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Scrapbooking challenge :: Put it in a Pocket

scrapbooking challenge :: put it in a pocket
scrapbook page with envelope
It may be the last day of the weekend, but today is the day that has me very excited: so many challenges plus this evening, all about the new class! But I’m getting ahead of myself… after all, I have ten whole challenges to share with you today! I better get on it!

scrapbooking challenge :: pockets and envelopes
Although she’s quickly become part of my regular life, it was only fifteen weeks ago that someone extra glittery started taking over my craft desk in the middle of each week. And way back in her very first adventure, she covered ideas for keeping memorabilia, including putting things like tickets and confetti into paper pockets. (You can see more – including that how-to video – here.)

scrapbooking challenge :: pockets and envelopes
Of course, memorabilia isn’t the only thing you might want to keep on your page. Pockets and envelopes can also keep writing you don’t want to put on show, like the sort of writing that can be very good for the soul and important to you but something you really wouldn’t want just anyone to read as they flipped through your pages. It can be especially useful if a page with quite serious writing fits in your album between several other pages that are quite lighthearted, which is the case with this example.

Envelopes can also be filled with things you print out at a smaller size than your photos. The top page includes printed conversations from Facebook plus a printout of all the image thumbnails from images where both of us were tagged. I love how those printouts include a real mix of just plain everyday things (including me getting lost on my way somewhere… which is really everyday for me) and photos of things that were pretty big events so many years ago.

By the way: if you’re looking for more help on writing on your layouts or finding ways to include evidence like this to capture your stories more fully, the True Stories online class is available at any time in an archived format. Just drop me an email if you want to ask any questions about whether it’s the right project for you.

What will you put in a pocket or an envelope? That’s your challenge, of course! Create a new page for this challenge (sorry, existing layouts in your albums can’t be entered to win, though you are welcome to share them in the comments for inspiration!) and upload it to a page gallery or your blog. Link it up to be entered – entries close at the end of next weekend.

15 April 2012

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10 Comments for Scrapbooking challenge :: Put it in a Pocket

  1. Chriss Says:

    Oh, I have the perfect thing for this. Now to pull a photo that will go with my memorabilia for my layout.

  2. pepper Says:

    10 challenges today??? Screams! :D

  3. Sharon Says:

    ME TOO PEPPER!!! TEN??? MORE????
    I’ve been printing them out and trying to keep up, but I’m getting caught in the moments – so . . . I’ll get them done this week, by hook or crook!

  4. Melissa Says:

    I have tons of memorabilia in my file, so this is a great challenge t pull some out! Thanks.

  5. Tammie Says:

    This Challenge nearly drove me crazy. I knew I would do my granddaughters cheerleading championship and use the tickets, etc. in the pocket – but when I got ready to put everything together, I couldn’t find my memorabilia! My prized possessions lost! Finally, after hours of searching, I finally found the last place I had ‘made them safe’. I started to alter the title, “Let’s Go Raiders” to Bed!

  6. So.Ceative Says:

    LOVE this challenge! I used a velum envelop to insert a secret journaling, telling how much we love our 2 babies!
    Thanx for this great challenge Shimelle!

  7. Jo Says:

    A great challenge and, for once, I had the photos and the memorabilia!

  8. Helen Overton Says:

    I bought some frame photo label stickers on Etsy really cheaply and in lots of different colours, they each came in a little glassine envelope which is perfect for this.

  9. Amanda Says:

    The page I wanted to do was a double (or so I thought) so I left it for a while. It turned into 2 and 2 halves. Here it is:

  10. girls games Says:

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