash. After seeing how Noell from Paperclipping just mixed all of her scraps up, I decided to do the same thing about a year ago. It has made such a difference for me! I keep all of my scraps in an Iris clear box. I love seeing all of the different colors and patterns thrown in together!

  75. Kelly Says:

    Mine are just in a mailing envelope. I really like the idea of a flat basket that can sit on my desk top like Shimelle uses. That would solve the issue of not really being able to see them. I’m layering lots more patterned paper and a new solution would really help.

  76. Kim Brown Says:

    I have a plastic filing box with hanging file folders. Each hanging folder has a color labeled for each color of cardstock and then I have a hanging file for pattern paper. I have the top off and have it sitting right next to my table. I use a Cricut for almost all my titles, so when I need a color, I go right to the red section and take it out, look to see if I can use it, then put it right back.
    I love using scrap pattered paper, so when I need something small, or a certain color, I just take it out and look through it.
    I’m not someone who buys stuff all the time. I get what I love and keep it pretty low. I buy when I need something or cherry pick a line when it comes out. I don’t need everything. That really helps keep my pattered paper scraps low and also keeps me from having to store tons us stuff.

  77. Malin/malwa Says:

    I have a plastic box (ca 12“x12” and ca 4” high) that is actually for keeping ongoing projects, but I have my scraps in it. At first it was very good since it all fit without any problem. Now I can’t close the lid… For some reason I think the paper scraps are breeding in there, since I’m actually very good at using stuff from it. But it grows anyway…

  78. Dawn Cheshire Says:

    I store my papers in hanging files by colour all in a large box, although I do keep papers that came as a kit together. All my scraps are mixed together in a 12 inch RUB and I regularly go through that and make page kits since seeing your videos!

  79. DeAnna Yaritz Says:

    right now they are just in a bag. I need to find a better place for them, but at least I am not just tossing them now!

  80. Tammie Says:

    Paper-line with paper-line or theme with theme, all other by color in my picnic basket by my table.

  81. Karen G. Says:

    I put all of my scraps into a pink fabric bin from Target. They are in no order at all just sorta thrown in there.

  82. Jennifer Says:

    I’m embarrassed to say I store mine in a pile on the floor. The pile is kept neat though. :) I used to use an accordian file and sorted all my scraps but I found I never used them. If I keep them out right under my desk I will use them. I should really purchase a nice basket to keep them in. :)

  83. Rochelle O Says:

    I am a scrap basket convert now, thanks to you Shimelle! It’s been working great and I love that I’m using scraps up.

  84. Crystal Says:

    If I’m working with a collection, I keep the scraps with the collection until its almost all used up. If not, I have a 12×12 storage box from Michaels, I cut a slit in the front of it and I slide all my scraps in. I don’t sort by color or anything.

  85. Dalreen D. Says:

    I used to store all my scraps with my solid sheets of 12×12 cardstock, but that just really didn’t work for me. Most of the time I just ended up throwing out the scraps that were still usable because I knew I would never find them again and bother to use them. So, I eventually ended up using Shimelle’s idea of a scrap basket and I absolutely love it! Now I can see all my scraps right out there in the open, and I use them for every single layout. I usually start with the scrap basket first, and then pick full sheets to co-ordinate. I feel like I’m making the most use out of all the money I spend, and I enjoy scrapbooking way more because of it! =]

  86. So.Ceative Says:

    Each size of my offcuts are in a drawer of the same size: very easy to pick and choose them!

  87. Miriam Prantner Says:

    I store them by size. I have several large ziploc bags, one for almost full sheets, one for smaller scraps that are a full 12” length, one for scraps that aren’t 12” anymore, and then one for tiny, tiny pieces. It seems to help me use them more when I am looking for a particular size/amount of paper vs just looking for a color.

  88. Lauri Says:

    1/2 page or larger goes either back with collection or is sorted into the appropriate color tray. smaller pieces go in the basket ala Shimelle’s basket strategy!

  89. Deborah Mahnken Says:

    I have a big sturdy basket (well, two actually – one holds monthly kits) for scraps. It’s a little over 12” wide, so perfect for lining them all up. I try to keep colors or scraps from one line together. It’s easy to look through because the papers are all upright. I have a pagekit folder thing in the front for holding small scraps.

  90. Jamie Hensley Says:

    I must confess that, until I read about Shimelle’s basket idea, I had no real system of organization for scraps! I tried many different ideas, but nothing really worked because I couldn’t see what I had. I tried storing larger scraps with their fellow paper lines, but I was missing out on being able to mix the scraps with other paper lines. I also used those 12×12 snap project holders, but I am very visual, so I need to see stuff if I am going to use it. After learning about Shimelle’s basket trick, I grabbed up a nice-size basket and started filling it with scraps. Once I could see what I have, I was able to start creating some “starting point” layouts.


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